Ann Coulter: Most Disloyal Man In History Finally Finds a Cause Worth Fighting For

This is great.

For obvious reasons, Ann Coulter hates Trump more than I do.


“Why, in the last 12 days of his presidency, did Donald Trump suddenly become the authoritarian of liberal fantasies? He sure wasn’t an authoritarian for the past four years — he was a spineless wonder.

When it came to the wall, bringing the troops home, ending hedge fund managers’ tax loopholes and other campaign promises, Trump backed down to everybody: district court judges, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan, the de facto president Jared Kushner, trusted Goldman Sachs alumnus Gary Cohn, useless donors, or any two people raising an objection.

OK, never mind. I didn’t know I’d have to get out of my chair. I’ll just lie and tell my supporters it’s already done.

But this time, it was finally about him.

For the items on Trump’s 2016 campaign agenda, he actually had solid arguments. On overturning the election, he has no argument at all. …

Now that we’ve gotten a bracing view of Trump’s skills as a demagogue, I just want to know: Why didn’t he ever use his powers for good? Why did he never hold a rally on the ellipse and ask his supporters to pressure their representatives to fund the wall? To repeal Section 230? To penalize outsourcing?

None of those proposals is insane. Now that I think about it, they are the exact ideas that got Trump elected. Another plus: Asking his supporters to lobby for popular issues would not have ended with senators and House members fleeing for their lives.

Even as he was goading his most gullible supporters into criminal activity and — in one case — death, he still didn’t give a crap about them. …

So obviously, when it came to launching a mad plan with zero chance of success solely to benefit himself, Trump turned to the weakest members of society, the very people whom he had used to get elected and then betrayed. (Trump’s best buddy, Benjamin Netanyahu, congratulated Joe Biden seconds after he was declared the winner.)

In his rally speech, Trump vowed he’d march to the Capitol with them. Go fight that guy! I’ll be right behind you. After the rally, of course, he immediately repaired to the White House, where he could enjoy a nice lunch and watch the poor saps on TV.

Trump sees other humans only in terms of what they can do for him. He will ask for favor after favor after favor, no matter how humiliating or burdensome, but the moment someone says “no,” will viciously attack him. Ask Jeff Sessions. …

Sometimes you get the feeling Trump’s not really thinking about other people.

The reason Trump was a lazy, feckless coward for the past four years was that, once it got him elected, he didn’t see how the MAGA agenda did anything for him. And the reason he became a whirling dervish of demagogic activity last week was that it was all about him. “

There have been so many Trump betrayals of his supporters that I have forgotten most of them. I had almost forgotten about Jeff Sessions. He ruined everyone he touched and leaves behind no coattails. He wound up all these people at the Capitol Siege, used them as pawns and left them in the dust. At least people like Nick Fuentes and Andrew Anglin got paid for their services.

Note: Where do we go from here? I’m not sure, but there is no point in sticking around in Mitch McConnell’s GOP.

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  1. Kudos to Tucker for saying that Iran poses no threat to this country. And to say it on FOX News, no less! I wonder how his neocon Israel First bosses feel about that?

  2. This was absolute scathing peak Ann she really nails it without being overly long or using unnecessary text. The reality HW is that neither you or I tied our brand so closely to Trump or ever showed him more loyalty. When he was just a meme candidate Ann was being ridiculed for picking him as her choice. She was the first as far as I know with Sessions next and maybe Christie. Three people who have not been treated worse and shown less loyalty. She even chose to be his greatest propagandist with her book. At least she redeemed herself like us by distancing from him in around a years time with MAGAheads and Q people are still willing to give their lives for him. It is sad but Ann will always be a winner

    • Yeah I noticed that but, I’ve never seen it used like that. It wasn’t mentioned to DR3, just to pivot to Swalwell fucking a Chink spy while he manages an impeachment Treason.

      Carlson is pretty good at this.

