Tucker Carlson: The Democratic Party Is Demonizing Half of America

I’ve recently done a lot of thinking about this issue.

White Nationalism and White identity politics are inadequate to address this. These people are defined by a negative sense of White identity. They are anti-traditional. They are largely people who hate other White people. The technical term that best describes them is Left-Modernists.

It is not simply Jews. There are far too many of them. It is not simply college educated, upper middle class White professionals who are progressives although they are concentrated in this group. There are also lower class and middle class White people who are infected with the same attitude. Collectively, I think of them as the Democratic Independent Liberal Elites (DILEs) cluster who are about 13% of the electorate or the Pew Research Center’s “Solid Liberals” who anchor the Democratic Party. They are generally awful people who believe in political correctness or wokeness and relish looking down on others.

America is divided between normal people and those people:

Those people are the biggest problem in America.

Now that the Democrats control the White House and Congress, what can be done to stop them? How do we get rid of this anti-White neoliberal managerial class? The real arsonists.

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  1. Nomatter how it’s repackaged or presented, it all seems to be downstream from the Frankfurt school and ad infinitum critical theory. Hopefully their their corrosive ideology comes back to bite them full circle and ends up being the downfall of their precious little ethnostate in the middle east… but are “””they””” really capable of an ideological attack that requires the target to be capable self-refleciton and critique?

  2. The Democrats have gone completely nuts. They really would arrest everyone who voted for Trump if they could.

    This is GOOD. This is accelerationist.

    There is one simple thing to do – redirect the anger against Trump voters to Democrats themselves. The Democratic coalition is riven with fault lines.

    Every white Democrat should be told to resign their position and give it to a Person of Color. Including their houses. Remember, the white Democrats agreed with the black Democrats on these things when they were out of power.

    Any Democratic male that does not engage in homosexuality is obviously homophobic, etc.

    Then, of course, there is the Elephant in the Room – that I notice the most hard core “far right white nationalist anti-semites” for some reason just won’t touch.

    That is the Zionist atrocities against and genocide of the indigenous Palestinian people. In fact, just in the last 24 hours Zionist Jews in occupied Palestine have ramped up their attacks.

    The entire Democratic party is run by “liberal Zionists” who support this genocide.

    Make them own it.

    If supposed “white nationalist anti-semite hard right” types find some excuse not to, you know that these people are not actually interested in confronting and dismantling Jewish power. They are distractions. Same with anyone not directly confronting the ADL.

    • Yes, they have gone completely insane and it is great. This really came out with the “insurrection,” where Dems were/are saying that half of America should be labelled as terrorists and banned from the internet and from commerce in general.

    • Re: “the Zionist atrocities against and genocide of the indigenous Palestinian people. In fact, just in the last 24 hours Zionist Jews in occupied Palestine have ramped up their attacks. The entire Democratic party is run by liberal Zionists who support this genocide. Make them own it”:

      BOTH right wings (both parties) of the imperialist beast are equally in favor of it, support it or consent to it, including the nominally Muslim member of “the Squad.” The Kamala and Joe administration will continue ALL of the ongoing genocides including Yemen, and no one can “make them own it.” Babylon, The Empire, is supremely rich and powerful, has no equal. “Babylon, that great city, which made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.”

    • ‘Brown people – so precious.’ NO. The Palestinians have Arab brothers in the region who should start standing up for them. White people have NO ONE but ourselves.

    • Their Achille’s heel is money, it’s the ultimate source of their power too especially in the U.S. Their control of money means they would buy newspapers such as the NYT, wire services such as Reuters as well as radio stations and later, TV. This gave them enormous control of the public narrative ensuring “Our Greatest Ally”, the Palestinians are the interlopers, only White people are racist etc. narratives would be allowed in the public discourse.

      Other contradictory narratives and facts would never make it past their gatekeepers and those who disagreed were ostracized through being labelled as pariahs, another Hitler. This control extended to universities and later the entire school system. The U.S., being a “democracy” i.e. a political system based upon bribery and extortion, was particularly vulnerable to the siren song of money.

      Control of banking goes back centuries and resulted in them acting as a supranational government at times with their own foreign policy objectives beyond the control of national governments. When Japan wanted to attack Imperial Russia in 1904 they needed loans before they started the war. Predominant opinion was Japan would lose so no loans were forthcoming. Jacob Schiff organized loans for Japan because of his people’s hatred for Russia. Without these loans Japan wouldn’t have been able to attack Russia and WWI would probably have been averted.


