Regime Takes Aim at White Advocates

The Regime on the Potomac has begun its campaign of repression. Media hysterics about “insurrectionists” and a vague Department of Homeland security bulletin about terrorism created an artificial crisis. Figures in the new Administration are eager to use state power against “racists,” even while they tolerate real crime. Add to this the concepts of “restorative justice” and “transitive justice” and we get the perfect recipe for anarcho-tyranny.

The “Ricky Vaughn” case is a warning. Douglass Mackey (his real name), now 31, was one of the 2016 campaign’s most effective pro-Trump Twitter accounts. On January 27, the Justice Department announced it arrested him for “conspiring with others in advance of the 2016 Presidential Election to use various social media platforms to disseminate misinformation designed to deprive individuals of their constitutional right to vote.” The Department of Justice arrested Ricky Vaughn for posting memes five years ago.

The complaint is another tragicomic product of a collapsing system. It alleges that Mr. Mackey and his followers tweeted pictures of celebrities “in a manner that falsely suggested that the celebrities were supporting Candidate 2’s [Donald Trump’s] candidacy.” It also says that a small group used a #DraftOurDaughters hashtag, “which suggested that the Candidate [Hillary Clinton] would provoke armed conflict and draft women to fight the resulting wars.” Are we supposed to believe that Democrats never say Republicans will do awful things if they gain power? And that saying those things is somehow not legal?

The most serious allegation is that “Ricky Vaughn” and “co-conspirators” told people they could vote by text message. About 4,900 people texted the supposed “voting” number — whether they really thought they were voting or not. Here’s a liberal “comedienne” doing something similar. Is this a crime?

Despite the accusation in the complaint, this did not deprive anyone of the vote. At worst, it convinced foolish people that they had voted “by text.”

This was Donald Trump, Jr’s reaction:

Hilarious? I expect Donald Trump Jr. and his dad won’t find it “hilarious” if prosecutors cook up indictments for them for financial crimes.

The double standards are clear. The FBI springs into action over the “Capitol Insurrection” after failing to pay attention to BLM riots and a skyrocketing homicide rate. Prosecutors will charge hundreds of people for the Capitol riot, unlike their lenient treatment of last year’s rioters, looters, and arsonists.

No one should have barged into the Capitol. We must be very cautious about tactics and “optics.” However, what happened in Washington was far less serious than burning down a police precinct. I’m far angrier about the destruction of ordinary Americans’ businesses than people wandering around Congress. If we’re supposed to believe putting your feet on Nancy Pelosi’s desk is sedition, what was it when leftist seized control of part of an American city and flouted state authority? What will the FBI do when it happens again? Kneel?

White advocates have good reason to worry. Homeland Security issued a “National Terrorism Advisory (NTAS) Bulletin” the same day the DOJ announced charges against “Ricky Vaughn.” DHS warned of a “heightened threat environment across the United States that is likely to persist over the coming weeks.” The rationale?

DHS does not have any information to indicate a specific, credible plot; [emphasis added] however, violent riots have continued in recent days and we remain concerned that individuals frustrated with the exercise of governmental authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances and ideological causes fueled by false narratives [emphasis added], could continue to mobilize a broad range of ideologically-motivated actors to incite or commit violence.

This comes just days after the government mustered 25,000 Guardsmen to fight off an imaginary white supremacist army. Mobs that were supposedly going to swarm state capitols last month never appeared either.

And when did it become the DHS’s job to tell us which are the “false narratives?” Will the government issue an official American history? One of President Biden’s first acts was to dismantle President Trump’s “1776 Commission” to promote “patriotic education.” It was a “cornball” effort to build a colorblind civic nationalist identity around vague ideas, but the 1776 Commission at least tried to give Americans something to unite around. Joe Biden is sowing division.

The President says we must fight for “equity.” The word appears 21 times in the Executive Order scrapping the “offensive, counter-factual 1776 Commission,” which he implied was based in “ignorance and lies.” Instead, Critical Race Theory is back in government agencies. Like a cult, CRT is unfalsifiable. Whites who protest its claims about their wickedness are guilty of “white fragility.” There will never be “equity,” which proves that every American institution is “systematically racist.”

