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  1. HW and Spencer needs to be a weekly thing. No better podcast. I was thinking of all my friends here as I went to the local mall today. They were playing Simple Minds “Dont You Forget About Me” on the pa and for a second it took me back to my youth walking the same path in the 90s except now I was the only white face. The patrons are all black, the ads are all black and the merchants are all Indian selling nothing but sneakers, phone repairs, baseball caps and gimmick items. It hit me a lot harder than I expected as i didnt see a single white face.

    There is an upscale mall closer but that one is all Hispanic and Indian. I hope this is a great episode HW I need the mood boost.

  2. It’s all about the1964 Civil Rights Act, 1965 Immigration Reform Act an the Cold War…an I will go as far as to say that Brad’s of analysis modernism underpins the 1965 Immigration Reform Act and the Cold War.

    The Hindus have a knife on the throat of our People. Tucker Carlson believes that appealing Martin Luther King will prevent White Folks from being murdered off. I hate the creepy Wasp Tucker Carlson.

    Sheer dump luck pevented Trump from starting a nuclear war in the middle eat…it was Iranian restraint and Russian Military restraint.

  3. I hope its only a limited nuclear strike between the US and Russia.

    India and China will probably end up nuking each other.

    Trump Maga Tards should have be the peace party…ended up being the bomb General Solemani Party

    • Welcome, Patrick of Greenport! How are Terry Smith and Ivan? We miss them, of course, but right out of the gate you’re doing a bangup job replacing them! You’re an angry “working class” joe who just can’t take it any more from all of those nonwhites! You misspell and make typing mistakes because, you know, anyone who cares about those things is not serious, they’re fags! Nice touch calling Cormac McCarthy, “Coleman” McCarthy in one of your numerous other posts in another thread! Alright, Patrick! Another working class real American hero who tells it like it is!

  4. It’s your site, I don’t want to shit on you or give you a hard time in your own house.

    But to quote your boy Biden here, hopefully it’s actually his quote, “goobly googly, salute the Marines, come on man!”

    You like this jew-controlled piece of human garbage and shit for some reason? I guess I missed the boat.

    Well ok. We live a little longer, some of us really suffer like me, I work at a Subway in the hood, then we die. Then a quadrillion years pass in the blink of an eye.

    Or probably something like that. In the meantime let’s give Don Black, and Anjew Anglin some money, and insult Glenn Miller some more.

    It was always unspeakable. I never had a chance at all. Dad beat me. Mom left dad. Good! Now a week later, new guy beating me even worse. You people are weak. A bunch of spoiled pussies and fags. Now my town which was always bad, is full of brown and black animals. Some of the brown ones are all right.

    You people are hard to believe. So are all the others. None of us are going anywhere. There will never be a President Wallace.

    I’m going back to SE Asia myself. Won’t see your clientele there. They don’t even have the sack the balls for that. They couldn’t find it on a map. What a joke.

      • Why are the lion’s glasses rainbow themed? LoL…

        I’m liking the White Populism meme so far. But, any chance Huey Long 2.0 will have is predicated on us having zero to do with him. I felt like that obvious point was missed in the discussion. There are no personalities on the fringe right that aren’t directly traceable to the Alt Right after 2016, yourself included, and especially Richard. That brand is a death sentence for anyone seeking office. They will spend every minute in front of a public microphone hard disavowing every recent antisemitic meme that our cuddly spergs will no doubt be churning out at breakneck speed, and denouncing every recent podcast on TRS where one of them says something stupid or lazily blames the Jews for something its more likely was just someone being an asshole.

        If you want to take part in a real Renaissance of right wing politics, why not tackle the now plainly obvious and incidious shibboleth of the “JQ” by which any White advocate is required to publicly utter affirmative recognition of to be viewed with sufficient purity, meanwhile conveniently making themselves wholly unpalatable to the general public by association to all the human baggage of the Altright, the Nazis or WN1.0?

        If there was ever a better way to make yourself wholly irrelevant to the broader public, for anything, its to confirm yourself an antisemite. But its viewed as a right of passage by White advocates? I have always suspected that insistence by the shrill demagogues of the Right and their minions (TRS and the Daily Stormer cults are only recent examples). Its a perfectly packaged poison pill. Why does it seem that the last thing you have to do to be viewed as a White advocate in good faith, is to actually advocate for White people?

