Gallup: Americans’ Mental Health Sinks To 20 Year Low

It has been a depressing year.


“WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans’ latest assessment of their mental health is worse than it has been at any point in the last two decades. Seventy-six percent of U.S. adults rate their mental health positively, representing a nine-point decline from 2019. …

The drop in Americans’ positive appraisal of their mental and emotional wellbeing varies across demographic subgroups. The following groups’ ratings of their mental health as excellent fell by double digits since 2019 — women, Republicans, independents, those who attend religious services less than weekly, White adults, those who are unmarried, older adults, and lower-income Americans. Democrats and frequent church attendees show the least change in their mental health ratings.”

I haven’t been depressed.

I’ve definitely been more cynical and negative though. It seems that everyone is feeling the same way. In my case, it was due to a reckoning with a long term bad investment in politics. I got involved in this out of an altruistic concern for the long term welfare and survival of my race and culture, but I realize now that most people are just happy to be entertained and are satisfied with dead end conservative politics. Meanwhile, White America continues its inexorable social, economic and demographic decline behind a reality television facade of performance art grifters owning the libtards.

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  1. “Democrats and frequent church attendees show the least change in their mental health ratings.”

    Well now, that’s a problem. These are the two groups who deserve to mentally suffer the most. Frequent church attendees are all cucks and race traitors, and I’m guessing “Democrats” is code for “upper income, college-educated, suburban Whites.”

    I hope the Biden Administration identifies the zip codes in which these cretins live and FLOODS them with Muds and other Section 8 riff raff. I want the white churches with weekly attendees to be enriched with diversity. Jesus created us all exactly the same and loves us all equally, right guys? If that be the case, they shouldnt have a problem dealing with busses full of black and brown kids.

    Same goes for upper income, college-educated, suburban White Democrats. Flood their neighborhoods with all the colored people they worship at the expense of their own race. According to their own ideology, they didn’t even earn that wealth anyway. It was handed out to them via “White Privilege.” Time for the federal government to rewrite the local zoning laws to force their “good schools” to be integrated. Time for their false belief in racial equality to be rubbed in their faces. Upper-income, college educated Whites have supported every policy in the book designed to rape and defile their own race. Its time for them to get a taste of their own medicine. They don’t deserve nice things.

    DESTROY the White Suburbs where all the Democrats and Christians live. Force them out of their homes like the McCloskeys and make them BEG the Muds and the Jews for mercy, just like the White French landowners begged their nog slaves for mercy in Haiti in 1791. There’s nothing left to save anymore. I want these traitors reduced to the state of pitiful animals. I want them to mentally and physically suffer the consequences of their treacherous actions. They deserve nothing less.

    • “I want the white churches with weekly attendees to be enriched with diversity.”

      So do Jews. It’s an alignment of interests, how can you work with Jews to fulfill this goal?

    • Jews like the vile one you were brave enough to respond to usually work through real estate development companies. to destroy white neighborhoods.
      I’m sorry I can’t link on this page but it is happening to white neighborhoods all over America,
      This fellow may work for one of them that is trying to enrich my neighborhood So maybe before tries to destroy me I’ll enrich him with something.

  2. “Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.” – AH.

  3. This country is gone.

    Most of our people are lost.

    Worldwide we are hated and our population numbers are dwindling rapidly.

    European nations across the pond are becoming the middle east and North America will be mexico in 20 yrs.

    Billions of Africans that aren’t mooching and raping yet that are projected to exist in the next 50 years are going to be forced on our lands until we are wiped out.

    Nothing peaceful or “tolerant” about what is inevitably coming.

    We will never be permitted to “separate” ourselves from diversity and globohomo and continuing to talk about that as some solution is yet just another waste of our time and energy.

    We are now just biding time until we are slaughtered.

    We are still not becoming tribal or even leaning towards tribalism en masse, but rather most deluded whites are doubling down on the outright propagandized lies that we are somehow responsible for the POC of the worlds problems and NOT the race of people who have selflessly brought technological and medical advances for the ENTIRE world!

    We need to think ONLY demographically, like our enemies.

    They mock us and laugh at our self-destructive altruism.

