Trump Grifters Abandon Ship

Never forget who supported this fraud right down until the end, who maliciously attacked all of his skeptics as “wignats” in order to promote the GOP and especially those who persuaded their followers to travel to DC to “Stop the Steal” by being Trump’s chumps. These fools have been proven wrong about virtually everything and have no role to play in the future of American populism.


“After years of fidelity, Donald Trump’s most ardent online fans have finally turned on him.

All it took was for the president to acknowledge the reality of his loss a little over a day after they, the MAGA faithful, stormed the Capitol in a violent attempt to stop the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s win.

“People were willing to die for this man and he just threw them all under the bus. That’s the only thing that’s shameful about the events of the past 36 hours,” Nick Fuentes, the host of the America First podcast and the unofficial leader of the white nationalist Groyper Army, angrily tweeted, shortly after Trump released a video Thursday night in which he conceded that Biden would be the next president and called for political reconciliation.

Cassandra Fairbanks, a prominent MAGA activist, tweeted: “[He] tells angry people to march to the capitol [and then] proceeds to throw his supporters under the bus.” …”

Trumpers actually did die for this man.

At least three of them died at “Stop the Steal.”

Antifa are sharing photos on social media of Groypers who followed Baked Alaska into the Capitol. There is one wearing a Trump hat and carrying an America First flag on the floor of Congress. I’m not going to post it. These people are all about to get screwed for Donald Trump who has already thrown them under the bus. Meanwhile, Nick Fuentes is on Twitter foolishly taking credit for the “Capitol Siege.”

Don’t expect any pardons from Blumpf. He reserves those for folks like Sholom Rubashkin and Jared Kushner’s daddy. Maybe you missed how Trump’s State Department had mercy on Jonathan Pollard who was flown back to Israel last month on Sheldon Adelson’s private jet?

Note: It is too generous to call them fools leading the blind. Many of them just sold out in exchange for anonymous Bitcoin donations and profited from this grift.

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  1. Greg Johnson is such an idiot. Until the end he still insists that Trump was a “champion of populism,” just a weak and ineffective one. That belief, in itself, assists Trump in sucking the energy out of any future populist cause. The truth, and the message people should be pushing, is that trump was never a populist, had no intentions of ever doing anything populist, never fought to accomplish any populist goals, and was a complete waste of time, money, and energy.

    • @Dart

      When I suggested that Trump never really meant to do anything about immigration – that it was just an applause line – Greg Johnson accused me of being a “conspiracy theorist,” went back months and deleted all of my comments on Counter Currents, deleted all the comments responding to my comments going back months, then wrote a snarky article about “conspiracy theorists” who don’t think Trump is sincere about stopping immigration.

      I said it the week that Trump announced – Trump was a Likud asset, an Israel-First grifter, a foreign agent, and pointed out repeatedly that he had spent nearly TWENTY YEARS working for Israel including using his Twitter account to spread the Israeli Jew Orly Taitz’ “Birth Certificate” conspiracy theories about how Obama was a “secret Muslim” working with the Iranians to nuke Israel.

      Trump was always Israel First – so was his father.

      But no one remembers anything anymore. To bring up facts and history makes you a “conspiracy theorist” but just making up conspiracy theories like “Obama’s Fake Birth Certificate” makes you NOT a “conspiracy theorist” a “patriotic right wing conservative.”

      All one needs to do is read Greg Johnson’s take on George Lincoln Rockwell, the FBI informer, Hollywood Clown Act, whose script was written by the Jew Daniel Burros, to see what is going on with this fake “WN movement.”

      • Dude, you always say GLR was an FBI informant without actually providing evidence. You’ve shown no proof at all.

        Post a link.

        • @Krosos

          “you always say GLR was an FBI informant without actually providing evidence. You’ve shown no proof at all.”

          You LIAR – I have posted the evidence over and over again because it is WELL KNOWN – even his fans admit it:

          “Commander Rockwell wanted to attend a speech by Gerald L. K. Smith, he first asked the local FBI office for permission. … he kept the Bureau constantly informed of his activities, and even those of his members … Rockwell went so far as to call the FBI while Fields was in the room … internal memos credited Rockwell with being “very cooperative with Agents,”

          Are you going to deny that his “speechwriter” and right-hand man was a JEW as well?