        I do think we need to discuss the JQ, and I think its well past time the intellectually lazy fringe right returns to earth and realizes that their pogrom is largely self imposed (except you public guys, who are all going to have to carry the Albatross of the Altright, sorry for all the hitler memes lol). We anons can do a hard reset pretty easy, unless we pulled a Mike Enoch and divorced the mother of our children because she is Jewish… or did a roman salute with a whiskey glass on camera like the down low host of above linked podcast…. or carried a tiki torch through a college town screaming about Jews not replacing us, or you know, any of the other dumb shit that this obsession with Jews has led these people to engage in that could fall into the category of self immolation.

        I like racist memes as much as the next guy, but yeah. Half the content on TRS over the last 6 months has been unironic holocaust revision, at a time when a record few people even know or care what the holocaust was ( or wasn’t … idfk).

        At a time when every one of our enemies, are all doing their best to be the biggest assholes to White working class people they can get away with, when we are trying to build a populist platform predicated on common factors of our dissaffection, why would we set out to focus on just a few of them who really at this point aren’t any worse than our own elites (sad as that is, its true)?

        We should be advocates for a White positive outlook. Pro White does not require anti anything else to achieve the desired effect of some healthy and natural racial self awareness by our pasty brethren. The White babe in the wheatfield is a standalone meme, it speaks for itself. It goes without saying that anything that disrupts the warm and fuzzies that a guy gets when they picture that image in their head would be necessarily negative and anti-White. Its something we know implicitly if we aren’t evil sociopaths.

        Anyway. Yeah. The Jew thing. Its worn me pretty thin on all this. The JQ just doesn’t have the explanatory force necessary to form the foundation of the worldview the modern Right Wing seems to be seeking.

        Any worldview predicated on a negative principle (anti-semitism) is self-defeating, as it inevitably leads to neroticism once taken to its logical conclusion, which consistent application of the worldview necessitates.

        Case in point, the current fringe right.

        You all have heard me say all this before. Its still true. And its still an issue.

        • The Huey Long meme has already made it all the way up the food chain to Tucker Carlson. I’m also not running for office. The goal here is to nudge people who are in the direction of White Populism.

          As for WN 1.0 and the Alt-Right, I saw the flaws with both and began moving on from that two or three years ago. I began working on what I called 3.0 around the time of Yang Gang and it is starting to come to fruition.

          • The Left is not in a good spot. They are stuck with a corpse for President now until President Kuntmala Harris takes over the White House. She is grossly incompetent, completely inexperienced and will be wretched. She will inherit the presidency of a deeply divided country with a fragile economy and financial system, neither of which she understands.

            If challenged by China, a war in the Near East or some other foreign policy crisis she will be unable to rally the country because she and the Democrats (including the Lügenpresse) have demonized White people, the core of the country. The loss of confidence in the U.S. overseas will reverberate throughout the economy with a rapid decline in the dollar and increase in inflation. Her presidency will go down in flames as a colossal failure which will discredit much of the Left Wing agenda.

            Politics doesn’t operate in a vacuum, it is a question of choices, usually the lesser of two evils. It was BHO vs. McCain, both loathsome in different ways, BHO vs. the horrible Romney, Trump vs. Hillary. It’s always an either/or proposition, not pick one’s ideal candidate from some secret list of hard right guys who will Do the Right Thing.

            Mainstream Republican ideology, such as it is has been discredited by Trump’s personality cult, election loss and and a subsequent actions. Democratic failure will follow like night follows day discrediting the Left also. This will be the vacuum the Right can fill.

        • @IronicSockAccount

          Yeah, I’ve been read the whole “don’t say anything bad about Jews it’s bad optics” for 15 years now.

          Every faction that goes soft on the Jew Problem just winds up shilling for Israel. That is ALL they ever accomplish.

          You know who the first right-winger of modern times to purge “anti-semites” their coalition?

          George W. Bush. He sidelined the “Anti-semites” like James Baker and sucked up to Israel. How did that work out?