These concepts are leaking out of lefty campuses and into the courts. Some schools and localities practice “restorative justice.” The goal is not to punish crime, but to “repair the harm caused by the crime” through community service, mediation, and conflict resolution. This means keeping criminals, especially non-whites, out of jail. Some advocates even suggest this will end the racial achievement gap.

Let’s look at two examples. Last June, Mike Forcia, reportedly an American Indian, toppled a statue of Christopher Columbus in St. Paul, Minnesota. Mr. Forcia thought Columbus did not deserve a statue. It is his right to feel this way; it was not his right to knock the statue down, and repairing the it will cost $154,553. The prosecutor opted for “restorative-justice.” Mr. Forcia went on a kind of speaking tour with various professors, “social justice workers,” “community activists” and others. He admitted he “breached the peace,” but served no jail time. His defense lawyers called his case a “model” for the future. State leaders have not decided what to do with the statue.

In 2018, two drunken college students, both white, knocked over a statue of Frederick Douglass in Rochester, New York. They were suspended from school and had to pay $10,000. Police scoured their social media accounts but found no “racism.” They got “restorative justice,” too. They studied Frederick Douglass’s work and legacy and wrote reports about him. They talked on the phone with someone related to Douglass. One of the vandals says restorative justice helped him learn about white racism. In 2020, when someone knocked over the statue again, they helped install a new one. “How can we educate ourselves as white Americans on the history that sometimes gets washed out?” one asked obediently.

This version of “restorative justice” assumes a rigid moral framework. In the case of the Columbus statue, the prosecutor acknowledged the “context for this unlawful act that was committed out of civil disobedience that we should seek to understand and reckon with in determining the legal system’s response to this act.” The criminal wasn’t punished; he got a soap box. The state excused his motive.

In the Douglass case, students got drunk, did something stupid and indefensible, and deserved to be punished. However, the students didn’t just admit what they did was wrong. They went through re-education and emerged spouting white guilt. What happens if the programming doesn’t work? What happens in “restorative justice” if a white criminal doesn’t grovel?

Restorative justice is subjective. As with “hate crimes” and “hate speech,” it assumes ideological judgments about “harm.” I don’t think Martin Luther King deserves a statue but I’m not going to tear down his monument. If I did, no prosecutor would be looking for the “context” of my act.

Restorative justice could be coming your way. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee argued that her bill to establish a commission to study reparations — which could pass under Democrat rule — is “restorative justice.” America must “atone” for its “original sin,” she argued, and there needs to be a “national reckoning.” What if whites don’t agree to pay now for what other people did in the past?

And then there’s “transitional justice.” According to the Boston Review, there are no “shared, morally defensible framework and standards for social interaction.” “Transitional justice” satisfies the moral claims of victims but also aims to “contribute to the transformation of a society so that systemic wrongdoing occurs ‘never again.’” What does that mean? “Truth and Reconciliation Commissions,” based on the ones in South Africa. Their job will be to find racism in American history, revile dead whites, and demand compensation.

We could see them under President Biden; “Truth and Reconciliation” is no longer a fringe idea:

These and countless other articles point to South Africa as a model. Of course, South Africa is the best proof that multiracialism is a disaster and that white secession may be the only solution. The South African government has disarmeddiscriminated against, and tried to dissolve the identity of Afrikaners, but blacks are not satisfied.

Radical political movements such Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters are gaining power. The government is stripping whites of constitutional protections. Many blacks (and foreign journalists) want the Afrikaner outpost at Orania crushed. President Cyril Ramaphosa says downplaying apartheid and its effects is “treasonous.” Even with unchecked political power, South African blacks haven’t achieved “equity.” They are just more resentful and repressive. Many South African white farmers believe the state won’t protect their lives, much less their property. Is South Africa a model for us?

Possibly. President Joe Biden, despite (or perhaps because of) his occasional racial “Kinsley gaffes,” has called for “constant, unrelenting” immigration. He said a non-white majority will be “a source of our strength.” He also said, “English jurisprudential culture, a white man’s culture” has “got to change.” Racism, he said, while paying court to Al Sharpton, has been “built into every aspect of our system.”

