Rep. Liz Cheney Has Been Censured By The Wyoming GOP

Sen. Ben Sasse is next.


“RAWLINS, Wyo. (AP) — The Wyoming Republican Party voted overwhelmingly Saturday to censure U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney for voting to impeach President Donald Trump for his role in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Only eight of the 74-member state GOP’s central committee stood to oppose censure in a vote that didn’t proceed to a formal count. The censure document accused Cheney of voting to impeach even though the U.S. House didn’t offer Trump “formal hearing or due process.”

“We need to honor President Trump. All President Trump did was call for a peaceful assembly and protest for a fair and audited election,” said Darin Smith, a Cheyenne attorney who lost to Cheney in the Republican U.S. House primary in 2016. “The Republican Party needs to put her on notice.” …”

As we noted earlier, we are starting to see what American politics is going to look like in the future without Donald Trump. Far from “radicalizing” his supporters, Blumpf was a big pacifier and the brakes on them and the way in which he was impeached twice by the Democrats and removed from power and silenced on the internet by the conspiracy between the media and the elite corporate cabal that backed Joe Biden has predictably ignited his base and sent them into a blinding rage.

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  1. Crawford was great in All the King’s Men.

    As for neo-cohen hag Cheney, no censure or humiliation is sufficient for that kind of garbage.

    • Crawford’s finest role. Willie Stark had the best of intentions going in but power corrupted them. A cautionary tale.

  2. Influencers saw a white identity movement that reacted to Obama being in office. So they provided a replacement buffoon for 4 years.

  3. I said it years ago and we are seeing more signs here recently as evidenced in this article. The state parties are rejecting their own elected officials. Happening to Cheney in wyoming, Sasse in nebraska, McConnell in ole Kentucky. Has been happening in Michigan too, California.

    As the D.C. beltway uniparty loses legitimacy, the states and regions will by necessity assert their independence. It will be in this vacuum that we can find entrée back into politics, not at the national, but at the regional level.

    This country was born from a willing coalition of independent states that saw a common interest in a gestalt union.

    That union is failing, and becoming self destructive.

    Forget the national parties, their days are numbered. Our future lies in regional alliance of common cause. The parameters of that common cause have already been laid out in your other articles HW.

    1) Strong sense of racial identity.
    2) Strong sense of religious identity.
    3) Stronger sense that the above are under attack.
    4) We already share a common language.

    Ricky Vaughn btfo! I told that two faced faggot in our epic gab debate years ago that these were the factors that proved the existence of “White Identity”. He couldn’t see it, so he became a cynical operative of the system, a partisan and got used up and is being discarded.

    It is only a matter of time. Every great empire has fallen apart into regional pieces. Every single one. There has never been an empire that just ceased to be and all its constituents with it. Doesn’t work that way.

    Empires have gravity and momentum. When the Empire dies, the gravity dies. Over time the constituents of the empire drift apart like turkey shot over distance.

    There is hope to be found in the nature of things if nowhere else.

    Our race will outlive this period of tyranny. Maybe we will fade into history at some point after that. But the Whore Empire will have to fall, and her partisans will reap the whirlwind they’ve sown.

    There is hope after Trump. It took me a while to decide he was more trouble than he was worth in the short term, but I’m here now.

    We’ve had our differences HW. But we still seem headed the same direction.

    So be it.

    The Sock calls truce.

