Andrew Torba: The Mercers Wanted To Control Gab

Never trust a billionaire.

We need more little guys and independent media in this country.

Note: BTW, the Share Our Wealth program would Drain the Swamp and reduce the power of Jeff Bezos, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, Robert Mercer, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

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    • Their is no evidence the Mercers are Jewish. She appears to be married to a jew by can’t find any evidence confirming it, but is safe to say by his surname. Some people name their kids more jewish sounding names since it’s more biblically correct.

      • Does it matter? and of course there kikes why would they dump painkillers on America after they stripped it if its industry? I judge them by there blood not Bibi’s definition ?

        • fafqw evidently needs the sledgehammer:

          (((Rebekah))), (((Old Testament))) Jewgirl name, via

          HER mother.

      • “Some people name their kids more jewish sounding names since it’s more biblically correct.”
        YOu’re an idiot. Jews have NOTHING to do with the bible, save to deny it’s applicability via the talmud. The Jews KILLED Christ. There is NO ‘Judeo-Christian’ tradition. Doubt me?

        Jewish Marxist ideology has become the standard throughout all of our academia, and now holds the center ring in our political circus. If one doesn’t believe that the Jews are indeed responsible for all of this, one must investigate just who it is running all of the major banking houses, such as Goldman-Sachs and Solomon Bros., Morgan Stanley and Citibank, along with the hedge funds and holding companies, such as KKR, which are really just corporate raiders with improved public relations. One must investigate how such a large percentage of positions on the White House staff, the houses of Congress and their staffs, and all of the cabinet departments are filled by Jews. In addition, all of the most powerful media companies, such as Disney, Time-Warner, Viacom, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and many others, are owned and/or managed by Jews. Like Judaea at the time of Christ, most all of the so-called “upper-crust” of American society is now occupied by the antichrist, Edomite Jews! Christians very naively pity Jews when they cry “persecution”, while at the same time the Jews devour the substance of the Christians! Those whom – as Paul says – “might bring us into bondage” have done so indeed through oppressive taxes and laws – and “who mind earthly things” have through fraud and deceit come to possess all of our earthly things! When will Christians ever start actually practicing what it is that they profess to believe? Only then can our nation – and the other White nations of the world who suffer in like manner – ever begin to be healed.”

      • Even if not, they are probably about half the elite and part of the social group they are around every day and they all share a similar cultural outlook.

      • More likely she’s a Roman Catholic than a Jew. From what I’ve read she’s tight with the Roman Catholic leadership of CPAC i.e. the Schlapps. Real Roman Catholic assholes.

        It helps to consider the source of their attitude, Jew or Catholic?

        • “Mercer has said that the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the landmark federal statute arising from the civil rights movement of the 1960s, was a major mistake. In 2017, David Magerman, a former Renaissance employee, alleged in a lawsuit that Mercer had said that African Americans were economically better off before the civil rights movement, that white racists no longer existed in the United States, and that the only racists remaining were black racists.”

          If he actually said that and believes it, I support him because he is right. I’m sure he has changed his stance or apologized since 2017. Being called a racist is a moral death sentence to most guilt ridden whites.

  1. What is Mercer’s goal? I really don’t get it. The billionaires on the “right” I can think of are Peter Theil & Mercer. Theil according to the mainstream media investigations has had dinner with Greg Hood & some NRx & “alt-right” figures. Mercer has funded alt-lite people.

    Theil is a opponent of multi-culturalism & is a evangelical libertarian, but he is massive massive funder of surveillance technologies (largest shareholder in palantir). a panopticon, a pre-crime system & being a massive product for the US intelligence community doesn’t sound libertarian at all.

    Mercer was kicked out of the hedgefund he helped manage because he was a Trump donor (the other principal figurehead James Simon was a massive Hillary donor) but im personally confused by his politics, he appears to be a libertarian of some sort (donated to the CATO institute), has advocated for the gold standard & according to his wikipedia page appears be overall focused on monetary / economic issues.

    Shouldn’t a libertarian be focused on promoting free speech? I know you hear this constant shilling from some libertarians about “it’s the free market” but most of them ive seen are against it. The Mercers are extremely quite people unlike Soros who has made numerous works outlining his beliefs, why he has them & his ideals.

    Why are these billionaires so confusing. Literally none of them are clear cut. I’m assuming their is probably massive dirt on them but idk.

    • Peter Theil is a great example of how the system works. His was “discovered” in Stanford by arch-Neo-Con Irving Kristol and set up as a “right-wing libertarian” student activist.

