What Now? Where Conservatives Go After The Trump Presidency


What is the future of Right Populism after the Trump presidency?

Consider the following:

  • Donald Trump is on the way out the door next week after bringing his most diehard and dead end MAGA supporters to DC for the “Stop the Steal” rally. After inflaming them to march on the Capitol, he has already thrown them under the bus to save his own ass.
  • Mitch McConnell gambled his Senate majority on Republican voters in Georgia not caring about $600 stimulus checks and lost badly. The Republican Senate chose the donor class and spit in the face of 80% of their own voters.
  • The MAGA rightwing populist grassroots from Alex Jones and Infowars to Nick Fuentes and America First have set themselves on fire for Trump. If they are lucky and avoid prison, they are looking at years of debilitating lawsuits and further deplatforming.
  • Donald Trump was elected in 2016 with a strong mandate to advance a populist and nationalist policy agenda. Instead of doing this though, he sold out to the Republican donor class and embraced Paul Ryan’s toxic and wildly unpopular agenda. Conservative populism was systematically stripped down to the Donald Trump personality cult and the Alt-Right was replaced by QAnon prophecies. This culminated in Trump losing the 2020 election and the Capitol Siege.
  • The populist and nationalist White Indies and moderate voters who supported Trump in 2016 abandoned him in 2020.
  • In rejecting the Alt-Right and their shot to move a populist and nationalist policy agenda, Trump and the GOP embraced the QAnon Shaman who is now the face of rightwing populism.
  • Finally, Joe Biden is using his political capital on things like a $15 nationwide minimum wage and $2,000 stimulus checks to close the door on conservative populism. The Democrats see that shot coming and won’t be caught off guard again in the Rust Belt.

Oren Cass represents the views of most Republican voters on economics who have no power or representation in the GOP and the conservative movement.

George Will speaks for the donor class, institutional conservatism and the vast majority of elected Republican officials who have all the power and representation but who lack popular support for their unpopular economic agenda. They got their precious judges and tax cuts.

This toxic disconnect between the Republican establishment and donor class and what Republican voters want has 1.) politically crippled the GOP and 2.) created the petri dish where conspiracy theorists flourish. The GOP could have avoided the Capitol Siege by reforming itself years ago.

It was easier for Sen. Ron Johnson, for example to go along with the fraud narrative and the “Stop the Steal” political theater than $2,000 stimulus checks. This is the result.

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    • @ dont go anywhere, stay in place, we need to cleanse, let them approach us , they need us, we dont need them, its time we we’re catered to

      • I>”@ dont go anywhere, stay in place, we need to cleanse, let them approach us , they need us, we dont need them, its time we we’re catered to”

        This is is it, right here. /\

        President Camel Toe Harris and her her band of malcontents, degenerates, thieves and misfits, with their racial animus, irrational hatreds, low IQ and propensity for anarchy cannot run the Empire except into the ground. They know this too. It’s only White liberals, conservatives and some deluded colored people who believe the wogs have the competence to fill the shoes of the White people (AKA real Americans) who built this country and still keep it running.

        The Republican Party and its “conservative” think tank types know this too, they are just running out the string on their grift of “equality” until the roof caves in. We won’t have to wait too long for the roof to cave in with President Camel Toe Harris and her woebegone band of criminals and incompetents running the Empire. They will make the Q Anon shaman look like the face of moderation and rational thinking by the time they are done. They don’t have an ounce of competence in anything except getting elected, once.

  1. I guess “Our Dick” Spencer has sworn off giving the Nazi salute in public?

    It’s kind of funny, that those good conservative family value Roman Catholic Republicans on the Supreme Court all tuned down Trump’s repeated requests that they hear his case that the election was stolen. No evidence the Catholics said.

  2. 20,000 Cobra Stormtroopers attend swearing in of Commander Biden. A terrible vision. He should request the soldiers be kept indoors and away from cameras.

    • In the Soviet Union, liberals requested tanks to the streets back in 1991 and we know how it ended up.

      We had also impeachment of the president. We had State Committee on the State of Emergency, what declared that Gorbachev is unfit to office and because of that, they must take the power.

      Both Gorbachev and Yeltsin were very much a clowns and really unfit for office. But people followed them and with general chaos and mess and bunch of dead bodies we got rid from our swamp and from Soviet Union.

