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  1. I didn’t think they would go this far this fast. I thought they would do it sneaky jew style, slicing him down gradually with shadow bans. They must be terrified. Hunter, if you were serious about taking a holiday in South America before Civ War II breaks out, you might want to consider enacting that plan soon. #SHTF

  2. Whatever is going on, is melting down Handy Andy Torba’s servers, and he has within the last few days added added another server. He also picked up a big name techie a couple of months ago.

    I’m really surprised how shitty the Charleston Gazette-Mail has become in the last year. The Gazette-Mail was newspaper of record in West Virginia. It was owned by the Chilton Brothers, their estate(?) sold it, and today it’s just another pay wall publication with no real content.

    If you are looking for West Virginia news, check out WVMetroNews.com

  3. The Conservatives and Republicans never cared when White Nationalists was Censored, Shadow Banned, or 100% kicked off Social Media. It’s about time those establishment political activists see how we’ve been done over the Years. Deo Vindice !

  4. Don’t worry Trump-tards, I’m sure he monitoring the situation from the WH. If only someone did something about big tech. I wonder who had that power to do it?

  5. Whatever we may think of Trump he’s still the president. Imagine the implications of being able to ban the president from a social media platform. Where does that leave us? Free speech is dead regardless of what a piece of paper called the Constitution says otherwise.

    • @MOTS
      Yes I realised Kolyas response on the Irish was sarcasm…….and it gave me a bit of a chuckle.
      But the two dickheads he was responding to……..are they for real??

  6. If you hate trump and America first so much, then why do you post about it???

    Why not focus on reconstruction and why the Rebs lost Little Round Top????

    • Because Lee’s surrender at Appomattox took place over 150 years ago, whereas the Trump shit-show is going on right now.

    • If I’d been the rebel commander I’d have probably started fires on the hill hours before charging up there. Smoke and confusion would have weakened the line up there.

  7. Remember everyone dont wear masks. Livestream for later prosecution. It all seems like Trump wanted this to happen. 3d chess by Trump energizing his cult and then throwing them under the bus.

  8. Slow poke Trump did nothing but windbag it regarding social media companies being put in check. Gee, a wishy washy Jewish liberal from Facebook and a weird, bearded, nose ring hippie Irishman whom hit big with an invention smacked Trump around during election time and now body slammed him in the social media world. Just so shocking.lol

    Really, the biggest embarrassment is the first two years when Republicans ran it all. No wall during that time. No social media crackdowns. No mass deportations. Nothing on creating some balance in the news area. Trump received 92% negative news coverage from kosher controlled and the good goyim.

    The hilarious part is you will now see a push by many weak Republicans to ” go back to their roots” meaning flag waving with zero substance, wars the world over, job deportations, increasing immigration as they wonder why they lose, yelling ” socialist” at those who want some protections and mind numbingly boring speeches. At least the crazy Uncle Trump could pack the events and bring the heat and the wit.

    The Democrats and various Jews and goy boys and girls will try to destroy Trump economically. Ironically a Trump tv will be a gold mine. Charging say 5 bucks per month to watch it will bring a lot of bread in. Even advertising at some point will come around eventually.

    The absurd and fake new president, Biden, and his racist hoochie vp, will create a huge pushback by the maga folks and zero doubt Republicans take the House back late next year. They are nearly there already after this past election.

    On a side note, expect our fake press to go after newcomer. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene often. They hate even a hint of her Q anon stuff, hate her pro wall, anti communism, anti blm stuff. Her wearing a ” Trump won” face mask while not being totally in line with the covid stuff 100% will have the press in a frenzy. Especially with her being an outspoken White woman from Georgia.

  9. Apple banned the Parker app – lol – Donny gifted that sodomite Tim Cook Billions in tax cuts and this is how Cook repays him.

    • Cd, I am basing the Republicans taking back the House in 2022 on the fact they control most of the new census apportionment. Even squishy moderate publications seem pretty confident in it. Kevin McCarthy seems pretty set on it too. Granted, he would be benefiting probably being the Speaker again. Lol..

      The more the Republicans can add Trump types the better. Maybe even a few will be far more serious to the agenda than he was. But yeah it’s scary when your main pit bull is Matt Gaetz..lol.

      I like it with all these fraudulent social media apps doing the banning. They were always playing along to begin with. The enemy is is exposed far easier.

      I do agree if the Republicans don’t get rid of the warmonger types, the cowards, if they avoid true populist goals and certainly the immigration issue they take a huge hit. The Democrats are going to usher in massive anti White legislation including mass third world invasions, far more refugees, etc.

      The limping lizard Biden has sold his soul. He is going to pander and slobber to ” muh blacks”.

      On a side note, I cracked up seeing Josh Hawley losing his book deal from (((Simon and Schuster)))..Just so shocking Josh!! How about Kelly Loeffler doing a U turn away from Trump at the last minute despite her begging for his help against the baby killing black preacher? The poor baby gets to go back to her billionaire Jewish husband..lol.. Lindsey Graham doing his typical sell out too.

      I do agree the Republicans have way too many feckless types and you may well be right that the Republicans have jumped the shark sooner than later. And Mitt Romney can retire now! The only reason Mittens ran was to be a thorn to Trump!

      • Jeff, the Democrats can do so much damage in the next two years, that it won’t matter if the Republicans take back the House like they did in 1994 and 2010. With a blanket Amnesty and ten+ million new third worlders on top of that coming here in the next few years, the Left has the Presidency forever. They won’t even have to steal it via fraud by then.

  10. This is hilarious! The Zionist buffoon getting humiliated like that is just too perfect. The last days of MIGA are everything I had hopped it would be.

  11. The question that all this brings forth is the one asked by Darren J. Beattie: What would patriotism look like in a country whose government hates and wants to destroy the people? Well, sadly we are going to find out because each of our lives will be answer,

    • They’re not patriots for White America, they’re patriots for ZOG. They want four more years of Zion Don. Trump supporters are the stupidest, most gullible, most deluded people in America right now. I’m happy to watch the left crush these retards. Frankly the White race would be better off without them.

  12. Apparently, Twatter allows the Chinese CCP to use its platform, despite the regime not allowing its own citizenry to use it, so their integrity is literally non existent. There’s plenty of others who should be struck off, but won’t be. Not defending Trump, but anyone who’s obviously leftist are probably safe.

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