Sen. John Cornyn Eats $125 Tenderloin While Texas Starves

Sen. John Cornyn isn’t worried about the long lines outside food banks in Texas. He is on Twitter showing off the $125 tenderloin he ate for dinner after blocking $2,000 stimulus checks for working class families.


“Sen. John Cornyn, a Texas Republican in leadership, told reporters Tuesday that he doesn’t want the money to be “manna from heaven” for those who have been employed this whole time. He argued that if they did vote for bigger checks, they’d need to be far more targeted to people who have been out of work. That view is shared among a lot of members. Yes, a handful of Republicans senators have been on the record saying they’d vote for $2,000 checks. But note that none of them has said explicitly they would vote for the House bill. …”

I think he last used this line at a Koch Network retreat in 2018 where he saluted their PR work on selling his budget busting tax cuts.

Texas Tribune:

“The tax reform sales job was not the only topic highlighted by Koch network officials as the retreat got underway. They also reiterated their opposition to increasing the federal gas tax to pay for a $1 billion infrastructure plan that Trump has promised — a funding source that has been encouraged by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and hasn’t been ruled out by the White House.  

Cornyn quickly shot down the proposed gas tax hike, calling it the “wrong way to go.” Still, he said, lawmakers will have to get creative in trying to fund the ambitious infrastructure plan.  

“It’s not like it’s going to fall like manna from the heavens,” Cornyn said. “We’re going to have to figure out a way to do it, and there’s going to be some hard decisions.” …”

BTW, John Cornyn strongly supports amnesty for DREAMers. He considers the failure of Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform “one of my biggest disappointments in my time in the Senate.” You can’t say he is good on immigration because he sucks on that issue too.

Note: Huey Long’s barbecue speech applies here. The difference between populists and conservatives, which is on clear display in the fight over the stimulus checks, is that the former don’t feel injured or aggrieved by the happiness of other people. Everyone gets a fair share under populism.

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  1. It is not Great Depression Era Louisiana HW. I was aleays a fan of Huey Long growing up but it is a different world, country and system. Long didnt have to deal with hundreds of ethnic groups, black lives matter, an all powerful Israel lobby, mass immigration driving down wages and killing identity. He believed the super rich should be taken down a peg and the common man should be lifted up.

    Nice but too simple to be applied to 2021 America. Getting caught up in historical figures leads to the larping guys with NSDAP armbands or the so called Oath Keepers who dress in short pants and a trifold revolutionary war cap talking about nothing but the founding fathers.

    • Captain, Hunter and I talk up Huey due to his attitude about trying to help the insecure among us and his take no prisoners effectiveness in doing so. Of course a 2021 America version of the Kingfish would have different assets to use and a different material and social complex to navigate. The point is feeling helpless is not necessary:. TPTB in 1920s-30s Louisiana fought just as hard as today’s Establishment, yet Long exercised power effectively nonetheless. So it can be done.
      The point I would make is that even a motor personality like Huey cannot act without support from the citizens he or she would be working for inside the structure of authority. We must not just exercise the power of our vote or wallet sporadically, but instead act at all times to fight the power by keeping informed of what is being done to us by the wealthy and their acolytes, and communicate to them that we of the 99.999 percent will do what is necessary to secure economic and social security out of the wealth produced by employers and employees.
      That is the point:. defeat is not inevitable. We can win if we fight together, instead of accepting the divide and conquer messages delivered by the Oligarch’s paid liars.

      • @JR I understand and absolutely agree with everything you said here and have been a OD reader for the greater part of the decade who really likes HW as a person and writer. My only point would not be any criticism of Huey Long just caution about getting caught up in any one historical figure or living figure for that matter. It leans towards a type of unreal idealism and can result in what we now criticize current MAGApedes of doing with Trump. You see a lot of our guys do it with Uncle Ted, everyones favorite Austrian painter, Dr Pierce, or the examples I gave in my original comment like the 3%ers or Alex Jones wirh their revolutionary war larping. You even saw it with Andrew Yang for a minute with everyone memeing Yang gang and get the bag.

        I have fallen victim to this myself over the past decade changing my profile pics and headers to the trend of the month. I just thing most of us are starved for inspiration so when we see something or someone to admire we can latch on. Have a happy new year and let us hope we see good times where people can resume living moral lives in peace.