      It was Wall Street that financed the Russian Revolution in 1918 at a critical time. This was done with permission of the Wilson Administration which was sympathetic to “democratic” left wing causes during and after WWI. Once again it was The Usual Suspects and their control of money which made politicians dance to their tune and finance their pro-communist foreign policy based upon ethnic hatred of Russia.


      Their control of the U.S. is complete now but resting on a rotten foundation of odious debt. We are at the precipice of serious financial troubles worldwide because of enormous, unpayable debts which will result in a de facto if not a de jure national bankruptcy. Inflation will run away, it always does in a democratic, debt based nation, eliminating most of the debt without a formal bankruptcy.

      This will also eliminate confidence in the whole rotten edifice of the ruling narrative and its supporters who will be then be the pariahs. Look for our overlords to sneak out of the country as the U.S. enters failure mode. Their next host will probably be China, the next superpower. Their ultimate power comes from money, really debt and when the inevitable logic of their actions ruin the nation that produced the debt and makes payments on it, their power will also be ruined. Perhaps then there can be an honest, thorough historical review of their effects upon the West in general but not before catastrophe befalls us.

  3. Your honeymoon with Joe Biden will be short.
    He has nothing to offer. He’s not even interesting enough to hate! At least Trump kept the world talking about him. Insipid times lay ahead.

  4. The thing is in a democracy with a biannual election cycle, no election is final.
    The next thing they, liberal assholes, will almost certainly suggest is to suspend elections because people don’t accept Biden? Right? The US essentially selects a consul. He’s got approx a year where he can ram through his desired reforms then in two yeaars it’s put to a ballot again for revision and further change.

    Personally I think that the 2030 election ought to have been suspended for six months given the pandemic. The country was in no fit state to pick a leader after a lockdown and a summer of rioting.

  5. Perhaps our Anti-White overlords are starting to consider the possibility that after years of billions spent on Anti-White propaganda and programming the whole thing could be starting to unravel.

  6. The biggest problem with democrats is this DILE core that makes up their donor base and intellectual class. They are widely hated by most other people, including most democrats. They’re the ones who decided that Kamala Harris must be the nominee, and tried to force her during the primary. She was very unpopular and got destroyed, so then they just forced her in as VP choice. All of the media elites continue trying to force meme her, running non-stop puff pieces about her fashion or whatever, but the people aren’t buying what they’re selling.

    Really, the reason DILEs have been flipping out for the past five years is because their ability to manufacture consensus through mass media has eroded, so they felt the need to resort to more strongarm tactics like deplatforming and what amounts to financially sanctioning individual citizens.

  7. I sense the jews are getting ready to jump off this sinking ship and paddle across the Pacific to feed off a new host – the slant-eyed Yellow Orientals.

    • Chinese people aren’t stupid enough to hand their civilization over to hostile foreigners without a fight. Only White people have that particular brand of stupidity. All indications are that Jews have realized they will never be able to control China, which is why they are pushing the Chinese cold war so hard now.

      • China was the initial plan, but India was and is the back-up plan. I remember when there was a glut of East Asians, but now you can no longer swing a stick without hitting a Hindu.

        Though I wonder if India is being set up as not only the host, but the proxy against the recalcitrant Chinese who have no intentions of ceding any control of their country to the Eternal Guest? There is some disputed territory between China and India, but it only got contentious enough for fire to be exchanged recently.

        The Biden Administration isn’t talking about overturning any deals that Trump forced the Chinese to sign and there is still concern over how aggressively China is moving against Taiwan and, of course, massive official concern over the mistreatment of the Uyghurs and the way China basically told the concerned to go pound sand.

        In any case, things may appear to be more easy in a multi-caste, multicultural democracy like India, compared to the tight control of Communist mainland China, but the Indians are corrupt and inefficient enough that I imagine the Usual Suspects will long for the days when they still lived in countries with large, White European populations.

        There is “saving face” in that area of the world, but there is no honor system.

  8. Some people still believe in Santa , the Easter bunny , the tooth fairy , Mike Enoch not being a Jew , and tucker carlson being trustworthy

      • There’s a spot for you in the Biden Administration, Civil Rights (so called) division. It’s a brand new cause but who am I to judge

        Nothing would surprise me with these dumb bastards in charge.

