Poll: 65% of Americans Now Support Monthly $2,000 Stimulus Checks

It appears that the performance art “deficit hawk” act of haggling over a mere $600 and stiffing Americans on Christmas has backfired in a major way. The spirit of Huey Long is rising again.

Data for Progress:

Turtle probably thought that things were going to go back to the way they were before Trump. He should have took that $1,200 deal and built that $20 billion border wall.

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  1. I’ve got a hunch that Mr. McConnell is going to face a recall, and, in or out of office, President Trump will be leading the way.

    I could not happen to a nicer guy…

  2. Totally different idea thread but how do you have as much money as Mitch and let your teeth go yellow like that. Biden at least really keeps up his appearance and looks better than he did at 40 with the plastic surgery and hair implants. Screw Mitch though and these bastards keeping us from our rightful bags

  3. The message from the GOP candidates should have been “elect us and we will form a coalition to repeal the NFA, abolish the ATF and other unconstitutional agencies and insist on ensuring that the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms is guaranteed for all time…because if we don’t the dems will steal that right from you forever and/or make you all criminals if you try to so much as shoot some targets on the weekend, much less protect yourself from antifa or BLM or normal garden variety Democrat voters.” But they can’t do that because the Republicans want to make sure the people are unarmed as well, or just straight up don’t care if millions of their voters are now felons in the waiting just for following what the constitution allows.

    That is the real takeaway of the runoff in Georgia. The big checks are coming either way because the Left-Liberals deliver sometimes, whereas fake conservative politicians never do unless you’re an investment banker or a dual national with a particularly long nose.

  4. Turtle’s arrogance was staggering. He stopped the famished plebs from getting some crumbs days before the election that would determine if he keeps his power. As it turns out, he won’t.

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