The Case Against The Republican Senate Majority

I’m hoping they both lose.

Even though I would prefer to stay out of it, I’ve even been pushed to the extraordinary lengths of endorsing Ossoff and Warnock just to get rid of Turtle as Senate Majority Leader.

Kyle Frank:

“Tomorrow will mark the official end to the 2020 general Senate election cycle, both of the undecided Senate races in Georgia will be held to decide whether or not Georgia has become a blue leaning swing state or if Biden’s statewide win was just a result of a temporary White suburban shift away from the GOP. More importantly to discuss though is whether or not these Republican Senators deserve the vote of Georgians, more directly of conservative Georgians. Without mentioning their failure to secure election integrity back in November we will be making the case as to why both or at least one of these Senators should not be re elected into the Senate. …

Usually I don’t really care about how politicians were pieces of shit before they got into office but Perdue and Loeffler are so egregious it isn’t even funny. Starting with Perdue to his credit he has actually won an election before but his business history was one that has assisted greatly in the destruction of the rural communities Republicans are supposed to represent and the destruction of the industrial base. In the mid 2000’s Perdue became the CEO of a then downwards spiraling company that is now seen as a death marker but rural communities across America. Dollar General was turned around under his leadership and began its rapid expansion that now makes it a staple of every economically abandoned small town in the United States, he sold the company after saving it in 2007. Perdue also as a businessman was an expert in outsourcing jobs overseas. Perdue with this record exemplifies the controlled American decline that led to Trump’s 2016 victory, his predatory monster destroying small towns has created a hotbed of Right Wing Populism and his record of outsourcing and corporate first business policy makes him completely unqualified to be a part of a party that should profess pro Nationalist ideals. 

Kelly Loeffler is the wealthiest member of the US Senate, her business dealings you can read about here but more relevant to this discussion she should lose for one simple reason, everything that comes out of her mouth is a control group tested statement. She is somehow more of a robot that Hillary Clinton is and repeating shit talking points and meaningless platitudes should not be rewarded at this crucial time when the GOP clearly needs to learn some lessons. Loeffler exemplifies the mindless dipshittery that takes advantage of the emotions of Republican voters while doing nothing but making their lives worse and Perdue being the spokesperson of rural and industrial decline have to be defeated to send the message to the GOP that this kind of politics is unacceptable and these kinds of people should be chased off to the new Democratic corporate establishment where they belong. And we didn’t even get into the insider trading sandal because everyone already knows about that.

As for Senate leadership Mitch McConnell does not deserve to be rewarded with the power of kingmaker after his behavior during Trump’s presidency and the pandemic. For all of Trump’s term McConnell has done virtually nothing to help pass and in some cases actively fought against Trump’s agenda on immigration, trade, and foreign policy. McConnell got his precious judges out of Trump and did nothing to return the favor. McConnell has also fought against increased aid to Americans after he encouraged unconstitutional lockdowns and arguably cost trump the election by delaying and delaying stimulus talks with retarded poison pills that make him look “good” to the GOP simps on twitter but in reality would never be enacted and has resulted in the unnecessary suffering of millions of Americans who lost unemployment benefits. Senator Schumer is a better man than McConnell is quite frankly and as Majority leader will not do nearly as much damage as many claim he will do. …”

In last month alone, Turtle has used his Senate majority to …

  1. Override Trump’s veto of the 2021 NDAA which cost $740 billion, includes $3.3 billion in military aid to Israel every year through 2028, renames military bases named after Confederate generals and keeps American troops indefinitely in Afghanistan.
  2. Pass a cheap labor visa giveaway bill for Big Tech by unanimous consent which fortunately died in the House before it could become law.
  3. Personally killed $2,000 stimulus checks at least six times in the Senate.

Aside from costing me $2,000, why should Mitch McConnell remain in control of the Senate? He refuses to represent the views of both populist voters and the majority of voters in his own party.

McConnell has been so awful as Senate Majority Leader that major parts of the populist agenda stand a better chance of moving through Congress with Democrats in charge of the House and Senate. Without McConnell in power, $2,000 stimulus checks could pass Congress along with other issues like repealing the Trump corporate tax cut or passing the infrastructure bill which went nowhere under Trump. Maybe the Democrats could use their shot at power to do something big and popular on universal health care. The Democrats also want to renegotiate the Iran Deal and ease tensions with Iran.