President-in-Waiting Kamala Harris is even more worrisome. She blamed Russia for stoking racial divisions, which means white advocates could be linked to foreign “adversaries.” Her plan to fight “violent hate” called for pressuring online platforms to take down speech and for $2 billion to counter “white supremacy” and help the FBI “more vigilantly monitor white nationalist websites and forums.” The “Ricky Vaughn” indictment is a warning.

The plan also called for a new kind of government power: Domestic Terrorism Prevention Orders. This would allow “law enforcement officers and family members, to petition a federal court to temporarily restrict a person’s access to guns if they exhibit clear evidence of dangerousness.” Something as tame as an “anti-immigrant manifesto” could be “clear evidence of dangerousness.” One of her final tweets during the campaign was a video promoting “equity” (equal results) instead of “equality” (equal opportunity).

You might not know about some of Mr. Biden’s circle. His pick for secretary of the interior, American Indian Rep. Deb Haaland, saw her nomination as a racial triumph.

This moment is profound when we consider the fact that one former secretary of the Interior once proclaimed his goal, to quote “to civilize or exterminate us.” I am a living testament of the failure of that horrific ideology.

Is she claiming to be uncivilized? Law Enforcement Daily dryly noted:

As a descendant of the indigenous people of America, who were forcibly removed from their land by uncontrolled immigration, Haaland might be expected to support strong immigration controls.

She doesn’t. NumbersUSA gives her an F-, the lowest possible grade, on immigration control. She supports defunding Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Her rationale is interesting:

As a Native American woman, children in my family for generations were torn from their parents because of government policies, to be forcibly assimilated into white culture. The pain and trauma of that separation lasts generations, and my heart breaks for the children facing this same fate in Trump detention camps today.

When she was in Congress, Deb Haaland supported creating a South Africa style “United States Commission on Truth, Racial Hearing, and Transformation.”

Kristen Clarke will head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. In 1994, Miss Clarke, then president of the Harvard Black Students Association, wrote a letter to the school paper:

Carol Barnes notes that human mental processes are controlled by melanin — that same chemical which gives Blacks their superior physical and mental abilities. . . .

Some scientists have revealed that most whites [sic] are unable to produce melanin because their pineal glands are often calcified or non-functioning. Pineal calcification rates with Africans are five to 15 percent, Asians 15 to 25 percent and Europeans 60 to 80 percent. This is the chemical basis for the cultural differences between Blacks and whites [sic]. . . .

Melanin endows Blacks with greater mental, physical and spiritual abilities — something which cannot be measured based on Eurocentric standards.

Miss Clarke also invited Tony Martin to speak at Harvard. The late Professor Martin was an Afrocentrist who also wrote The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews and accused “organized Jewry” of suppressing free speech. “Professor Martin is an intelligent, well-versed Black intellectual who bases his information on indisputable fact,” Kristen Clarke told the Harvard Crimson in 1994. I doubt a white person who promoted such “indisputable facts” would ever run the Civil Rights Division.

Joe Biden’s nominee for associate attorney general is Vanita Gupta, a first-generation citizen who will be the “first woman of color” in this job. She wants a “new paradigm of public safety.” Last summer, she said the government should be “shrinking the footprint of the criminal legal system in black and brown peoples’ lives.” She seems to want a bigger footprint whites peoples’ lives.

In 2017, just after Unite the Right rally, Vanita Gupta and Kristen Clarke co-wrote an editorial demanding more FBI scrutiny of “white supremacist groups.” “The spike in hate groups and hate incidents makes clear that we must combat the root causes of those crimes,” they wrote. They cited no “root causes,” but they insisted the FBI be “dedicated to fully investigating hate crimes and the domestic terrorism of white supremacist groups.”

Critical race legal theory has infiltrated the courts. We can expect President Biden to nominate liberal judges sympathetic to it. Just as “colorblindness” has gone from being anti-racism to racism, under critical race law, justice must not be blind. Your race, sex, and political ideology can held against you — or for you.

I am not here to tell you to “buy guns and ammo,” like so many so-called mainstream conservatives, including Matt Walsh and Kurt Schlichter. They’re gearing people up for a conflict without a plan. Gun ownership is important, but let’s not kid ourselves about armed uprisings. Are “patriots” going to slaughter police officers or soldiers who are just doing their jobs? Did armed demonstrations like the one in Richmond last year stop lawmakers from passing gun control laws? Waving around guns we won’t use is pointless.

