Who Was Ashli Babbitt?

Ashli Babbitt was pure 100% MAGA.


“Ashli Babbitt, the woman who was shot in the Capitol as she and other Trump supporters stormed into the building, was pumped up after the President’s speech … and posted one last video as she entered the mayhem.

Ashli went live on Facebook Wednesday in the moments leading up to the coup attempt in D.C., boasting that she was part of the mob marching to the Capitol. …”

Unlike Ali Alexander, she really was willing to die to “Stop the Steal.” She was one of the thousands of utterly sincere and earnest Patriots who came to DC and took the rhetoric at face value and didn’t understand that it was a grift, performance art and a political stunt. When Jack Posobiec said that Trump was leading MAGA in a “march on the Capitol,” Babbitt and others took that to mean he was “Crossing the Rubicon” and that “1776 Will Commence Again” and that the “Storm” had arrived.

Trump was “marching on” the Capitol.

This was a miscommunication. The intent was that Trump supporters would walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, gather outside the Capitol and make a lot of noise to pressure Republicans not to certify the 2020 election. Trump himself only said that the crowd was going to “walk down” Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol, but influencers like Jack Posobiec jazzed it up. It was supposed to be a theatrical act while U.S. senators like Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz engaged in their usual grandstanding. Those of us who understood this had tuned out and weren’t even watching the Stop the Steal rally until it turned violent.

Washington Post:

“The politician she revered above all others had lost an election. She’d struggled with crippling amounts of debt. Her home state of California was locking down again because of a virus she believed was fiction.

As she walked west along the Mall on Wednesday, wearing a backpack emblazoned with the American flag, Ashli Babbitt was elated.

“It was amazing to get to see the president talk,” Babbitt said, beaming in a video she streamed on Facebook early Wednesday afternoon that was later published by TMZ. “We are now walking down the inaugural path to the Capitol building. Three million-plus people.” …

She avidly followed the QAnon conspiracy theory, convinced that Trump was destined to vanquish a cabal of child abusers and Satan-worshiping Democrats. She believed Wednesday would be “the storm,” when QAnon mythology holds that Trump would capture and execute his opponents. …

Like so many others, she believed Jan. 6 would be not a day of infamy, but an end to her troubles.

“Nothing will stop us,” she tweeted Jan. 5. “They can try and try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours….dark to light!”

It was the last thing she would write. …”

I find the whole thing sad.

I also blame the grifters, not the pawns who fell for cons like QAnon. They were the ones who flooded the internet and poisoned the minds of Trump’s base with this “trust the plan” nonsense. Ashli Babbitt was brave, patriotic and earnest and simply believed the awful things she had been told.

Note: If anyone should be arrested and put on trial for this, it is whoever has been running the “Q” scam.

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  1. Sincerity is very rare and it’s sacred.

    But it’s also naive and self destructive.

  2. Three million people huh, just off by a factor of 100. These people really do live on another planet.

    • It is already happening. “Hybrid war,” aggression by every means possible, doing everything they dare to do, has been ongoing for years. The conquest of 90% of Ukraine was the first, brilliant step. Crimea getting away, back to Russia, the only serious misstep.

      Russia appeared to be dead in the 1990’s but suddenly resurrected, along with Leftism/socialism in Latin America while the U.S. was busy destroying Iraq and Afghanistan. The Empire will deal with all these renegades, and finally bring down uppity China, so the world will be safe for billionaires.

  3. She was, what in the future will be the worst thing a white person can become in post Trump Zoglandia … a veteran.

  4. Trump could have at least spoken her name and regretted her death. Instead he denounced her and the other patriots as criminals. What a sleaze bag.

  5. It’s weird how many Q believers are veterans. You would think they would be the most likely to spot the BS because they’ve been inside the beast. Maybe it’s because they’re veterans that they want to believe there is a secret group of “good guys” on the inside trying to correct course. They don’t want to admit to themselves that the military is just as rotten as everything else in the USA.

  6. To figure out who “Q” is, just look at who is promoting that narrative: VoxDay, NeonRevolt, and the guy who runs 4Chan.

    Is it not obvious that “Q” was simply the rebranding of “Pizzagate?”

    I will tell you what the “real conspiracy” is.

    TRUMP and his people at AMI were the ones that used sexual blackmail against Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Jerry Falwell Jr. TRUMP’s mentor was Republican operative Roy Cohn, the homosexual pedophile Jew – and personal friend of the Reagans – that was infamous for using sexual blackmail against his political opponents.

    Way back in 2014 Trump spoke at CPAN and said that Bill Clinton was going to have a lot of problems over his connections to Jeffrey Epstein.

    Trump was personal friends with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and has a long history with them.

    Trump appointed the lawyer who gave Epstein his sweetheart deal to Labor Secretary.

    So who is the Mossad agent who has been blackmailing American politicians via their sex tapes taken by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghilaine Maxwell?

    I mean, apparently, that Mossad agent is named “Donald Trump.”

    • re “Q”: it’s Vox Day all the way. Fairly brilliant,

      if you think about it. Enabled him to put out all sorts of

      incredible nonsense, then disclaim responsibility whenever

      it didn’t pan out. Which

      was just about always.

    • You mean the guy who ran 8chan and 8kun. 4chan is owned by a Japanese guy and had nothing to do with Q. At the very least, the 8chan guy and his son know who is behind the Q psyop and they work together. I always thought it was a PR firm hired by Kushner (and when I tried posting that speculation at the Q board there I got an immediate ban).

      It could also have been mossad, but that doesn’t make as much sense because mossad would have made the psyop more convincing. It would be really easy for mossad to give some kind of inside info as a limited hangout to establish the credibility of Q. The real Q dropped “proofs” all the time, but all of them were paper thin and could be easily debunked with a quick search. Q relied on cold reading techniques and the illiteracy of his audience, not on having insider intel, which leads me to believe the people behind Q are civilians.

