What Is The Left These Days?

Editor’s Note: Jimmy Dore is doing a great job making fun of these idiots.

Until a few weeks ago, I had never heard of Shoe0nhead who is a popular leftwing YouTuber. She didn’t show up on my radar screen until we started talking more about Huey Long on Twitter in light of the shifting politics of wealth redistribution. My wife is Huey Long’s biggest fan.

I’ve been a Kingfish fan for years. I consider Huey Long to be the greatest of all American populists. No one in American history posed a greater threat to the oligarchy than Huey Long in the 1930s. I briefly backed Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign in 2019 because he was running on Universal Basic Income which was a core part of Huey Long’s Share Our Wealth program. It quickly became clear though that Yang is a technocrat who lacked Huey Long’s political skills and lost traction in the Democratic debates. The Yang Gang could never breakthrough and win over Bernie Sanders supporters.

After COVID hit at the beginning of 2020 and Joe Biden locked up the Democratic nomination, the Yang Gang scored a huge victory by pushing the idea of a “temporary UBI” into the mainstream and it was embraced by Trump and included in the CARES Act which was passed last March. The $1,200 stimulus check proved to be wildly popular and transformed the politics of wealth redistribution in the United States. By December 2020, Bernie Sanders and Josh Hawley were both pushing for a second $1,200 stimulus check. Donald Trump came out in support of a $2,000 stimulus check to screw Mitch McConnell and the GOP Senate. Neither Trump or Sanders had ran on the issue during their own elections.

I was thrilled when Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff won the Georgia Senate races by running on $2,000 stimulus checks. It proved what I suspected which is that Huey Long’s politics had been summoned from the grave by COVID and there was now majority support for a populist candidate to run on the Share Our Wealth program. Across a whole range of issues, there are enough lower and middle income Independent and Republican voters who support Universal Basic Income, universal health care and free college to make the Left irrelevant. The center of gravity on those issues has shifted to the Right.

If the Center is now where wealth redistribution overlaps with opposition to wokeness, where does that leave the cultural Left? It leaves them pissed off because their partners don’t need them anymore when anywhere between 50% and 80% of the country supports their issues. In fact, it makes them a massive albatross whose cultural toxicity to moderate voters is holding back political change.

Kayla Labyrinth:

“Rape culture isn’t real”
“The wage gap is a myth”
“The patriarchy is not real”
“White privilege is not real.

The only privilege is class privilege”These are a few memorable quotes by the YouTuber “Shoe0nhead” (June Lapine), a self proclaimed “SocDem” “anti-SJW” YouTuber with 1.5 million subscribers and over 400k Twitter followers who has somehow successfully slithered her way into legitimate leftist spaces after 5 long years of desperately trying.

Shoe0nhead built her YouTube career off the momentum of “GamerGate”, the misogynistic harassment campaign that gave birth to the alt-right and eventually helped get Donald Trump elected. But there’s a chance most of her fans today don’t know that. In fact, most of her fans today don’t know anything at all about Shoe. …

Shoe hid in a trojan horse and the online left opened the gates to a really disgusting new era of left wing online discourse. An openly misogynistic, “edgy”, horny, dirtbag brand of leftism that is indistinguishable from 4chan culture and has been poisoning our Twitter experience for about 8 months now. A brand of leftism where it’s ok if you call Nancy Pelosi a bitch, as long as you’re for wealth redistribution! …”

What if your idea of “social justice” is economic fairness or wealth redistribution, but you don’t necessarily like the woke middle class leftwing culture war and ritual shaming stuff? What if you don’t like walking on eggshells and censoring yourself and living in fear of “associating” with the wrong person or liking the wrong tweet or post because the Joke Police might come for you?