Instead, do harder things. First, don’t give them excuses. Obey the law. The law isn’t applied fairly, but don’t make it easy for them. Naïve Americans who occupied the Capitol and thought they would be treated like BLM protesters are learning their lesson. Don’t post about “militias” or imagined uprisings on Facebook. Prosecutors and journalists will take even obvious jokes seriously (or at least pretend to). Anarcho-tyranny means tyranny against you and indulgence for others.

Second, build networks that focus on peaceful cooperation and survival. Buy land. Move closer to like-minded people. Run for local office or get your friends to. We need to build a nation from the ground up.

Third, secede mentally. The regime does not represent you. You can obey its authority without admitting its legitimacy. It is not what the Founders wanted. Don’t joke, spread an edgy meme, or think that tyranny happens only somewhere else. It’s here.

This is not Stalin’s USSR; it’s more like East European in the 1980s. Our Social Credit System is worse than China’s. Regime media will attack us, the legal and financial systems will discriminate against us, and some of us — if the screws tighten enough — could face prison.

Benjamin Franklin supposedly said that we had a republic, if we could keep it. We didn’t. However, nations aren’t defined by a regime. A people can survive repression. It can survive violence. It can’t survive loss of identity.

We’re a stateless, occupied people. However, we’re still a people. If we do what we must, I have utter faith we will rise again and take control of our destiny.

First published on American Renaissance on January 29, 2021.

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Gregory Hood has been active in conservative groups in the US. He is a staff writer for American Renaissance. His work is syndicated on the Unz Review and here at Occidental Dissent.


  1. I would wait with announcing mass panic and end of the world for our side.

    “”…This comes just days after the government mustered 25,000 Guardsmen to fight off an imaginary white supremacist army….”””

    White Army is a myth but Antifa and BLM are very real . When their demands will be not filled fast enough they may arrange one wonderful peaceful protest .

    Those soldiers may not be there because of our side or just for lunacy. Liberal left has grown over the head and maybe our side does not know how strong Antifa and BLM really are.

  2. The mask is off. The US Government isn’t even trying to hide their Anti-White hatred anymore. The “insurrection” seemed to be the tipping point. Ironic, Trump did more for us by leaving office than did in 4 years of being in office.

  3. Re: “South Africa as a model. Of course, South Africa is the best proof that multiracialism is a disaster”:

    South Africa is evidence that capitalist imperialism leads inevitably to multiracial, or multiethnic, disaster. But the United States is the epitome of capitalist imperialist multiracial/ethnic disaster. Larry Romanoff overstates the case only slightly: “The entire concept of American ‘nationality’ is based on this perverted political religion, creating an extremely ideological national identity that is reinforced almost daily to prevent its collapse. But it’s all they have. To be an American is not to be bound by a common race or language, nor by history, nor by culture or tradition. In all these, Americans are empty, devoid of culture and civilisation, lacking common traditions, beliefs or history. Americans have only their substandard political religion to bind them together, and there is nothing else for them, no community or belonging beyond being a member of this “team”, their political ideology being the only adhesive. Their entire American existence is founded on this false ideological narrative, the entire regime predicated on these moralistic political-religious myths and fables. If we expose and destroy the myths, forcing Americans to face the bare truths of their nation, the entire narrative collapses, and if the narrative collapses, the regime cannot stand. Someone appropriately wrote that American patriotism may be best understood as the biggest case of mass hysteria in history. But again, it’s all they have. There is nothing else. This is all that anchors the individual lives. Their entire society, their identity, the very core of the American psyche, are all predicated on this hysterical orgy of an all-inclusive political religion. Because they have nothing else of substance as a people or a nation, this modern McCarthyism is all that prevents the collapse of the American identity. As someone pointed out, if France dissolves, the French people are still French. If America dissolves, Americans are nothing. From all these and much more, America is an extremely ideological country with American nationalism forming a powerful fabricated jingoism resting on the twin pillars of a dysfunctional and misrepresented multi-party political system and a brutal and self-serving capitalism”:

    • The Saker is over the top with his anti-America theme even though he does make some good points and is interesting to read. He neglects to mention that there is a substantial segment of the population energetically opposed to the fundamental policy of U.S. Government meddling everywhere as one example. There was cheerleading for both Gulf wars, 1990 and 2003 but there was also public opposition especially to the 2003 Iraq War as two examples.