  7. BTW that August body in the Capitol have couped, murdered, mayhemed and ripped the world and done it while dangling Covid19 dole and finally withholding it from the people. I’m I’m not that upset about what happened.

    • Notice DC Capitol police in riot gear are standing behind her and on her shoulder. She was not armed, not presenting any weapon. The DC Capitol cop who takes the shot is firing through the glass of a locked door. How is this not murder but also risking fellow cops to harm with the unlawful discharge of a firearm? Why hasn’t the cop been named and why will no one even on FOX NEWS say the name Ashli Babbitt?

      • Why do you say he was firing through glass? From what I’ve seen—mostly in another video clip, but partly in the one linked above, too—I have the impression the glass of the window had been smashed out, presumably by the mob of which she was a part; and she was attempting to climb through the opening. Whether or not she was armed, as the guard could not know, and whether or not she was presenting a weapon, deadly force was warranted to stop her. The window sill on which she presumed to place her feet at the outset of her brief turn as Girl Commando was worth more than she was.

          • Have you ever met scumbags, Powell? The first ones I met were at my school-bus stop sixty years ago, in my first weeks of elementary school. I can still picture the crushed body of my schoolmate whom some one of them—never identified by police—threw into the path of a heating-oil truck at that same stop, two years or so later. They were a lot like Ashli Babbitt and all the rest of that Capitol mob, which should have been gassed.

            Champion that group if you like. Associate with them if you’d like—but I personally learned to keep my distance from that type very quickly, which is why, whether it pleases you or not, I’m still alive.

          • I don’t see any equivalence between her and those thugs. I’m also sure I would disagree with her on pretty much everything. But to say she is worth less than wood is BS. She was misguided, as so many of our people are.

        • Let’s see if they ever let this gunman reveal his name though. He could do a spot on Colbert or Cuomo and relive the glory of the moment.

          • What would you prefer he do, Captain? Be tormented, in the manner of a character in a (((movie)))? “My God—I know it was my duty, BUT I TOOK A HUMAN LIFE.”

            Spare me.

  8. It’s really amazing how Q-Anon was able to take over (and melt) the minds of so many people, without the need for traditional infrastructure.

    Even knowing what TV did to the boomers, it is kind of surprising. With TV it’s kind of a huge scale industrial process of brainwashing, with a lot of infrastructure behind it, carried out on a homogenous society where people had little choice but to watch what was put before them.

    With Q-Anon, these factors were reduced. Little infrastructure, a million different alternative (and more truthfu)l options, easy to opt out. But the psy-op was still extremely effective. It also united them around a shared delusion, instead of fragmenting them.

    I didn’t know that was actually possible. We need more research on this, because it just took these people who seemed sane-ish in 2016 and destroyed their minds and transformed their movement into something evil. Will that happen again to the next thing that comes along?

    • @ just sayin,”transformed their movement into something evil”,be glad you got the boomers to run block for you, your time will come too.” Just sayin’ swinestein!!

  9. Why was she shot? She was surrounded by police at the time and a police person stepped out of the way of the shooter to give him a clear shot, why?

    • Common Teuton that she was, she should have been shot simply for putting her paws on part of that elegant building; but as I happen to have said in a post a day or two ago here, at Occidental Dissent, the sense I get from the video clips I’ve seen is that she was trying to climb through a smashed-out window of a barricaded doorway, behind which was a guard whose gun could not have been more obviously pointed at her. Evidently, the Air Force in which we’re told she served for fourteen years—as God knows what kind of useless thing—does not teach situational awareness.

  10. It is sad that she died and I don’t wish to be disrespectful to her memory. But I don’t think she had any children. She would have contributed much more to the future of America as a mom than as a protestor.

    • @ cameron232, you couldnt be more right, i ‘ve thought the same thing, she should have been standing in her doorway, waiting for her kids to get off the schoolbus, running to their front door to give mom a hug and a kiss. While the savory smell of her husbands supper, wafting thru out the house, from the kitchen, these devils have warped us in everyway they can .

        • November, you could be correct but I’d be surpised because the news stories (even the pro-MAGA ones) only mention that she was a wife. I think they’d emphasize it if she were a mother.

          I haven’t tried to research it. In either case, she won’t be raising her children.

        • @ november, sir i dont know for sure, i heard she was a fourteen year airforce vet. No mention of kids.

    • Congratulations, you’ve just exposed the truth about millions of women throughout what used to be Western Civilization.

    • @cameron232, that’s exactly right. She didn’t necessarily deserve to die, but she had no business being there in the first place. She should’ve been at home raising the children she never had. Childless, aggressive, loud-mouthed and apparently quite the psycho chick.


      In other words, the perfect female specimen desired and created by the ZOG she spent her “career” working for. She’s no hero or martyr for our cause. She is(was) part of the problem.

  11. If she was black and a leftist, she would be enshrined by now and the Republicans/Dems would be condemning the cop who shot her and calling for her arrest.. Since she’s white, now the hypocrites are all pro cop now.

  12. I’m going with a nearly sure bet.

    The Rittenhouses are wealthy Jews that go back over 200 years in America and Wisconsin. Believe it or not, the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting was a deepfake.

    Ashley is a Zio-Con Jew working in Zio-Con owned military intelligence. Another deepfake. She’s not dead.

    Me? I’m still waiting on the Sandy Hook autopsy photos.

  13. I noted Staci Loeffler who Trump tried his damndest to get elected voted with the majority and did not contest the election.

  14. Wasn’t there a even younger girl 16 yr old who was shot and killed by the capitol security shitheads?! she was shot trying to get through a window or barricade I believe in the video I was watching What a bunch of bastards

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