PMC Hysteria

So many targets.

Now that Donald Trump is gone, what is there to fight about? Personally, I didn’t think he was doing a good job, but he is no longer the president. Joe is the president.


“As Republicans adjust to their diminished stature in Washington, they have been consumed by infighting over the party’s future, with opposing factions in open disagreement about how to deal with the rising tide of extremism on the right that grew out of Donald Trump’s presidency.

The debate has centered on the same questions that dominated national politics for the past four years. Did Trump transform the Republican Party into a cult of personality, destined to fall apart the moment he lost power? Or is Trumpism, far from being an aberration, part of a broader sea change in conservative politics …?

“Deprogram extremists”?

Technocratic neoliberalism gone wild …

Washington Post:

“Her brother couldn’t make it to the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, but she worried that he would join a new insurrection — that one day “he would be one of the people on TV.”

The woman in her 30s asked her family to make plans, she said, hoping to keep her brother busy. Then she contacted a nonprofit called Parents for Peace that seeks to pull people back from extremism, hoping to “save” him, after years of dismay at his hatred of Muslims and Mexicans and now alarm at his anger over the presidential election.

Dissecting her brother’s life and their relationship in weekly sessions, she started to wonder whether she was part of the problem. …”

“White supremacist soft power.”

When I say they are the most awful, miserable, unfriendliest, hypocritical, pretentious and blinkered people in the entire country, I am not exaggerating. They have no clue how they come across.

Lawfare Blog:

“President Biden has taken office amid a serious problem of white supremacist violent extremism. The storming of the U.S. Capitol cast this problem in stark relief. The crowd brandished hate symbols on banners and clothing, paraded the Confederate flag throughout the halls of the Capitol, and erected a noose at its steps. Many came armed and prepared for violence. While the rioters have dispersed, the threat persists. The Department of Homeland Security issued a warning on Jan. 27 that like-minded extremists could incite or commit violence in the first weeks of Biden’s presidency. The Jan. 13 federal Joint Intelligence Bulletin, which highlights terrorist threats to the homeland, warned of “emboldened” violent extremists and an “elevated” domestic terrorism threat persisting in 2021.  

The issue is not new for Biden. In his nomination speech, he explained that the white supremacist riot in Charlottesville was the very reason he decided to run for office, saying, “At that moment, I knew I’d have to run.”

Indeed, a certain sense of urgency about the problem is warranted: White supremacist and kindred hate-based terror attacks have skyrocketed approximately 250 percent in the West since 2014. The hard question is not whether the United States has a serious problem, but how the new team can counter what is an obvious trend. The United States built its post-9/11 counterterrorism toolkit to fight an enemy overseas. At home, though, while this toolkit contains many useful law enforcement instruments, it lacks good tools for deradicalizing Americans. Countering the threat will take understanding all dimensions of this radicalization, including one too often overlooked: white supremacists’ weaponization of soft power.  

At first glance, this claim may seem silly. For one thing, soft power is, well, soft. …”

It’s definitely not going anywhere in this Congress.

USA Today:

“For the past several Congresses, I’ve introduced the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act with Congressman Brad Schneider (D-IL). Our bill would establish offices to combat domestic terrorism at the Department of Justice, FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. And it would require these offices to regularly assess the domestic terrorism threat and focus their limited resources on the most significant threats. Crucially, the legislation would provide training and resources to assist state, local and tribal law enforcement in addressing domestic terrorism threats. …”

The Trump side has already decisively won.

New York Times:

“In other words, how can we save the Republican Party, now in the midst of a fight over its confused and darkened soul? Take it away from Republican Party activists and give it to the people. We already have a way to make it work. …”

If you want to save the Republican Party, run against these people! It unifies the Republican Party and resonates with Independents. You can’t go wrong attacking the media.

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  1. What’s funny about this story is that I was caught unawares that these fucking Qtards would actually try to actually do something. If I associated anything with Q it was that these people were trapped in stupified bewildered passivity. Who storms a Palace, seriously?

    • It’s amazing how spooked they are about Q people and Trump supporters in general, now comparing them to friggin’ Al Qaida??? They must fear that these millions are getting awfully close to “naming the jew” if not secretly thinking that way already. They really are making the internet we’ve known for 20 years go away. The idea of all this censorship of conspiracy theory talk would find someone transported here from June 2000 absolutely thinking they had gone into some parallel reality. As if the libraries 20 years ago pulled and burned all the “CIA and mafia killed JFK” books. I did see this in the works about 10 years back with anonymous comments and discussion boards we all loved so much about the internet in the 2000s disappearing to everything you say at all these sites online having to go through your “facebook ID.” I knew this was about censorship and was right.