      The steamrolling of public opposition to Government war policy has its limits which the Saker neglected to mention. There was substantial opposition to GWB II’s 2003 Iraq war from the beginning with immense distrust of the officially approved narrative that Saddam was behind 9/11 and other lies. As the war dragged on and casualties increased the U.S. Government was forced to retain troops past their enlistments (stop loss policy) and draw upon reserve and National Guard forces. The only alternative was conscription to raise the necessary troops but the Government wouldn’t consider it because of public opposition. GWB II’s popularity, at a high point after 9/11 plunged to nothing as his 2nd term ended.

      Trump capitalized upon public dissatisfaction with U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq and other places to get elected. This worried the establishment although of course Trump’s bark was worse than his bite and he did next to nothing.

      This public opposition to war is mirrored in public opposition to rigging financial markets and bailouts as the Game Stop fiasco shows. The ruling class still shoves their agenda through regardless of the regime in power but they are getting more opposition than ever before and their legitimacy has also eroded tremendously with the public, something the Saker doesn’t acknowledge. He also misses the real glue that holds the U.S. together, the dollar. When the Government ruins the dollar all bets are off.

    • @ anonymous , ” if america dissolves, americans are nothing”, sir, i would beg to differ to say the fucking least, you really have outdone yourself, this has got to be one for the record books, a creation of bile and venom not fit for decent society, too slander and slur my countrymen our republic and publickly at that. Shame, shame on you , i wont forget your insult, you should be shunned. Ugly, ugly thing to say.

      • Your Republic is dead and long gone and a good portion of your countrymen don’t care. But some people don’t like to face the truth.

  4. I didn’t expect that shovel-faced CHINK Christina Wong to speak such good Ingrish. She’s probably a spy for Peking. Never trust a slant-eyed Oriental!

  5. Brazen persecution of pro-white advocates was occurring under Trump’s watch and he didn’t lift a finger to stop it, if anything he accelerated it.

    It really boggles my mind how ostensibly pro-white people can still think the Trump movement has anything to offer us. Trump and MAGA was one big Jewish grift. When Trump’s shills fall afoul of the liberalism they pretended to fight our only reaction should be to laugh.

  6. Be of good cheer my friends: this cannot last for very much longer.

    The US is rapidly becoming “un-governable.”

    1. Most US cities are unlivable, post-battlefield, violent wastelands. Chicago alone had 789 murders for 2020. I would call that unlivable and the authorities are unable to control it.

    2. Thanks to the GOP tax cuts, taxes are going way down. Thanks to Dems (and the GOP) spending is going way up. The math doesn’t reconcile itself. So the US just prints money. (This doesn’t end well, just look at nations that did the exact same thing in history. )

    3. More immigration and “diversity” means more tribal warfare and ethnic conflict. Tito in the old Balkans was able to maintain a “peace” among Waring groups through communism, but that hold was tenuous. And, it is easier to keep the peace among different groups when there is a shared history going back more than 900 years. (We share NO such history with Nigerians and Somalians who are flooding into the US.)

    In short, DC (like ancient Rome) is going to quickly overextend it’s reach both in policing and in keeping the economy going.
    I don’t see this “woke party” lasting into the wee hours of the morning.
    Just ask the Romans or the Serbs.

  7. You know you are in clown world when you realize that BLM has been nominated for a Nobel peace prize.

    • We do live in a evil clown world how can a anarchist group who destroyed statues and burned down businesses and damaged infrastructure up to 100 billion dollars get a freaking noble peace prize?!

      Not to mention the violence and killing from the mob during these “protests” In order to understand clown world you have to understand finkelthink and the heebs lust for chaos and destroying everything good in this world

  8. The idiot U.S. Government is antagonizing Russia and China, threatening Burma, Iran and other countries while financial markets are under tremendous strain all at the same time. The U.S. Government is also weakening the over stretched military with transgender bullshit and antagonizing the ethnic core of the nation, Whites. These are illogical, contradictory policies followed by one regime after another in Washington that will one day blow up on the Government in a very bad way.

