Grift Right Monetizes Trump’s Defeat

Editor’s Note: Fash the Nation has a good new episode on this.

I don’t even know what to say to people who believe this is a serious effort to contest the 2020 election results rather than just more of the same grifting and performance art politics. The entire Trump presidency has been a reality television show and this is the final act.


“President Donald Trump has raised $207.5 million since Election Day while seeking to overturn the results, according to a new report, while actually spending just a small fraction of that on efforts to challenge the vote count in key states. …

He raised the staggering sum of money from his supporters, who donated to the Republican National Committee and organizations like the Trump Victory Fund, as he promised a slew of legal battles in states he lost to Mr Biden, who won the White House with more than 80 million votes.

But according to the Washington Post, his campaign has only spent $8.8 million on the resulting legal efforts, as well as a recount in Wisconsin — which ended up providing more votes to Mr Biden.

The recount was the campaign’s most costly expense at $3 million, while other funds went to Mr Trump’s legal advisers like Jenna Ellis, who has reportedly taken in $30,000 since Election Day. …”

The “kraken” have been laughed out of court.

Sidney Powell couldn’t even file a legal brief without major spelling errors.

Something like $9 million dollars has been spent out of the $207 million dollars that Trump has been raising off his supporters. I’m bombarded by these texts asking for donations all day every day. The 2020 election results have been certified in all 50 states. The Electoral College votes on Tuesday.

Who is paying to fly these grifters all around the country? Nick Fuentes and the Groypers have been in Michigan, Washington, DC, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania. He will be back in DC this weekend.

Ali Alexander is the GOP operative behind the Stop the Steal rallies.

Alex Jones and Infowars, Gays for Trump, America First/Groypers and The Daily Crackpot are all working together to promote these rallies. They are all tentacles of the same influence operation.

Note: If you have ever seen the movie The Truman Show, Truman finds out in the end that his life has been a stage managed lie. We are approaching a similar moment in the Donald Trump or MAGA Show which is the culmination of the last 5 years.

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  1. Is Baked Alaska retarded, and I dont mean it in a hyperbolic way but sincere. I remember belonging to a book club and choosing “Mein Kampf” as well as reading it on the subway without so much as a glance. Baked’s mindset it no different than a ten year old who sort of knows the basic social norms just not the why or how.

    This video clip made me uncomfortable. Either that kid is in the mid stages of becoming a vegetable from an aneurysms.. Or he really is just a genetic dead end

    • He’s a coke addicted grifter scumbag. Some people think he’s even a fed informant and his latest IP2 RVtrip adventures are scripted. I dunno but he is very far gone mentally and has recently manipulated some damaged girl with mental health issues just for clicks everything is a big joke to him

      The grifting is gonna come to a end sooner or later either he maces the wrong person or he overdoses on cocaine

      • “his latest IP2 RVtrip adventures are scripted.”

        You mean like a Reality Show, like The Apprentice?

        That’s crazy. It would take millions of people to be in on such a conspiracy.

        Besides, reality shows are only on cable TV, not Social media channels like Youtube or Bitchute.

        What next – crisis actors? You really think that Baked Alaska is really just some third tier social media influencer, sort of like a comedic character, but not as funny as Borat?

        Didn’t you see the cross on the plastic helmet he wore at the protest? Clearly he’s a sincere conservative Christian who supports President Trump and his MAGA agenda.

        Hey – at least he’s doing something, no need to quibble about optics.

  2. “I don’t even know what to say to people who believe this is a serious effort to contest the 2020 election results rather than just more of the same grifting and performance art politics. ”

    Whoa, whoa – hold up there, Hunter Wallace. As you have told me several times over the years, suggesting that “activists” who hold “protests” are not sincere is … a “conspiracy theory.”

    Literally, you have said that at least a half-dozen times.

    So we have to believe that all these MAGA grifters are 100% sincere, just like five years ago we had to pretend all of another certain group of grifters were sincere.

    Presuming bad faith on the part of people who broadcast videos is a “conspiracy theory.”

    • Get Hip Hipster, Zio Don is a puppet laughing his way back to his brah Jeffrey Epstein’s island with all his new shiny shekels. Biden doesn’t know what day it is. Do you have a parachute? I sure don’t. How about we try focus upon solutions instead of acting like the kitty kat fetish kucks? How about we discuss toppling this rotten system?

      I didn’t say what you claim Wallace said, so I am exempt. These guys (as in the supposed leaders) are definitely grifters grifting the gifts. Can’t blame Nick for wanting to move out of mom & dad’s house, but damn him for the way by which he is doing so. Better yet, damn the Jews that set up this system and damn their collaborators.

      What are you even suggesting? That they (this clique shilling for Zio Don) are salt of the Earth “honest Abe” types? Let me know when Zio Don’s plan comes about, if you think in your thinking cap that he’s gonna do anything other than continue performing fellatio on Jews and be their con artist whipping boy to reverse psychology gullible goy’s into the twilight zone. Please, make me eat my words like Tyron Parson at the old BBS of the Daily Cuckin’ vowed to do (back in 2017 when I finally accepted that Zio Don is yet annudah boomer con). Faithful Tyron was CIA too (so he said, in a fit of rage). But he got lots of likes, lot’s of folk luv’d his sermons claiming to see signs of signs of indications of hints that Zio Don was right on the cusp of finally toppling the Jews & rounding them up & declaring America an all Aryan nation.