          “Daniel Burros (March 5, 1937 – October 31, 1965) was a Jewish American who was a former member of the American Nazi Party. … Burros would sometimes bring a knish to the American Nazi Party headquarters and make such statements as “Let’s eat this good Jew food!” Burros also frequently spent time with Jewish women.”

          You can even find more by looking up their names on the actual FBI website itself as the documents of his collaboration have been declassified for years.

          So – is it you that is the dupe or are you just hoping to dupe even more people?

          • BannedHipster,

            Using (((Wikipedia))) to blaspheme GLR is something an Leo Frank Defense League operative would do.

            Tom Metzger never mentioned any Jew/fed op in Rockwell’s ANP. He would have known, and exposed it a long time ago.

            Let me guess; now you’re going to say that “Terrible” Tommy was a ZOG/fed assest too.

      • I concluded you are crazy and dishonest and didn’t want to have you in the conversation. You have your own platform, and you can post here and at Affirmative Right, so it is not a healthy sign that you continue to be so bitter about being banned from mine.

        • @Greg Johnson

          I understand you wish to make this some personal issue, but my goals are political, not personal. I don’t know you, obviously.

          But you are, whether you like it or not, a public figure, and as you are constantly involved in deception. So I’m going to continue to point that out.

          You are a celebrity, I’m a fourth-rate blogger. So one would think you could ignore me.

          But you can’t, as the truths I tell are damaging and force you to do damage control. So, my efforts are successful.

          Keep it up.

    • This is typical broad-brush paranoid ideation. You speculate beyond what is warranted and ignore facts that contradict you. It is a self-marginalizing style, since normal people are repulsed by it.

      • Greg, you are right in dismissing the more febrile commenters here, who offer nothing but conspiracy theories & monomaniacal obsession with Judentum.

        But keep the channels open to Hunter Wallace. You two are both too important not to maintain a modus vivendi. I’m telling Hunter the same.

      • @Greg Johnson

        “Paranoid ideation”

        Ad hominem.

        “normal people are repulsed by it.”

        Despite being a fringe blogger, I have a number of “normal people” who are fans, and in fact deal with “normal people” in my daily life.

        You, on the other hand, are very much the fringe, in both your personal and political life.

        So really your ad hominem simply doesn’t work.

        • You don’t know the meaning of “ad hominem,” which takes the form, “X’s argument is false because he’s a bad person.”

          Pointing out that you are a kook and a liar is simply an observation, not an argument.

          It amazes me that anonymous internet personalities engage in narcissistic one-upmanship like you do. You could be living under a bridge for all the world knows, and the “normal people” you deal with could be social workers, cops, & the guy giving you free needles, and yet you wish to draw invidious comparisons with a public figure. I don’t get why you do it. No intelligent person takes it seriously.

          When you look up “ad hominem,” you should also check the definition of “tu quoque.”

      • Which facts are these? As for normal people, they agree with me and abandoned Trump, leaving only you and a collection of retards and schizos supporting him in 2020.

      • Hunter, you and Greg are both too important, & I remind you that both of you have done far too much excellent work, to let disagreements over this or that descend into unproductive, or even destructive, squabbling. I don’t mean never publicly argue, but know when to stop. Find a modus vivendi and continue pulling toward the goal we all share, the preservation & victory of our race & civilization

        • This stuff is why whites can’t be unified. Fighting over silly internet stuff. Meanwhile, Rome is burning. Western Civilization is dying out. People fighting over who is the most “important” online is just so miniscule compared to what’s ahead.

  2. Almost everyone, including Kevin MacDonald, hoped that Donald Trump was the real deal.

    It just took some people longer to become disillusioned.

    The real question is, why did every “anti-Semite” in America (including me) support the father-in-law of Jared Kushner?

    I think there were two big factors involved:

    1. We wanted to be proven wrong about the Jews. We wanted to save America while working side by side with a large faction of Chabad Lubavich. Greg Johnson expressed it this way: “Trump isn’t *our* last chance. He is *their* last chance” – the last chance for a substantial minority of Jews to do the right thing by the American nation that has done so much good for them, and yet received so much harm at their hands.