  4. A hard, manly look:

    “Liz” does supports gun control, for non-elites: Incidentally, here is the gist of the newest federal law gun control bill, designed to totally dis-arm minorities and the poor, except criminals: “Cohen narrowed down some of the bill’s most ominous points that would target every single gun owner in the country:
    Firearms License required for any new gun purchases or ownership transfers.
    Licensee Must be 21, complete a 24 hour gun safety training course, and must undergo a psych evaluation.
    Multi-tier license. Individual license for ownership and display of “antique” firearm, standard firearm license, and “military style” license.
    Military license requires additional 24 hour safety course.
    Licensing is revoked immediately for anyone indicted of a crime in which the sentence lasts longer than 1 year.
    This heavily discriminates against anyone who has ever seen a therapist or had to get mental health treatment, such as victims of abuse and people with depression, and veterans seeking care for PTSD. Depression and addiction are mentioned specifically as reasons for licensing denial.
    Also, gun licensing is expensive, which makes ownership less accessible for those who need their own protection most.
    Requires an $800 annual government insurance fee for all current and future gun owners, to be paid to the Attorney General EVERY YEAR.
    There is no grandfather clause, meaning this applies to anyone that owns a gun at all, not just those who purchase a new firearm after this passes.
    This fee will certainly go up each year. It’s yet another barrier for those in poverty to be able to defend themselves.
    Mandatory Nationwide Firearms Registration & Database
    ALL firearms owned shall be registered under penalty of up to $150,000 and 15 years in prison.
    Serial, make, model, date, identity of owner, and the location of where the firearm will be stored to be collected and maintained in a database by the US Attorney General.
    Names and information of all those who may have access to the firearms shall be collected as well.
    This information to be accessible by state, local, and federal police, military, as well as state and local governments.
    Ammunition and Magazine Bans
    Bans .50cal and larger ammunition outright.
    Bans all mags that hold more than 10 rounds
    This ammo is mostly used for hunting and is rarely used against people. The most common handguns and rifles use magazines that exceed this arbitrary limit, which makes TENS OF MILLIONS of law-abiding gun owners felons overnight.
    Illegal ownership of even a single round of banned ammo will result in up to $100,000 in fines AND 20 years in prison.
    This bill was originally presented last year and reinvented this year with a whole new level of tyranny added to it both in the government and out of it. For example, the registration data will be made public. Given the cancel culture mass hysteria-inciting media frenzy as of late, this list could be used by big tech and woke cults to target their political rivals. They could seek out this data and use it to implement blacklists, social media bans, and any other number of ways the cancel culture attacks those with whom they disagree.”

    The U.S. system is a system of greed and violent exploitation, supported by and filled with the largest arsenal in history of guns and all kinds of deadly weapons ranging from rubber bullets to nukes, chems, and biologicals. We Friends, and Anabaptists and other pacifists endeavor to live harmlessly and save others amidst the mayhem. More guns will not save you.

  5. Intense discussion needed about the 1965 Immigration Reform Act….If JFK were alive in 1965…he would have been a fanatical supporter of the 1965 Immigration Act=the 1965 nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCEASE ACT.

    Senator JFK was personally responsible for bringing Barack Obama’s Muslim Legal immigrant into our America.

    Intense discussion right now over at Unz Review about (((LEO FRANK))) and 13 year Irish Immigrant girl Mary Phagan……..Go read it…..

    MARY PHAGAN’S mutilated body…..

    • Even more discussion is needed for the Immigration Act of 1924, pushed through by Samuel Gompers and the AFL. That was the peak accomplishment of the progressive movement. It shows that immigration restriction is doable, it shows the business interest opposing it, it shows the importance of strong unions, and it displays the ensuing social cohesion as an unambiguous benefit.

      Additionally, open borders/illegal immigration is a Reagan-Bush policy. It is Republican to the bone.

      Reagan and Bush Sr. debate illegal immigration

      • Excellent point about the workers’ opposition to immigration, reflected in the act of 1924. Unions were still unions then.

      • I was going to comment on Liz Cheney but why even bother. She is just another mess. Ronny and Bush the “conservatives” did nothing to conserve our borders. I can hear Hannity, Rush and jew Mark Levin applauding their hero, Ronny for opening our borders.

        • I just heard a local “conservative” talk show host, the other day, go on and on about how illegal immigration is so bad, and how “…if they just came here LEGALLY, like OUR ancestors did…” it would be just fine. So is this idiot blind? Does it really matter if millions of them come here legally or illegally? It’s the SAME invasion. Does he think they are just morally corrupt because they don’t come here legally? Most of them are NOT coming here to work, so why does he think they’d come here legally?

          So if he thinks it’s just about “legal versus illegal”, then he is for amnesty?? Since amnesty would make them all legal, and that’s what this conservative thinks is the most important thing.

          God help us.

      • “Ooen the border both ways”, said Raygun the Great. “Let them come here to work – and pay taxes!” Of course, the White Americans they both were shafting at the behest of their billionaire donors were paying taxes before the wetbacks were given their jobs.

        They & that “classic” era of CONservantive politics planted seeds of White ruin the kikes watered & tended so carefully.

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