There isn’t a single “Left” or “Right.” There are at least half a dozen different clusters of voters each of which have their own values and agenda. It is more insightful to think of the electorate in terms of their interests and priorities than their race or ethnicity. Compare the Disaffected Democrats and Market Skeptic Republicans. This data is out of date and comes from the last Pew typology in 2017:

The groups in the middle of the electorate range from the Hub City Working Class through the Heartland Working Class. The two poles are the professional bourgeoisie (the Solid Liberals or DILEs) and the small business bourgeoisie (the Core Conservatives or True Cons) who control both parties. The poles are respectively dominated by the managerial elite and oligarchy above them.

No one in American politics is more alienated from the system than “Disaffected Democrats.” Solid Liberals are twice as likely to feel represented by the Democratic Party. They run the show.

It is clear that whoever is attacking Shoe0nhead in this article falls into the “Solid Liberal” or “Democratic Independent Liberal Elite” (DILE) category. It is a very distinct group of people on the Left who are overwhelmingly middle class, who used to be Republicans and whose politics are defined by bizarre cultural issues and their love of scolding and tone policing others. They are people who are fundamentally preoccupied with ridiculous displays of their own virtue as opposed to economics.

Why are the libtards so terrified?

“And she has, as far as I’m aware, been an advocate for left wing policies such as universal healthcare, unions, free college and so on. But that alone does not make someone a leftist and we need to stop pretending it does. Richard Spencer supports some of these things. Leftism is also about protecting the most vulnerable in society. It’s not about shoo-shoo’ing away social issues like sexism and racism by labeling them “identity politics”. …

I don’t know about you, but as a disabled jewish lesbian I don’t really feel comfortable being in the same space as admitted class reductionists who dislike feminism and think my human rights are a “distraction”. (Maybe that’s just me!) …

Chances are you’re probably aware of what has been called “the nazbol vortex”. The fear of leftists slipping into a red-brown alliance with fascists.

Shoe has always been one of the most prominent members of the NazBol vortex, in my opinion. Right next to The Red Scare podcast and CumTown who are tied for first place.  …

This is a growing worry, and it should be. Historically, red brown alliances lead to nothing good. They lead to fascism. Shoe, Jimmy, Krystal, Glenn..are strasserites who would all be killed on the night of the long knives. But I guess owning the libs is more important as always. …”

Tulsi Gabbard, Glenn Greenwald, Aimee Terese, Jimmy Dore, Krystal Ball and everyone who falls in the Left Populist space is being accused of “fascism” by the libtards in the Democratic Party. There is nothing unusual about “Red-Brown” or “Farmer-Labor coalitions.” The New Deal coalition from FDR through LBJ was destroyed by these people and it included ACTUAL “white supremacists.” They have nothing to show their shrill cultural politics except for polarizing the country to the point where nothing can pass Congress anymore. We’ve been stuck in an endless loop of Baby Boomer “conscience” politics since the Clinton era which has returned us to Gilded Age levels of immigration, corruption and income inequality.

Ask yourself what libtards have accomplished to advance wealth redistribution and economic fairness and to regulate and break up corporate monopolies in the last 30 years as opposed to Woodrow Wilson, FDR and LBJ. They are modernists who are obsessed with the “transformation of consciousness.” They don’t seem to even know why they are so obsessed with psychology and thought policing and the “harm” and “trauma” caused by thoughts, words and people who have slightly different opinions – again, they are motivated by a smug sense of class difference and virtue signaling – as opposed to practical realities like, say, the corporate tax rate or stimulus checks. They have conflated religion and class with politics.

Once again, I don’t know any of these people. I’m just following the drama as a curious, amused outsider and populist who has been looking into the demographics of the Left and the different strata that compose the Democratic Party. I now distinguish between the woke scolds and the wealth redistributionists in much the same way that I differentiate MAGA and the True Cons. The woke scolds are unpleasant people who think they are better than everyone else and should sit in judgement of everyone else even their own political allies with their list of -isms and -phobias. They are the reason why the Democratic brand is so toxic while redistributionist policies are so much more popular. It has become a coastal elite party that is incapable of cobbling together a governing majority in Congress.

