Neoliberal Joe Delivers First Major Foreign Policy Speech

Donald Trump didn’t start a war as president.

He came close to starting a war with Iran. He was pushing his luck and we will never know how a Trump second term would have turned out. After rejoining the World Health Organization and the Paris Climate Agreement, Joe Biden is off to a mixed start with his first moves on foreign policy.


“Washington (CNN) – President Joe Biden announced ‘America is back’ and declared ‘diplomacy is back at the center’ of US foreign policy as he announced the US will end all support for offensive operations in Yemen and will appoint an envoy to focus on the long-standing conflict, one of several changes he announced in his first major foreign policy speech since taking office.

Biden’s announcement at the State Department was just one of the significant changes he said he will make to US foreign policy, including a freeze on troop redeployments from Germany, and raising the cap for refugees allowed into the US. …

Biden also announced his intention to increase the number of refugees admitted into the United States after years of historical lows under the Trump administration, and fulfill a campaign promise in doing so, two sources familiar with the plans told CNN.The Trump administration set a refugee cap of 15,000 for this fiscal year, the lowest since 1980. It’s unclear by how much the Biden administration will increase that level, though the President has pledged to set an annual admissions cap of 125,000. Whatever the refugee cap level, it must be approved by the President. …”

The Good:

Joe is ending support for Saudi Arabia’s stupid war in Yemen which Blumpf and the Republican Senate backed to the hilt. He has also extended the START treaty with Russia.

The Bad:

Joe is raising the refugee camp from 15,000 to 125,000 so that all the people who been displaced by this stupid war can move here. He is also freezing Trump’s premature withdrawal of troops from Germany and issuing a presidential memo to repair our moral leadership on LGBTQIA issues.

Now that populism is over with Donald Trump’s defeat, resettling transsexual, intersex, asexual and questioning refugees from the warzone in Yemen is at the top of the foreign policy agenda. It wasn’t at the top of my agenda. It is clear which wing of the Democratic Party wants this.

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  1. Another 800,000 plus filed unemployment claims this week: the employment and jobs trend in the US is going down, down, down. Business are going belly up and many, like Chipotle Grill, are building new drive-through restaurants with 1/2 the staff they used to employ: this is the future.

    Where are 125,000 plus refugees every year going to work?

    And in Syria, Biden is playing with fire.

    The Russian military is 10x stronger and more advanced than just a few years ago. They are securing deep water ports in Syria and have no intention of leaving. Joe and Israel are going to have to get used to Syria being a Russian base, otherwise, it will be a brutal bloody fight of Russian combat troops vs a diverse, inclusive, transgender US military. The US public with not find a war like that to their liking.

  2. The open intent of the US military is to demographically eliminate White Working Class Males in the US Military…. they will be replaced with muslim and african immigrants.

    They Democratic Party is in an open genocidal war against the Native Born White American Working Class…They want OUR People DEAD!!!!!

    And the Democrats want Christian Russia dead also.

    What happens when a US Military Army Soldier opens fire on Russian Military Soldiers in Syria? A kind an gentle restrained Vladimir Putin won’t be tolerated by the Russian Military.

    Leo Frank

    13 year old Irish Girl Mary Phagan’s autopsy photo….you can google it


    And you toss in Adam Schiff and Jennifer Rubin….


  3. Dementia Joe is simultaneously continuing to risk war in the Near East with Iran (for the benefit of The Usual Suspects) while also antagonizing China. However foolish both policies are this foolishness is compounded by his anti-White, Red Guard struggle sessions his huge, obese, negro Secretary of Defense has undertaken against the White members of the Army, Navy Air Force and Marines. These are the core of these forces, these are the young men who make the difference between success and failure, victory and defeat and the U.S. Government is telling them to ‘get lost’.

    This same government may very well plunge into a war in either or perhaps both places at the same time and have no choice but to rely upon its diverse, globohomo force to prevail. Good luck with that. When the Government then turns to Whites and says “get your ass in the military now” after disaster befalls its diverse military Whites should respond with a resounding: No! If Trump, Bill Clinton, Rush Limbaugh and millions of others could dodge the draft in the 1960’s – early 1970’s then turnabout is fair play.

  4. “which wing of the Democratic party wants this”

    It is the whole party. There are no “wings” in the Democratic party. Feminism, trannyism, anti-white invective, liberalism, and rich bourgeois elitism are the essence of that party. There is not a single shred of the Democratic party undominated by these forces.

