Sidney Powell’s Kraken Lawsuits Tossed By Federal Courts

Trump has raised over $200 million dollars off the voter fraud narrative.


“A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by Trump-affiliated lawyer Sidney Powell seeking to overturn Georgia’s election results for lacking standing, being filed too late and for requesting “the most extraordinary relief ever sought” in an election case.

Judge Timothy Batten, appointed by George W. Bush, issued the ruling from the bench Monday morning about an hour into a hearing. …”

Detroit Free Press:

“A Michigan federal judge has ruled against a sweeping legal bid to overturn election results in the state, determining the lawsuit brought by an ally of President Donald Trump was riddled with “theories, conjecture and speculation” but little evidence of wrongdoing.  

U.S. District Judge Linda V. Parker ruled against a request from Sidney Powell — an attorney disavowed by the Trump campaign who still champions its causes — to force the state to award its electoral votes to Trump despite President-elect Joe Biden winning the state. …”

Where is the money going?

Who is paying to fly these people around the country?

How much of that has actually been spent on these lawsuits? $9 million?

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  1. Who are the damn fools providing money to these carnival barkers starting with Trump, the biggest carnival barker of all?

    • Hopefully it isn’t desperate middle Americans who can’t really afford it. Could not care less if it’s Trump’s jewish boat people down in south Florida pissing it away.

    • They’re still wearing red caps and flying Trump flags. They’re everywhere. They need to wake up and face the harsh reality that their country is gone.

    • Low income, low information, socially conservative rural white folks. All they know is CNN hates Trump and therefore he must be the good guy. It really is Trump’s most cynical and shitty move to raid their pockets one last time on his way out.

      • On the nose @Ricky. Does anyone think rich urbanites have given a dollar to this scam? It is 100% lower middle class people and old folks sending ten and twenty dollars at a time or more instead of eating. It is vile to exploit vulnerable people like this

    • If Trump wasn’t born with a silver spoon up his ass he would be putting sawdust in the transmissions of old Buicks and Pontiacs at his used car lot in Topeka in order to make them driveable.

  2. I’m getting loads of texts from the Trump campaign asking me to donate. Needless to say, they’re not getting (and never have gotten) a dime.

  3. What if the existing fervor for MAGA could be turned into a mass movement for secession?

    Which is more likely to snap ZOG’s spine, promoting a mass movement for secession or sperging out over polling data?

    • Did Hitler argue for Munich and Southern Germany seceding from Berlin and Northern Germany? No. I want the whole of the GD country back – anything less is a half-measure.

      • I agree with you. California is way too valuable to allow it to fall into enemy hands. But I’d be willing to let Alaska and Hawaii go, because they were never “real” states to begin with.

        • @SpahnRanch1970
          Hawaii would certainly be no great loss……’s full of ding dongs and natives who suck off the American teet. Yeah…….let em go!!

        • California is being given to the Mexicans. They will own the best real estate in the world, and no one is stopping it.

    • Cancer must cut off properly.

      1920 Eastern Europe successfully defended it`s borders from Lenin Trotsky and Red Army. Baltic States gained independence, Polish Army with marshal Pilsudski in charge stopped Red Army advantage to Europe, Hungary, allied with Romanian Army, destroyed Jew Bela Kun regime and so on.

      But nobody wanted to invade Russia and kick Lenin out of power. So we left liberalism in Russia alone, Liberals built enormous war machine and came back 20 years later, 1930-1945 ,conquering entire Eastern Europe. .

      So now when somebody asking, why Hungary and Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe do not step out of EU, the answer is historical experience. We already stepped out from Soviet Union in the 1918-1920 and paid heavy price with Katyn and other bloodbaths 20 years later.

      This is what happens, when you do not destroy liberalism or as we say, communism properly. Secession looks good idea for short term. Let the other people sort their mess out by themselves. But you just kick can down the road and your children may pay horrific price later.

      This is also why it is necessary to support Donald coalition. Tsarist regime defenders in Russia civil war were also dumb shitty people. Many times they lost Eastern European support by simple ignorance, arrogance, stupidity and often pointless violence. We saw them as you saw your cucks and also thought that they are useless at the best and enemies at the worst.

      Later when Soviet Union survived, gained strength and millions begun to die, we understood that we should have support this filth despite whatever but then was already too late.

      • Yeah…because the EU and NATO are not liberal/leftist. LOL Poland is being the useful idiot now as a U.S. puppet against Russia same as she was in 1938 a useful idiot of Britain against Germany. Poland and Eastern Europe is traditional today because, as strange as it is, the USSR shielded them from the degeneracy of the West. But watch–Poland will be made to kneel before Globo Homo.

      • You are deluded by capitalist propaganda, Juri. Socialism/communism is NOT liberalism but its complete opposite.