“You cannot be “anti-sjw” and a socialist, you just can’t. Social justice is an integral part to socialism. There is no such thing as being “anti-woke” and a leftist. …”

You can’t?

What does modernism, political correctness or wokeness have to do with social justice? What does it have to do with populist ideas like wealth redistribution? What does the term really mean?

If the hall monitors of America were stuffed into a political locker, it would transform the politics of this country overnight. They are the ones who are constantly stirring up racial and cultural polarization for their own financial and political benefit. Cutting them loose would depolarize our politics. They are the cause of the biggest paradox in American politics which is that the country is simultaneously bitterly polarized over “culture war” issues, but overwhelmingly united on major issues like $2,000 checks. We are ruled by an oligarchy that no one wants and which grows ever more resented!

How should I put this?

Millions of people agree that the economic system is rigged to the advantage of the rich and powerful and favor everything from raising corporate taxes to universal health care to ending stupid wars, but they hate middle class libtards and refuse to vote for the Democrats because of their toxic culture war agenda. So far, Neoliberal Joe has been proving them right by pushing woke, trans, open borders and climate change extremism so hard which are all issues pushed by the professional wing of the party.

Would any of these White men fit into the modern Democratic Party with its woke, college educated middle class purity spiralers and witch hunters? Would they be accused of being “far right” collaborationists with “white supremacy” and expelled from the circle of virtue and respectability? I don’t even think LBJ would be good enough for the Twitter mob.

The ancestors of these people have a long history of utopian moral crusades and conflating moral purity with politics and demonizing everyone who disagrees with them. The Salem Witch Trials and Prohibition are just the two best examples of people who have this morose mindset. They are more interested in labeling Trumpers “domestic terrorists” and launching drone strikes on them than in finding common ground with them to pass, say, universal health care, reforming the tax code or an infrastructure bill. They seem to be more miserable now that Donald Trump is gone. It is much easier to cash in and rant and rave about “fascism” and “bigotry,” to stir up panic and hysteria and to topple statues of the founders of your own political party and tradition than to advance your own ostensible agenda. They don’t have the political skills of LBJ. Their only talent is moral preening and alienating people.

I’m betting this sort of politics will be shown to be a dead end. The unhappiest, the unfriendliest, the most hateful, humorless and intolerant people in the country by far who live “back East” will do what they always do and alienate and repulse everyone else confederated with them. They are incapable of getting out of their own way to compromise and get anything done in Washington.

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  1. “Ruined our Twitter experience…” 2016 was a golden age for Twitter. They built an echo chamber post 2016 and called it dialectic.

  2. “Humans are social animals who need connection , a larger purpose , a sense of belonging.

    Modern society, especially with COVID, deprives millions of that – religion, small towns, communities, etc.

    So political identity replaces it. But that identity is only about tribal loyalty.”

    Wow a gay liberal guy obnoxious who constantly moans about “muh free speech” has a better understanding than most other libtards (and Conservatards for the matter) about human nature and what man needs. Even better than most Nationalists when it comes to “a larger purpose,” not just a sense of belonging and community. I’m shocked.

      • “as a disabled jewish lesbian…” Isn’t that an oxymoron, times 6 million?

        I want all mentally and morally unfit, eugenicized. Eugenics isn’t bad, but abortion is.
        Just ask Israel…. who practices both.

  3. “climate change extremism”

    Gotta disagree with you bud. They’re not doing anything about it. There’s no extremism even there. I wish it was extremism.

  4. “People who have argued “It’s okay to go on Stormfront TV to challenge their views” + “It’s okay to go on Stormfront TV to get Trump to pardon Assange” ought to contend w/going on Storrmfront TV *today* to salute demagogues and recite far-right disinfo:”

    These people are insane. The best token I can give this is that Fox gives some racial red meat on occasions and feeds into racial resentment that the majority (rightfully) has. It then steers it into reactionary color blindness antiracism (that is no longer held by antiracists of today). It acts as blunt against racial nationalists and steers the population into something safe while tapping into angst on a superficial level. It even funnels Nationalists, of all stripes, who bank their hopes on the perpetual mirage that people will drift closer to them with Fox News. I would hardly call Fox “Stormfront TV.”