      Revolution is never made by decent middle class who knows that breaking the rules may ruin their career. Revolution is always made by Q Shamans.

      Donald won and he is the legitimate ruler. So nobody is obligated to follow Usurper orders. Soros written papers are not a law so nobody is obligated to follow them

      I hope that they have tank, where Donald can climb and make a speech. And I hope that they have also few good men ready to do the same what happened to Ceausescu’s. Thanks to electoral fraud and murders in capitol siege hopefully every last dumb crook understand that legal system is corrupt to the core, so the army must make kangaroo court and everything else what happened when we had the problem with communism.

      Real war is not about whining nuances. Real war is about winning. Stalin never complained that his constitutional rights are taken away. He was the constitution himself. And Stalin never owned a gun. He owned a Red Army. This is the difference between joke war and real war.

      If you really want to win, then do everything what Donald says. Yes, this is dangerous but wars and revolutions are never safe and never will.

      • “do everything what Donald says”. OK:

        ever since 6 Jan, Zion Don has been saying:

        “embrace the Biden/Harris/(((Emhoff))) regime”. Sounds like

        ZOG continuity to me.

        • “””…since 6 Jan….”””

          Sun Tsu taught something like “desperate ground” or “death ground”. When you have demoralized army , then bring it to somewhere where it is impossible to run away. Every last soldier understand that there is absolutely no chance to run away. We must fight together or die together.

          Since 6 Jan trumpsters are not conservatives or rednecks or hillbillies anymore. They are domestic terrorists and communists coming after them.

          It means that “buy more ammo” or any other popular capitulation do nothing excuse time is over and now trumpsters must actually do something for self defense.

          About Captains. Hernán Cortés scuttled his ships so there was no way back to Spain.. He was also liar and pretty bad man. But he won.

          • Against men armed with stone clubs. Trump should have just resigned a week after the vote. Claim it was a fraud election and resign. That would have left a vacuum of legitimacy for Biden. I might have in fact gone abroad in such circumstances. Instead he’s got his followers branded as enemies of mankind. He’s an asshole.

      • This is real war. Meet Captain Cochrane


        The one man Fleet. Sank half the Spanish and French fleets in a sloop. They say it couldn’t be done, but he showed them, on three continents in several navies. Founding father of Brazil, Chile and Peru, and an assist with Greece.

  3. The only voting that matters these days is sheriff and school council and maybe local/state judges/DAs. We can’t physically separate right now, but we can MENTALLY separate from the fed govt and not get caught up in the minutiae of Kamala’s upcoming racebaiting/the GOP’s theatrics

  4. If I were Joe I’d keep the troops off the streets so I don’t look like Cobra commander.

    • @ cap’n, if ole dirty joe has command of his fork and spoon, he will be doing well……….we are free of the uniparty and it feels good.

    • I forgot all about it. Saint MLK Day, the Patron Saint of whoremongers, prostitutes, plagiarists, and Negroes in general is Monday. The scumbag politicians will be falling all over themselves to publicly lick the asses of obese Negroes Monday, “conservatives” in the lead.

  5. The Democrats rebuilt most the wall — the blue wall — in the Midwest/Rust Belt. Those who serve Republican donors can sit at the kiddies table.

    I’m a happy camper.

    In 2016 healthy white identity gained traction fast. Molyneux interviewed Jared Taylor on YouTube. Allsup had 500,000 subs. Blormf got elected with appeals to white voters. So in 2017, the avant-garde of white activism went out of its way to associate itself with German fascism, the KKK, and the criminal element. Why? For the same reason the optics people did the most bad optics thing possible in 2021: they never went free and cleansed their spirit of conservative meme pathogens.

    Conservatism doesn’t have a Utopian dream. Going down in flames is the point. Conservatives lose because they’re losers. They’ll support any cause as long as it’s a lost cause. People trash the GOPe, but they’re just filling a demand.

    • Although Trumpism is in ruins, his misbegotten presidency did open the eyes of many White normies to the possibility of having a pro-White movement which by definition, excludes the useless “conservatives”, Republicans, and other grifters. President Camel Toe Harris will reinforce tremendously the narrative that the ruling class is venal, self-serving, completely dishonest and disloyal and above all, incompetent. That is all to our advantage.

