DOJ and FBI Press Conference

Move along feds.

We had nothing to do with the Capitol Siege. This is “wignat” territory. No one here is associated with Scammy Davis, Jr., Qtards or the American Nationalist movement. No one here was stupid enough to give their money to the “Stop the Steal” grifters or to “Cross the Rubicon” for Blumpf.

Note: The American Nationalist movement is centered around Nick Fuentes, The Daily Stormer and Infowars who told people to get out in the streets and go to DC.

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  1. There was no Press conference when the niggers and the commies were burning, looting and assaulting people for 6 months. They’re not afraid of the right but they are surly afraid of the left because the left doesn’t fold. They have each others back and support each other. An ideology divided cannot prosper.

    If the vet shot was black and a leftist and the cop that shot her was white, the politicians would calling for his job and arrest. The niggers and the commies would be rioting and the politicians would be pandering to them left and right as they have in the past and will continue to do it because the left has the dems on their side while the “conservatives”, GOP and right stab each other in the back over and over again. No wonder the right always loses.

  2. The new broom will sweep clean. The sweep will be much broader than just for “wignats.”

    Mature U.S. capitalism will now hunt down and destroy all remaining traces, hints and reminders of traditional, ethno community within he U.S.:

    “Within the US, for the first 1-2 years, ‘team Joe Biden’ (meant only as the personification of the transnational financial capital behind it) will be engaged in a massive purge of the country ‘from Trumpism’ to eliminate those Americans (over 70 million) who supported Trump for 2016 and 2020. Not in the sense of physical destruction, but above all their demoralisation, division and deprivation of the will to resist even at the local level. Theoretically, this process can lead the US to a new civil war, but in the opinion of the ‘unknown fathers’ (…) it will be only local disturbances, which have little to do with the entire world under their control. After the elimination of the ‘internal threat’ and the restructuring of the state (and social) institutions of America under the new scheme, starting from 2022-2023, we should expect an intensification of attempts to aggressively expand the set rules and principles to the entire political and economic space controlled by the west today (…) There are only two obstacles to the success of the global project to rebuild the world. The first is China, whose economic size is at least as large as that of the US, or rather, the scale of the resource base of western financial TNCs (…) While the globalists will be busy strengthening their positions inside the US, on the international stage they will focus on the relatively peaceful rhetoric of ‘returning to the open world of pre-Trump times.’ But then the question of the direct physical destruction of today’s Chinese state will take on an uncontested character. It is important to understand that we are not talking about the direct physical destruction of China, of course. The main task of the globalists will be to achieve a replacement of the country’s fusing elite for a more pro-western one that is willing to put ‘global money’ into the internal economy of China (…) The second (obstacle) though smaller in economic size, but not inferior in geopolitical significance, is Russia, which is an obstacle to the global civilisational reformatting of the world by transnational capital. Raw materials, especially energy reserves of the Russian Federation, as well as the domestic market for European technologies, allow Moscow not only to successfully compete in the EU with Washington, but also directly interfere with the process of the American recolonisation of Europe. And without it, the globalists’ own resources are acutely insufficient for successful competition with China. Especially to defeat it. In addition, Russia offers Europe an alternative civilisational project based on traditional, compared to globalism, even conservative values….” Quoted from an excellent new RUSSTRAT Institute article re-posted in English here:

    • It would be very preferable for Europe to turn away from the US and toward Russia. If the price has to be the self-inflicted collapse of America, it will be worth it. White people have to survive somewhere.

  3. The FBI are a bunch of fucking clowns – now they’re all Steve “Book ‘Em Dano-o” McGarrett hardasses as opposed to last summer when they were a bunch of Sgt “I Know Nussing” Shultzes.

    • “Oh, look, they’re being hypocritical!”

      No, they’re doing exactly what their handlers tell them to do.

  4. I would feel bad for some of the lower order folks who got caught up in this, but there is only so many times you can bang your head against the wall trying to get through to them. I’m sure it will finally sink in when they are in a holding cell and no mass pardon is coming from Trumpstein.

  5. No national media outrage when BLM and Antifa rioted nationwide. No press conferences by the FBI and DOJ despite months of left-wing domestic terrorism. Last but certainly not least no charges have been brought against the Capitol Police Officer for the murder of Ashli Babbitt. I rest my case.