    Read the twitter feed. These people are insane. Cassandra Fairbanks is “far-right?” If that’s what they consider “far-right,” then I wonder what they think when they meet the real “far-right?”

    For starters, people (as they call) “far-right” are not averse to label “Authoritarian” as a pejorative. That’s a good litmus test. But someone who believes in duty, a higher purpose, and the realization that man yearns to serve. Order structures and orients us. Hierarchy forces us to look up and not down. It’s an aspect of human nature, like Freedom, and expression of life itself. These people have no clue. Ignorance is bred in their echo chambers unabated.

      • Not sure why the music video didn’t work. 🙁

        Just youtube “Two Steps From Hell – Race to Durango”

      • Your “bad” video has already been disappeared by YouTube. But in looking I ran across this 60’s Jesus music garage group from the U.K. with an almost “wall of sound” effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3U0NLUbhr8A and an old garage band from this state (Pennsylvania) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1txImzOwtQ My favorites, though, are English and Welsh folk music groups such as the Watersons, and the Albion Band: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtgNnyuWMmU What music is in your blood? And the words are always most important, more important than the sound that goes with the words.

        • Funny, I’m the opposite. I tired of the typical lyrics in general and the typical chorus verse chorus and music of our era. Was into 90’s stuff. I rediscovered my love for music and learned that often the best music has no need for words, it what lies behind, that dares us to dream and dares us further to adventure.

          Heard of Epic Music? It’s a genre of music. Theatrical music. Basically new age classical. It’s my love and passion as far as music goes.

          My favorite composers is group “Two Steps from Hell (Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix).”

          As Two Steps from Hells says before every video, “Music makes you braver.”

          I named the song in the response to the broken video that didn’t work. Go check it out; You won’t be disappointed.

          Another one. No idea if it’ll work. It worked before. Not this time. Let’s see. (if not google Two Steps From Hell – Rise Above play this one loud 🙂 ). How do you just link the link without the entire video?

          • Theatrical, “epic,” “new age classical,” yes I see, or hear, what you mean.

            I’m different, extreme the other way. Music must communicate a good story or message, with words that must be clear, audible. Bardism…

    • “””…..These people are insane. Cassandra Fairbanks is “far-right?”….”””

      Clinically yes. But politically, they are very rational and know exactly what they do. They pushing society to the left. Of course, some badasses remain behind but generally society moves.

      Left thinks big. They do not pick up fight with some hardcore radical right. The push soft moderate masses. There is no point to fight with one radical right when you can move tens of million soft normies into left.

      I am sure that somewhere in the rural trailer park, there are still guys who call brown people by their proper name but 200 million whites forgot this word long ago and this is what matters. Put pressure on the soft normie. Normie never thinks, normie is only afraid.

      Normie understands only one thing. There are no White Nationalist great thinkers in Poland. But there are football fans who go after normie if normie behaves improperly.

      Libral screaming works like dog barking .. Normie does not understand but will be scared and obey.

  5. Very, very good post. I don’t agree with your personal position fully, but you are rational, accurate.

    The so-called left or so-called socialists of the U.S. and its Western satellites are not really left or socialist at all. They have a role to play, wittingly or not, to serve the system.

    I had not heard of “ShoeonHead,” so I did a quick search, from which I’ll share this exceprt: “Generally speaking, she aligns with liberalism but has also identified as left-libertarian and formerly apolitical. Despite taking a hard stance against social justice warriors, she’s also good friends with feminists and social justice advocates in real-life. She identifies as bisexual and one of her good childhood friends is FTM trans. She’s critical of MGTOW’s, TERF’s, MRA’s, and religious conservatives (…) She’s also admitted to wearing wigs to cover up her partially bald head, due to her suffering from trichotillomania. Sometimes abbreviated as ‘trich’, trichotillomania is a mental disorder where the sufferer pulls their own hair out impulsively. This is why June wears wigs, as she’s admitted to having trich on twitter”: https://youtube.fandom.com/wiki/Shoe0nHead Her long-time boyfriend is “Armoured Skeptic” https://youtube.fandom.com/wiki/Armoured_Skeptic who is associated with “Sargon of Aklkad.” This sort of research is a complete waste of time.