What is the alternative? Two more years of gridlock in which nothing at all gets done in Congress and performance art “deficit hawks” engage in more grandstanding, failure theater and empty rhetoric while citing the national debt to kill anything that they dislike. They quietly killed Trump’s MAGA agenda this way without a vote on it. Joe Biden’s Made in America agenda is arguably better anyway. Even if the Democrats win both Senate seats, they only have 50 votes and Joe Manchin will kill anything radical.

The choice is between having Turtle in power for the next two years, learning nothing and reverting to the Tea Party era, OR, the Democrats using budget reconciliation to pass the more popular aspects of their agenda which are the issues like $2,000 checks that populists support. Also, if the fate of populism hinges on the likes of Dollar General Perdue, Kelly Loeffler and Turtle, what have we been doing in politics? How did we come to be represented by people this awful and opposed to our values?

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  1. Usually when I hear the word democracy I change it to oligarchy in my mind. The fact of the matter is white middle and working class people are not in charge of jack sh*t in this country and all talk of democracy and democratic rule is just slop for the masses.

  2. How absolutely pathetic that the once proud state of Georgia has come down to four awful choices for US senators. I suppose the emergence of Stacey Abrams as a viable candidate for governor illustrated how far the Peach state has fallen.

  3. The ‘case’ will soon enough be made with rifles.

    The time long ago passed that words and votes would do, though, those of us who saw, and see, what this nation has become have kept talking waiting for the country to realize

    The citizenry realizes now, and, thus, they will flood the capital soon, and, if they are not heeded, it will not be the last time.

    • Ivan Turgenev,

      I like you but I have to write the following—Do Not support armed revolt under these circumstances. I write this not just because I know this site is monitored and I want NO association with rebels at this time out of fear of the US govt. but because revolution for voting in Georgia would be immoral—by my standards anyway.

      This kind of talk could have me asking my father to keep us in Mexico and drive me off this website to play it safe. Some may say good riddance to me but I am fond of some on this site and find it valuable.

      • Agreed Cristina. Ivan, the young lady speaks with wise restraint on the subject of possible armed rebellion January 6. Stay away, in thought and deed. All the normie voters too lazy to educate themselves on the realities of life and too cowardly to defend their stated values do not deserve to have brave and honorable souls fight for them.
        These times will test us. Do not fail the test by adopting the hatred. You always speak thoughtfully about your fellow citizens, even those with whom you disagree. Don’t change now. Stay safe, work locally for change. Then branch up and out when your locale has been eradicated of haters. We can win by reaching out in good faith with like-minded people, whatever their appearance and beliefs.

        • JR Chloupek,

          Thank you for your thoughtful support. To revolt against a far superior force with no chance of victory but only massive retaliation is not wise. The same authorities that kneel to Black Lives Matter will be ferocious against real opponents of the State.

          • Thank you for your reply Cristina. You have always been an interesting commenter, bringing a perspective nuanced yet realistic. You have a bright future ahead of you. Sorry you feel the need to leave this forum, but I get that the level of vitriol can be tiring. Good luck to you.

          • Spahnranch1970,

            I hope I was not over reacting but I do not know what the laws are in such a circumstance and I am starting to fear the USA government for the first time in my life.

          • @Cristina…

            You are well founded to fear the United States’ Government, as not only are they lawless, they have little regard for human life – especially the upper tiers of the bureaucracies.

      • @Cristina…

        Thank you so much, My Dear, for your concern, but, I am not supporting, recommending, or opposing anything.

        What I am saying is that, when a government becomes very corrupt, and, thus unresponsive to the citizenry, it becomes unstable, and the result of that is always, in the end, violence.

        And not just one sort of violence, but many, this demonstrated by the government-sponsored terrorism we have seen all year on the streets of many Blue Cities.

        As to being watched, you are right – many many watch this site, and that means that, by guilt of association, your name is already in many files as a young Far-Right female, the kind of which Antifa, The FBI, BLM, ADL, JDL, NSA, and Foreign Intelligence Services, of but a few, take special note.

        If you are sensitive to this, I urge you to stop coming here and to have no association, electronically, with anyone on dissident political blogs of any sort.

        Not that this will make the growing files on you go away, but, it will make the file grow cold, and with so many other targets or more pressing importance, they will not pay any attention to you.

        You see, this is, in part, how they control you – by your fear that you are being silently followed.

        It does intimidate many, though, in the longrun, I doubt it will with you.

        But, it may take you time to learn to live with being spied upon. I know it did take me some time.

        If you ever want to have a public voice you will have to learn to live with being vulnerable.

        Be well and Happy New Year, Young Lady.

