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I enjoyed this podcast.

Thomas Frank is right that the Democrats are backpeddling on $2,000 stimulus checks. Neoliberal Joe and the Democratic leadership were never really on board with the issue, but couldn’t resist exploiting the issue to win the Georgia Senate races. There is nothing stopping them from pushing a clean bill for $2,000 checks right now through the House and putting it on the floor of the Senate which is now controlled by Chuck Schumer. There is no reason why it can’t be done by the end of the week. When they were engaging in performance art politics in January, they had the bill in front of McConnell in like two days.

Check out the polling on the issue in Georgia:


“In response to the coronavirus pandemic, should the Biden administration issue another round of stimulus checks to individuals to bring the total to $2,000?

Yes – 76%

No – 20%

Don’t know; refused to answer – 4% …”

+56 approval.

There is a super majority for economic populism in Georgia. Why wouldn’t you send out the checks, depolarize our politics and focus on the dozen or so super majority issues?

This is why the Democratic leadership is slow walking the issue and going so hard on all of these polarizing racial and culture war issues. They have to split that populist super majority and create non-stop hysteria and terrify their base about “white supremacy” and “domestic terrorism” because otherwise the public would figure out that it really isn’t that divided and that it is the job of the people on television to keep them that way. We could find areas of agreement and compromise and get lots of things done.

Note: You should be very afraid of the shitlord known as “Ricky Vaughn.” Douglass Mackey was “like a Field Commander in the assault on our democracy,.” It is literally the Reconstruction era in Georgia which elected Rev. Raphael Warnock last month because he ran on giving everyone in the state $2,000. Even we thought he was the better choice over Dollar General Perdue because electing Warnock on the $2,000 check issue would prove our thesis and expose the Democrats.

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  1. When does USS Phil Inthegap get hit by a Ukrussian missile just off Sevastapol? Chinks are too damned hard to fight.

  2. However the current war between Redditors and Hedgies plays out, the paper money oversupply indicates that precious metals are likely going to the moon as the dollar devalues. That $2,000 might as well be issued in Bolivianos.

  3. Dementia Joe’s handlers don’t want the 2K being used to short squeeze their corrupt buds on Wall Street. They have enough trouble already with GameStop and silver at +29$/Troy ounce.

    • you mean (((Wall St. PAPER))) fake-silver @ c. $29/oz. A one oz. US silver eagle will

      cost you c. $41 Jewbux.

    • Beware of silver. It is looking like it was an AstroTurf trap set by the hedgies. Citadel is long on silver and they hold the fourth largest stake in silver.

      Keep focused on GME and AMC.

  4. It’s entirely possible that more direct relief might happen. It is part of the conversation in neo-liberal circles, it’s not some radical idea from outside of neo-liberalism. But any direct relief would, of course, be part of a big horrible bill that ALSO does a bunch of bad stuff that neo-liberals actually care about.

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