Democrats Considering Lowering Eligibility Of $1,400 Checks

Bernie raises a good point.

Does it make any political sense for Democrats to LOWER the eligibility of $1,400 checks from $75,000 to $50,000 to disqualify people who got checks from Trump? What sense does it make to disqualify the income bracket which swung the election and flipped the Rust Belt?

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  1. Gee, there’s a big surprise. Keep trusting politicians and the two part oligarch. Haven’t you learned anything from Trump? They’re all liars and frauds, dems/reps alike.

  2. POC are the only ones who deserve a 1400$ check, because of White privilege etc.

    (Eventually it will come to that).

    • I read through the first few Tweets and a black woman wrote “yo why do anyone people making $125,000 a year need my checks too”.
      A very pleasant young white lady explained about her dad being the sole provider and bringing in over $99,000 while mom does part time work for about $28,000. There are four children and all are approaching college age with the family barely getting by and needing help.

      Enter black Twitter with “SHUT YO WHITE PRIVILEGE ASS DOWN BECKY”. “Whites are so soft. I got 3 babies and am on assistance. I need that money more than you”. It continued with calm white people explaining that raising a solid family on under $200,000 a year isnt easy and the middle class pays most of the taxes and gets nothing back.

      It didnt matter. It was like reading two languages from two totally different species of creatures

        • One of the biggest lies pushed on whites was that “we are all the same”. It’s not even skin color that is the biggest difference.

    • Surely you understand they suffer generational trauma from abuses and aggressions that were committed against their ancestors. This can never be healed and will be passed down into perpetuity. So pay up, Whitey!

  3. I got 400. BFD. I wish they’d stop this “check” business. The economy is horrible. We’ve never recovered from losing our manufacturing base in the US.

      • Agree, it’s not going to end well. This fantasy of the future of a harmonious mixed society where everyone pulls their fair share is not going to happen. This should be obvious to people, since trillions of dollars were spent and several decades of this nonsense.

  4. I imagine the people making eighty thousand a year are thinking the same thing. Just like fifteen dollars an hour, these numbers are chosen to rope in some percentage of the electorate that makes les than X, but raw income represents neither economic power nor economic need.

  5. Completely off topic but uplifting news for us: Y’all see were Morgan Wallens (country singer. One of the best out right now) sales are up 1,220% after getting caught saying the dreaded n-word and dropped from his label and ALL internet platforms? Our ppl are alive and perhaps more awake than we at some times consider. There is just no LEADERSHIP!

    Would make a good article from HW. It is a country singer and this is a pro-South blog after all.

  6. The oligarchs don’t want you to have the money, they need it to fund their hedge fund losses from their GameStop fiasco.

    The nerve of some people. What do the peasants think? The government is just made of money and should throw them a few shekels when there are people on Wall Street missing out on multi-million dollar bonuses? The Republicans are worried about excess government spending again now that they are out of power anyway.

    • 75k salary is not “working class”,

      In coastal cities, that’s working poor, for a White way of life.

      (You’d be surprised , how many make >100k, prison guards, police, teachers etc.)

      • Agree. Don’t forget those guards, teachers, police, etc. get to retire at 45 or 50 and we subsidize them lavishly for the rest of their lives. Most people don’t get where the money comes from to support them. o_O The rest of us are on our own.

  7. Do you really believe a word that comes out of Bernie Sanders mouth? His loyalty is to his tribe above all else.

    Democracy and the rule of law at this point can only be restored by the use of force. Take inspiration from “The battle of Athens” aka McMinn County War in Tennessee and realise these tyrants revel in bullying the weak and powerless but are terrified of a united angry people speaking with a single voice.

  8. How the contagion spread ftom Jetset elite to urban blacks and then gradually knocked out everyone this winter. Covid19 was always about controlling the Urban Impis. Once we stopped policing the groids Covid19 was baked in. China is estimated to have booted out around 500,000 African, /South Asians.

    • Note that only the Indigenous and Asian death toils are really very different than Whites. Considering that Blacks are more urban, therefore more crowded than Whites, it is not surprising they have higher mortality than Whites from a disease that is spread by inhaling.

      If more Whites didn’t disbelieve in the disease and refuse to take simple precautions, the White death toll could be just as low as the Asian.

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