      The disagreements between Republicans and Democrats, “conservatives” and “liberals” are mere petty squabbles over dividing the loot they have gotten through the political system called “democracy”, a system based upon bribery and extortion. All of this will be made abundantly clear after Jan. 20th and also that there is no salvation with the current political system. The very legitimacy of the corrupt institutions of the country will be even more thoroughly discredited by the next administration, a process that began when DJT rode down the escalator and told the truth about various unsavory types infesting they country.

      • Democrats want higher taxes on the ruling class; Republicans always shower them with goodies. The difference is drastic.

        Why not vote Democrat until the financial and political power of the elite is reduced to a manageable level?

        It is a twofer — the ruling class loses financial power, and we get economic security. When we rein in corporate and billionaire power, people influence the parties more than donors. We did something similar back in the Progressive Era.

  6. That’s an interesting question….what will the Republican Party look like after Trump? I think we can all agree that at least Civic Nationalism was popular in the Republican Party while Trump was in the White House. Now obviously that’s not White Nationalism but at least it was something Nationalism. President Bush was Neocon that focused his entire Presidency on the War on Terror which made the Military Industrial Complex / the Oil Companies a ton of money and the Jews was very happy. That war spiked the National Debt, gas prices went up and up and up, and the borders was still wide open. He was a typical Globalist. NAFTA, Outsourcing, and so on. Was Trump different? Yes he was. However he really didn’t deliver on anything and he let the American People down on Covid-19 which has killed a ton of people and took our Economy off the rails for a very long time. We can guess the GOP will go back in a Neocon direction in how it governs….the US Senate Republicans fighting against the Stimulus Checks in the middle of a World Health Pandemic is proof of that. Deo Vindice !

  7. The GOP looks as if it’s going to be little more than a conservative fundraising organization from now on. And apparently that’s just fine with right-wing closet homos like George “Pantywaist” Will.

  8. Trump has disappointed us and no one really on our side has defended him for the last three years. Still I dislike the GOP even more, There are 211 GOP congress critters in the house but only ten voted to impeach. Somehow two, that’s 20%, were both from Michigan. A major statistical anomaly, especially combined with the fact that one is the longest “serving” :republican in the house and the other was just elected in November.
    Well, Fred Upton’s family founded Whirlpool, and Peter Meier’s family founded Meijer.

    • Yeah, Fred Meijer wrote one of those I owe it all to Jesus books like Sam Walton. Now that has become an embarrassment to them, and, its been edited out of the current edition. What a bunch of clowns.

      You can bet Meiijers, Waltons, and Uptons will all be making giant sucking sounds on Monday in honor of MLK and everything he did for them. LOL.

  9. The Republican Party will be unelectable going forward, so they should make it official by closing down the Republican Party, and merging it with the Democrats. Conservatives will be muzzled by big social media going forward, so they should focus on building up their own platforms. Since whatever social media app they build will eventually be banned by Apple/Android/Microsoft, they should first build their own smart phone, put an open source operating system on it, and give it to their supporters for free.

    They are so screwed.

    • That is an excellent idea unfortunately, as far as the cell phone idea goes, that will never fly. Since all cell phones are radio transmitters and they connect to the public telephone system they must get FCC approval before they can be sold or even given away. It seems unlikely the FCC will ever approve a device that allows people to circumvent censorship or operate anonymously. Even burner cell phones can be tracked although if the owner paid cash and removes the battery or SIM card when not in use it does impede tracking.

  10. “What is the future of Right Populism after the Trump presidency?”

    Electorally speaking the situation will likely revert to what it was in the 2015 Republican primaries before Trump started gaining momentum.

    Movement conservatives will back Sen. Cruz.

    Libertarian types will back Sen. Paul.

    Senator Hawley is an emergent wild-card and of course the neo-conservatives will be back pushing another John McCain / Jeb Bush type war-monger. Probably John Kasich this time.

    President Trump did some good things while in office (getting rid of NAFTA / TPP & peace with North Korea) & these achievements will keep Rightist Populism in life support but the craziness around the Jan. 6th Capital Hill unrest leaves no clear successor as the Trump brand becomes toxic thus vastly diminishing the chances of Trumps children successfully running for office.