        • Ivan,

          You are right in that nothing can intimidate me for long. However, this website is sick in being anti-catholic. So I bid you a sweet good bye. I will also say goodbye to November. I will comment here and there on Political Cesspool and Bitchute blackpilled under my name but I am finished here.

          Yes, I know I quit here once in March 2020 after many sexual and racial insults but I give my full honor I have had enough of this site and it’s damn freaks. You have been very kind and you are very well informed.


          Cristy Romana Alva.

          • Dearest Cristy,

            It is certainly true that there are some people who frequent this site who cannot get by without attempting to run someone else down.

            Unfortunately, there is this sort of behavior in most places in life, and that fact is probably the most disturbing thing about The Human Races.

            The only thing that changes, in this regard, is that the subjects and styles over and under which the backbiting and slurs occur varies, though, the principal remains.

            My hope is that after a brief vacation you will return.

            I find you so very delightful and refreshing on many many levels, as I am quite sure others do here.

            To help you develop a strong coat of armour to deal with those adverse to you in life, I will share with you some of the following…

            #1. When folks cannot stand that I am a White Southern Gentile, and, as well, a Southern Jew, I let it roll off my back. Essentially they are in an argument with God, not me, for it was He who undertook these decisions.

            I also am empathetic for them because I agree with them that Jews have a lot to answer for in the descent of our country, and indeed, the western part of The West – although, that said, many Jews have made a much better world for all, such as the great Mel Blanc.

            By the way, when I lived in New England, people never reacted to me, as if I were a Jew, but, as a Southerner, and, more than a few times, they threw their negativity at The South and at White Southerners (ignorant demons some like to think) at me.

            #2. When folks are troubles I have seen something they did not, I kid them about it, and try to gently remind them not to be so insecure.

            That said, I am under no illusion that the insecure will suddenly become secure.

            Most humans are terribly weak, or, at least, they fear themselves so, and the way this comes out in their interactions are put downs, that usually involve them attempting to articulate the following…

            A. ‘You are ignorant’.

            B. ‘You are a dupe’.

            C. ‘You are disingenuous’.

            D. ‘You have no idea what you are saying’.

            In each case, the insecurity of the person leveling the comment is on full view, and, that so, there is really no reason to feel more about it than a bit of pity for them.

            You see, you are so very young, you have not had enough time to see how damning certain patterns are in human behavior and how, most of the time, these patterns go undetected by the possessor, because most humans are experts at detecting everyone’s else’s foibles and not their own.

            Also, because you are young, and because it is hard for anyone to see themself, I will tell you that you are an outstanding young lady – possessed of unusual probity, sincerity, depth, sweetness, toughness, and the kind of innocence it does you every credit to possess.

            Though my Orthodox priest would get very upset at me for saying so, I think you are a very very old soul who has been a Latin matriarch many many times.

            Last thing I would say is an old German saying, translated into English for you : ‘To live with that which you love, you have to learn to live with that which you hate.’

            Okay, all the best and hurry back!

            I’ll be waiting!!!

    • All of you MAGApedes are Big Talkers just like your Orange Messiah. Here is what is going to happen – a few more MAGA/Grift Right “Stop the Steal Rallies”, a few more scraps at said rallies w/Antifa/BLM, everybody goes home and Biden gets sworn in on Jan 20th. No Civil War, no popular uprising, no Muh Day Of the Rope, etc – just Trumptards bitching for the next 4 years on the internet about the election being stolen.

      • Imagine financially supporting a bunch of no-talent charlatans like Castizo Nick, Ricky Rebel and that Red Elephants guy, as if by doing so America will be miraculously saved.

      • About fanning Russians and Eastern Europeans…..can you remember that our people and our culture failed very badly and we ended up liberals’ in charge for 73 long years and tens of millions our dead.

        Instead of fanning our culture , better check what college educated soy boys can do with millions of well trained God believing gun owners. When sheep’s wearing expensive things, it will not make them wolves. When gun owners has better training and weapons, then soy boys just must have more mass graves.

        When Donald fails, your people will will end up like our people did. This is not the play war. This the real war and below is the animation, how collage student vegans will recycle hard working military experienced God loving gun owners.

        Donald with his cucks is you last line of defense. When Donald fails, you will end up like professional gun owner in the video below and there nothing you can do against soy boys.

        • When the shooting does start, it’s a good guide to how to fight to the death or run off and join the RAF or Royal Tank Regiment.

        • Juri,

          I give you Russians my love and sweetness. I am learning Russian.. Therefore….

          • For general information, I am not Russian. My home country had 40 wars with Russians last 1000 years and Russians hate my ethnic group like hell.