        Re: “Many times they lost Eastern European support by simple ignorance”:

        Mostly it was Roman Catholicism that separated western (Eastern European) Slavs from Russia, which was always targeted (since the eleventh century) for conversion or destruction. Note that Orthodox Serbs and other Orthodox Slavs in the west remained supportive of “ignorant, barbaric” Russia. Russia was a bulwark of Christianity for nearly two thousand years, and Eastern Europe was defended from the Turks and Mongols mostly by Russia, and finally delivered from the Pope-allied Hitler by the sacrifice of twenty million Russians.

        As Paul Craig Roberts said, “the fall of the Soviet Union was the greatest tragedy of our time” followed by the U.S.’s unhindered domination of the entire planet.

  4. Sidney Powell won’t merit even a footnote in history, but THIS will be one of the greatest history lessons for future generations – and I urge everyone to study it now:

    Excerpt: “regardless of the political faction that holds power and the magnitude of the health crisis befalling the population, Wall Street rules, and Wall Street will not tolerate any measures that depress stock values or interrupt the flow of profit from the exploitation of the workforce. As President-elect Joe Biden said, ‘I’m not going to shut down the economy, period.’ The consequences of this bipartisan policy of ‘herd immunity’ are already seen in the breakdown of health care systems across the nation. On Friday, there were a record 235,000 new cases of COVID-19, indicating that the post-Thanksgiving surge is underway. Six states—Pennsylvania, New York, California, Illinois, Florida and Ohio—reported more than 10,000 new cases on Friday. The seven-day moving average of the COVID-19 positivity rate has risen from 4.1 percent in October to over 10 percent today. Twenty-nine states reported positivity rates greater than 10 percent. In Idaho, one in two test results confirmed COVID-19 infection. In what amounts to an absurd position that abdicates all responsibility for the pandemic, the CDC’s latest recommendation is for people inside their own homes to wear facemasks and physically distance from their families to help limit the transmission of the virus. If, as CDC Director Robert Redfield admitted, the next few months ‘are going to be the most difficult time in the public history of this nation,’ why does he not declare that a lockdown is required to avert more deaths instead of asking people to isolate from each other in their own homes? Hospitalizations for COVID-19, which reached near 60,000 in April and July, have now exceeded 100,000. If projections hold, hospitalizations for the virus will peak at 180,000 by January 15. Intensive care units that were caring for one COVID-19 patient out of 10 in September are now seeing that ratio climb to one in four, or 25 percent of intensive care admissions. In November, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, renowned for treating dangerous and unusual diseases, converted an entire building just for COVID-19 patients. Three of its 10 COVID-19 units have been converted to ICU facilities to care for the sickest patients. Infectious disease specialist Angela Hewlett told the Atlantic, ‘We’ve never had to do anything like this. We are on an absolutely catastrophic path.’ The hospital provides critical care covering a 200-mile radius. There is a deep concern that with rising hospitalizations, the level of care is declining, as health care workers fall ill or suffer from exhaustion. New graduates from nursing schools and residency programs are being thrown into the breach, despite lacking the skill and acumen that come from years of experience. COVID-19 patients in the ICU tend to stay three times the usual length and require twice the attention. According to Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, the percentage of people hospitalized with COVID-19 had been stable for weeks at 3.5 percent. Recently, however, a smaller proportion of cases are being accounted for in hospitalization statistics. The implication is that hospitals are running out of beds and staff, and the standard for admission is beginning to change. This means that only the sickest are being admitted, creating a bottleneck for intensive care and further exacerbating the situation. For instance, in South Dakota’s Avera Health system, scores and scores of COVID-19 patients are being sent home with oxygen tanks to preserve the less than a dozen ICU beds available for the most urgent cases. Patients in Texas are being sent across the state border to Oklahoma. But as that state’s system becomes overwhelmed, patients have to make do with staying put at urgent care centers not prepared to care for them. The case fatality rate is already seeing an upturn, which means that hundreds of patients who will die in the next few weeks would have survived had they been infected just a month ago. A recent report published in the Atlantic on the rate of hospitalizations stated, But ‘ominous’ no longer fits what we’re observing in the data because calamity is no longer imminent; it is here.”

    • Everything you are saying is true – my wife is a Nurse Practitioner in the ICU at WVU/Ruby Hospital in Morgantown and they have tripled their ICU beds in the last 2 weeks to handle the surge in Covid patients. The staff is now going to 12hr days and many staff are contracting the virus at work. My wife was told she could receive one of the first vaccines in the state due to her position – I told her it was up to her but I discouraged her from being a guinea pig for Big Pharma. My 65YO uncle died from the virus last Wed after being hospitalized only 2 days before with symptoms. This thing is real and is no joke.

      • Has anyone else noticed how as the pandemic surges to new heights, many of the rotten Alt-right and libertarian websites that have been profiting from telling foolish people what they want to hear – that they should NOT wear masks, and that the virus might not even exist (the “it has never been isolated” meme) are gradually changing their story to a mild admission that there really is a disease going around, but we must still continue to resist the evil planners of the “Plandemic” or “great reset” by not wearing masks and other rules – and definitely not be vaccinated – and that even if we do die individually, the disease is actually good, because it’s been killing non-Whites at a greater rate than Whites? I have.

