The Jericho March

UPDATE: Rod Dreher has written a long report on the nuttery that took place at the Jericho March.

Rod Dreher live tweeted the whole event.

The Jericho March represents exactly the sort of vacuous, unserious, performative rightwing populism centered on Donald Trump’s celebrity personality cult that we moving on from.

It goes on and on like this.

Alex Jones took the microphone and went full retard on stage:

What would you rate the Jericho March on an optics scale?

Meanwhile, MILO is on Parler throwing a huge tantrum. He has become a literal Rainbow Confederate and is vowing to burn down the GOP.

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  1. I take it back. The last article was not the most embarrassing thing I have ever read. What the cosplayers have done to serious political discourse, these freak shows and their orthodox rabbis in tow have done to Christianity.
    Lack of self awareness is rampant

    • Aryans need a history lesson. I was raised indoctrinated within the Cult myself.

      “Rome versus Judea; Judea versus Rome”

      What do you actually know about the earliest history of the Cult? Think it was ever anti-Jewish?

      Think Ancient Germans/Greeks/Romans were “evil”?

      “The Darkening Age”–revilo_oliver–theJewsLoveChristianity1966/PERRIER%28Ralph%29%28pseudonym-OLIVER%28Revilo%29%29-The_Jews_Love_Christianity_%281980%29

      Ever hear of “Sicut Judaeis Non”?

      They have always protected the Jews. Always! Prove that wrong. If you were the Jews, & you know that the few goy who understand that you are their enemy, why wouldn’t you pretend to hate certain things/people so the goy naturally incline to those things you pretend to hate? Why would the Jews not use reverse psychology and pretend to hate certain things/people to manipulate goy? Think they got this far by not doing so?

      I know that if Jews praise someone, I am naturally very suspicious of that person. You think they aren’t aware of this process? Think they don’t sometimes praise people they actually hate so as to cause anti-Jews to no longer trust that person, and so on?

      “Tell me who/what you worship, I will tell you who/what you shall become.”

    • If it matters to you so much than make like St. Michael, and strike down the devils and blasphemers.

      How about chasing out that Ashkenazi jew that is the present Archbishop of Canterbury whilst you’re at it.

      If you think that display of the White and negro Christ cucks with the orthodox jew is bad optics, the Vatican announced that they have joined the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bank of America, MasterCard, The Ford Foundation, and other notable anti-White capitalist globalists in building an “inclusive financial system.”

      Too bad Louis Armstrong isn’t around to sing a modern take on “Wonderful World,” eh?

      “My spirit will rise from the grave, and the world will know that I was right.”

      – A. Hitler

  2. As a Southern Nationalist and a secessionist son of many who wore the grey to fight Northeastern Federalist tyranny, and as well, those who fought against royal tyranny before that, I am overjoyed that so many people, of every ilk, have, each in his own way, understood what is at stake, and are taking up the cause of a Confederated America.

    A Confederacy of sovereign states is not only is how we started, it is what we always ought to have been.

    Over 150 years of a Federalized New England Yankee United States of America and, all in all, it is a failure – a profoundly disconcerting and diabolical failure.

    Let us make this country Confederate, and not bicker over our personal, regional, racial, and lifestyle differences.

    Too much at stake to be backbiting and petty.

  3. The MIGA movement has really dropped the mask in it’s final days. It always had the stench of Judaism but now they don’t even try to hide it.

  4. I’ve been canned from that site, don’t know why, but is a combination of stupid stuff.most white nationalist websites is false fags.

  5. That was painful to watch. Alex Jones is entertaining. The worse part for me was seeing those not so slender men in yellow skirts bending over with their bare posteriors and a message on their cheeks.

    If this was a movie no one would believe it.

    • @Christina,

      You haven’t lived, until you’ve seen babies having toy hammer fights, while their families place bets and wager on the outcome, or seeing two strung out homeless druggies compulating on a discarded mattress in an alley.

      • November,

        Babies with hammers, even toy hammers fighting is a concept that even the Romans did not think of.

      • November,

        Soon I leave for Mexico for the Holydays. In a few days I will be gone. But for now—

        Merry Christmas!

        • We used to sing the German version in Church on Christmas Eve. Almost brings a tear to my eye just thinking about then, and now.

          • Powell,

            You are fortunate to have lived in a more sane time. I have never known any time frame but this one which is getting noticeably worse by the week.

          • @Cristina…

            Don’t be fooled by the seeming permanence of events and your youth, Young Lady.

            Just as Powell and I grew up in sane times and now live through this, you grow up in insane times and will finish in what is sane.

            As my Hungarian Grandmother was wont to say, ‘This, too, shall pass.’

          • November,

            That was a beautiful song. She has a fantastic voice.

            Yes, Mexico is trying hard to catch up to the USA. Supporting a gay union as a family while pretending to be against gay marriage is an obvious hoax. It just sanctifies homosexual sex and everyone knows it. Otherwise why not just sanctify a man living with a 9 year old girl and say they may have a union and pretend to be a family?