            Real war is not reading about liberty tree. Real war is when the hostile ethnic group growing up and listening from their grand fathers what happens in the real war. Like Putin heard in his childhood horror stories what happened with with his grand father in my home country.

            Jews also learn. We have Hannibal Rising movie from Lithuania. But the thing is that Mr. Soros and entire Global Elite gained nothing in Lithuania. From climate warming to mass immigration, nothing. And of course, Lithuania is basically Jew free. You know, they do not deny the Holocaust down there, they actually did it.

            I do live not in the Lithuania but I understand a little about real war. Do not fight against defamation. Better make sure that every horror story about you is honest truth.

            Coming back to the Russians, God did not blessed the Czars, God cursed the Czars so they run their country to the ground and liberals took over. So we ended up with disaster with 50 million dead.

            Can i listen the American Anthem ? God bless Republican Party, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell and John McCain. The real knights, holy Christians Czars who wanted to save the Russia or America or Somalia or whatever country you like. .:D

  4. American Nationalism is just free market capitalist libertarianism with a superficial Nationalist dross. I’ve warned Nationalists (not one myself) of this years ago. “Do not to allow Conservatives to appropriate Nationalism because Conservatism will not only take and dilute it, but it will transform it into some hybrid frankenstein, that commandeers many Conservative ideas.” But Nationalists were so eager to be recognized that they took Conservatives in hoping to convert when all Conservatives have done is taken Nationalism skinned it and draped it over Conservatism. Admittedly, I always knew Trump would fail, if he was genuine at all (debatable and didn’t buy it) and do less than he promised, but even I was shocked how little he did as a self-proclaimed “Nationalist.” Nationalism to a Conservative is about feeling edgy than what he actually is. It’s a larp to them. Nationalism isn’t just Conservatism 2.0; yet it is. It has the nativism, without Conservativism recognizing itself to be nativist. In fact, such words like “nativist” or “xenophobic” would rarely be spoken in Conservative circles (except by very socially liberal free market conservatives possibly). They’re the stupid racists xenophobes. Nationalists are far more intelligent and are consciously aware of what they are and are able to articulate and argue their positions better. It is a convoluted mess and incoherent with both its political and economic views.

    Even if it was capable of rule, I simply don’t want a form of edgy racist Libertarianism.

    Even in the face of a pandemic, Conservatism still retains its International Capitalist Libertarian Ayn Ran philosophy and not give people money as countries are (rightfully) shut down. They’re unable to operate a different mode of production during crises. Even their ideological ancestors could conceive of it during WW2 (with rations and semi command economy to help win a world war). They don’t believe in State and duty of governance. They’re “classical liberals.” Reactionary. And simply oppose the “Libtard” for opposition sake no matter what it is. It is not the intellectual form of reactionarism which is a contrarian who explores other ideas to challenge himself and others. It’s the stupid form- one who opposes simply because it’s his guttural instinct to do so since his hatred of the other guides him so. If the Liberal told the Conservative not to eat shit with a silver spoon, the Conservative would eat 10 spoons of shit out of spite and hate (this isn’t to say that hating liberals isn’t warranted as they’re pretentious and not as slick as they think they are), and so the Conservative has no vision. It is the ideology of a dead end. It is simply a chiwawa that barks loudly and pulls at the chain as it gets dragged like it always had and always will.

    I’ve always said that if Nationalism were to have *any* chance, the GOP would have to die- as it siphons key nativist energies away.

    As a side note, it really sucks that I can’t get into my twitter without a phone number (after being locked for arguing with idiots). I’m not giving some crap corporation my personal phone number and no site of numbers I tried works. I hate having to make new emails and new accounts. Any ideas is welcomed. Whatever.

      • I tried that but the google voice number thing and didn’t work for some reason. I tried to switch and I found out I can’t switch after I deleted it. I can’t get a new one. If you got any other ideas I’m all ears. Thanks.

      • Now you have another problem. Google has your IP which leads to your residence. The intel agencies put Google and Twitter’s data together, and they have your physical location plus your posts.

        I was able to make an email to post on a big social media site (not Twitter) using a foreign email service and tor but that was pure luck. The foreign email provider closed my account as soon as I tried to log into it again, accusing me of being a hacker man. All I wanted to do was post on social media anonymously, like everyone used until the 2010s. FFS!

        The creepy thing is it wasn’t that long ago when you could sign up for anything, without giving identifying information. Now the only way to get an anon email is to find a torified email provider on the Darkweb, which is probably run by criminals or intel agencies. They offer lots of different email addresses that work from the same account, but you must pay them for it.