    Stomaching this woke pest on a daily basis is not worth a $1,000 check, sorry. It is not worth enduring their equivalent of failure theater over student loans, UBI, and Sanders getting ritually humiliated for not worshipping blacks with his every breath while the same rich get richer. Boomers are right, the Republican party is preferable to this shit. There is a very good reason why whites vote Republican despite all of the GOP’s treason. I would rather have Trump effectively parodying Zionism than the nauseating Democratic crisis acting and bourgeois liberal moralism.

    • @ different anonymous:.

      You are correct that the Democrat party is just one wing. The Republican party is the other wing of the imperialist beast.

    • ” Boomers are right, the Republican party is preferable to this shit.”

      Look, if your kid wants to smoke cigarettes, you got to make them smoke a whole pack at once. You’re not an American, you’re a White man living in America. Let America smoke its whole pack of fags, it might just get lung cancer.

  5. “Donald Trump didn’t start a war as president.”

    I disagree. He didn’t start a full on conventional war but he did start a cold war with China and impose deadly sanctions on Iran during a pandemic which might as well be called an act of war. And let’s not forget the assassination of foreign officials and scientists that got Trump’s stamp of approval. The missile strikes on Syria were also unofficial acts of war.

    I consider it a miracle that he didn’t initiate a major new conflict but it was not for lack of trying. I think in Trump’s case he just didn’t have a valid pretext. Can you imagine if 9/11 had occurred on Trump’s watch?

    • You are correct. Of course new wars were initiated, and others were increased, during the Trump administration. The U.S.’s several attempts to invade Venezuela using mostly foreign proxies and too few supporting U.S. troops failed and are forgotten. It is tiresome and probably fruitless to go on listing examples for those who do not care.

    • Biden will almost certainly authorize drone strikes on domestic targets. Trump did the minimum on foreign policy. Give him what credit he deserves there.

  6. “Some good news”? Not! It is not “good news” that Biden has announced the U.S.’s intention to stop openly, actively, assisting its Saudi proxies genociding the people of Yemen for control of large untapped reserves of oil. It only means that the extremely poor, starving, cholera-ridden Houtis have been fighting back so fiercely and successfully that the Empire has decided to change its strategy to try other more devious methods to kill them.

    Or it might be just words, like announcements of so-called “troop withdrawals” from other U.S.-invaded countries where the U.S. is in fact ramping up its occupations. Meanwhile ISIS is on the move again in Syria and Iraq, with U.S., Israeli and Saudi support, U.S. troop convoys moving into Syria, and U.S. helicopters are ferrying ISIS troops into stealth positions to surprise-attack Iraqi and Syrian troops from the rear. Meanwhile Israel is increasing its missile and drone bombardments of Syria day by day, and the U.S. is making full use of Al Qaeda in Yemen. The super-wealthy Emeratis are helping the U.S. and Israel, and their prize may be a future tourist industry foothold on the Yemeni island of Socotra.

    • Presidential election in Ecuador today: The U.S. is supporting the capitalist candidate who is a banker , while the majority of people want to elect the semi-socialist candidate Andres Arauz, who promises to follow the path of former President Correa, the nation’s first socialist president who succeeded a typically bloody, elitist, U.S. puppet dictatorship, clamped down hard on exploitation and pollution by U.S. oil corporations, gave asylum to Julian Assange, and was finally driven out of Ecuador by U.S./CIA lawfare tactics and replaced by U.S. puppet Moreno who pretended to be a socialist until after he was elected, and then revoked Julian Assange’s asylum, removed restrictions on U.S. oil corporations, and let the U.S. begin building a large new military base.

      U.S./CIA lawfare “hybrid coup” tactics worked very well in Brazil, putting the people’s choice out of the race and installing Jair Bolsonaro.

      However the U.S./CIA hybrid coup in Bolivia, often called the Lithium Coup (because Bolivia has the world’s largest reserves of lithium. desired by the U.S.) that drove out Bolivia’s first socialist and indigenous president seems to have been undone temporarily by massive display of the will of the people, not just at the ballot box but by massive street protests and fearless economic resistance. Bolivia has the lithium U.S. corporations want so the struggle will continue.

      Venezuela is blessed with the world’s largest oil reserves, and new discoveries of lighter crude on its eastern border make it even more certain that it will remain under constant hybrid war attack until a puppet government is installed.

      Foreign policy is most important! It is certain that the Kamala-and-Joe administration will continue the foreign policy of Trump, Obama, Dick Cheney, the Clintons, and all other U.S. administrations.

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