Reaction: The MAGAcaust

I did two streams tonight.

In between the two shows, we reached a consensus that we have never been more thankful that we parted ways with Donald Trump and the “American Nationalist movement.” We’re also grateful for being banned from PayPal and forced to adopt Bitcoin.

Keith Woods, Richard Spencer and Hunter Wallace discuss the MAGAcaust:

Matt Parrott, Matt Heimbach, Billy Cornpop Williams, Marcus Cicero and Hunter Wallace react to the MAGAcaust:


Note: Heimbach was accused this morning by FOX News of being involved in the MAGA March. None of us have supported Trump since 2017.

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  1. To be honest, I’m glad to see all those thousands of Q-tard bobblehead accounts that got nuked off Twitter today.

    • Their plan seems to be to just ban half of America from the internet. That’s seriously what they are trying to do. Not very well thought out.

      • It’s a plan I guess. The Zerg Rush of 2021 clearly shows a huge crowd of youngish and middle age white guys sacking a parliament.

        Ban half the country!

  2. I like Woods’ insight that Marcuse’s One-Dimensional Man — the modernist Don Draper normie — no longer exists. Even the idea of going back to a movie theater, sportsball stadium, amusement park, or some other modernist spectacle leaves me unmoved. Perhaps a certain amount of homogeneity makes modernism possible.

    How can any citizen feel the Capitol as sacred after a summer of statue toppling? I watched Kamala Harris today make pious talk about rule of law. Such abstractions ring hollow when not embedded within a lived community. Liberalism, with its corporate management spreadsheet mentality, is missing why nations have statues and myths and shared histories and such. It feels like there just isn’t any glue holding Burgerland together in the Current Year.

  3. Richard Spencer : “Trump has lost legitimacy in the eyes of his own party.”

    I guess Trump’s tens of millions of supporters must not qualify as his own party, because no one has been so popular in The Republican Party since Ronald Reagan as he.

    Could it be that Mr. Spencer is mistaking the eentsy Anti-Trumper GOP minority (composed of his own urbane New England Yankee brethren) for the the overwhelming majority of that party which is from Dixie, The Midwest, The Plains’ States and even smalltown and rural New England, which is mighty dang fond of the president?

  4. The Trump presidency was an unmitigated disaster: all the anti-White forces are stronger than in 2015. Does Greg know? Maybe Greg can tell us how the Trump presidency was a success.

    • Situation would have been just as bad with Hillary. This country has been on a downhill slide for a very long time. Whites won’t stand for themselves as a distinct people, so they are going the way of the dodo.

    • No I think he just realized that the Zionist control of the western world is bad for all races not just White people. The struggle is not Whites vs humanity, it’s humanity vs the Jews. That is the final red pill.

  5. The most interesting commentators, Hunter Wallace and Keith Woods, were barely allowed to speak by Richard Spencer who as always interrupts and loves to hear himself speak. I don’t understand his love of Twitter and tech monopolies. I didn’t understand his arguments either. Although Greg Johnson is an acrimonious individual, he’s a better and clearer thinker.

    Hunter I ask you to do two things: 1.) Publish your book and 2.) Start a weekly podcast. You’re the most intelligent and learned voice in my view and we need to hear it more often. If Johnson can do it, why not you?

    • Why did Matt Parrot allow traitor Matt Heimbach back into his good graces? Heimbach literally disavowed the WN struggle and his part in it for 30 pieces of silver.

  6. Richard Spencer ??? The griftiest of the grifty??? What a joke this thing is. Shut it down before you embarrass yourself even more.

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