Mitch McConnell: “We Won’t Be Bullied” Into Sending $2,000 Stimulus Checks

The words Mitch McConnell needs to hear from Georgia voters are “you’re fired.”

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  1. Yes we can’t go bullying these poor, innocent members of the establishment. How ever could we live with ourselves? I mean, the money could go to more worthy causes such as building a school in Somalia, Israel, or towards another troop deployment somewhere…

  2. Although it would be nice to get that $2000, it’s also entertaining watching the Republicans destroy their party’s future.

  3. Looks like Georgia will go the the Democrats. If I lived in Georgia I wouldn’t waste the time to vote for the Republican candidates. Why bother at this point?

    First of all my vote wouldn’t be counted and even it did what difference would it make?

  4. The US congress been bullied into sending billions to Israel every year or have their dirty little pedophile secrets revealed and keep the funding for their districts flowing.

    • @John I am convinced everyone in power within D.C. has some type of blackmail over their head and that is the only way they get approved for their jobs. People like Crenshaw are bought off from the beginning which leaves them open to blackmail or you have the ZioDons and Lindsey Grahams who have deep skeletons in their closet.
      It is the only possible way any of this can be explained

      • Agreed on Crenshaw. Probably some war crime charges on hold of the Seal provided that he meets with the right people and does what he’s told, and he’s funded well for sure. He’s in the club.

        The ruling elite are a conniving bunch that spend all of their time working on maintaining power. Seems to be an obsession.

        • @Ron you could be right but I would imagine Crenshaw is more the totally mediocre midwit type who was seen by the powers that be and moulded to do their bidding more so than having skeletons. They probably threw money at him and his campaign and at that point he is in their pocket. What can he do, he took the money or whatever and is now theirs. That is one camp. AOC falls in it as well.

          Then you have the Andrew Gillums who have a closet full of meth fueled orgies and male prostitutes that can be used against them if they dont comply. Matt Gaetz with his “son” Nestor also is the type that has a lot of things that can be exploited. Trump is the best example of this as over 75 years there must be countless abortions, con jobs, sexual assaults and other shady business held over his head. Point being these people all stink and are owned

          • Crenshaw was a Navy Seal. Nothing mediocre about the man. Years back I met and did work for a Seal. The guy ran every morning and was a busy man. I’d show up at work and the guy had already run miles.

            I was doing work near Camp Pendleton, met a lot Marines met his crew, this was back in 04. Helicopter pilots, this was during the war. The guys were no joke.

            War crimes for sure with these guys, I walked a house with a Marine that flew cobras in Iraq. As I was walking over I noticed his gear packed in his car. Full rucksack. He was a complete asshole and his wife was scared of him, we were all kind of sketch around the guy,

            They were buying a track home near the rear gate. An officer. A trained up guy that was doing deployments.

            No doubt those guys got extremely busy, and bended rules. My father fought in Vietnam, he definitely did so it’s not a stretch to see Mr. Crenshaw doing what he’s told. But I can’t say for certain.

          • On base it’s a combination of people walking around and working, some in uniform, some off duty.

            My nephew deployed three times to Iraq, an MP in the Army. A cop. I’d get random calls from him from Iraq. Back then they had phone cards and would use phone booths. He told me his guys were sleeping in a dump and the Iraqis blew up a phone booth they used just because they hated them.

            They were all on steroids and kicking ass. “Just killing people out here”. Getting wasted and doing home invasion robberies on the side.

            He was stationed out of Texas in Ft. Hood. He lost a lot of friends. He was a guy that kicked in doors. He was telling me about the roadblocks they’d set up and leaving the FOBS. Leaving the wire. Anyone around when the conveys rolled out was shot at.

            If they are watching us they get shot. 240 Bravos on Hummers. Dude did 14 years in the Army and did some contract work after. He’s a chef now. His wife cheated on him during his deployments.

            He called me and told me cut her out of his will when he was still bouncing back and forth.

            Lost her, we were roommates years back and I knew her very well. His son is early 20’s now. The guy is in the military. Same shit.

            Some people do real things for this nation. It’s a mess, it really is. Fuck it. Happy New Years.

        • In that same time period I walked a house with a Marine that was so quiet. His insignia had three snakes on it. Some expeditionary unit. Very polite, had a Philippine wife and every room had different color carpet. Really chill person. These guys were deploying and training, In that neighborhood it was mostly young officers deep in that life buying starter homes.

          It’s a strange culture to an outsider as I was. Did work in Camp Pendleton and had some friends on base. Used to work out and party on base. One of my buddies told me at the gym, just say you are a Lt. when you sign in, they won’t bother you.

          My buddy and his neighbor lived in these town houses on base. They cut a hole through the drywall so they could combine the two places. A full walkway between the places, crazy motherfuckers. On base it was nothing to see guys cleaning weapons sitting around. Definitely a different culture.

          • @Ron no offense to servive guys or SEALs but being disciplined and physically fit by no means makes you intelligent or morally sound. I dont see why his career fighting harmless Arabs on behalf of another country makes him qualified as a member of Congress or able to resist bribes. Midwitt means someone with a 103IQ not someone unable to run for long distances. You pointing out his distinguished service even more proves my point and is the exact person the GOP and donors seeks out to use as a pliable frontman

        • Response to Captain. As far you saying these poor Arabs ect. What you need to understand is they don’t fuck around.

          My nephew was walking in a Baghdad area with guys and they encounter two men cutting a head off of a kid in some alley. The brutal nature of them. That’s for real and and I’m sure they killed them.

          That is war. And people lose it and do horrible shit. I’ve never been deployed or seen anything on that level. I live in a city where people get killed. Happens all the time. But I can see where guys just lose it and do real war crimes.

          As far as fitness, I’ve always been a gym rat. And I’m a good fighter. It definitely keeps things in check. Good body good mind.

          But some of the stuff I’ve heard from these guys in war. Insane, my uncle was a special forces guy in Vietnam. He told me one night they were in a battle and the next day picking over the dead. They wasted a group. Taught me how to choke out and kill when I was like 11.

          It’s that culture, a million Iraqis didn’t wake up and kill themselves. Our guys did that.

          • It’s almost like the Iraqis were better off with a top down authoritarian dictator. Absolute Janissaries for the Yids.

  5. We did get a nice video and photos of Bernie Sanders making huge posters out of Trump tweets, and showing them on the US Senate floor, as he fights for the 2K, and helps put the Republican party in the grave

    At 2:39 in this video of Bernie in the Senate, a huge poster of the Trump tweet that just says “$2000 ASAP!” comes out

  6. The Republicans must be sick and tired of being the majority in the Senate and would rather be in the minority, they are choosing to lose the GA election. At least that way, when the country caves in under President Camel Toe Harris the Republicans can laugh, point their finger at the Democrats, lie and say: “Not our fault!” As long as the Republicans have (or think they have) their stash it’s Every Man for Himself and Devil take the hindmost.

    The Republican Party must go the way of all flesh, they are irredeemable. They are the real basket of deplorables.

  7. There are enough Republicans publically in favour of this $2,000.00 individual relief bill to combine with Democrats to pass it.

    The question is whether they can get the bill Speaker McCconnell has designed divided into three parts.

  8. They have no problem giving away billions of dollars of debt money to foreign countries but suddenly become “fiscally responsible” by refusing to give crumbs to us. Contemptable bastards.

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