Neoliberal Joe’s Plan To Tackle Violent Domestic Extremism

I think Neoliberal Joe is making a huge political mistake here.

USA Today:

“WASHINGTON — In the wake of the deadly Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, President Joe Biden is directing the intelligence community to assess the threat of domestic violent extremism in the U.S. and explore new policies to confront extremist networks.

A three-pronged effort, unveiled Friday by Press Secretary Jen Psaki, includes tasking the Office of the Director of National Intelligence with leading a “comprehensive threat assessment” to help shape policies to address the rise of domestic violent extremism. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security will consult on the work.

“The Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol and the tragic deaths and destruction that occurred underscored what we have long known,” Psaki said. “The rise of domestic violent extremism is a serious and growing national security threat. The Biden administration will confront this threat with the necessary resources and resolve.” …”

Let’s count the ways:

1.) The lack of trust in the political establishment and the mainstream media and unpopular neoliberal policies is the cause of the proliferation of “extremism” and conspiracy theories. Will a domestic war on terror restore that lost trust or will it boomerang and accelerate radicalization?

2.) There is a huge difference between al-Qaeda and ISIS and “domestic extremism” namely that those people are American citizens protected by the Constitution. The “Far Right” is also extremely cynical about American politics and usually sits out elections. A domestic war on terror would be shortlived because it would galvanize the “Far Right” vote against the Democrats in the 2022 midterms.

3.) Is any of this constitutional and would it stand up to scrutiny at the Supreme Court? Would Republican AGs get involved and sue? How is this anything but a gift to the GOP?

4.) In spite of being labeled a “fascist,” Donald Trump never created a police state. The Blumpf threat was highly exaggerated. Do the Democrats want to run on establishing a dictatorship in 2022? Joe’s police state could also set a precedent that could be used against the Left.

5.) Is there anything more “fascist” and un-American than censorship and trying to criminalize your political opposition? Do we need a new Patriot Act or a domestic War on Terror to stop the QAnon Shaman or the MAGAs taking selfies in the Capitol?

6.) Is there any evidence that this is what voters are concerned about right now or is it another issue that only resonates with DILEs? Why is the Biden administration focused on issues like, say, transsexuals in women’s sports, open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, climate change extremism, etc?

7.) More people died from COVID today alone than have died from “domestic violent extremism” in the last thirty years. Neoliberal Joe came out today and said that actually nothing can be done about the real issue. The threat of “far right terrorism” is being wildly exaggerated.

8.) Joe told us at his inauguration that “we’ve learned again that democracy is precious, democracy is fragile, and at this hour my friends, democracy has prevailed.” He called for “unity.” If you are treating American citizens like ISIS or al-Qaeda and creating a Green Zone in Washington, DC, can you honestly cast yourself as the defender of democracy? Are you better than Blumpf?

9.) Joe Biden was elected president because enough White men changed their minds about Trump to give him a chance. Would a domestic war on terror against White men alienate swing voters?

10.) Finally, the party in power usually loses midterm elections, Democrats are at a disadvantage due to redistricting and they are clinging to a 50/50 Senate and a razor thin House majority. The Democrats also lost House seats in the 2020 elections. Is this worth risking the narrow Democratic majority in Congress? Does establishing a dictatorship help or hurt moderate Democrats win elections?

The overwhelming majority of the people who hold these “extremist” views and who are disgruntled keep it to themselves. Even if every leader of the disaffected was arrested or sued into oblivion, those people would be incensed and it would lead to an enormous political backlash. This isn’t smart on any level. It is emotionally satisfying, however, to the most awful people in the country who are already disliked.

Note: This isn’t a comprehensive list of all the reasons why this is unwise and counterproductive. These are just my immediate thoughts.

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  1. You’ve gotta admire how they’re now suddenly concerned about ‘domestic terrorism’ when they said virtually nothing to condemn BLM and Antifa riots last year. Granted, Biden wasn’t in charge then, but will he now hold those responsible to account, or just target white agitaters of the siege?
    The double standards are shocking.

    • There are no “double-standards” –there is only one standard: Anti-White. I know that you and HW are very bright people. So you are aware of the seething Anti-White hatred that has the official Democrat Party seal of approval. THIS is what they have been telling us, all along, that they would do. To state the extremely obvious, BLM and Antifa are considered “peaceful protestors”, not “domestic terrorists”. Understand??

      • That’s “mostly peaceful” protestors. And that torching and terrorizing the whole country, including Washington, D.C. when Donald John Trump occupied the White House.