    Subjectively Trump squandered a few years and I am back to voting for Ron and Rand Paul again like a decade ago. Well so be it.

    “Trump and the GOP embraced the QAnon Shaman who is now the face of rightwing populism.”

    The Fake News will probably forget about this guy as they go into over-drive promoting President Biden.

    The face of right wing populism will remain to be Andrew Jackson & Pat Buchanan.

  11. (((Oren Cass))) represents the views of white working class Republican voters. The Republican party couldn’t find a goy to represent the views of working class Republican voters.

  12. See https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/eci.13484. Assessing Mandatory Stay at Home Orders and Business Closures on the Spread of Covid-19. Conclusion: While small benefits cannot be excluded, we do not find significant benefits on case growth of more restrictive [non-pharmaceutical interventions]. Similar reductions in case growth may be achievable with less restrictive interventions.
    Bottom Line: The lock downs were not meant to slow or halt covid. They were implemented for another purpose. Care to guess what that purpose might be? Told ya. Trust NO ONE with political and/or economic power over you. NO ONE.

  13. The cuckservatives/conservatives will hitch their trailer to the next conman that comes along and tells them what they want to hear.

  14. I have no idea what the point of difference is between the two parties, which have ruled America collectively since it’s very beginnings, with no option of anything else. Can’t beat that good ol democracy….
    And none of them have done anything of note to benefit whites since about the early 60’s.
    Before your son’s sign up for military service, remind them of that.

  15. From the Washington Post:

    “A pillow salesman apparently has some ideas about declaring martial law” by Philip Bump

    The photo at the top of the page shows [Michael] Lindell [CEO of the company My Pillow] standing in the Oval Office next to Trump, who’s seated at the Resolute Desk.

    On Friday, he may again have had the chance to see that desk. At about 3 p.m., he was escorted into the West Wing. The subject of his visit? If notes Lindell was holding while he waited to enter were any indication, he wanted to discuss his thoughts on how Trump might finagle those “4 more years” Lindell had promised his Facebook followers.

    The Washington Post’s Jabin Botsford captured an image of the notes Lindell was carrying with him as he went to meet with Trump. Only half of the page can be seen, but even that tells a lot…

    So what’s Lindell actually proposing? We get some hints.

    “ … Insurrection Act now as a result of the assault on the … martial law if necessary upon the first hint of any … ” Lindell appears to be arguing that, in response to the violence at the Capitol, the president should invoke the Insurrection Act, which would allow him to deploy military resources. The idea of using the military in response to his losing the election has been fairly common, with advocates including former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Some, including Flynn, speculate that the military could somehow call for a new election.

    Lindell’s document doesn’t say that, as far as we can tell, but he may be advocating for somehow stalling the transition of power by declaring martial law….

  16. They will continue to con and grift low information and naïve bommercons. When their ‘pigeons’ finally die off, the jewish ones will join the Knesset as members of Likud.

  17. I have been listening to older episodes of Spencers Radix podcast thanks to your appearance HW, and he gave the best take from his episode the day of the protest. Right wing populism is dead. Trump killed it and talk about sending back illegals and other talk is now tainted. Richard seems to think it will come back in a decade I dont give the country that much time. If any type of conservatism does make it to the forefront it wont be in the current United States. That makes me incredibly sad and the thought of violence makes me even sadder as I am not that person but the way things are going and the hatred everyone seems to feel casts a dark shade on the future. Maybe it is necessary and part of growth but good people on whatever political side being hurt or displaced is awful. Mankind which has so much to live for and enjoy should be ashamed we are here and those that brought us to this point are thrilled at what might happen.

  18. I don’t know what to tell them. If Donald Trump is not living proof that the system cannot be reformed from within then they are sitting themselves up for disappointment time and time again. It does not matter who you elect. Conservatism needs to die and be replaced by a hard right separatist element. Racial conservationism not political conservativism. After all, what’s left to preserve? Less today then yesterday and soon nothing all all. Get off the USS Titanic before she drags you to the bottom with her. She is terminal! China knows it, Russia knows it, The political insiders know it! What does one do in some cancer cases? Radical surgery to remove the infected parts before it spreads and kills the rest of the body. Modern liberalism is the cancer!

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