  5. +$200 million…anyone else remember Belle Dauphine?

    The e-thot selling what she claims is her used bathwater online to “thirsty boys” (her words) who is earning more than $100,000 per month taking pics dressed up as an elf anime creature thing & making faces sticking her tongue out?

    She recently broke new ground with her “brave” entrepreneurship, heard she is now selling used condoms from her porn “career.”

    She was literally earning more than $100,000 a month years ago taking costumed selfies. So is it surprising bankrupted chumps will donate more than $200 million to a billionaire who serves their own executioners?

    We all make mistakes, but sheesh! Aryans who claim to be racialists who still fanatically support Zio Don remind me of when i was a teenager & got ripped off trying to buy weed from a nogger.

    Me & my also lost stoner colleague buddy just couldn’t accept that we had been conned and foolishly gave the nogger more $ even though it never delivered the then illicit goods. The nogger always had a story, of course, and it wasn’t until the 3rd or 4th time we finally wised up. The lulz must have been off the charts, conning naive 15 yr old hu-white suburb stoner doops.

    What’s it gonna take for MIGA tards to finally decide to cut their losses with Zio Don? All those paper rectangles could’ve funded an actual revolution &/or allowed a region to divorce the JewSA. Continued unconditional support for Zio Don is simply falling deeper into the abyss, like the “synagogue of satan, we iz da real hebrews & shhhheeet” madness.

    • At least when one of these fools gives his money to this bint he gets a used condom or dirty bathwater in return. (She saved those condoms? Unusual forward thinking. Is it legal to send these items by post?) I suppose Trump supporters may have got their money’s worth of entertainment out the great showman.

  6. From ZOG’s perspective 2020 was a fantastic election because voter participation was way up. What they really don’t like is when people become disengaged and stay home. It worries them when millions of citizens lose faith in the red ZOG vs blue ZOG puppet show.

    • .gov just make up the #s whether it be “voter participation” or “unemployment #s” – how truthful can something run by the jews really be, anyway?

  7. There is some good news today:

    The people of Venezuela defied the Empire again. In full view of more than 4,500 international election observers they again overwhelmingly chose socialism. The U.S. and its satellites, and Western corporate “news” media (which includes Fox News) are raging, calling it a sham.


    Former President Jimmy Carter once called the Venezuelan electoral process in which Hugo Chavez was elected, perfect, “the best in the world.”

  8. So release the kraken was just a massive load of shit?! I’m shocked I tell you I’m absolutely shocked!

    I was telling Qtards and plan trusters for the past 3 weeks that this bitch can’t be trusted aside from the fact Sidney Powell has very creepy eyes and is most likely a alphabet agency plant

    • So now, after complaining about the corrupt “kritarchy” for years, just like that, you view the courts as 100% honest and above board because they indulge your Trump Derangement Syndrome by ignoring blatant, massive voting fraud?

      Wignats — not even once. The most slimy, disgusting, untrustworthy people in the country. Worse than Antifa — at least Antifa picks a side and sticks with it.

      • You are making too many assumptions. I never claimed the courts were honest and if there was voting fraud then it is what it is

        Who’s gonna do anything about it Election defense force Blumpf?, Guliani the greasy cigar man or Creepy eyes Powell? Pfft lol who’s the one with derangement syndrome here causes its not me

        The definition of wignat keeps on changing it seems but I wouldn’t be described as one but indulge me as to why you think I am a “disgusting wignat” worse then antifa

      • It’s pretty obvious that a MAGA hst wearing Q following plan truster will end up shooting up a courthouse, townhall, governor mansion etc etc the longer this charade by Trump continues. Unless the Trump thing is supposed to be a controlled crash landing that therepizes the masses on the MAGA side of things. Can’t speak for the MIGA proe though. They will see Biden as an existential threat to Israel and act like a west Bank settler driving a bulldozer through a palestinian village. It better to walk away from this attempt to over turn the election result.

        • Even the most diehard of MAGApedes has lost interest in this whole charade – I have noticed that their bitching and Bombastic Boomer Balderdash on The Internets has died down to a dull roar the past week or so.

  9. PS: have you looked up Lauren Witzke running for Senate in Delaware. Ramzpaul had her on. Very beautiful. And more Populist than conservative.

  10. Even if Powell’s cases all go by the bye, one thing won’t : she has given the American People a shot of the full breadth and width of elite Globalist subversion, espionage, and corruption that will never be erased or supplanted by any other image.

    The media, too, has put what is left of their credibility on the line with the Hunter Biden coverup and in basically not reporting the events of the ongoing election.

    The New Gentile Media continues to be the rise, and that bodes well for everyone.

    I suspect Trump will fire Barr when this is all over and hire Powell to be the next attorney-general, at which point all the extra space they created at Guantanamo will be fillin’ up right quick.

    Love the bill Tulsi Gabbard introduced, too – lines up with President Trump demanding an end to Article 230.

    The days of unbridled Silicon Tech subversion are coming to an end.

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