  3. And this Tucker clip shows everything that we still face. In under five minutes it is “Democraps bad. Their leader was in the KKK. Did you know that? They are the real racists” and the same beaten up people that love Trump and Fox will keep doing whatever they can to prove how much that racism is our biggest problems and the mulitcultural sexually diverse Republican party is the party of Brandon Straka, Rick Rebel and Canadace Owens. I couldnt make it past that point HW. My patience is worn out

  4. “Trump sees other humans only in terms of what they can do for him. He will ask for favor after favor after favor, no matter how humiliating or burdensome, but the moment someone says “no,” will viciously attack him. Ask Jeff Sessions. …”

    He tried the same thing with Mike Pence, but Mike refused. Trump had one of his legal Jewish buddies tell Mike he had the power to overturn the election. When Mike wouldn’t go for it, Trump turned on him. The whole point of the rally was to put pressure on Mike, and the Republicans, so they would run the coup for him.

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    · Jan 13
    5:06 PM · Jan 13, 2021·Twitter Web App

    Trump’s M.O. is to get other people to take all the risks, so he can pin the blame on them if something goes wrong. As with the wall, Trump had all the power he needed to run his coup. He is the Commander in Chief of the military. He could have declared a state of emergency, and called out the troops. He didn’t do that, because he and he alone would have to take responsibility if it failed.

    It also explains why so much was done for Israel, and nothing for the populist nationalists who voted him in. The Jews Trump filled his administration with, were motivated to do the Israel work, because staffing is policy.

  5. You just don’t get it, Brad. Trump is a Liberal Republican from New York, New York and all that it implies. You spend your career doing deals with Jews and Italians, you end up acting like them, and thinking like them.

  6. Trump in my opinion, did two things wrong:- under delivered on his promises, and painted himself as a complete buffoon for the left and media to have a field day with. We got the worst of both worlds:-nothing got done, and he set our cause back years, making himself, and us the subjects of hate and redicule.
    He should have started with the most common sense issues first:- policies that returned jobs to America, and returning troops home……..issues that the left can’t really jump on without appearing treacherous. Then he could have endeavoured to reduce the endless amounts of foreign aid being doled out, arguing that poor people at home need help. The wall thing could have waited until the rest was achieved, allowing him to become more popular and easily winning a second term.
    He just came across as dumb, and volatile with the grammer of a child. His demeanor was fodder for the establishment. He was bossy…….and just a fruitcake.
    As an ambassador for our side, he failed us badly.
    Trump was our last hope politically.

  7. What Ann wrote are my sentiments exactly. Trump is and always will be nothing but a narcissistic conman. I believe she saw through him after the 2nd year.

  8. Coulter took a lot of flak from other establishment conservatives for her open support of Trump in 2016. How did Trump show his gratitude? By publicly stating during a 2019 press conference in the Rose Garden that “she’s off the reservation” and “I hardly know her”. I wonder how much Trump’s lawyers had to pay his ex wives, former mistresses and various disgruntled employees to keep quiet about what he’s really like?

    • @Spahn
      That he had mistresses tells you everything you need to know. Just devoid of morality and a sense of right and wrong. I have no time for these male sluts.

  9. TY ! TY HW !!
    FREEDOM Above All Else *
    ” Trump was our last hope politically ”
    Agreed ! Does h a t e consume the hater ?
    * Say her name say her name :
    ASHLI Babbitt ! I remember JEFF
    Sessions .. . GOD SAVE The Queen
    White People ! To LIVE & DIE In Dixie –

  10. Ultimate jew whore Dump is the King of the Assclowns: a loudmouthed-but-inarticulate, totally incompetent fool. A supermassive black hole of egomania, sucking in the money, trust, devotion and the very lives & freedom of scores of millions of poor, dumb dupes while giving nothing in return, without a moment’s thought or shame. Terminal political cancer for the White race.

    Hopefully the savage commie scum who now rule thanks to him possess the will to throw his worthless orange ass in prison like he roared he’d do with Cankles & the rest. May he die there.

  11. I think Coulter’s heart is in the right place but this dumb twat will appreciate Trump when 30 million new Pedro spring up overnight as US citizens

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