          Jared Taylor has spent 30 years sucking up to the Jews – did it help him? No, the Jews he invites to speak at AmRen literally get up to the podium and start comparing white people to child molestors. Taylor went from appearing on C-SPAN to having to hold his conferences in the woods of rural Tennessee.

          So considering sucking up to Jews a) never works and b) actually makes it worse – why again should we suck up to Jews?

          It would be different if your side ever won anything – but the philosemites never win shit. So what’s the point?

          • Understanding that it buys you nothing to be openly antisemitic doesn’t make you a philosemite.

            You basically proved my point about the worldview. Its inflexible and tactically unsound.

          • A good reply. When have the god damned kikes ever shied away out of cowardice from openly spitting in the faces of Whites, who vastly outnumber them? What measures to oppress & ruin Whites have they not devised and openly & eagerly led the charge in implementing, usually successfully?

            The days of trying to “sneak up” on the jew are over. The only thing to do now is watch as the triumphant hook-nosed scum & their commie race traitor weapons go on the rampage, taking away the freedoms of Dump’s impotently enraged patsies, humiliating & imprisoning them, then offer them a redistributionist, pro-White, anti-kike way to get vengeance. If, after so much gleeful brutality against them, Whites prove themselves to be too fucking stupid, weak & bible-scared to take that revenge & save themselves, they will deserve the oblivion long planned for them.

      • I did. If you ever debate Ed Dutton, which would be a high rated podcast, I would like to see the idea discussed that Remainers on Brexit were seditious and insurrectuonists. Certainly if the mob doing that and some of the congressional Hawleyites can be accused of sedition, Chuka Umuna and Lucianne Berger are guilty of the same.

    • @Mike, powerful words. Godspeed to you. I hope you make it out of here and have a better life.

    • “You like this jew-controlled piece of human garbage and shit for some reason?”

      Not me – I didn’t vote for Trump, the jew-controlled piece of human garbage and shit.

    • You should watch Ed Dutton say that 1776 was a huge mistake on the Dutton Spencer panel duscussion.

      Would be fun to see HW debate Ed Dutton.

      Make it so!

  5. If the future is very open ended it could work in our favor.Just yesterday out east…small long island town….. three White guys including a mailman went out of their way to say hello to me….and I can tell you there was a severe look of trauma in their faces behind the smiles.

    I have family in the US Army…combat troops. I am absolutely terrified by the buildup in Syria. The Russians sent an extra Military Police to Syria….just right across from the new US Troop buildup in Syria…one itchy trigger finger….or fender bender. And White guys who never served in the US Military are excited about the NFL Playoffs today

    Why hasn’t Tucker Carlson showed the video of the young pregnant White Woman who was beaten to a pulp by a Black Police Officer?…Striker had it up…Brad why don’t you put it up here. BLM racial violence against a young pregnant White Woman.

    11 trillion so far for the 30 year US Military occupation of the Middle East for the Jews…..

  6. Charlottsville was such a foolish hodgepoge of organization. To associate yourself a violent psychotic sexual pervert such as Chris Cantwell who has moral code of a ruting cockroach. And Cantwell gave that insane foul-mouthed interview tp Elsbeth what’s her name from vice, This is a guy who jerks off to porn all day because he can’t a get a date with normal white females……

    If you voted for Ronald Reagan you voted for Hindu POTUS Kamala Harris 40 years later….you f….g fools……you didn’t see it comming…can you please tell me why?

  7. Since the present comment is off topic, Mr. W., and is submitted mainly to provide you yourself with information you might value, you should post it only if you think it would be of interest, at the moment, to Occidental Dissent’s readers …

    At the following are talks by one John Strausbaugh about books of his:

    (Strausbaugh discusses “The Village: 400 Years of Beats and Bohemians, Radicals and Rogues, a History of Greenwich Village”—C-SPAN May 2013)

    (Strausbaugh discusses “City of Sedition: The History of New York City during the Civil War”—C-SPAN August 2016)

    I’ve not listened to either of the talks and have not read either of the books (except for one or two pages of the latter book, about New York during the Civil War).

    The following are the amazon links for the books, plus a link to Wikipedia’s entry about Strausbaugh himself:




  8. God Almigty what were you thinking when you voted for the slimey GE spkesman Ronald Reagan…..Were you that superficial in your youth?…William F Buckley was a vapid intellect. It was all a direct road to POTUS Harris. Was the Roll Tide!!!!! Black porn worth it?