            Hell is filling up. The following was derived from the Wikipedia article-List on Christian Denominations Position on Homosexuality:—–

            The Roman Catholic Church believes that marriage is only between one man and one woman, and opposes same-sex marriage at both the religious and civil levels. The Church also holds that same-sex unions are an unfavorable environment for children and that the legalization of such unions damages society.

            Near the bottom of the article is a summary of the various Christian positions on the matter as of 2019 I think. Needless to say basic morality can not change.

          • Definitely a glitch. It was the exactly correct Youtube link to the Youtube video, but something else comes up here. I posted the link in an email to myself before the second try, and it works in the email, but when posted here brings up a different video. I will probably stop posting Youtube links here, so it cannot happen again. The title of the intended video is: “Ar Hyd Y Nos – Welsh Folk Song (Welsh / English lyrics)” posted on Youtube on 5/28/2019 by English Revival.

      • November,

        I just have to tell this Christmas story. In December of 2018 I was helping father put up Christmas lights–my older brothers had miraculously disappeared.

        So my father said ” Cristy go over there and hand me a male plug. So I go over there and hold up plugs with holes in them and one with prongs. I say “Papa which one is the male plug? Well my father laughs and says ” Cristy use your imagination”. So I blush and hand him the one with the prongs.

    • @Christina I am with you. There is something so broken and sad about the so called Proud Boys really epitomized here. Starting off with quite possibly the stupidest name on Earth by a bored wealthy middle aged suburban dad who thought he could recapture his “punk rocker” youth by creating a “gang” who does large amounts of cocaine, gets drunk, avoids icky girls, and looks to pick fights with obese red haired feminists and their gay male friends.

      The whole concept is based off of Hollywood tropes. Being “jumped in” like a Mexican gang member, except it is “noogies” while naming breakfast cereals. Dressing like a football hooligan movie Gavin saw and though was cool. Embracing the whole “multi culti gang” which exists nowhere outside of movies like “Death Wish” mAking sure to giving gay men and blacks places of honor in leadership. Raising kilts and mooning like seen in Braveheart. Giving Maori chants from “Once Were Warriors”. Being the small vanguard to protect their beliefs like “300”. These people have no identity and no belief set outside of modern kosher cinema.

      Look and listen to their new leader Enrique who followed after Gavin bailed. He doesnt have a single concrete idea plan or value. He is a middle aged 85IQed black latinx man whose entire world and identity is wrapped up in his larping. These people fight for nothing more than boredom and childish notoriety. I

      • Captain,

        Yes. Your people and your causes deserve better. I take information from this website and share with family/friends/classmates. Most of my classmates supported Trump over Harris/Biden—–notice who I mentioned first.

        When I show them this they will be disgusted.

        Cristina footnote–Some question why I am on here. Many white nationalist views overlap mine. Very few Republican/Democrat views at the national level equal mine.

      • @Caotain Shill,

        I applaud every ass kicking the Proud Boys dish out to fagtifa and blm. While I don’t agree with their political ideology, I support their targeted violence.

  6. These are so-called ‘Messianic Jews’ then: that is to say nothing more than crypto-Christians!

    No observant Jew would ever regard Jesus of Nazareth as more than a misguided heretic and failed messiah who brought millennia of persecution upon the Jewish people.

    That, despite ecumenical window-dressing, remains rabbinical doctrine, handed down by the great Jewish sages through the centuries, and there is no possibility it will altered to mollify the Evangelical Christians.

    • Gospel of Mark is the most antisemitic narrative in history. It’s astonishing.

      More than that the Rabbis would see the character of Jesus as a goy satire of Jewish norms. “don’t throw the first stone? Don’t treat people badly? Don’t stone the slutty shiksa whore? Feed the poor instead of evicting them? Don’t charge a fee for money lending? No divorce? No child exploitation? Shut it down…”

      • In general John is viewed as the most antisemitic evangelist, but all four gospel texts project a negative view of the Sadducees and Pharisees. The (non-spurious) letters of Paul are nuanced, but overall censorious of the Jewish people. For these reasons the New Testament has a very poor standing in Orthodox Judaism(*) (as opposed to say, Islam), whIch is something I fear many Evangelical Christians in the US do not realise,

        In practice there occasionally rumblings when the great Matteäus and Johanness Passions of J.S. Bach are performed, though I have never heard of them actually being cancelled.

        (*) Maimonides does concede that the spread of Christianity and Islam brought the Noahide Commandments to the Gentiles, which was providential.

  7. This is the most insane thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life! It looks like a Pentecostal church service. The only thing missing is speaking in tongues and snake handling!

  8. There might have been a lot of shofar blowing pants around the ankles nuttery, but at least nobody there touched the JQ.

  9. I thought addressing the Shofar question would be a bridge Shofar that Dreher would not be able to cross. I confess I never liked him or that other guy with the similar name and views.
    Still give credit where credit is due. On the other hand he made sure to balance it out with digs on Catholics, Fundamentalist Evangelicals and then just to be super safe he wrapped up his piece with a….wait for it…..Hitler analogy.
    So on second thought, I stand by long dislike for him.

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