Joseph Cotto Slams Longism

In my view, we are simply updating our demands now that Neoliberal Joe is president.

Instead of demanding immigration restriction, a peaceful foreign policy, fair trade and the destruction of political correctness, we are also now calling for the abolition of billionaires, the nationalization of Big Tech, a wealth cap between $10 million to $50 million, Universal Basic Income and the broad redistribution of wealth envisioned in Huey Long’s Share Our Wealth program. There should be a ceiling on the wealthy and a floor underneath the working class to ensure that no one is too rich and powerful. We can’t continue to have a handful of oligarchs lording it over the country and buying politicians.

Note: I’m afraid that the donor class has already bought Joe like they bought Trump. He is backpeddling on the $2,000 he owes us, student loan debt relief and a $15 minimum wage.

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    • @GP

      He is literally quoting the fictional character “Gordon Gekko” from the film Wall Street to explain why “greed is good.”

      Greed is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. This “right-winger” is telling us that evil is good, and good is evil.

      Of course it’s all just squid ink in the interests of his employers, finance capitalists. Finance Capitalism is about the least “conservative” force in modern society and it’s also the direct opposite of “liberty” – every single finance corporation is literally a tyranny.

      All this guy is is a bullshitter getting paid to spew this stuff to redirect people away from the truly powerful – his employers. It’s as simple as that.

      The era of defensive libertarianism is over. This guy is the Enemy no less than Kamala Harris – in fact, he’s far worse.

      • Dementia Joe was bought and paid for back when President Nixon was in his first term, and everyone in Washington knows it.

        • “The Senator from MBNA.”

          For years Biden has been the go-to example of a “corporate Democrat.” He’s from Delaware which is unique in their corporation-friendly case law and in being a headquarters of low quality scammy financial institutions like high risk credit card companies.

          Creepy Joe Biden doubles down on the “woke” bullshit precisely because he is so “regressive” when it comes to economics and civil liberties.

  1. In ordinary times, I would agree with Cotto about the cringe of these economic populist demands.

    But these are not ordinary times. You have to hunt where the ducks are.

  2. Nationalism is more about collectivism and about the immaterialism of the Nation (identity, etc). What did he expect? Oh that’s right Nationalist-esque rhetoric but still a Libertarian Capitalist garb (which most are). It’s nice to see some actual consistent Nationalists that aren’t just Republican larpers and are actually not just blindly going along with standard Republican doctrine.

  3. 1.”The low-quality young male demographic within the GOP/non-leftist resistance is pushing crazy economic policies the hardest. These are the guys who want Huey Longism, massive tax hikes, and wealth redistributionism on general principle. They hate success and champion mediocrity.”

    pure ad-hominem. also on what standard of quality are we talking about? Hunter Wallace, Matt Parrot, Mike Enoch, Eric Striker are some examples that come to mind of economic populist promoters. I think most people wouldn’t think of them as trash.

    2. “The anti-commerce, pro-big government, anti-individualism, anti-wealth building so-called populist right, which prefers Huey Long to Donald Trump, is one of the cringeworthiest things I have ever laid eyes on. That is saying something.”

    What’s the point of individualism when your economically disadvantaged? That’s what economic populism is suppose to solve. Individualism has always been a luxury concern. It’s a lie we are anti-wealth building, we want the wealth! I’m confused on how we are anti-commerce?

    3. “Essentially, the economic agenda of Huey Long has been the favored public policy platform of rightist populists over the last few weeks. Some have even favored total, rather than graduated, wealth confiscation!”

    I really don’t care that billionaires & millionaires will be taxed higher or have wealth caps. The middle class is already faltering under the current neo-liberal economic regime for several decades now.

  4. The problem with anglo/american conservatives is that they are wedded to subjectivist neoclassical economic theories. They reject theories of objective value, so they have no moral center.

    The basis of neoclassical econ is subjective theory of value, which extends out to conservative ethics as well, leading them to moral relativism. Even Marxism is more conservative, because at least the labor theory of value posits some sort of objective value.