        • Hello Captain and happy new year to you and the rejuvenated OD preaching the gospel of togetherness, not separation. I do agree with you about idolatry towards Huey or any person as a savior, literally or through their philosophy on life. As I mentioned, Huey showed that we can fight and win against the Greedy Ones, and that is the lesson worth taking from his history. As with questions of what policy might work to establish economic security for the masses, the precise way to fight Power is time and place specific. With those caveats, I believe we all agree. So let us each do our part to make the changes necessary to live a good life happen.

    • I had some good steak the other day. Filet minion. I seasoned it with peppers.spicy stuff to get the meat from drying out.

      Spoke with the meet cutter for awhile. White Guy. He prefers chalets, some onions. To me that fucks up the meat.

      My steak was cooked perfectly. Fresh meat. Like butter. I used to cut meat yeas ago. Good cuts have that smell. It’s clear when a good cut is around. That smell of fresh meat.

      Roast beef is like that, a good sandwich.

      Hunter needs to get back to recipes.

  2. When I buy meat I want to see blood. If I’m not seeing blood the meat is stale. I don’t want any thing to do with old blood, no thanks on that cut.. Have a nice day and get back to me later.

    My local store has fresh meats. I know a beaner Mexican guy that gives me the heads up. The beaner cuts meat for a living, I have his cell phone number. When I roll to get food I want the best cuts.

  3. If you were not an American I would say that you need mental help! This constant bouncing from one crazy idea to another is not a good sign. But then again you are an American and as such you do not have constant, fixed set of beliefs to guide you in your life. One day you Americans are Southern Nationalists, next day Chinese gook supporters, leftists-property distributors, after that who knows what!

  4. Yes there’s some fine cuts there. But looking at how obese most American adults look these days, I’m sure they aren’t missing out per se. But that’s beside the point. Living it up yourself whilst denying relief to the masses is obscene.
    I know ‘enviromentalists’ who live in mansions, drive three SUV’s and engage in international travel five times per year………whilst lecturing the rest of us on our carbon footprints!
    It’s good for me, but not thee.

  5. Probably drinking fancy expensive wines and whiskies too if he’s eating 125 dollar steaks I can only imagine. Let them eat cake as the late Marie Antoinette would say

  6. Well 2020 was one hell of a year. Did the whole year in Vegas and it was nuts, riots and you name it. Glad it’s about to be over and better times ahead, god willing. Was a tough year,

    Crazy one, yet we are still here. I pan on a lot of dinking p, Headed out to AZ for the weekend. It was one of those years.

  7. The rich “lie upon beds of ivory, and stretch themselves upon their couches, and eat the lambs out of the flock, and the calves out of the midst of the stall” – Amos 6:4

  8. It would be interesting to speculate what Huey Long’s political program would be in 2020 based on the changing trends in Louisiana if he were alive today. Would Long have favored spending taxpayer money on gender change surgery? Would Huey Long have chosen “Every man a queen” as his slogan for his 2020 political campaign?

  9. Expecting the GOP to become a NazBol party is just retarded
    As far as American politics go, left wing economics and wokeness go hand in hand.

    John Cornyn and Mitch McConell just won their elections in a landslide anyway, they’re not going anywhere. For every NazBol on twitter, there are countless more normiecons who will vote for guys like this on the basis that they will at least block most of the radical ideas from the libs.

  10. True such conspicuous spending does look bad. But that $125 steak is also a transfer of money back into the restaurant and ranching industry. Every time you hear about some middle aged white guy producing premium meat or vegetables in their own business, it isn’t the poor blacks and whites at Walmart sustaining his livelihood, it’s the rich. That white craftsman producing fine walnut and cherry woodcraft? Not being supported by Walmart. Where I live the Amish produce high quality crafts and foods, it’s the local rich who buy these $80 Turkeys in the local fancy food store. What the rich are expected to do though is to keep up some appearance of philanthropy, people look past the $125 steak if they pass out the $2K stimulus check, playing “Scrooge” is not the required optics.

  11. Cornyn, a true blue Northwest European high-trust, hunter-gatherer, Protestant, Anglo-Saxon founding stock “southron”.

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