Rudy Giuliani: The Groypers Instigated The Capitol Siege

Rudy Giuliani is throwing Nick Fuentes and the Groypers under the bus and calling them sick anti-Semites who instigated the Capitol Siege. This is far beyond anything I have ever said about them.

To be crystal clear, Nick Fuentes or Boss Baby is a pro-Trump influencer, a grifter and a stupid, arrogant, loudmouth punk kid with shitty takes who thought he was being smart by bear hugging MAGA to promote his own brand. He did not work with Antifa to instigate the Capitol Siege though. This is just the latest crackpot conspiracy theory from Rudy Giuliani who sells cigars on YouTube.

Nick and the Groypers went to DC and posted up and hovered around the MAGA crowd as usual. This is what they had done at the previous two rallies in Washington, DC. They were only there to promote themselves and support Trump, not to overthrow the government. They did not go inside the Capitol although it is true at least one Groyper seems to have gotten separated and wandered off the reservation. Nick also said some stupid things after the Capitol Siege, but that is because of the inability of Zoomers to separate the real world and the gravity of the situation from their online personas.

Nick was stupid enough to get dragged into this shit by Ali Alexander and has now gotten himself in serious trouble. Someone is going to take the fall for this and Rudy Giuliani is trying to scapegoat Nick and the Groypers when it was Donald Trump’s Qtard cult who stormed the Capitol. It is a case of unbelievable arrogance and naivite and being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time though. Jack Posobiec told the Qtards that Trump was leading a march on the Capitol and they interpreted it as meaning “The Storm” had arrived and that Q’s prophecies were about to be fulfilled.

Nick thought “The Storm” was funny which most of us did on some level given the spectacle of the QAnon Shaman casting spells in Congress. It looked like a farce on television. He is now caught in the middle of this shitstorm because of his strategic decision to attend a rally with tens of thousands of Qtards to “appeal to the normies.”

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  1. Rudy is basically Drumpfs right-hand man now and his only real ally outside the Drumpf clan so i really want to know how Nick the Cat will deal with this.

    • This is what you get for not being realistic about Jews. Around 99.99% of the rally attendees would kill you if you started moaning about Jews. Hell, several people who attacked the Congress were Jewish.

    • All the Jews involved in this will be ignored by the media, and if they get charged at all, the charges will be dropped.

      Instead, the Mass Media will single out a handful of people who are NOT Jewish to “make examples of,” and they will all be smeared as “anti-semites.”

      This is Mass Media standard operating procedure, they do it all the time.

    • Groupons.

      I mean, it’s a way to get 25% off the hotel room at the Disney vacation to Disney World. Right? Fckn Antisemites.

  2. Funny, the left always stickups and defends their own while the so called “Republicans” and “conservatives” throw each under the bus. No wonder conservatives always lose. No loyalty or backbone.

    Kryptonite is to superman as the word racism/antisemitism is to conservatives.The older Rudy gets the more he transforms into a jew.

    • To true John. You will never see a Conservative politician or public figure ever support their supporters. Listening to Guliani and Trump claim “they dont stand with MAGA country” literally makes me sick. These people will do anything to protect their asses and most importantly lay cover for their masters. Groypers are kind of pathetic but I still wouldnt allow them to be thrown under the bus like this.

    • @John
      Only…….the Republicans aren’t really that conservative or right wing. People have said the Republicans will never be elected again. I beg to differ. The two parties will continue to swap the lead every one or two terms, depending on who has the best salesman on the day. When there’s barely a slither or difference between them politically or ideologically, one will never be less electable than the other.
      With Trump gone, the Republicrats will continue on as usual. Trump provided some difference and excitement for a while, but that experiment amounted to nothing in the end. So……now it’s on with their usual shenanigans unchallenged.

      • I agree that’s why I put them in quotation marks.As far as the scam of the two parties trading power every two years, you are correct.

  3. Fuentes was in it for the grift but the Trump MAGA loyalists still wont allow a bad word to be spoken. I heard atleast ten conversations over the past few days that consist of “they hate our president because he fights for us. They havent allowed him to do anything for four years”. I thought this would change but Rudy could take their legs out as Trump pisses on them and they would all scream “this is love”. Battered women except it is regular people

    • You can also clearly see that Guliani won’t name the Q influence on all this. Ergo one has to assume that Q is a Jew Op and Guliani is well aware of who started it, who runs it now and who follows it. The siege, or the crowd in the siege was pure Q tier delusion. Even the dead cop was Qtard. Forget the JQ what about the QQ?

  4. I do not like the zoomer AmNats and their multi-headed grifter leaders, but this audio of trump and guliani egging the huge crowd of MAGAtards to take their grievances with the election outcome to the bought and paid for whores inside the synagogue of democracy should clear up who incited the Qtards.

    Trump montage audio

    • This looks like Nick is the scapegoat. Or perhaps he’s the one who gets crucified. The Christ is King chant could be very apt as the Sanhedrin look for a ritual victim. Jesus was quite satirical and full of humorous stories and phrases.

  5. Why does anyone listen to Vincent James? He has maybe 2 IQ points on Baked Alaska, but that’s it.

  6. So it is antisemitic to attack the Congress.

    Based admission. Giulisni has some nerve doesn’t he… He incited hand to hand combat. Most antisemites thought attacking Congress would be a forlorn hope.

  7. Fuentes is all in now. If he’s the scapegoat, which he apparently is now, he should embrace it. Christ was crucified for storming the temple, Hitler was jailed for The Beer Hall Putsch.