        Something tells me that they’re trying to fool all the sputtering and pearl-clutching DILEs out there by feinting right while quietly punching left

        Oh, they’ll make a YUGE production about publicly perp-walking and throwing the entire library at any Q-tard or Trump fanatic out there, the few who are stupid enough to get involved in any more public demonstrations. More likely, the FBI will plant some agents provocateur or crisis actors and create a whole bunch of social media which, for some mysterious reason, never got deleted by the censors at Twitter or Facebook, which which to point an accusatory finger.

        Then we won’t hear anything, but them pleading out for a lesser sentence rather than facing a jury trial. Then they will be incarcerated. Whether they will be – probably not – we won’t know. I do know there are quite a few people who majored in theater who think Ashley Babbitt (if that’s her real name) was a crisis actor whose fake death was definitely staged. And we don’t know if Officer Sicknick was a real person who really died from being clocked with a fire extinguisher.

        We. Only. Have. The. GovernMedia’s. Word. For. It.

        At this point, nothing they would do or say would surprise me.

        The important thing is, not who they make a public example of, but who they scoop up in private and I think that will be the little BLM Antifa monsters they have unleashed on Middle America. They thought they were the Democrats’ useful idiots, but I think the vandalizing of DNC HQ indicates that BLM-Antifa sees the Dems as their patsies.

        Really, I believe all this sturm und drang allegedly targeting 75 million Plus Trump Supporters with this Domestic Terrorism Stuff is what is going to be put in place to cage those little monsters that are still running around out there, engaging in “mostly peaceful” protests in Democrat territority. I

        I suggest, rather than getting stressed by all this, just kick back, have a cold brew, and some hot popcorn while you enjoy the show.

  2. I’m interested to see how the Democrats will fritter away their congress ASAP. Holding the house and senate really makes it difficult to do fuckall and still get paid well.

  3. That’s a lot of words for, “Wow. We didn’t support the deeply flawed and weak President who, for all his faults, at least wasn’t doing stuff like THIS.”

    Hey, this is the future anyone who didn’t support Trump wanted.

    Because there was never any other option. Just Trump . . . and THIS.

    Well, now we’re going to get this — and more of this. For years — perhaps permanently.

    Thanks, wignats.

    • Blumpf is gone and deserved to lose. Especially after the way he handled losing by grifting off his supporters and leading them into the Capitol Siege debacle. Good riddance

    • Karsten notwithstanding, a cold bath of ZOG hatin’on-YT is exacly what White ‘Murkans need.

      as it stands now, they’re still heading for the kosher slaughterhouse with a big grin on their stupid, MAGA faces.

    • The Biden Regime should reward Richard Spencer for his efforts to install them in power with a date with new Deputy Health Secretary Rachel Levine.

      Spencer and Levine will both be taking a walk on the wild side. Spencer will be dating an old, Jewish tranny, and the old Jewish tranny will be dating a white race realist. Each can learn something from the other.

  4. “Far-right, white supremacist extremism, nurtured on online platforms, has become one of the most dangerous threats to our nation,” said Representative (((Adam B. Schiff))), head of house intelligence committee.

    “The government will be working with appropriate nongovernmental agencies ” …………. ( ADL, SPLC )

  5. “The Secretary of State, Secretary of Treasury, Secretary of Homeland Security, Attorney General and White House Chief of Staff are now all Jewish.”

    Easy to see why Biden won, he’s the desk clerk for the new owners.

  6. Even this kike dream of anti-White oppression is preferable to the slower rot of worthless traitor Dump. All his nut-huggin’ morons are already boiling over with rage; being targeted by golem Deli erance Joe can only turn them from Muh Constitution/Muh Bahble patriotards into White radicals. There will be no other choice.

  7. Good what a change from Kayleigh McEnany and not in a good way either! What to bet the people who will be declared terrorists will be peaceful White activists and not violent BLM and Antifa. The system is anti-white regardless of whether it’s in its Republican and Democratic infestation!

  8. ” A domestic war on terror would be shortlived because it would galvanize the “Far Right” vote against the Democrats in the 2022 midterms.”

    Joe Biden is a Pennsylvania Yankee. He’s just gonna attack the common folk of the South and harass cattlemen in Wyoming. It’ll play well with the folks on the home front in Ohio, Michigan, New York, and in his home state of Pennsylvania. They’ll be feeling their patriotic oats again, and raring to attack the South for not being New England or Iowa, and for just existing. Then more Yankee cities will burn and they’ll blame it all on cotton farmers and BBQ pits in Mississippi and Arkansas.

    Having proven to themselves that they can effectively steal any election, and also relying on Yankee political fickleness in the so-called “Midwest,” they can confidently ignore the “Far Right” vote. Or any votes that aren’t cast for them.

    Yankees gotta Yank.

    Same ole war, same ole people.

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