    The world is made up of tribes, and our people no longer seem to understand that modern technology and deeply-reasoned philosophy is a thin veneer covering up the eternal nature of humanity.

    Look out for your own, or get wiped out by those that do….or…just smile, and celebrate your genocide!

    • @Jude…

      “This country is gone. Most of our people are lost.”

      The country is most certainly, in it’s present Jew England Yankee United States’ incarnation, gone, but, my people are finding themselves so quickly and resolutely I am every day shocked.

      This year has woken up many many Rural Southerners from a decades-long slumber.

      Actually, for the first time in years I see some light at the end of the tunnel, because we, White Southerners, are going to look out for ourselves, whether anyone in the world likes that or not.

  4. There have been setbacks this year, for sure, but still a lot to thank God for – including many positive changes that have resulted from Covid.

    • @Jannie…

      I agree. The China-pox has been great for The Rural South – best medicine we ever could have had.

      I am so very thankful to the Good Lord for allowing The Enemies of Mankind to hatch this plot, because it is the exact elixir we needed.

  5. Canada and Australia are becoming Chinese (what can possibly go wrong?), America is becoming Mexican and the not so Great Britain is becoming Indian/Pakistani (imagine being so weak that you’re now being colonized by those you once colonized?). These trends are being replicated on the European mainland as well.
    I just can’t imagine why we’re depressed…
    For my part, I did quit drinking years ago, follow a sensible diet and hit the gym a few times a week. I do attend church to have a social life, and yes, it’s infested with libtards, but I do enjoy robust discussion with them. You can’t just be around people you agree with…….that’s not the real world.
    Other ways to keep depression at bay:- go cycling or bushwalking, listen to good music, play a favourite movie, go for a drive, keep in touch with loved ones, help with community events, read a good book, learn a new skill, if you believe in a cause, join a group of like minded people and put those beliefs into action.

  6. Any right wing movement which specifically mocks orthodox Christian beliefs is doomed to fail. As you gently red pill your Christian family tell them not to hate but to just be aware of who is really in power. We need moral Christian young white men to lead this movement. Then again our savior has already told us his kingdom is not of this world so be of good cheer.

  7. Today the first of two migrant caravans that have been forming in Honduras is set to depart for the U.S.. See video here: Several other recent Honduran caravans have been held back by Mexico, and by the fear of coronavirus in the U.S., but now the dam is about to burst.

    Isn’t it odd that Honduras, the most stalwart Israel-supporting and purely capitalist country in Central America always generates the most starving economic refugees fleeing from it, and that the most socialist country, Nicaragua, contributes hardly any migrants to the U.S.?

  8. Re: “a reckoning with a long term bad investment in politics. I got involved in this out of an altruistic concern for the long term welfare and survival of my race and culture”:

    I know what you mean.

    • @ diversity is genocide, its not normal, its a lot of other things though, like selfish, their are people you could help, mentoring kids, helping seniors etc…no more crazy post guy, your better than that.

  9. Modern American life is built largely on perpetual distraction, either glancing down at your cell-phone or getting in your car and driving to some form of diversion.

    Given that the latter has been largely destroyed, and given that the political strife is through the roof, it is having a very negative effect on many people, people in the cities far more than in the boonies.

    We are fortunate to live in Mayberry RFD, and, that so, we have our longheld habits to sustain us – folks visiting each other, folks chatting with each other in the streets, and so on.

    As well, we are much more used to relying on ourselves for entertainment – whether it be growing pole-beans, canning, freezing, fishing, or hunting deer, squirrel, and turkey, or making pies, pastries, and cookies and giving them away.

    We also have our annual holiday village celebration, this when we in the historic districts decorate our structures and then much of the townsfolk, and, as well, those in surrounding areas, meander on through and listen to the demonstrations of the ole-timey printing press, the blacksmith or pharmacist or tinsmith, watch our Confederate cavalry come to life, or visit all the old houses which have volunteers sharing the unique history of each abode.

    And, yes, we have church-life going strong, and there ain’t nuthin’ that the scalawag Bloomfield & Soros bought governor of ours can do about it.

    So, the only thing that has changed for us is that we order online, instead of making a shopping trip to the big city, once or twice a month.

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