    When that day comes that the idiot U.S. Government will expect Whites to immediately serve it without reservation. This lack of self awareness on the part of the ruling class, especially the colored members of the ruling class is truly an amazing spectacle. The ruling class seems oblivious to the fact that it has sold off the industrial base, grossly indebted the Government to the point of bankruptcy and fundamentally weakened the nation to the point of dissolution in a crisis with its diversity/multiculturalism quasi-religion which demonizes Whites. They act as though this is the U.S.A. of 1960 with immense strategic power and a unified, coherent polity.

    Those days are long gone but the Government is recklessly pursuing foreign and domestic policies as though there were no limits as to what the country can still do. If Whites just stay home during the next crisis and don’t participate regardless of the propaganda launched at us the Government will fail. This is the only thing Whites should do, stand aside and let the colored folks run things by themselves. It’s hard to believe that President Kuntmala Harris could rally the country in a crisis like JFK did in 1962. The results would be hilarious if they weren’t also so tragic.

  9. Bad take.

    The regime already repressed pro-Whites very harshly during the Trump administration. It’s not something that’s in the future, it’s something that already happened and that conservatives chose to ignore.

    Pro-Whites already lost their constitutional rights during the Trump administration. Pro-Whites were targeted unjustly and for purely political reasons, with the intent of sabotaging their ability to compete as a political force. The Zionists knew exactly what they were doing.

    What’s happening now is that those same tools of repression are being deployed against:

    a) vile Zionist criminals associated with the Trump administration

    b) reactionary liberals who fedpost on social media

    While the regime remains unjust and illegitimate, this is an obvious **improvement** over the previous situation, where pro-whites were the only ones being repressed and their repression was ignored.

    Pro-Whites should not **volunteer** to absorb repression that would otherwise be directed towards their political rivals. Let those who chose to destroy their lives for Trump face the consequences of their actions… on their own.

  10. Douglass Mackey is not a White advocate. He is a Republican advocate and a Jewish advocate.

    The capitol rioters are not White advocates either. They are Trump advocates, platinum plan advocates, criminal justice reform advocates, zionist advocates, billionaire advocates, and Lady MAGA advocates.

    None of these people have anything to do with White identity or White advocacy, except in a negative way as being a hindrance to both.

    • ^^^

      The paid shills or groundhog day boomers who keep trying to link WN with the Republican Party are political AIDS..

      The Republican Party is “The party of Whites” in that they use White voters to get into power, and when in power they ignore Whites, and suck up to minorities, and then they start losing.

  11. Here’s a photo showing the bias and wholesale political corruption of the Biden Justice Department, on one of this article’s topics

    Photo is of the Kristina Wong vs Ricky Vaughn tweet postings side-by-side … same posting at same time for the 8 Nov 2016 election that Trump won … both posted the same ‘you can just text your vote!’ goof

    Biden DOJ calls this ‘harmless humour’ if posted by an anti-Trump ‘woman of colour’, as the Chinese girl calls herself in her video on the tweet

    But the exact same post is ‘felony crime misleading voters’ bringing federal indictment if by a pro-Trump white guy



    • I didnt realize the voter dynamic here. A dipshit black girl was on an image. That’s what did Ricky in. He might have got away with the jest if he’d not used a plausible dumb looking black model there.

  12. The whole “Constitutional Republic” thing is long gone in the USA. You no longer have Freedom of Speech (especially on Social Media) if you have Conservative, Pro South, or White Nationalist views. Now the Civic Nationalists are being targeted and deleted. This is a sad situation for many young people who got caught up in the Trumper wing for 4 plus years. How many people was arrested for acting crazy in Washington D.C. ??? Got caught up in a planned out invasion of the Capital that could very well have been launched by left wing extremists for the benefit of the Democratic Party and ZOG. Now this young activist has been arrested for posting Memes….true or not. We can talk about it…however the lesson is….I agree…stay dang Legal. Don’t break the Law and don’t talk about breaking the Law. We live in a World that has a hard time telling the difference between actual Violent Actions vs people who talk about Violent Actions. Just don’t do either…..focused on Free Speech, Peaceful Activism, and Voting. Have respect for the other side and demand respect in return. Make your Political Movement look good not bad in the World. Deo Vindice !

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