      How long do you spend doing your daily ritual on avg, staring at a copy of The Art of The Deal and Stormy Daniels while muttering aloud, “I trust the plan, Zio Don is my man, I’m ready to giv’im a generous helping hand, praise ye Platinum Plan, I hope he strikes I-ran, 4d chess o YES WE CAN, rays of light & infinite shekels for the kikes, many a white must be wiped off Earth, Zio Don o master Don gave me rebirth, so I Hip my way to offer he home & hearth” ?

      What type of encasing have you enshrined it in? What am I even talking about? *That* is how pozzed continuing to try to defend Zio Don is at this point.

    • It’s almost all a performative thing

      It’s strongly implied in the film that Curtis sees these politicians as a type of artist. The art of the deal, the art of the steal and the art of power.

  3. Plenty of “grifting” is going on with the Alt-right deniers of the pandemic. Their “Plandemic” conspiracy theory nonsense is still generating a lot of attention, and really bringing in the donations. Latest meme: “The virus has never been isolated” (therefore it doesn’t exist). These liars fool many people for awhile, but their best supporters are the kind that can be fooled ALL OF THE TIME.

    What will they think of next?

    • Interesting how we must suddenly trust MSM with regards to “Pandemic” reporting. Are you comfortable taking the vaccine(s), confident that they “work” and are “safe”?

      • I’m not saying that I trust MSM, but in regard to the pandemic it is much more accurate than these Alt-Right grifters who deny that the disease is real, to get views and donations.

        We’ll see whether the new vaccines work without excessive bad side effects, in due time, but messenger RNA technology is not being tried on people for the first time as the Alt-Right grifters claim. It is already an established, state-of-the-art therapy for incurable cancers, teaching the immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells. Development and production times for mRNA vaccines can be much shorter, faster, than conventional vaccines, and no chicken eggs are needed, because it is an entirely different technology. However, I’m not implying that I think these mRNA vaccines are safe to take with so little time for testing on humans. In my opinion, the Sputnik (Russian) vaccine is a good, solid, very conventional vaccine.

  4. Mr. Ali Alexander seems to have a problem, a “heart problem” if you will.

    A “disconnect” of gigantic proportions.

    A “Christian” wearing a “Jesus is King” sweatshirt….
    Mr. Ali Alexander says to a CNN reporter asking questions about where the money is going…

    “You’re a racist motherfucker!”

    Did Jesus ever call someone a, “racist motherfucker?”

    If Jesus is really King, and Mr. Ali Alexander really worships him….

    Why not emulate and obey the teachings of Jesus?

    Can anyone really take Mr. Ali Alexander’s claim to be a “Christian” seriously?

  5. And here I thought Slick Willie was a fucking sleazebag. He’s a paragon of virtue compared to the Orange Nigger.

  6. Having 20 State AG’s sign on to the Trump/Texas lawsuit is little more than grasping at straws. I seriously doubt that the 7 Catholics and 2 Jews on the Supreme Court will over turn the election, but, you never know?

    • If SCOTUS rules against Texas, they are basically saying that States can ignore Federal law, i.e. the Constitution, whenever they see fit. It would set a huge precedent. States could impose their own immigration restrictions, for instance: no more Californians!

      Although…some of my best friends are Californians.

    • 22 State AGs, now, I believe.

      This is one hell of a “Blamphffpffpffff stunt.”

      Actually, it looks like a serious rift in the ruling class, and one with potentially momentous consequences regardless of the outcome.

      But, Griffin will ignore the scale, the precedent, and the division implications because it doesn’t fit his narrative.

  7. What about the Texas lawsuit, with all the other states joining? These aren’t Alt-Right e-celebs soliciting donations.

  8. Can we all agree to never support the GOP or any GOP candidate again, NO MATTER WHAT?

    Those of us who say yes to that question need to separate ourselves from other people who say they are pro-white but open to voting GOP in the future. We need to build our own parties, groups and networks. Just as importantly, we need to exclude people from these things who are not 100% committed to destroying the GOP. We can’t let people with even an ounce of GOP sympathy in or they will destroy it. That probably means that most self declared white nationalists can’t be in our thing. So be it.

    • They’ll ruin a new party with the “We are all Americans!” people. You know, the ones who think everyone is the same. It really IS about race. It’s always been about race. People thousands of years ago knew this. But people now will never learn. It really is too late now.

  9. 99.9% of the people have paid no attention to any of the weirdos you are obsessed with, who are a meaningless clique of homosexuals and NAZIs. The entire nation is waiting for the Court to rule on the Texas case, which is supported by 21 States.

    This is the most significant case since Dred Scot, and might have the same outcome.

    Try to disentangle from trivialities, and focus on the real event.

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