    2. We wanted to make the Constitution work.

    We have conclusively learned two very hard lessons. 1. We cannot under any circumstances trust any Jews or any gentiles controlled by Jews (such as Trump). 2. The Constitution is unsalvageable. It has failed to achieve its stated purpose, and needs to be replaced by a new order which will *successfully* defend the interests of ourselves and our posterity.

    Also, never make *personal* attacks on any enemy of the ADL. Don’t do the ADL’s dirty work for them. Disagree about ideas and tactics all you want, but never make it personal.

    • We have not had a president with adult married children for decades. Even with Reagan his children were well away from the power. ROOSEVELT might be the last one we’ve had with an extended family that he might call on.

      While it was predictable that Trump might be dominated by his Jewish son in law, we must remember that this is something we have never really seen before. It’s straight out of Genesis or Exodus. Who takes those stories seriously? You could only know about this stuff if you know about Jacob, Moses, Esther, Joseph and Daniel. Who reads those stories with an eye to Jewish tricks these days?

    • @BTI

      This “anti-semite” never supported Trump and desperately tried to warn everyone from day one.

      I have nothing but respect for Kevin MacDonald. But at the end of the day he is a Boomer who doesn’t really understand how America has changed. He still thinks it’s 1980 and simply doesn’t understand the new political realities.

      • @Banned Hipster

        Yes, you did try to warn everyone and I was one of those who despised Hillary Clinton so muchthat I honestly thought country would be saved if Trump kept her from parking her broom at the White House. I didn’t communicate with you for quite a while when you exposed him as a Likud asset. Classic Kill the Messenger response on my part. I hope you accept my belated apologies to you. The Faux Populist was infinitely worse for Americans than watching that despicable witch rack up the Clinton Body Count.

        For what it’s worth, I always thought that the fake birth certificate hoax was perpetrated by Obama himself to distract from his real Indonesian citizenship conferred on him after his Anti-White Anti-American flake mother forfeited his American citizenship by having Lolo Soetero adopt him. He got his college education as a foreign student; that’s why this records are sealed.

        I also think Obama saying he was born in Kenya fathered by a Kenyan as more of at sales pitch his nervous White liberal supporters rather than in Hawaii fathered by the Black communist, Frank Marshall Davis.

        I am not as worried about President-elect Joe Biden after watching his leaked conference with Black activists. I walked away convinced that he has deliberately faking everyone out with that dumb (as a fox) act of his. I think even Obama underestimated him; Biden outsmarted Hillary Clinton much like Roman Emperor Claudius survived Caligula. Everyone back then thought he was an idiot, too.

        On an interesting note, Trump’s Cold War with China shows no signs of ending after Biden is sworn in. I think that’s because the CCP, who had a front seat real time view of what happens to countries under Jewish control have no intentions of letting the Jews get control of any aspect of China. Hopefully, it will register with the sharper knives in the Semitic drawer to allow Whites to make America great again or deal with a bunch who have studied them intensely,have no illusions about them, AND are not inhibited by any “Judae-Christian” indoctrination.

    • I did not support Trump because he was an anti-Semite. Or anti-black. I supported him because he stood for policies that would help white people.

      It is just crank bait to harp on Trump’s pro-Jewish policies, since other policies were never in the cards.

      • “It is just crank bait to harp on Trump’s pro-Jewish policies, since other policies were never in the cards.”

        According to Donald Trump Jr., Trump decided to run for President specifically due to the Iran deal – very popular among both parties in Washington, but hated by the far-right of the Israeli lobby.

        Trump was not just “pro-Jewish” as most politicians and Trump’s Israeli policies have remade the Middle East in the interests of Israel. That was very much NOT “in the cards” until Donald Trump.

        Trump spent years promoting Likud policies but he never said anything about illegal immigration until his elevator speech.

      • I supported Trump in 2016 because he ran on a platform which, if implemented, would have been good for Whites (and also good for the real best interests of Jews and Blacks, for that matter.)

        The problem is, the policies actually implemented in his 4 years in office were objectively anti-White, not merely pro-Jewish.

