Tucker Carlson Dumps Trump

Tucker Carlson deserves credit for not indulging the fraud narrative which was created solely to protect Trump’s brand, to retain control over his cult and the Republican Party and to grift off of his most deluded supporters. Fortunately, it appears that the Donald Trump show is finally over now.

Everything that Tucker said last night about the GOP hating populist voters is true. This is why I have encouraged people not to vote for them and continue this toxic relationship. It is also true that Donald Trump was the one who whipped up his supporters into a frenzy and had them march on the Capitol. The people who listened to Trump and who were caught up in the QAnon cult and who were manipulated into storming the Capitol should be forgiven. Show them mercy. They had no plan beyond “trusting the plan.” They stormed the Capitol … to giggle, snap selfies, smoke pot and left without a fight.

Don’t blame the people who were brainwashed and used as pawns in this gambit. Let them go home. It was the sad end of another pitiful episode of YOBA szn. The country will be better off moving on from it. It wasn’t a “coup” or an “insurrection” by “domestic terrorists.” It was a farce.

Note: The grifters and operatives who stoked and orchestrated this are a different story. They riled all these people up with shit like “1776 Will Commence Again.” As for Baked Alaska, I suspect he is suffering from manic depression based on what I have seen from him lately. He needs help.

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  1. Tucker is one Rube Trump & the GOP won’t shuck like they did before. Brad caught on to the grift early in the game.

    Jack Dorsey the owner of Twitter is a Roman Catholic just like Roman Catholic Hitler. Right? LOL. That’s why Twitter is so important.

  2. You’re right HW, we must not ridicule or condemn those people who walked straight into a buzz-saw on January 6th when they stormed the US Capitol. They wanted to believe that Trump had their back. Their intentions were good.

    I can just imagine what Trump’s response was when he learned that the rally turned into a massacre: “Hey, it’s not my fault if those losers took my tweets literally!” A real class act.

    • The MAGA crowd had 4 years to figure Trump out. When are they going to wake up? The answer is never. They will never become White Nationalists. They will always be the tool of the Zionists.

  3. Mr. Carlson may move in his head whithersoever he wishes.

    Whether The Citizenry reflects that space, however, is quite another matter.

    Though I am not The Average Joe, politically speaking, I can appreciate that they do not think they have anything to move on to beyond Trump, because nothing is there.

    To move on, something must be there, or, at least, that is how most people operate.

  4. According to Yahoo “news” it appears that Blormp will not be attending Scumbag Joe’s inauguration. WTF? Even Herbert Hoover attended the inauguration of his adversary FDR!

  5. Oh yeah, the “fraud narrative” had nothing to do with the real broken water main in Atlanta or the massive numbers of unchecked absentee votes, or the bizarre way the returns were stopped across several states. The bellwethers counties and states, etc.

    You’ve forever lost credit by defending Democratic election theft.

  6. If we don’t get our core issues back from Trump, the ones he co-opted to get elected, they will be buried along with his movement.

  7. Ivan Turgenev
    July 19, 2020 at 12:08 pm
    Wiccan Witch is merely a new handle for a young New England Yankee Supremacist who normally goes by the handle, ‘ATBOTL’.
    He came here thinking that this was a generic White Nationalist site that would entirely focus on ‘The Jewish Question’, and, thus, as he came face to face with Southern criticisms of his own Yankee Race, he became embittered.
    He is profoundly anti-Southern, unless we agree to adopt his particular form of New England White Supremacy, and often tries to bait Southerners, here on a Southerner Nationalist blog of all places, to engage with him.

    Yankee race? lmao! Not only do you have difficulty distinguishing genders, but you seem to be confused about what race is. Are you going to pull a Boaz trick on here to try to trick the rubes into believing Neoconfederacy is more legitimate than the biological fact that is race?
    Ivan, who claims to be a Jewish Neoconfederate of all things, is still pissed at me because I pasted a posting I found where he was utterly humiliated for his ignorance and stupidity and he was too scared to reply to ATBOTL out of shame. I don’t even know who this ATBOTL is, but it looks like you and he had a falling out. Maybe you two can get back together again lmao!

    Here’s the posting that got Ivan so hopping mad at me lmao!


    Ivan Turgenev
    MARCH 11, 2020 AT 12:00 PM
    The Establishment gives me 2 choices for 2020 – Vice-President Biden and President Trump.
    The former is a New Englander who actually is honest enough, despite his glaring grafting corruption, to admit that he wants to ‘restore’ the policies of recent decades – as if, somehow, President Trump has really altered them!

    MARCH 11, 2020 AT 1:10 PM
    Biden is not a New Englander.

    Ivan Turgenev
    MARCH 11, 2020 AT 2:12 PM
    Thank you, Dear Atbotl, but, as Joe Biden represents their ideals about what this nation ought be, and they accept him doing such, I will regard him in that New England light, just as I regard Jewry’s foremost advocate in this country as President Trump, even though he has not a drop of their blood.

    Thank you for your thoughts!

    MARCH 14, 2020 AT 3:59 PM
    “I’m factually wrong, but I’m just going to make stuff up to fit my paranoid narrative so I can avoid talking about how Southern people voted en masse for Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Truman and JFK.”

  8. Carlson knows there no upside defending Blumph. . He’s not a Q-non fan that thinks Blumph is playing 50Dd chess. He knows it’s over for the conman in chief. Why defend a lost cause?

  9. Wtf are you talking about?! ‘election fraud’ narrative was created to protect trump’s brand?!

    Dude, are you one of them typical stoner red necks living at a trailer park? What kind of junk are you smoking to think that the election fraud that occrued is just some narrative that’s been whipped up??!

    • “Dude, are you one of them typical stoner red necks living at a trailer park?”

      Oh, you mean the people who elected Trump in 2016 and then didn’t vote for him when he shat on white people for four years, causing him to lose? You America Firstards are dumb beyond belief.

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