Feds Identify The Bitcoin Fairy

The Bitcoin Fairy was a suicidal French programmer and doesn’t appear to be related to the “Stop the Steal” rallies or the Capitol Siege.

Yahoo News:

“WASHINGTON — On Dec. 8, someone made a simultaneous transfer of 28.15 bitcoins — worth more than $500,000 at the time — to 22 different virtual wallets, most of them belonging to prominent right-wing organizations and personalities.

Now cryptocurrency researchers believe they have identified who made the transfer, and suspect it was intended to bolster those far-right causes. U.S. law enforcement is investigating whether the donations were linked to the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol. ...

According to one source familiar with the matter, the suspicious Dec. 8 transaction, along with a number of other pieces of intelligence, has prompted law enforcement and intelligence agencies in recent days to actively investigate the sources of funding for the individuals who participated in the Capitol insurrection, as well as their networks. The government is hoping to prevent future attacks but also to uncover potential foreign involvement in or support of right-wing activities, the source said.

During a press conference on Tuesday on the investigation into the Capitol riot, acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin said the “scope and scale of this investigation in these cases are really unprecedented.” At this time, Sherwin added, prosecutors are treating the matter as a “significant counterterrorism or counterintelligence investigation” involving deeper dives into “money, travel records, disposition, movement, communication records.”

The feds are SWARMING around America First.

Just as we warned Big Mouth would happen, they are taking this so seriously that domestic law enforcement (FBI) and intelligence agencies (CIA) are looking into everyone connected to Nick Fuentes and his associates. They will almost certainly have the IRS pat them down too.

Note: He left behind a suicide note. This guy was a legitimate patriot who was in poor health.

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    • That article is loaded with so many disinformation and falsehood that it’s kind of difficult to even know where to begin.

      There isn’t a “Sally” in KD Rebel, David Eden Lane wasn’t Mormon, the 88 Precepts are elementary points and not the foundational texts behind the 14 Words.

      There is a guy who is engaged in genuine “Fedposting”. @ “BannedHipster”


      Here is the short-story he is spreading disinfo about: http://www.DavidLane1488.com/kdpreface.html

      • I did read KD Rebel and I remember part of the strategy was to kidnap white female teenagers and force them to have children in whatever settlement (I forget the name) that was the proto-Ethno-State. I also read David Lane’s autobiography and part of it was pure insanity-especially the part where he used Biblical numerology to prove his birth was predicted in the Bible.

        As regards “Sally” I bet that is a reference to “Axis Sally” who at one time was one of Covington’s co-hosts on the Northwest Front Broadcasts. She is one of three women profiled in the book: Sisters In Hate. American Women on the Front Lines of White Nationalism. She is not a White Nationalist now but has converted to Islam. (Now what was that I said about quality control in the Racialist Right?)

    • Always an Excuse for Whiggress Spanking Porn with Kikester Rapist

      Calm down Kikester Rapist, you jewboy cum lately ZOGtard. And cut Hair-old sum slack.

      I’ve been in the [bowel] Movement for over thirty years, back before it was all so full of jewboy and mamzer shit, back when when the ZOGbots were mainly ZOGtard whiggers, back just after the Ft. Smith Sedition trial, a few years before the start of the Internuts. At least 15 years before Bi-Polar Bradifer Griffin started Accidental Dipshit and sometimes all Cunthair Walrus. And 20 years before you found the bowel Movement and coontributed jewr very first article about whiggress spanking porn. The late 1980s or so before I becum a militia leader just after Waco.

      So back then there was a mentoring program in which new Aryan Christian Israelite talent was found and grown. There has always been Klansmen and the like since before the First Civil War in which the next generation is nurtured and raised up. And Louis Beam first got in contact with myself and introduced me to Katja Lane, David Lane’s wife who handled the 88 Precepts and Focus 14 prison ministries. David Lane used to be with Pastor Butler’s Aryan Nations along with Tom Metzger before Lane chose to cultivate Wodenism and Metzger decided to cultivate solipsistic atheism. Lane even wanted me to become on of his Odin-priests but I wrote hom through his wife that Woden was a Germanic god-king who lived around 200 AD according to the kings list of the Germanic tribes and was something of a scumbag. I would stick with YHWH and YHWH’s Servant Nation of Aryan Christian Israel.

      TraitorGlenn Miller ran out of my office at the foot of the hill in Granby in July 2000 while running for U.S. Senate and being denounced for racism by Pat Buchanan. This after I told TraitorGlenn Miller to get on the Internet because I was in contact with Louis Beam and Katja Lane and TGM admitting to be a rat and I agreed to pretend to be the drunken Lumbee Melungeon’s Internet friend while setting things straight. Four years later TraitorGlenn Miller got on Rabbi Linder’s VNNF and turned it into TGMNNF until he gunned down three mongrels in the parking lot of the Old Kike’s Home in Kansas.

      From 1996 to 2003 I actually corresponded with David Lane through his wife Katja who Louis Beam introduced me to.

