Nick Fuentes Joker Moment

UPDATE: Nick has been banned from Dlive.

It will suffice to say that those of us who have been dealing with the fallout of Charlottesville for three years cannot believe the arrogance and stupidity on display here. In Charlottesville, none of us knew James Fields or were aware of his actions until it was over and the civil suit that came out of it was based on random people shitposting in a Discord server and taking memes out of context. Please note these people have spent four years attacking “wignats” on the internet as “goon marchers” and “glowing SIEGE posters” and “feds” who support illegal activity for not supporting Donald Trump.

We did it, fam.

We took the U.S. Capitol.

We stopped the Electoral College vote.

Note: The Joker was insane and went to prison.

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  1. Are they going to arrest him and put him on trial? For what? Is this 1923? Fuentes has the gift of the gab and with national focus on him his power levels could go through the roof.

    • For Fuentes giving Spencer a reason to crawl out of the basement of his mom’s mansion, Spencer should be forever grateful to Fuentes.

      • Don’t understand why anti-semitism is seen as transgressive. It should be required for citizenship, as also contempt for America’s dead weight of 40 million jigaboos..

    • If he is deplatformed and his schtick was nothing more than supporting the discretited Trump, exactly what power level does his have?

      • It was never all about Trump. It was about being pro-white. The post election stuff is about what’s wrong with the country, not necessarily about loving Trump. Trump didn’t do the things he said he would do for us, and the Republicans are anti-white. It’s all about whites needing to stop supporting Republicans.

        • @Pilot,

          The march to the Capital Building was all about Blompf. It was supposed to “stop the steal, and attempt to prevent the (((US Congress))) from certifying the electoral votes in favor of senile Biden.

          There was nothing pro-White about that Trump rally or any other Trump rally since his campaign in 2016.

          Those chumps for trump were conned. Neoconned to be precise.

    • Then step up to the plate. There’s so much hostility to anyone who does. I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t risk my life for most ungrateful whites nowadays.

  2. I’m telling you that joker film rotted Nicks brain inside out,bet he saw it at least 3 times in theater. Not even that good of a story arc for Joker. It should of been a 12 episode hour long miniseries at least. You can only fit so much in a 1hr and 40 min film

    New batman film looks like shit btw I hate everything about it down from the direction to the actors picked. Riddler Nemesis story has been done a thousand times already and the actor who played riddler in Gotham did a stellar job. I won’t hold my breathe for Paul Dano’s Riddler. A black Jim Gordon is pretty ridiculous concept too imo and we already had a black catwoman with Halle Berry now Its Lenny Kravitz’s daughter Zoe ffs lol

  3. Fuentes was in very good company with his based stop the steal. In addition to the gay African gigolo Ali Allan Acknar Ackbar and Nick with a teeny tiny n, the third most famous person there was furry Viking man, real name Aaron Mustafsky, son of wealthy Federal Judge Schlomo Mustafsky of Brooklyn NY. Add Alex Jones to that group and I am noticing a trend of character

  4. There’s a quite a large number of people with advanced degrees in the list of arrests. People with JDs and careers.

  5. If Fuentes goes to prison, that proves that he’s the real dissident, and Richard Spencer is not.

    Fuentes is the threat to the system, Spencer is not.

    That means that whatever it is that Fuentes is saying is dangerous to the powers-that-be, and Spencer is just another Social Media star – even useful to the system which is why the media loves him so much.

    Which is a great development – it is clarifying. It shows that Spencer’s “Alt-Right” with their “Roman Empire in Space” and posturing as “elites” and “authoritarians” is just that – posturing. It shows that the “neo-Nazi” gimmick is no threat to the system – in fact, it is precisely what the system wants.

    But Fuentes with his normal pro-America gimmick and practical politics is what the establishment fears.

    As an outsider to you people’s “movement” the last year has been very, very clarifying. It certainly confirmed a lot of suspicions I’ve had over the years, but also has very much surprised me and forced me to rethink some long-held presumptions.