  6. Another solid show. Much like Donald Trump taking credit for solving the JFK assasination I will pat myself on the back as the leading motivator behind HWs latest outburst of podcast output. Whats the deal with all the DDos checks on sites all of a sudden? This is a wholesome family site free of hatred, law breaking and talk of violence. I cant imagine anyone in a position of authority trying to interfere with good clean freedom of speech

  7. “”….We had nothing to do….”””

    Absolute majority of the victims of communism had zero political or whatever activity.

  8. Apparently, ‘human rights’ groups have taken offence to a comment by an Australian politician who likened the white house caper with BLM riots following George Floyd’s death. They believe the white house invasion was a far more dangerous incident. Other than the woman being shot by a black in the white house, I’m not exactly sure how any human rights were violated.
    On the other hand, the BLM riots resulted in destroyed businesses, homes, livelihoods, beatings and total anachy.
    ‘the violent attacks on the US capitol should never be compared to the actions of the important and historic BLM movement’ said Amnesty international’s indigenous rights leader, Nolen Hunter.
    Says it all really…..

  9. You are maybe underestimating the expanding reach of US federal lawfare against the populist Right, and too much assuming there is some ‘principle’ involved that will limit feds

    They can easily expand definitions of ‘sedition’, ‘domestic terrorism’, ‘aiding and abetting’ to include anyone discussing or hosting discussions of possibilities of secession, European heritage identity solidarity, etc

    We see law enforcement, political and media crickets re how the Democratic leadership – including Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris themselves – urged on riots which left dozens dead, the series of riots including the 31 May – 1 June 2020 violent attacks on and seige of the White House, injuring some 60-odd Secret Service agents, shortly after the 25 May death of George Floyd

    Why no ‘impeachments’ of Pelosi and Harris, given that the White House no less than the Capitol is a core ‘centre of American democracy’?

    The ‘law’ is infinitely malleable, once regimes become totalitarian … and in the USA the leftist-posing oligarch tyranny is at hand, making use of a USA judiciary that has been politically bent and unprincipled for decades

    They are carrying out a core tenet of Bolshevism – Lenin 1921, Trotsky 1925, Stalin 1929, all spoke of ‘Who? Whom?’ – Who do we want to win? Whom do we want to destroy? – Everything gets twisted, but especially the law

    Meme with ‘Incitement to Insurrection’ quotes from 4 female Democratic party leaders – Ayana Pressley, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, and Nancy Pelosi

    Article on White House seige vs Capitol seige, exposing the total hypocrisy of the Capitol seige denunciations … for which one can also note USA-EU support for Soros-backed government centre seiges in Hong Kong and Belarus

    • Half of America would cheer right now if Putin and Xi sent troops to occupy Washington and subject Congress to frontier justice.

  10. I have it on good authority that the Oxford Vaccine was available for deployment in early Autumn.

    Let that sink in. It was delayed by regulators. The vaccine could have been used county by county at the beginning of the second spike.

    Let that sink in.

  11. Do you know if parrott has an RSS feed for his show? It doesn’t look like he is posting replays right now. Which makes sense since DLive is banning everyone still. Yesterday they banned cwc (the zoomer who tore down the monolith) and Ralph

  12. I’m reading NR comments and huge numbers of boomers are claiming they just cancelled their scrips or are going to. I believe this riot and the trials that follow will radicalize a huge number of conservatives in a positive direction. We have to reach these people with a pro-white message. Show trials of conservatives will backfire hard on the system.

    Get on Gab and engage with the MAGA people showing up.

    • Try to reach lowest common denominator. Anti communist or anti liberal or anti swamp or anti tyranny or pro democracy. . In the war, there must be as much allies as you can get. Enemy gone first and sort our own mess later.

      Eastern Europe is not very Muslim friendly. We fought with Ottomans and others many times. But when we teared down Soviet Union, our guys made alliance with Soviet Muslim countries, like Kazakhstan, Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan Turkmenistan .

      When there are 50 million angry Muslims around, then it is better have them as allies not as enemies. It is not good to throw away possible nonwhites and color blind cucked whites on the most critical moment.

      Anti regime army must be yuuuge.

    • @ATBOTL,

      MAGAtards need to be deprogrammed of (((Q))) and the cult of Trump, before they will receptive to reason, until then, you’ll be spitting into the wind.

  13. What heinous charges are they going to mete out to Baked and the others? Any show trial and severe sentencing will further anger the public and turn these guys into martyrs and folk heroes. Are the corrupt, incompetent DC clowns who continuously sell us out really that stupid?

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