    In Pagan lore there was a king who got sacrificed every year to scatter blood on the fields to propitiate the crops in a fountain of blood. Some say that Christ is just a version of that in the wine and bread sacraments.

    What’s it to be Nick, eternity or cut a deal with the Sanhedrin?

  8. Surely the most notable thing about this crowd is that 99.99% would never ever ever mention or realise that the system is controlled by Jews? Apart from Camp Auschwitz Hoodie Guy, none of these people know or care, or if they did know, dare not think it’s a Sanhedrin. Attacking congress is an attack on Jews.

  9. John Sullivan, BLM activist charged in U.S. Capitol riot, has been released from jail without bail.

    • Somehow I doubt that any of the poor White Q monkeys will be getting the same catch-&-release deal as that commie nigger.

      • NBf, soooo true! Pretty amazing how suddenly ” active” the Fbi is in going after the equivalent of drunks crashing the party. I don’t remember anything remotely like this when Blm and Antifa were looting, burning and murdering on a continuous basis. America is truly %;!: ed.

        Think about it. People for decades have known ( and did nothing about it) regarding academia, Hollywood and the news media only promoting people with leftist philosophies. That alone has been a massive problem. But now with social media way too much in our everyday lives, the leftist control has radically increased to the point of silencing the President and many of his supporters with no end in sight.

        It’s so obvious how suddenly the Fbi and Doj among others suddenly seem to have great zeal when it comes to going after conservatives, Republicans, alt right or whatever non Democrats you want to mention. It’s disgusting and there is no doubt the equal application of the law is a giant myth. Just the fact White people are the victims in about 90% of interracial crimes and yet most are labeled non hate crimes is one of the biggest scams in American history.

        America is done. We all can give a long list why. Several states at least need to leave peacefully. But we are at the point some famous political voices need to put it out there. Otherwise this slide into third world dictatorship will rapidly increase. We don’t even remotely trust elections in this country not to mention schools, media, movies, Amazon and on and on..

    • @Captain
      It’s ironic and infuriating that yes, our elites know all this, but then allow immigration to continue undisturbed. Logic would suggest that if you’re in power and are concerned about falling IQ levels via changing demographics, then you’d put the brakes on immigration and encourage higher local birthrates instead. It’s akin to knowing that drunk driving will kill you……..but still do it anyway!

      • They all know the U.S. is terminal and will not live to see its Tricentennial. But they want to get theirs while it can still be gotten and hope and pray the U.S. doesn’t fall on thier watch.

  10. Not even close to surprised by Rudy’s and Blumpfs betrayal. This whole capitol seige thing is pure finkelthink from beginning to end.

    Maybe the trump groypertards will finally get the message that they been conned and stop kissing Trumps/Gop inc ass after thousands of betrayals in the last 4 years?!

    When orange man disavowed the proudgoys 4 hours after he said stand back and stand ready at election debate is all you needed to know but amnat normies like petulant children you wanted to believe in the magical grift of stopping the steal even after scammy davis jr filled his pockets and gave delusional marching orders 1776 will commence again lol

  11. lol wasn’t this boomer praising nick for something last week. What a shit show. The entire Trump presidency was one gigantic beautiful disaster.

      • So will you be watching (giving views to) Kamala and Joe’s big show (their week-long triumph)? See:

        “a star-studded celebration spanning an unprecedented five days, a giddy orgy of excitement at a murderous oligarchic empire having a new face behind the front desk after promising wealthy donors that nothing will fundamentally change. This comes at a time when Americans are now reporting that they trust corporations more than they trust their own government or media, when pundits are gleefully proclaiming in The New York Times that ‘CEOs have become the fourth branch of government’ as they pressure the entire political system to smoothly install Biden, when the leading contender for the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division is an Obama holdover who went from the administration to working for both Amazon and Google (…) And this manic celebration and increasing brazenness of corporate power are of course overlaid atop an unceasing river of human blood as the globe-spanning empire continues to smash any nation which disobeys it into compliance so as to ensure lasting uncontested planetary hegemony….”

  12. They couldn’t produce the troops to defend the border or quell the riots but they have no problem producing them to defend themselves from the threat of unarmed “insurrections”. What a bunch of spineless, despicable cowards and traitors.

    It’s all out there for the world to see: These are the “leaders” of the “free world”.

  13. Rudy has already said he is under indictment in New York. So, nothing he says is of free will, it is under duress. It seems Fags Bums Idiots are running an op against the Toads.

  14. It’s a form of insanity or signal folly to believe you can make an alliance with people who take their orders from the Kehillah of New York City, be it literally or figuratively. The ADL tells Trump his supporters are sick antisemites. Trump says: You people are a disgrace for supporting me.

  15. @ beautiful disaster, yes, no doubt, but i would still rather had him in there reading the script, instead of mrs.clinton. no regrets.

    • @ democrats/quasi marxist, republicans/neocon,donor class, neither one is good enough for us period, the pretty girl in school, who played hard to get, was the one everybody wanted, was the one who could and did mess with your head, make a guy question himself, am i good enough, good example for us to follow, liars and theives are boring, just like the american political class and structure, for the time being lets work on maintaining our culture and customs. 2022 and 2024 too far off too waste our time and energy on , right now, my opinion anyway.

      • @ we must put some space between us and these weirdo personalities that have attached themselvesnto us, standards = quality , if your a man act like it, if your a woman act like it, anything else should be ignored, we are not so weak, defenseless and friendless, that we have too compromise our standards, we are not a leaderless mob straggling to disaster, we are a well trained and properly led army marching to victory.

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