Conservative Supreme Court Rejects Bathroom Policy Appeal

As I said before the 2020 election, the Center Right is worthless on social identity issues and has a flawless track record of conserving nothing of value.

NBC News:

“The Supreme Court declined Monday to take up an appeal from Oregon parents who want transgender students in their school district to use locker rooms and bathrooms based on their sex assigned at birth.

The decision lets stand a federal appeals court ruling that upheld the district’s policy of permitting trans students to use facilities that align with their gender identity.

“A policy that allows transgender students to use school bathroom and locker facilities that match their self-identified gender in the same manner that cisgender students utilize those facilities does not infringe Fourteenth Amendment privacy or parental rights or First Amendment free exercise rights, nor does it create actionable sex harassment under Title IX,” Judge A. Wallace Tashima of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals wrote in the February decision for Parents for Privacy v. William P. Barr et al. …

LGBTQ advocates on Monday praised the Supreme Court’s decision to reject the appeal.”

Don’t be fooled by these people.

Conservative judges simply means pro-business judges.

Whether it was the unborn, the definition of marriage, the concept of two genders or segregated restrooms, the conservative legal movement has been exposed as useless. It has a 6-3 majority on the Supreme Court and it has thrown the towel on the transgender bathroom issue.

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana abortion law and Neil Gorsuch discovered transgenderism was protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett are of no value whatsoever to social conservatives.

Note: In light of this, it is time for populists to vote on the basis of economics now.

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  1. The only way for us to win is to make propaganda which can appeal to boomers and normies. We should invest in making episodic television shows and stuff of that sort. We are fighting a kulturkampf with two hands tied behind our backs without an institution which can produce stuff like this.

    • MIGApedes are the most cowardliest, weakest people one can fathom. Good luck with that. And their numbers will only decline. We need a way to syphon more people into our sphere.

  2. Top issue to vote for Trump in 2015 was the Supreme Court for conservative values.Looks like the SC will not overturned the voter fraud election,at least for the sake of MAGA.

    • There was no election fraud. Read the court documents rather than tweets from Donald “YMCA” Drumpf. Fool.

      • Do you trust mail in ballots,it doesn’t matter.The point is to drive a wedge between the political parties that voting is legitimize the corrupt system.

        • “There was no fraud” – there is no reason to trust America’s electoral process. Those who tell us we should trust it are pieces of shit.

  3. I have been waiting on this decision for awhile now and have really dug deep trying to make a prediction. A month in and I am still where I started. Will Amy Barrett prove her “originalist” bona fides or will someone like Roberts defer to the new standard of applying the Civil Rights amendments from the 60’s to people suffering from a mental illness gender dysphoria and confused children.

    Question answered. Thank God for 2016 or we wouldnt have all these based conservative judges. Everyday i think this country cant sink any lower I am proven wrong. Lil Nicky and Ali Alexander are doing God’s work making sure 18 year old creatures with a penis and a mini skirt can chat with your 13 year old daughter while taking a pee or doing their makeup together. Remember we must keep fighting to keep Trump . LETSSSSSS GOOOOOOOOOO

  4. “it is time for populists to vote on the basis of economics now.”

    Why bother voting at all? It will change nothing. You see, the thing about money and power is those with it can’t take it with them beyond the grave. That has always been the ultimate advantage of making such people an over they can’t refuse. Voting? Politicians will continue to laugh in our faces as they count their Jewish bride money. You know that’s true, so why do you pretend that it isn’t?

  5. “Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett are of no value whatsoever to social conservatives.”

    Wait until affirmative action and abortion come before the useless supreme ct. Barret will fold because her adopted kids are coons. Yep, she is a real conservative.

    All picked and appointed by Trump.

    • @John…

      Justice Barrett will not collapse in front of anybody at anytime. That is her track record.

      Justice Gorsuch will not, either, as he is on the record questioning Roe vs. Wade.

      Justice Kavanaugh is less predictable, he having come under Chief Justice Roberts’s sway…

    • Neil Gorsuch laid foundation for ruling affirmative action unconstitutional/illegal in Bostock v. Clayton ruling lamented in this article (holding sexual orientation/gender discrimination covered by Title VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964).

      Perhaps because liberal justices did not want to undermine momentousness of Gorsuch’s unexpected landmark ruling, 6-3 majority wrote no separate opinions but all signed onto Justice Gorsuch’s opinion of the court which established a ‘textualist’ precedent for interpreting law.