      I’ll grant you that David Lane wasn’t much worse of a writer than you, Kikester Rapist. And I’ll also grant that you will always gravitate to whiggress spanking porn, because you are Kikester Rapist, some dirty little mischling mamzer into whiggress spanking porn.

      The reason the White Supremacist Movement honored David Lane was because he actually was a member of The Order and was the driver along with Bruce Pierce who was the triggerman in shooting the jew Alan Berg.

      I didn’t think much of The Order’s political and financial disbursements of $400,000 to William Pierce, especially not the $250,000 to TraitorGlenn Miller and some amount of ZOGbux to Dan Gayman. Rather they should have followed the “Jesse James” strategy of doling it out a little bit at a time or having a financial office like Hetzbollah or Hamas in which they invest it in microloans to worthwhile Whites in need. However what they did by their sacrifice was to pass the torch onto my generation and after so that there never was a gap in White Resistance activity. Not being one of us you simply cannot understand how the torch was passed from the 1960’s collapse of the Fighting Klan to the Fighting White Nationalists.

      Now The Order Men are largely dead and the survivors in their late seventies and eighties. Their generation is largely dead and gone just as their legacy means that there are literally three to four times as many survivalists all storing food and guns for the Second Civil War of White Racial Liberation with the destruction of ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final. When the Mighty Evil Empire collapses, the jewnited Snakes States will follow and survival shall be of 20-30 million ex-whiggers ruled by the Ten Thousand Warlords.

      Something that a mischling mamzer into whiggress spanking porn simply cannot understand, Kikester Rapist. You can vaguely understand the pussified faggoty Whigger Nationalists of today, but Paleo-White Supremacy not a chance.

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

    • Facial recognition algorithms distinguishing liberals from conservatives! That is remarkable.

      We will all need to continue wearing masks, not just for hygiene but because “widespread use of facial recognition will lead to the dramatic decline of privacy and civil liberties. Ubiquitous CCTV cameras and giant databases of facial images, ranging from public social network profiles to national ID card registers, make it alarmingly easy to identify individuals, as well as track their location and social interactions. Moreover, unlike many other biometric systems, facial recognition can be used without subjects’ consent or knowledge….”

  1. Some people say this is Charlottesville x 100. I say this is Charlottesville to the hundredth power. These grifters are so screwed. To think that their Orange God doesn’t even give them a passing thought. Glad to be a wignat, and glad that I jumped off of the Blormph train pretty early.

  2. @ hey ali alexander, in the words of thee honerable hall of fame hillbilly mr.ronnie van zant ” a southern man dont need.you around any how.” !,. You got a lot of nerve, you crossed a line, you put yourself at the top of the shit list , for your poor choice of words , you exposed yourself for what you really are.

  3. What’s really interesting is now even some US Senators that are Republicans are hinting that Stop The Steal was nothing but a way of raising money for Conservatives and Trump….very interesting. Everybody’s in it for the money. Now how many honest Trump supporters got caught up in the mess that happened at the US Capital and in Jail right now…plenty more will be arrested in the future. I think it should be a lesson learned for Political activists on the right…..keep it peaceful or the Government will come after you. As for the left wing….they can get away with anything it seems. Deo Vindice !

  4. 1. Your theory was wrong.

    The Bitcoin fairy was not an agent provocateur.

    The entire focus of this post should have been an apology to the generous man you’ve unfairly maligned.

    His generosity towards Nick and Andrew did much good. Support for Trump and the “stop the steal” is a small part of what Nick and Andrew have done over the years. Most of what they did was positive.

    2. Disgusting to see you and Richard Spencer gloating about Nick’s impending legal problems. “Boo hoo hoo, he called me ‘wignat’. I’ll cheer for the anti-Christian, anti-White regime just to spite Nick Fuentes. Spiting Nick Fuentes is more important than anything else in the world.”

    3. Serious question: Which narcissist did the most harm, Donald Trump or Richard Spencer?

    • 1.) Yep. That’s why I posted this.

      This was a shady transaction with no transparency, but it appears to be from a legitimate source. These things happen all the time. Sick and old people die and will their estate to people who are involved in the cause. I’ve been very critical of Nick, but as far as this goes the Yahoo News story exonerates him. He should have done a show as a tribute to this guy.

      2.) I don’t want to bury the lede which is that the FBI and CIA have these guys under the microscope because of the Capitol Siege.

      3.) We’ve only said that the way Nick is handling this and treating this is extremely foolish and immature. Neither of us have said that he should be arrested or that he is a “domestic terrorist.” I don’t think Baked Alaska is a domestic terrorist. Baked is a harmless idiot who was only chasing content when he ran inside the Capitol. Nick is nothing but a loudmouth punk kid and a grifter. They made a major mistake by getting involved with Ali Alexander. Have you seen the shit that he was saying on Twitter and at these rallies?

      4.) I’m a Lutheran.

      No, I am not celebrating Nick’s legal problems. I’ve actually done him a favor by exonerating him with this post.

      5.) Trump obviously.

      It Trump’s fault, not Richard’s fault, that Baked and Nick have gotten themselves in so much trouble. Instead of attacking Richard, they should have listened to him and jumped off the Trump Train years ago or after the election.