  2. Feb 1993…..LEGAL IMMIGRANT Muslims,,,The Blind Sheik and his acolytes…..attempted to blow up the Twin Towers…it was a snowy day….7 people were killed.

    2001….young Muslim Immigrants destroyed the Twin Towers(9/11 truthers you have lost this debate many many times over in internet debates and you tube debates…and my Unz Review debates with you crazies….the Pentagon…the passenger Jet crash PA…..

    20 years after 9/11, THE FUNGUS Joe Biden is about to import LEGALLY 125 thousand Yemeni LEGAL IMMIGRANTS into America so that they can legally vote the Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of America.

    The Democratic Party is very open and public that it wants to exterminate OUR PEOPLE…..

    • It will come. Repressions scare moderate opposition into silence and then only opposition left are radicals who are not afraid and are ready to fight.

      Like in Iran 1978 . Ayatollah Khomeini was not very popular but he was the only leader standing.

  3. Things like that Obama video reinforce my belief that elections are scripted years in advance and once in awhile TPTB let slip the veil of secrecy for their own amusement.

    • I got the impression that Hollywood expected Romney to be the nominee in 2008 and that’s why a couple years earlier they ran a mormon defamation series starring Bill Paxton channeling Mitt Romney in his portrayal of a secret suburban polygamist. They don’t know the exact results, but they do have a general idea how the script will go in the first act or two well in advance.

  4. Managers are generally not very good fighters. Because of that, they will lose to woke mob like Jeff Bezos already did. And woke mob will come.

    Woke mob has extremely high self esteem and they will never go back to the closet.

  5. It’s better that these people have started openly admitting that they just hate normal people and want to harm them. For decades they have pretended to have good intentions, but now they will just come out and say, “we hate you, your family, and your community and we want you brainwashed or dead.”

  6. Somebody should tell that Jew whore Elizabeth Neuman that there are people in this world who will lay down their lives to protect the weak and the innocent from her kind, in the name of God almighty. These Christ killers are disgusting filth.

  7. You asked about support from the rich for the alt-right few weeks ago. With such “supporters” we don’t need enemies!

    “ By strategically funneling millions into known hate groups, platforms amplifying racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia, and politicians who pushed forth outright lies of a stolen election, Rebekah Mercer played a role in inciting the violence by providing material support,” she said. “The billionaire family has used their extraordinary wealth to bankroll the rise of violent white nationalism in this country.”–and-the-capitol-riot/

  8. What is being managed? As President Coolidge said, “The business of America is BUSINESS” – meaning: BIG business. The U.S. government is being managed to establish, subsidize and protect the managing Elites’ planned future space mining enterprises. The U.S. Empire, with its new Space Force, intends to militarize and monopoly-corporatize the Moon, Mars, and all of outer space, where there are “quadrillions of dollars” to be made:

    “The mining of asteroids has long been viewed as a vast source of wealth consisting of rare earth elements and precious metals. The short supply and high prices for these minerals have put us at odds with other countries, disrupting the supply chain of phones, computers, electric cars, and slowing our economic growth. In fact, terrestrial reserves on Earth could be exhausted within the next few decades (…) on December 5, 2020, a metallic asteroid 140 miles wide and worth an estimated $10,000 quadrillion in value made its closest approach to our planet. With NASA and other companies investing in and developing nuclear power for use in space travel and colonization, the reality of mining asteroids is closer than ever before. With proven successful fusion energy experiments under their belt, US Nuclear and Magneto-Inertial Fusion Technologies (MIFTI) believe they are only a few years away from building the world’s first fusion power generator. Fusion power releases up to four times as much energy as fission, and uses fuel that is lightweight, low-cost, safe, and sustainable. A spacecraft with fusion-powered propulsion systems could reach the asteroid belt in as little as seven months. According to Goldstein, it could be powerful enough to transport the asteroid to an earth orbit where it would be much more efficient to mine

    It is immensely risky to try to draw a 140 mile wide asteroid, or any asteroid, into an Earth orbit where it can remain, if necessary, for millions of years without falling down, just in case it is never mined completely. And the nuclear fusion they plan to use to accomplish this feat is not safe. Fusion reactors and rockets will add even more to the dangerously unnaturally high level of radiation on Earth cause by military nukes and government-subsidized for-profit nuclear power plants. Entrepreneurship (greed) has always been the greatest threat to the existence of humanity.

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