      So a closeted gay man is set up as a “leader” of the “right wing” and handled by a neo-con Jew.

      Neo-con Jews recruiting homosexuals is a reoccurring pattern, see Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic. In fact, our host Hunter Wallace had a run-in with one of these types on the pages of this very blog, over a decade ago.

      A 20 something nobody, he was set up as a blogger by a cabal of neo-con Jews because he would write screeds about how Muslims were “homophobic” therefore we should support Israel and wars against Iraq, Iran, Syria and anyone else Jews told him to demonize.

      He was eventually fired because Ann Coulter dug up some posts of his about “CHILFS” – “Children I’d Like To F—” – one particular one involving an underage Justin Bieber. He had attacked Ann Coulter for not being sufficiently supportive of neo-con wars for Israel – surprising, I know.

      It just goes to show you it doesn’t matter how much you suck up to Jews eventually you will be the scapegoat.

      FWIW I don’t believe the Mercers are Jewish.

      Also if you read Thiel’s family background it’s pretty obvious they are spooks.

  2. There is not a single pro-White billionaire. The scum are ALL THE SAME, and so they must be eliminated as a class, preferably by redistribution of their ill-gotten shekels.


  3. Twitter Permanently Bans Gateway Pundit For Violating “Civic Integrity Policy

    The establishment media is censoring and suppressing all evidence of potential election fraud.

    Twitter has permanently suspended the account of Jim Hoft, founder of the popular conservative website The Gateway Pundit, for reportedly violating the social media giant’s “civic integrity policy.”

    • Good. Fuck these kosher conservatives. The only election fraud that matters is the fact that every candidate must swear allegiance to Israel and international Jewry before being considered eligible to run.

      If you think evil Democrats “stole” the election from the noble Republicans, what can I say? You drank the kool-aid.

  4. Most of the really good accounts on Gab don’t stick around long because that site has a well-deserved reputation for endless technical problems and attracting a lot of MAGA retards. Those accounts might have no choice but to return, however, since Minds is gay and Parler has been pushed offline indefinitely.

    • This is why alternative social media sites will never take off, they will always be viewed as a technically inferior clones that are filled with nut-jobs and misfits. I don’t think I could share a platform with rampant magatards and neocons anyway, it’s just not good for the blood pressure.

      • “I don’t think I could share a platform with rampant magatards and neocons anyway, it’s just not good for the blood pressure.” – Ricky Butt boy Buttigeig.

        And yet, you’re here… oxymoron? It would appear so. One man’s magatard is another man’s populist Republican, or something.

    • @ Spanranch1070,

      I was one of those accounts. I went under a name you followed but I deleted it because of the tech problems you mentioned. The “conservatives” came over and attacked me and others like me if we called out out greatest ally. I am under a new name but hardly use it for the same reasons. GAB sucks.

  5. As you know, Mossad has minders on all of our websites. We have a comment here that there is no evidence the Mercers are Jews. And in fact their internet profiles are carefully scrubbed.

    The Times is Israel is not so dishonest as said commenter. On April 20, 2017 their online site ran a story “All the Jews of Time’s who’s who.”

    This was a who’s who of Jews in the new Trump administration. One such Jew mentioned was, “controversial Republican influencer Rebekah Mercer is predictably in there…”.

    She was on Trump’s transition team. The story also mentioned that it was odd that her Jewish father, the billionaire Robert Mercer was not in there, not in the Trump Train at all.

    It is very well known that the Mercers are Jews. The Times of Israel is just one of many to acknowledge it.

  6. The Mercer family are fervent supporters of Israel and Zionism. During his presidential primary campaign, Ted Cruz made support for Israel a major plank of his platform due to the Mercers’ money. Similarly, both Mercer-funded Breitbart and Milo have consistently pushed a Zionist worldview and support for Israel’s nationalist prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as opposition to Islamic extremism and ISIS.

  7. GAB itself engages in ideology based censorship and has a reputation for handing over user data to third parties without even requiring a warrant.

    Torba is almost certainly correct that the Mercers are bad. But Torba is also bad. And he has a financial incentive to attempt to discredit the Mercers, they are his competition in the field of… right wing echo chambers / ghettos / honey pots, aimed at the people who are too dumb be able to stay on mainstream platforms.

    One thing that I can say in Torba’s favor is that he is extremely incompetent, which may make him less dangerous than the Mercers.

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