    • “Disgusting to see you and Richard Spencer gloating about Nick’s impending legal problems.”

      Oh, you mean like Nick gloated about Cantwell’s legal problems and Spencer’s marital woes? Yeah, no mercy. You assholes made a ton of enemies who won’t forget.

  5. Wigger Alaska isn’t going anywhere except to the witness protection program. He is an informant and set these guys up. Informants get arrested with the people they’re targeting to make it look legit but they get the charges dropped and some continue working with the Feds on other cases and others get relocated.

  6. Under your last post, I pointed out he was one of our own. I came to this conclusion based on his donor recipients: many was software, niche software guys, internet personifies and bloggers. The majority of his donations where to political randos as well. Basically, all the things one would expect from a shit-poster, software engineer anon who browses Tibetan basket weaving forums. You have been wrong, completely wrong on this subject because of your hubris. And you do not have courtesy to admit to your readers that you made a mistake?

    • Why do you think I posted this?

      I could have ignored the story, but I shared it here and on Twitter. It exonerates Fuentes and is good news for him. He could have easily said something to the effect of “this guy died and left me a bunch of money” and no one would have cared.

  7. Those who stormed the capital grounds thought Lady Liberty was blind. They just watched half a year of left-wing riots complete with cities burning, courthouses and sheriff officers being stormed, interstates blocked, businesses looted and autonomous zones all under the joking moniker of “peaceful protests”. Unfortunately the joke is on them for Lady Liberty has the eyes of an eagle, the nose of a bloodhound and passionately hates everyone on the right.

    • Yes, we know from bitter experience that is not the case. As a rule, I tell people in private not to say anything or do anything that you wouldn’t say or do in East Germany. Don’t assume that you live in a free country and have rights. You don’t.

      • “not to say anything or do anything that you wouldn’t say or do in East Germany”:

        East Germany had not the same but LESS restriction of speech. Old East Germans are nostalgic for it now.

        • You’re right, anonymous. And unlike ZOG USA the DDR was all white. Maybe a few Cuban, Ethiopian and North Vietnamese medical or engineering students at Karl Marx University but that’s it. And that Berlin Wall wasn’t just meant to keep East Germans in, it was primarily intended to keep undesirable riff-raff from West Germany out.

  8. Dumbest thing the Feds could do is put Fuentes on trial – for what? They’d be giving him a massive platform for his famous eloquence, martyr status, millions more people who would not only know who he is but would jump behind him in support. Remember when Fuentes went to a Black Lives Matter rally last summer and got the boons chanting “Groyper! Groyper!” Well, guess what? If he goes on the stand the whole of America will be chanting it.

    Unless they were directly involved in violence against people or property, I fail to see exactly what serious charges can be brought against the Capitol “mobsters”. All the screeching from the same people – like AOC – who were egging on violent protests 6 months ago is sheer hypocrisy and they have painted themselves into a corner. An angry public is already sympathetic to the “mobsters”.

      • What charges can they bring against Fuentes, exactly? He didn’t even enter the Capitol. The only charges they can bring are frivolous and tangential, unless they can prove he committed violence against people and property. Are they going to charge everyone who showed up that day as “accomplices”? Accomplices to what?

  9. That’s a quite a suicide note by the health-troubled French IT guy using handle ‘pankkake’, who seems to have made hundreds of thousands in right-wing bitcoin donations before killing himself

    As reasons for his right-wing affiliations he points to

    – Child trans-vestite ‘Desmond is Amazing’ encouraged by his guardians to cavort in skimpy gender-bending outfits for entertainment of gay males
    – Building 7 destruction late on 11 Sep 2001 widely held as evidence the government version of events is a lie
    – Auschwitz camp ‘wooden gas chamber doors’ said to be evidence against the official Holocaust narrative
    – Hailing of George Floyd as a victim of police brutality on 25 May 2020 and not as a drug-fuelled criminal dying of overdose
    – Coronavirus being used as pretext for taking away human liberties and destroying society
    – Degeneracy of ‘worldwide Weimar’ taking hold
    – Jailing of individuals in the West merely for holding counter-narrative opinons
    – Successful inducement of European peoples to massively degrade, insult, and vilify their own heritage

    The donor’s handle ‘pankkake’ apparently refers to a sexual fetish of covering the body of one’s partner in pancake butter

    • @brabantian

      “Building 7 destruction late on 11 Sep 2001 widely held as evidence the government version of events is a lie”

      That’s good enough for me. Hail Pankkake, may his Internet Handle never be forgotten!

  10. Reality now resembles a novel written collaboratively between Michel Houellebecq, Albert Camus, and Louis-Ferdinand Celine. With a soupcon of Alfred Jarry in the mix.

  11. Do you guys actually believe that the election was NOT stolen? I understand the antipathy toward Trump. But the fraud that caused him to lose is a separate issue.

    • If there was fraud, then there was less of it than usual because he did better with black voters. It is true that mail in ballots gave the Democrats a huge advantage, but that is not really fraud. The time to stop that was before the election.

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