House Votes To Remove Marjorie Taylor Greene From Committee Assignments

She is crazy as a loon.

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — The House on Thursday exiled Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from congressional committees, blacklisting the first-term Georgian for endorsing the executions of Democrats and spreading dangerous and bigoted misinformation even as fellow Republicans rallied around her.

The House voted 230 to 199 to remove Ms. Greene from the Education and Budget Committees, with only 11 Republicans joining Democrats to support the move. The action came after Ms. Greene’s past statements and espousing of QAnon and other conspiracy theories had pushed her party to a political crossroads. …”

I don’t know.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has grown on me since she started speaking out in defense of the White race. Donald Trump was a massive disappointment on that front. She also hasn’t droned on for three years about QAnon like the Democrats did with the Russia conspiracy hoax.

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  1. Leo Frank

    13 year Irish Girl Mary Phagan throat slit and raped…You can google the autopsy photo of Mary Phagan


    • Patrick of Greenport – Precisely. Every. Single. Time.

      “The similarities between WallStreetBets and the wider crackdown on conservatives after the Capitol riot are striking. In both cases, authorities flagrantly rewrote the rules on the fly to benefit themselves. In both cases, it’s clear these newly rewritten rules only selectively apply, and will never be used against those who enjoy favor with the powerful. America didn’t get a border wall because “walls don’t work,” but Congress will get a wall to protect itself. Antifa is “just an idea,” but everybody even three degrees removed from the Capitol riots must be targeted as a would-be “insurrectionist.” With both WallStreetBets and the Capitol, the reaction is only partly about the event itself. It’s also about sending a message: What they can do to them they can do to you as well. If they get away with these stunts, they will use the same exploits again and again.

      What’s their end goal? There likely isn’t one. The corrupt ruling class of the Globalist American Empire has become so flimsy and degraded that long-term planning is practically beyond it. Everything is emotional fragility, brittleness, and overreaction to immediate events. But even with no plan, the end result is easy to foresee: A society where nobody dares to speak or act, publicly or anonymously, without perfect ideological adherence. A country where the peasants are kept in line.”

  2. Good point her not making certain stuff a central focus of her career or Schtick. White peoples will have to take a stand at some point. Toads like a Tapper have too much room to act.

  3. Attacking Israel or jews even if it’s harmless is political suicide. Both parties will look to destroy her because both parties answer to AIPAC and other jew lobbies. If that doesn’t scream jew privilege, I don’t know what does. Even Blacks aren’t safe from criticizing the jew.

    • @John as far as I read up about this weirdo is that she is best friends with Laura Loomer and is a self proclaimed Zionest

  4. Unless Whites enthusiastically support their own Genocide they’re naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews. That’s her “sin”. White self hatred is sick!

  5. She is 100% correct that they are attacking her because she is White.

    They call her a “9/11 Truther” which puts her squarely with the majority of Americans. 9/11 Truth = Popular and Good Optics.

  6. Stripping her of committee assignments?

    Um what about her constituents who voted for her to represent them? This is an attack on the voters who send these folks to represent us!

    People voted for Steve King and wanted his quasi-White Nationalist beliefs represented.

    People voted for Jim ‘beam me up Scotty’ Traficant because he talked about the corrupt federal reserve!

    Right-thinking Americans will once again become livid, and just like in 1994 & 2010 will beat the Democrats until morale improves!

  7. Any person on the Right is trillion times better than anyone on the Left. The person on the Right (most of the time) has our back but the ones on the Left want to totally wipe us off the face of the earth or brainwash us to force us to become useful idiots to contribute to their satanic dystopia…

    May God protect her, the RINOs sure won’t. They will offer her as a sacrifice to atone for all the “sins” these fake “servants of the people” think have been committed because they are all degenerate Lefties at heart.

  8. Giant Jewish Space lasers is retarded. It’s hilarious because she actually discredits some valid antisemitism with her shit. And then her QAnon shit is there.

    I haven’t looked too much into this woman. Maybe I should.

    I do like her actually standing up for the majority. She’s at least doing something. But it’s like corn in a pile of shit. It’s still shit at the end of the day.

    I get irritated when anyone uses the term “identity politics.” A shit term made up by Jordan Peterson.

    • Also her “muh free speech” is tiring. Free speech shouldn’t be endless. Every society has boundaries. And begging your enemies for speech is already proving you lost before you’ve begun. I’m sure you’d have issue with people generating hatred against the white majority under notion of free speech.

    • This Marjorie Taylor Greene Lady should be supported by ANYBODY who wants to protect & maintain our Constitution & the God-given rights that it bestows up ALL Americans!,Of course,she did buy into that Qanon “crap”–though,just the other day,she made a speech calling that PARTICULAR “conspiracy theory”,into question;as for her “take” on the mass-shootings of recent years,well!,even there,I think she’s having SECOND thoughts all round…anywho!,in the end,she’s Definitely a congresswoman to take,much more SERIOUSLY,(with ANY,or,all luck,who knows?,maybe,in a few SHORT years,she might be “banging” on them White House doors,HERSELF!

  9. Only eleven house republicans voted to strip Greene of her assignments. Only ten house republicans voted to impeach Trump. Only THREE voted to to BOTH.

    John Katko NY
    Adam Kitzenger IL
    Fred Upton MI

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