      Gorsuch’s textualism holds laws should be interpreted literally as written, not reading in between the lines nor looking outside the law to try to guess what its authors may or may not have intended: nothing outside the text.

      The country is (supposed to be) governed by rule of law, not rule of (dead) lawmakers; only the laws they wrote are enforceable. Alive legislators are the ones who can amend laws to clarify intent. Law says discrimination based on sex is illegal; to exclude LGBT because 1964 Congress/LBJ weren’t thinking LGBT violates what law states in plain writing. Carving exceptions based on what you guess dead legislators/LBJ would think is in fact arbitrary judicial activism.

      Legal scholars who actually read opinion (shocked liberals looking for what devious motive Gorsuch must have to keep hating him) already made case why any so-called “positive discrimination” like racial quotas must be struck down under Bostock precedent.

      The fact that LBJ championed ‘affirmative action’ discrimination in favor of blacks is irrelevant to the fact that it blatantly violates literal letter of the law of the Civil Rights Act he signed which made no exceptions: no discrimination based on race, period.

  6. There is a very good chance that the tranny stuff will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. It’s inevitable that a teenage girl will end up getting brutally raped by some pervert in a miniskirt and blouse in a Target or Walmart toilet. It’s just a matter of time now. The tranny might even be black. What will the court then say after sanctioning such an encounter? What will the Regime/System/Terror? “it will rub in the cream to make skin soft”… Or words to that effect. Then the bloodbath begins.

    • It already happened in Maryland in 2017 with two illegals raping a 14 YO. Not a tranny thing, true but this was so atrocious that even CNN, yes CNN reported it. Nothing changed afterward except that these two were arrested. The millions more from south of the Rio Grande should have been deported, citizens or not, but nothing happened.

      There are millions more like those two pieces of shit already here from south of the Rio Grande and millions more in all the shithole countries to the south waiting to come in, too. The U.S. Government did almost nothing under Trump to stop these horrible people from coming here and deport the ones already here.

      After 9/11 GWB II stopped all immigration for a short time with an executive order, something Trump should have done on day one. After GWB II lifted the ban on immigration more Moslems came in to the U.S. than before 9/11. This demonstrated that the U.S. Government will not stop these horrible people from coming here, they will collapse the country instead and retreat to their fortified compounds.

  7. Transgender facilities will certainly be established if they are not harmful but good for business, lead to more profit for the elites, directly or indirectly. Every big corporation and global franchise restaurant or store will want them. Most people will soon get used to it. Debauching the masses and keeping them divided and confused makes them better slaves and customers, which is also good for business.

  8. The LGBTQ issues are like most other issues – up to the states and localities therewithin.

    Yet, when we voted overwhelmingly against gay marriage, and the Supreme Court struck our democratick constitutional wills down, our states did nothing.

    So typical for the post WWII Era – everything going to hell in a handbasket, with the politicians looking on.

  9. What’s left to conserve? Today’s conservative is yesterday’s liberalism. in a prefect world states would run education under the 10th Amendment. But the Civil Rights Revolution killed that. As did the Civil War. We fought a war over taxes on tea and regulations from Britain that are minor in scope to what “our” own government imposes on us. We are not the men our grandfathers were and the Founding Fathers would look upon is with contempt and possible even hate! And rightly so!

  10. This is Lloyd, not Floyd, the Black new Secretary of War:

    Western mainstream media (which includes Fox News) is celebrating the diversity and “ignoring the murderous agendas that (Lloyd) has facilitated throughout his career. As head of CENTCOM, he actively campaigned to resurrect the Pentagon’s spectacularly failed program of trying to arm “rebels” in Syria to fight Daesh, and in 2014 he backed immunity for US troops from war crimes prosecutions by the government of Afghanistan. He helped spearhead the Iraq invasion, and he is a member of the same private equity fund which invests in defense contractors as Flournoy and Biden’s warmongering pick for Sec State, Tony Blinken….”

    Also notable in the news today, TV star Pamela Anderson tries to draw the attention of Donald Trump, but nothing can help Assange:

  11. In the battle of Abrahamic faiths, Christianity has lost. What’s even more telling is that the Christians on the “religious right ” were handily defeated by secular jews. It wasn’t even the observant heebs that beat you on every social and cultural issue.

    Ffs, Islam has more intestinal fortitude than Christianity.

    Keep clinging to the New Testament because Jesus is coming back and settling scores (insert eye roll emoji here).

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