        Pardoning Jewish Ponzi schemers, drug dealers, and employers of illegal immigrants, and undoing the good work of Operation Bid Rig, directly hurts White Americans by sending a message that Jews are allowed to steal, cheat and poison White Americans with impunity. The Rubashkin pardon was particularly galling because it sent the message that employing illegal immigrants is no big deal.

        On the big issues like foreign policy and immigration, his actual record was a continuation of invade-the-world / invite-the-world.

        Trump intensified the existing economic wars, proxy wars and air wars against Russia, Syria, Iran and Yemen.

        He called for “more immigration than ever”.

        He ruined the careers of every significant politician to his right – Jeff Sessions, Kris Kobach etc.

        I’m glad I voted for the Constitution Party candidate in 2020, and I’m glad that Trump is going away.

        Now is the time to Red Pill Trump’s disillusioned former followers.

      • @Greg Johnson, Zio Don openly denounced white people multiple times. He never even sincerely tried anything “implicitly” pro-white, and was always quick to go all in on behalf of Jews. You are a conservative masquerading as a racialist revolutionary. You were spewing all sort of poison at racialists who rejected “trusting the plan” mere months ago, framing us as “traitors.” And you’ll do it again.

        If Cucker or someone who says nice “muh whitepills” lies were to emerge as a votefag candidate, you’d be backing him to the hilt & saying all the same, and it’d be lucrative financially same as was Zio Don.

    • Another thing we learned is that paper billionaires like Trump aren’t immune to being controlled by special interests because they “don’t need the money”. Trump was the most subservient to the money powers President in US history.

  3. Trump is, in the end, The American Gorbachev.
    Remember Gorby? Tried to make The Soviet Union great again. Really tried, and failed.

    His last effort was an absurd coup attempt against the new regime forming all around him. He had lost all control. He was surrounded at that time by Russian Nationalists, followers of the dissident mathemetician Igor Shafarevich.

    Shafaravitch was appalled and immediately denounced Gorbachev’s coup attempt. It failed miserably. A few days later he was gone. It was Yeltsin’s turn, or more accurately, Yeltsin’s wife’s turn, to rule.

    The parallels are striking. Trump and Gorbachev.

    P.s: Shafarevich’s book The Socialist Phenomenon is one of the best books ever written. He was later memory holed for denying the holyhoax.

  4. I don’t understand Greg’s shifting positions, do you? He was hysterical about Trump winning not long ago. Everything depended on it. Now he’s happy he lost? Why did he block on Twitter when he’s arrived at the same point?

    • Wow, even Braun is under this rock.

      “Hysterical” is a classic shill tell, chosen to insinuate that an idea is somehow unhealthy.

      I wanted Trump to win because he was better than Biden.

      Now that Trump has conceded, I am glad he has alienated a lot of his followers, because the sooner they stop being fixated on the Trump personality cult, the sooner they build a better populist movement.

      • @Greg Johnson, you are a clear-thinking and inspirational voice of much needed sanity, reason, rationality and thoughtfulness. Would that you posted much more often on this forum to temper the fever dreams of some of the more unhinged lunatics.

        Thank you for your incredible work at Counter Currents.

        • Agree completely. I visit OD & CC every single day. Both are highly valuable. Even filtering out the dross in some comments is a useful reminder that – as with any movement – there are kooks who are best ignored.

          • Websites won’t save the white race. Neither will radio shows or books. It seems like a lot of people think this is some kind of media war.

      • “Wow, even Braun is under this rock.”

        You’re very unkind to the host who let’s you post on his Web site, despite you blocking him on Twitter and repeatedly calling him sophomoric names on your podcast and elsewhere. Far too often you come across as really petty and unnecessarily aggressive towards people who share most of your views. You’re not a populist, Greg, so stop pretending being one because you think that it helps your constant hustle for donations. Objectively speaking, when it comes to the Trump situation Hunter Wallace’s analyses have been a lot closer to reality than folks like you. Everything that he has said about Trump has been spot-on to a remarkable degree. He’s been an uncanny visionary. If you were a man and not a Cat Lady, you’d invite Hunter Wallace on your podcast for a respectful debate, but you don’t have the balls to do and you’re too uncongenial towards others who, like Hunter Wallace, surpass you in intellectual acuity (even though he’s 10 years younger). In sum, you’re a poor loser. Hunter Wallace’s position has been very clear, yours is confusing and all over the place. If I don’t understand it, I bet others don’t either.


