Two NY Times Reporters Resign

Now that Donald Trump is gone, I am telling you it is coming:

“I’m betting this sort of politics will be shown to be a dead end. The unhappiest, the unfriendliest, the most hateful, humorless and intolerant people in the country by far who live “back East” will do what they always do and alienate and repulse everyone else confederated with them. They are incapable of getting out of their own way to compromise and get anything done in Washington.”

The Wokelash is coming.

This can’t continue indefinitely.

The same is true of our unsustainable oligarchy and bloated upper class. These two things are closely related. Wokeness is the dialect of the professional managerial class.

Donald Trump’s success with Hispanics in the 2020 election is proof that attacking political correctness is the way to move those voters. I’m pretty sure this issue has traction.

The polls are consistently off now with college-educated voters because the political correctness is SO INTENSE. The main victims of political correctness are professionals and people who are trying to navigate the corporate and academic world where wokeness is spreading like a cancer. In the 2016 and 2020 elections, Trump did vastly better than expected because these people lied to pollsters.

Note: The ideal populist candidate would hammer Neoliberal Joe on wealth redistribution and political correctness.

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  1. What about that shovel-faced gook Sarah Jeong? Will she resign from the Times for her anti white male tweets?

    • That the one Weev knew personally?! I remember when he wouldn’t disavow her and said he has a lot of lefty friends in high places.

      This was the time he a had a youtube channel (now deleted) He boosted in the same video or the one after I forget of how much bitcoin and etherum he had maybe Roger stone gave him a fair chunk along with Paul Nehlen?! One can only speculate

  2. “The ideal populist candidate would hammer Neoliberal Joe on wealth redistribution and political correctness.”

    Exactly. The Republicans have tried this in the past, but they always turn it into Republicans claiming that MLK was a “true conservative” and “Democrats are the real racists.” This changes the context of the entire discussion.

    Assuming that White people have to “prove they aren’t racist” is itself extremely racist – anti-white – and has to be forcefully rejected. The term “anti-racist” now means “anti-white.”

    If White people want to vote to stop immigration, that is our right. If White people want to vote for a White politician because that politician is White, that is our right. We have the same rights as anyone else and we have interests in common.

    If Republicans wanted to run on Muh Small Business Colorblind Conservative maybe they should not have let it get this far.

    • Anywhere you see or hear the word “racist”, just replace it with white. That is what they mean. So yes, anti-racist means anti-white.

  3. Re: “The ideal populist candidate would hammer Neoliberal Joe”:

    However, history and reason prove there can be no ideal candidate, no better President, no reforming of plutocratic empire. Don’t feel nostalgic for, and try to restore a goodness that never was. Say farewell to the crown of oligarchism and hail to the ethno republic.

      • Those lines you gave there are lyrics from a song ‘The Future’ by the late Canadian Jew Leonard Cohen

        He did some good work … from my favourite of his, ‘Everybody Knows’:

        Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
        Everybody knows the good guys lost
        Everybody knows the deal is rotten
        Everybody knows the plague is coming

        The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
        That’s how it goes
        Everybody knows

    • Farewell to the Demos, Hello Autocracy! Give ME THE CZAR!

      The only valid, biblical form of governance is an Ethnarch, who rules as sovereign over HIS people.
      Screw democracy, Screw the Windsors, Screw race-mixing Norwegian slutting princesses, and give us a valid Monarch.

  4. All roads lead to National Socialism as the antidote to all that ails us. Anything less is an exercise in folly.

    • YOU are an exercise in folly…

      “The mainstream is now admitting Hitler was at least partially Jewish. That is from, and the data comes from DNA evidence. You will say I don’t trust when they tell me things I don’t agree with, so why do I trust them when they tell me this. I will tell you why. It isn’t because I trust them on this question. Trust has nothing to do with it. It is because I can see that they are misdirecting even while admitting it. Notice that in the article, they want you to think Hitler is only Jewish in a couple of lines, while being mostly Gentile. They are selling it as a minor irony, while not tying it to anything important. So they are spinning it heavily. This is what they do. We saw them do it with Lenin and many others. This indicates to me that Hitler was probably a lot more Jewish than they are admitting. But I am not taking their word for it either way. I am going to do my own research…

      from the ground up, as usual. I just take their spinning as a hint.”

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