MAGA March Gathers In DC

I have no interest in this stuff.

I now dismiss it as political theater or performance art politics.

Who cares?

At the end of the day, what does all of this hot air amount to? Does any of this LARPing materially benefit my family? Does it help White families?

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  1. Sad beholding the fall of Oriental Dissent!

    Racially Hunter Wallace is an EGG! White on the outside but yellow ChiCom on inside. Talking up Yang bucks and giving Beijing Biden a pass! Disgusting. Nausea-inducing.

    There are real populists out there on the streets right now! I support them.

    The EGG Wallace is not even in the same league as Allen West. He is our COCONUT: Brown on the outside, creamy White secessionist on the inside! I stand with West!

    • The left hates an America that doesn’t exist anymore and the right celebrates everything that is wrong with America in its current form. You’re so out of touch you think the right is still standing up for the old America. The new right is just liberalism with flag waving.

      If you can’t see how fake and gay the MIGA movement is by now I’m afraid there is no hope for you Jeff.

      • The Left think they are opposing a 1960s Archie Bunker. Instead they’ve more or less created him out of thin air by rioting all summer.

    • “White on the outside but yellow ChiCom on inside. Talking up Yang bucks and giving Beijing Biden a pass! … Allen West. He is our COCONUT: Brown on the outside, creamy White secessionist on the inside! ”

      Dude, that is some funny sh*t you owe me a new keyboard!

  2. This is beyond embarrassing. Even the five foot bisexual carboy twink in short suit pants is better optics than this a abortion. The black Latino Proud Boy leader in a Scottish kilt pretending that a white house tour offered to any Japanese tourist or school group is proof of his “IN” with Trump.

    Rap groups. Slack jawed Ethiopian Ali. Gays and trans MAGA leaders. Cosplaying Q Vikings. Celebrity impersonators. The retarded and old. All wildly cheering as Trump flies over them to play golf again. Do these people not know that they are making drag queen story hour and non binary racial social justice antifa activists seem almost normal by comparison?

    • In all fairness, Trump was not on his way to play golf – he was on his way to attend a football game between different branches of ZOG’s Armed Thugs.

      • @CD fair enough but my point stands. Whether going to his third Hannukah party in a day across town, playing golf or attending a meaningless sportsball game the fact remains. He threw a wave to his followers and left them to make fools of themselves be grifted and get the shit kicked out of them by cops and Antifa while he stuffed his fat face with the pure American goodness of highly processed fast food made from a 50/50 sodium and saturated fat secret recipe.

        Most of the people there not in grifting leadership roles are good people just either really dumb, really gullible or really needing to cling to false hopes about how bad this country is. The way he does nothing for these people. In all fairness again our people for the most part is disgusting

  3. Lots of new cases. You will have to recount your cases you are way low, Hunter. A can of Coke just tested positive on the floor of the Austrian parliament. How many cans of Coke are there in America? Millions a day. Tens of millions. Cases in every can of Coke. I am going back under my bed now.

      • God Bless your wife. These deniers are repulsive. Rudy was a denier until him and his son contracted it and got the best treatment money could buy. Treatments unknown to 99% of us.

        To some, that’s A-OK because, freedom. It doesn’t make any sense.

  4. If these soy boys and feminist girls are the future of this nation, we are in real trouble. Time for voting and talk is over. They are being laughed at and ridiculed by the both parties.

  5. Looking at the demographics in these marches, it’s hard to distinguish them from those you’d see at a march for some useless Green left cause.
    The two parties may as well become one and rename themselves the Republicrats. All you get with both is wall to wall support of immigration, gay causes, ongoing troop deployments, inaction on illegal arrivals and support for policies detrimental to society. Not real sure where the differences are meant to be. In that context, it’s probably better to have to more leftist of the two in power… least they’re honest about who and what they are.
    They can hurry up and destroy the nation, and from there, green shoots may begin appearing in the form of a population ready to take charge, rebuild and hold these purile misfits to account.
    I’m 52, and can’t see it happening in my lifetime. The key is:- most of us still have it pretty good. But once we’re the minority….

  6. Well it looks like the MAGA movement has managed to achieve what was previously thought impossible. They have gathered a coalition even more loathsome than the progressive left.

    • @Ricky Butt
      When you have fags, misfits and other bloated minority groups backing you, that’s a sign you’ve abandoned your base and are instead endeavouring to appease others.
      When you can’t decide whose side you’re on, you end up being on nobodies.

  7. If you replaced Nick Fuentes and Proud Boys with Mike Enoch and the KKK everyone on this faggot website would be cheering and celebrating. What do the Romper Stompers actually have against this at this point?

  8. Mixed crowd of far right and random boomers called Progressives by Hunter:

    Boos Israel
    Shames Lady MAGA
    Beats the shit out of antifa
    Celebrates the notion of destroying GOP

    Hunter Wallace, not Progressive:

    Supports Bernie Sanders
    Supports Andrew Yang
    Supports Kamala Harris
    Orange Man bad
    China good

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