    …ain’t what’s going on in the real world of Main St. U.S.A.

    Folks are angry, hurt, and looking for a way to strike out.

    Suddenly, they don’t think that this country has any regard for them, anymore.

    It’s very hard for them, but, each of you ought understand this, as, at some point some years back, you went through this, as well.

    Folks may get over Trump not being in office, but, I doubt they will ever get over how that got to be.

    Though The Establishment things things will return to routine, they are very mistaken in this.

    They don’t have that much power.

  6. Brad’s a smart feller, or a fart smeller. Either way he was right, and caught on to the Trump grift early!

    • I leapt off the Trump Train about a month or so after HW did, OD. That would have been March of 2017, if memory serves?

      • yep,me too, right around the same time that drug addict Azzmador booted us from his BF Lee Rogers’ format on infostormer…right when trump bombed Syria.

  7. Time for a complete split. Total disassociation from Trump’s chumps. They had the option to get off years ago and now can go down with the ship. It might seem cruel to say that but we need to sharpen our killer instincts. Some of us have been warning for years to a shit load of heckling that this would end in total disaster and have been trying to throw life rafts to people who would listen.

    I laugh at their talk of populism all of a sudden which is completely fake. These clowns are conservatives. They have supported Trump’s disastrous economic agenda vs. working Americans every step of the way. They have supported every single business-first candidate that has come down the pike because owning the libs was more important than issues like economic populism. They are Republicans but they will be thrown under the bus by those very Republicans. They are now pariahs in the GOP.

    I will not spend one second defending clowns like Baked Alaska and these grifters. They called us wignats for years. The truth is that they are the whiggers and we saw that on full display at that clownish stop the steal rally as they took orders from the likes of Ali Alexander. I am fighting for the ideals that men like Huey Long put forth. A real future for our people, not owning the libs and this silly shit we have seen over the last 4 years.

    To those that got off this train years ago, I salute you. To others who grabbed the life raft late, I salute you. To America first, drop dead.

      • I think some people live in gated communities and don’t get out much. Even the most white areas are becoming mixed. Whites are becoming a minority, and it’s happening quickly.

  8. Even that idiot Anglin is starting to question Blumph’s decision and language. Being a good writer doesn’t make you smart. I’m probably one of the worst writers and I saw through Trump from day 1. I have common sense and think logically. Street smarts always wins out over book smarts.

    • Everything Anglin writes is insincere. If he sours on Trump it’s only for tactical reasons. I recommend you avoid the Daily Grifter. I stopped going there years ago and I don’t miss it a bit.

  9. There is no political solution for white people in the USA when the controlling legal documents have established a “one man,one vote”, “first past the post” farce of a democracy along with a steadily declining national IQ (thanks to miscegenation and non white immigration), and the supreme court rulings that money is speech and that corporations are persons.

    The only choice left for white heritage Americans is whether they will continue to consider themselves “Americans” … and more importantly, whether they will continue to send their sons into the military to die for ZOG.

  10. Big mistake if they put Fuentes on trial. They’ll be giving him his biggest platform and audience ever!

  11. If you understand the realities of Jewish power there is no way you could support Trump in good conscience. There was a very very small chance that Trump’s philosemitism was insincere and merely a tactic for him to reach the office of president and that is why some of us were willing to give Trump a chance, but when the mask came off and he bombed Syria there were no more excuses.

    The one good thing about Trump is that he exposed all the fake nationalists and grifters in out midst. You cannot be a real nationalist and support the most pro-Jewish president in American history. It really is that simple. You cannot have authentic nationalism without antisemitism. You cannot be pro-White AND pro-Jewish. Trump was pro-Jew not pro-White and the people telling us Trump was secretly pro-White were disingenuous Zionists who were laughing at us behind our backs.

    2015 to 2020 was when ZOG managed trick literal Nazis into supporting their boy. You’ve gotta hand it to those Jews, they really are the masters of deception!

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