  9. After the neofeudal collapse, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Zuckerberg, will be hunted down by roaming gangs and eaten for food…so will their children…..right out of a Coleman McCarthy novel….

    Tucker Carlson

    How exactly is fat negro Jason Whitmark going to save working class White Males?…You faggot WASP…..

  10. I’m not sure anything will really get done about health care despite the popularity of medicare for all. As we all know the real power is the media billionaires, not the marionettes in public office. And the drug companies pay off the media billionaires to lay off them about drug prices right in front of our noses. I.E. all the pointless drug TV commercials for products that doctors choose for you, it’s not like you can see a RX drug ad and walk into Walmart and toss it in the cart. Recently they are running one of these ads with some band that plays the type of music that hasn’t been around since 1998, some multiracial hipster band in the mode that genre that was popular in the late 90s, it even has some silly asian hippy in a fedora, and some female singer has the runs until she gets this $2 drug one of my coworkers wife is on. No wonder these RX costs are so high, they found a way to funnel main street money back into the liberal media bureaucracy of 200+ failing cable TV channels and are propping up this industry. Something for the media billionaires to consider before launching a defamation campaign against the RX industry for ripping off the poor.

    • The U.S.’s world-leading GDP would decline tremendously if health care were truly socialized. The Empire’s domestic production consists mostly of harmful or useless “services” (usuries) such as finance, insurance and real estate that would not even exist in real communism.

  11. The focus has got to to be on nonwhite legal immigration. Should have been the focus back in the Charlottesville days. Would have been better to have abandoned the Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally and stuck with the College tour.

    Magatards lost the high ground whn the supportered the murder of General Solemani. Alex Jones really was a big time enthusiast for murdering General Solemani. I remember a time when infowars was excellent when it had the disquss commenting system….Alex Jones just devolved into pure grifting shit.

    If Iran had retaliated a year ago, I believe a lot of things would have changed…including US immigration policy. The first week of a war with a Iran…one thousand silver coffins…horrible…but it might have ended the US Military occupation of the middle east.

    White males have spent 4 decades jerking off to the NFL Superbowl in front of their Wives and Daughters when they should have been talking about the H1-L1 B visa program……40 years of deskilling White Working Class Males….

    Vince Lombardi had a fat homosexual brother….

  12. Do we really need to talk about anything other than 1965 Immigration Reform Act?

    So much time spent on meta-political bullshit that the White Working Class doesn’t care about….

  13. If the future is open ended…start figuring out how to respond to different scenarios….Charlottesville was such a idiotic fuck up in terms of stategic planning…..I have monumental hatred towards the weirdo freak Chris Cantwell and other anarcho-capitalist.

    Richard Spencer

    Stop trying to do the James Bond pose……..

  14. The Nation is now less than 60% White, and I suspect the illegals aren’t fully factored into that number. All of this politics is meaningless under these racial/cultural conditions. Standing in line with blacks and Mexicans to get your SNAP money or UBI isn’t a legitimate White existence by any definition. Whites better get into “angry mode” asap.

    • I’m sure no one has to stand in line for any government benefit. Even illiterate retards have relatives or social workers who can get the benefits over the internet for them without anyone standing in line. It certainly is legitimate for whites to get anything they can from the system, especially if they can do it from the comfort of their own home.

  15. The Biden administration is going to channel ferocious black rage at White Folks…No brakes on the race hate train comming our way….Jeff Bezos who funds all this masturbates to our mass murder……

  16. I got a laugh out of the part of how embarrassed Spencer was for having anything to do with Vox Day. That website is quite comical for it’s crackpottery. Not only did it have the Pizzagate silliness, but VD also got in this bizarre jealous infatuation with Jordan Peterson who for some reason became his personal boogeyman almost like the way Valerie Solonas hated Andy Warhol. He did the same thing with Ben Shapiro and Shapiro clearly was alluding to him when on his show he mentioned a “mentally unbalanced white nationalist stalker” he was dealing with. All that and this pathetic infatuation with some 3rd rate comic book he was pushing. Definitely a weirdo.

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