        If you want to talk on the big social media platforms, they force you to give your info one way or another, and they plan to use it later using a social credit scoring system. So I’d suggest all of the peoples of the world stop using email, as it is really old tech, (your messages are not private, unless you use a separate encryption program), and instead use the new open source messaging apps that were designed to be private.

        • True. I’m not about being totally anonymous where the FBI or the CIA can’t track me. That’s impossible nor is my aim. I’m simply talking about twitter not having my phone number. And trying something since google voice didn’t work for me for some reason.

  5. If the GOP were going to stop immigration, they would be worth supporting. But the GOP wants MORE mass immigration, because Republicans hate Americans and want to replace us with foreigners.

    So it is either vote GOP and get mass immigration.

    Or vote Democrat and get mass immigration PLUS $2,000!

    This is not complicated. GOP Delenda Est.

    • Latino immigration is what they want. if you cant beat em,join em, and so they are becoming latinoized as the influx of Latin Americans continues unabated. Unlike other immigrants , Latinos have no wish to Anglocize and forget the old country. and language. Latin America is not the old country. The only other immigrant group allowed to keep its language and culture ,were the Asians. While they were our servant class. Now that they want to go to Harvard, they get discriminated against by Latinophiles Anglos in power.

  6. For over 50 Years I have voted Republican + Ross Perot. I agree with what you have written. As a Texan, there is a lot of talk of secession. We reserved the right to walk away from a crooked card game. John Cornyn is now part of the RINO deep state. McConnell is married to Elaine Chou whose Chinese father is one of the biggest shipping magnates for the CCP. And she got the cherry job of Transportation Secretary. Wonder what kind of shipping deals were done. McConnell is a despicable arrogant prick. Holding up a measly $2000 from Americans who desperately need it while buttering his buddies overseas pockets. No longer will I vote for Republicans. They don’t know what the word means. I will spend a boatload to support anyone running in the primary against McConnell or Cornyn in 6 years and all the other RINOs in Congress….if we still have a country.

    • @JD – in all seriousness – why do Whites want to secede in a state that is only 50% White(probably less) – as Texas is?

      • @c d…Texas has a long history of all races fighting for freedom. Including at the Alamo, and subsequently at San Jacinto when the Mexican despot Santa Ana got his ass kicked. This has nothing to do with color. It has to do with assholes in other states running a crooked election and we are stuck with the results in a state that should have 10 Senators….A senile, old, little girl sniffer that was Senator from a state that is smaller than some of our cities both geographically and population wise. Biden is a senile old man that doesn’t know come here from sic em and couldn’t even pronounce the name of his new appointee Xavier Burraquisano (sic) or the Department he was going to run-The Department of Health and Education…which doesn’t exist (it is Health and Human Services Joe). Biden is not only a crook, he is a stupid one only interested in lining his and his family and friends pockets. Trump screwed up, he should have said to Pelosi in the summer when she wanted to give out $2000, that he thinks she had a good idea—lets make it $3000. They couldn’t even have stuffed that many ballots or flipped that many voting machines from the resulting votes.

  7. The Republican Party has never once stopped Democrats from going after our Southern Heritage & Culture and even actively takes part in the destruction of the South. The MS Flag is a perfect example of that. I hope they lose every single election because of that. As for $2,000 Stimulus Checks. It’s good for the people….so do it and help people in this Pandemic that will hopefully be stopped soon with those Vaccines. Deo Vindice !

  8. America is gone. Does anyone think “conservatives” who haven’t conserved anything remotely worth conserving will now start fighting if they retain a Senate majority? Let the Democrats take all the power in Washington and go full socialist. Just maybe they will overreach and that will kick things off. Nothing can be expected from Republicans except more surrender.

    • @Ray
      Conservatives and progressives……..are both leftists who support leftist causes. If ‘conservatives’ really were conservative, there wouldn’t even be a need for this website. We’d have leaders simply doing the things expected of the citizenry.
      Do Conservatives stop the invading hordes? Nup.
      Did they stop factories going to China? Nup.
      Did they put the brakes on endless foreign aid going to Israel, the third world, etc? Nup.
      Do we still have troops engaged in these useless conflicts overseas? Yep.
      They stand for nothing, and have no principles of substance whatsoever.
      ‘Go to the ballot box and make your voice heard’, they tell us. That lie is designed to make you feel like you can personally make a difference, when in reality, you just get more of the same……..decade after decade.

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