  9. Yes, anti-White Whites are our misfortune, but these same people would’ve been the most enthusiastic supporters of National Socialism in Hitler’s Germany. They are just status-obsessed enforcers of the ruling regime. They are not ideologically driven so the particular nature of that regime doesn’t matter. If White Nationalism became the dominant ideology, as it was 100 years ago, these people would turn on a dime.

    There are still people alive today who remember a time when only freaks, and extremists believed in racial equality. The only difference now is that the freaks are in power.

  10. Carlson repeating the typical Republican taking points. I guess he forgot that the Republicans stood hand in hand with the democrats demonizing Whites.

    • Tucker always has some obese Negro on TV to contradict the claims of the Left that Whites are Racist. This gives Tucker anti-racist bona fides (he thinks) when he criticizes the latest Left Wing establishment war against Whites. This is “conservatism” 101 civnat discourse, as obsolete as the steam engine.

      Tucker will not bell the cat. He never says that the Left is anti-White, just that they are engaging in racism now. The hypocrites! Racism against whom? Tucker will not say and he certainly will never criticize directly the string pullers behind the Left.

      As Lenin said, all questions come down to who/whom.

  11. Alternatively, maybe White Nationalists have it all wrong: Maybe the White Race is just as awful as any other race, despite our superiority in “Bragging Rights” categories such as intelligence, creative abilities, looks, cultural accomplishments, etc. Maybe Whites aren’t really the “Master Race” after all. Maybe everything the Jews say about us in the Talmud is 100% accurate.

    Is it really worth it to preserve the genetic integrity of Whites if we are morally no better than the other races who are trying to replace us and kill us? Even Blacks don’t turn on themselves like this. I’d gladly trade this cultural cold war for an Aryan version of Bloods vs. Crips street violence. Hell, that’s basically what we had in Northern Ireland for decades. “Zombie” by the the Cherries was based on it:


    I know this is a cuckservative cliche based on wishful thinking about MLK, but content of character matters. Or at least, it should matter. Does the content of the character of the White Race make us worth fighting for? Each passing day, it feels like no. It’s like we don’t have the ability to look 1000 feet ahead and see the danger coming. I’m reminded of what happened to the White, slaveholding Frenchman who controlled Saint Domingue, and how in 1791 they meekly stood by and let the Nogs slaughter them, without resistance. Again, that was 1791, long before anti-racism or Jewish cultural power in the media was a thing.

    What is wrong with Whites that we imposed such vile policies on our own kind such as Reconstruction, DeNazification, Civil Rights, and now, Wokeness? What does it say about our racial soul that we thought any of that was a good idea? Or that Southerners, Germans, and now, the White Race as a whole “deserved” it? How is it that when a Black person cries “oppression!” or a Jew cries “genocide!” we just automatically assume they must be telling the truth? And don’t forget, race is just a social construct, according to White people.

    Whites are just as weak and gullible as Blacks, Arabs, Indians, Latinos, Asians, and every other race on the planet. There’s too many sins we never should have committed that we have willingly committed. I’m to the point where I straight up counter signal against racism to the Normies in my life, whereas before, I would try to push the envelope. They eat it up. I’m actually on better terms with most of them since doing so.

    I’m not going to abandon what I feel inside about the necessity of defending my race, but at the same time, I’m going to take delight in seeing White Americans tear each other apart over the coming years, as this is a reckoning that is long overdue. Maybe the DILE’s will win – they probably will, since they are the most educated and the most professional – but then again, maybe the dumb-as-nails cuckservatives or the communitarian populists will hold them off. Who knows.

    But whatever happens, I want to see some of the character and spirit that a wise German painter once claimed was in our blood. Because that character seems like it was vanquished by the time the African slaves stormed the plantations of Saint Domingue and turned it into Haiti, only for the rebellious Frenchmen at home to pull an Arthur Fleck and tell those slaveowners, “you get what you effing deserve!”

    The absolute state of the “Aryan Master Race.” LMFAO.

  12. This love the colored crap was stupid 65 years ago. Blacks are not a deity to be worshipped, they are a petty and irresponsible minority group. This virtue signaling has gotten so crazy and so stupid that self loathing assholes are busy destroying western civilization all the whole pretending they’re moral.

    Civil rights has turned into a crazed all out attack on white people in general. I believe it’s gotten as bad as it is because conservatives have never tried to stop it. They seem to be more interested in funding the military and plastering the american flag all over everything.

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