  6. The Eli Valley comic makes it all transparent.

    They need “Nazi-KKK” because without that Boogey-Man, guess who is no longer a “victim class” but just another group with “white privilege?”

    And if you stop discussing historical oppression, and start discussing the Current Year, Palestine is the oppressed minority and Israel – and their partisans like all those “liberal Zionist Jews” in the Democratic party – are the “New Nazi-KKKs.”

    Hence, the need to pretend that … Tucker Carlson and FOX News … are “secret Nazi-KKKs” who are riling up the “goyim” with “anti-semitic dog whistles about Wall Street.”

  7. The Democrats have always been solid on the Blue Dog Democrats wing of the party. However many more people should become Blue Dogs aka Moderate Democrats. As for Democrats in general….it’s always been good on Public Education, Parks, Funding for Roads, Social Security, Medicare, the Social Safety Net, the Environment, balanced on the Economy vs regulations, lower taxes for the Middle Class / Working Poor, and the list goes on. I’ll mention again the word FUNDING because that’s what’s the difference between Democrats vs Republicans. FUNDING. What I’ll never understand is why some people want a strong Government and a poor economy…..some people want limited / no Government and a strong economy. Some people want no government and everything be Capitalist in nature. Some people wanna shoot Capitalism and end it forever. Some people want even think about Socialism when we enjoy Socialism in one form or another…on a daily basis. The list goes on and on. Why live on the absolute extreme wings of Politics? When I think of leaders I think of FDR….that’s saying something as I consider myself a National Socialist in one form or another. However I’m not gonna fall off the cliff of political extremes and I think how FDR and the Democrats or old ran this Country was solid. We should have a strong Government, a strong Economy, strong Churches, strong Political organizations, strong Social clubs, strong Civic clubs, and the list goes on and on and on. We should see leadership regardless of party. We should Vote Leadership 100% of the time. We should take the good things about Democrats and Republicans and put them together. The Libertarians have a few good ideas. The Socialists have a few good ideas. Keep on going. The Middle is where Government is best run because it means practical solutions. We’re all better off with those candidates in office…..Practical Leaders with more Moderate views that can in one way or another…represent us all. Deo Vindice !

  8. Look, Andrew Yang…like Tulsi Gabbard,,,would massively increase the H1…L1 B Visa Program…essentially let in easily a 100 million Chinese youth into our America…..with Trump’s approval…..

    Andrew Yang is a Han Race Power Guy…And that is quite all right with the Democratic Party…

    Yang is way more than a neutral technocrat….

  9. Almost everyone hates the holier-than-thou “woke” commissars; the “disabled jewish lesbians” & the white-pelted bourgeois race traitor descendants of Puritan/abolitionist assholes, swaggering around denouncing, deplatforming & financially destroying people for not meekly going along with their never-ending (((Cultural Marxist))) diktats.

    Similar to what MacArthur did to the Japs in WWjew, they should be isolated and left to “die on the vine” by snatching populist economics free from being entangled with their corrosive anti-White poison. A new political leader/organization needs to relentlessly attack both them and their (((billionaire oligarch))) owners they screen & protect. This hypothetical leader should expose & mock the white race traitors among them for what they really are: social climbers desperate to distance themselves from their own prole origins by spitting venom on the “racist white trash” as a way to curry favor with the rich jew/goy leftist “elite” they idolize & long to join.

    Or course, even such a winning political program wouldn’t result in what I ultimately want: a White nation free of kikes, commies & their murderous mud weapons. But it would be a great step in the right direction.

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