    • No, it just shows that Spencer cannot believe the hubris and stupidity of Fuentes saying things like this after everything he has been through since Charlottesville. Spencer is absolutely right on this. Remember, the whole Charlottesville case is built on nothing more than random people shitposting on a Discord server and James Fields who none of us knew at the time

    • It doesn’t really prove that, though. By your own logic, neo-nazis are a threat because they’ve been getting entrapped by the FBI for decades. For the past two years the fbi has been arresting autistic teenage neo-nazis for posting in discord pretty much constantly (e.g. “atomwaffen” etc.).

      All it really proves is that they want to make an example of people on the right, to enforce an image of what opinions are acceptable or not. From the system perspective there is no difference between fuentes, the proud boys, richard spencer, atomwaffen, or whatever. All are “fascism” and unacceptable.

    • “neo-Nazi gimmick is no threat to the system – in fact, it is precisely what the system wants”:

      It serves it’s purpose. Neo-Nazism (even anti-Semitic) is integral to Talmudic rule in Ukraine, for example.

      “Fuentes with his normal pro-America gimmick and practical politics is what the establishment fears”:

      Pro-America normal means it’s still capitalist, therefore NOT what the establshment really fears..

        • I am wondering when someone you guys approve will step up to the plate. Anyone who likes Nat Socialism is “a Nazi”. If you think Fuentes had a “pro america” gimmick, just what do you suggest? The leftists are ALREADY anti-american. There’s a lot of armchair warriors here, and no one seems to support anyone. I’m not saying everyone in the media has been good. It’s like you guys are all rich and can just run off when you don’t like playing the game anymore.

          • Infighting on the Right is our biggest problem. It’s like Elves, Dwarves and Men slashing at each other with swords while Sauron looms.

  6. It’s rich of Dick ‘Diver’ Spencer to come on critical like an elder brother to Little Nicky when he was getting punched on the streets of Washington D.C. four years ago and throwing straight arm salutes at Trump Uber Alles victory rallies. Not to mention standing in the middle of a riot in Charlottesville like it was 1968 all over again. The voice of experience speaks.

    Fuentes reminds one of Leonardo diCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street; one imagines him snorting lines off Catboi’s bottom and declaring: “Smells like American Spirit!”

    • This was obviously going to happen.

      I’m concerned that people who weren’t involved in this will now be banned as well. These people learned nothing from Charlottesville.

      • I think the ruling class just lost control temporarily. They won’t have liked that.

        But they may also just seek to distract from the bedlam they have created by contriving a naval incident in the Black Sea.

        An external war always sorts out these domestic squabbles.

  7. Fuentes stayed outside and I fail to see the crime. I fail to understand what crime he has allegedly admitted to. He stayed outside the whole time. As always, Spencer is wrong.

    Fuentes said MAGA did the siege, not him personally.

    Now HW calls it stupidity to say the things he said. That is true obviously, but that is a different point. And homosexuals are more like women than men emotionally, so that has to be taken into account.

    He doesn’t seem to me like a fed. Not yet. Nick is likely going to have a hard January and a hard year.

    Incredibly stupid to participate in a rally in D.C. I could have pointed this out to Anglin if the faggot hadn’t banned me. Nick won’t like the jury he gets, 9 joggers, 2 CIA, and one Antifa. Welcome to Babylon. D.C. jail is not a place anyone wants to be.

    Some assholes just cannot learn. In 2017 sends his people to Charlottesville, in Virginia, a city controlled by Communists, and the Governor is a radical leftist Clintonista. A place without any friends, only enemies. So what does said asshole do four years later? Sends his people to D.C. if you read this, fuck you asshole, you have a habit of ruining lives, and not just your own.

  8. @ dont be afraid lads! Our enemies, thee enemies of jesus, they will be banned from existence, only the guilty should fear and they are full of fear, they know they are out of time.

  9. Storming the capital was all for shits and giggles, nothing more. It had to do with increasing subs, likes and getting bigger donations on their super chats. That all these grifters care about. Now they’re all disavowing each other for the most part.

  10. Fuentes is starting a new grift of his fanboys. This time he is asking for financial donations for his lawsuit against D-Live for banning him. He wants his delusional supporters to pay his legal fees for the supposed lawsuit. He is literally still telling them to “Trust the plan.” Smh!

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