    Conservatives preach subjective value theory and methodological individualism, so then they have no basis for defending against any progressive or radlib change in the moral order, such as homosexual marriage or normalization of transvestites.

  5. “”””…… we are also now calling for the abolition of billionaires, the nationalization of Big Tech, a wealth cap between $10 million to $50 million, Universal Basic Income and the broad redistribution of wealth envisioned in Huey Long’s Share Our Wealth program……””””

    Antifa and BLM are more than happy to to the job. Especially when enormous amount of dirt published by Trump and his supporters gives them all legal causes to do so. Well paid Government job is good thing and every communist know that private property should be confiscated.

    Why the hell should Antifa loot on the street when they have chance to lock up Hillary and everybody else and take their positions. ???? AOC and Then Squad and their rabid supporters are not constitutional conservatives and the want absolute power and want it now.

    When Q said that storm is coming and entire Swamp will locked up, then he did not said who exactly does this enormous job…..:D.

    • “Antifa” and BLM are brainwashed, Anti-White useful idiots being funded by billionaires. They’re not going to do anything to benefit us.

      • Entire mercenary history demonstrates that when mercenaries realize that they are the real power, and there is nothing who can stop them , they often turn against their employer.

        Why the hell fight for cents for billionaires, when you have chance to take their billions ? Or at least demand more pay. And then more and more.

        Antifa and BLM are definitely not loyal employees who honor contracts, laws, private property and so on. So those billionaires have very soon serious problems with their private armies,.

  6. “They hate success and champion mediocrity.”

    Literally just LOOK at that guy and tell me he is an example of superiority.

    They need money to breed because no woman would have them based on their body or their brains.

    So these mediocrities need to BUY a wife, friends, followers, etc. Incels with money.

    Go to any Libertarian party function. The best looking woman there is the porn star they paid to appear.

    • That’s always the funny thing about libertarians. They LARP as captains of industry, but how many real captains of industry or billionaires are libertarians? Damn near zero! In real life, John Galt is an authoritarian technocrat, not a Randite libertarian.

  7. Our Anti-White overlords hate Whites in general and lower class Whites in particular. No wonder they hate populism.

  8. This is a very good plan but I don’t see anything about universal healthcare, dental, and visual care. It’s unacceptable that people have to suffer dental pain or can’t see because they have no money or insurance. I would also add a national, affordable daycare. Drug prices must come down. I have no issues at all with confiscating Bezos’s billions. We also need to nationalize key industries. Only a handful of free men worked in Ancient Greece. Women and slaves worked. Men with lots of leisure time produced the finest society known to man. Lower IQ people can watch and participate in sports or egaming. Leisure time produced Charles Darwin and others because their wealth allowed them time to think about issues.

    • Well said, Herr Braun. There is nothing inherently immoral or “evil” about slavery. A white male-dominated meritocracy ruled by philosopher kings / enlightened despots would be most desirable.

      • The slaves could and should be robots. Jews and their traitorous, plutocratic allies want the slaves to be Whites, not because it’s necessary but as a matter of principle.

  9. ” I’m afraid that the donor class has already bought Joe like they bought Trump.”

    They bought Joe 50 years ago.

    He was known as “the Senator from MasterCard.”

  10. What the pro-business “free enterprise” capitalists never point out is that the majority of their kind were born into the right families, they didn’t struggle and sweat their way to the top. They also never mention that most super-wealthy entrepreneurs become successful by securing lucrative government contracts, not by competing in the commercial marketplace. One more thing: It’s curious how Big Business loves capitalism when there are huge profits to be made, but then demand government bailouts when they experience the inevitable huge losses, something which seems to happen every 7 to 10 years.

  11. Cotto might be the most repulsive, charm-free LOLcow since Matt Forney. There’s also something wayyyy off about him sexually. How did he get his gig? Does he change Paul Gottrfried’s diapers?

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