Axios: How To Deprogram America’s Extremists

Why not launch drone strikes on Trump supporters?

Why not require a political litmus test to serve in Congress?

Why not require a political litmus test to serve in the military?

Why shouldn’t employers require a political and cultural orthodoxy to hold a job?

Why not censor the internet to suppress the opinions of every American who disagrees with the “mainstream” legacy media in the name of fighting something called “extremism”?

Why shouldn’t progressive technocrats have the authority to bypass elected officials like sheriffs to “deprogram” other Americans who disagree with their political and cultural views?


“It will take an all-out national effort to dismantle the radicalization pipeline that has planted conspiracy theories in the heads of millions of Americans and inspired last month’s attack on the Capitol, experts tell Axios.

Two key measures that could make a difference:

Keeping extremists out of the institutions where they could do the greatest damage — like the military, police departments and legislatures.

Providing help for those who have embraced dangerous ideologies. …

The U.S. needs a “Marshall Plan against domestic extremism,” Daniel Koehler, director of the German Institute on Radicalization and De-radicalization Studies, told Axios. …

A key part of breaking extremists’ rising mainstream influence will be making it unacceptable for white nationalists, anti-government extremists and conspiracy theorists to serve in the military, in police forces or as lawmakers. …

“At DOD, it will go well and they will quash it,” said former FBI counterterrorism analyst Clint Watts. “It’s a lot of sheriffs’ departments that make me nervous, because they’re elected. Politics means you go with party. …”

What exactly is “extremism?”

I don’t think most people in this country believe this.

The public doesn’t seem to be interested in erecting a dictatorship.

It looks to me like White upper middle class, college educated progressive technocrats are nowhere close to being a majority in this country or even in their own political party.

The oligarchy and the professional managerial class in the United States that serves it could learn a thing or two from what happened to their counterparts in Cuba or Venezuela.

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  1. Within the WHITE GENOCIDAL framework that the Democratic Party bashes the fucking brains out of THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE WORKING CLASS MAJORITY……..The DEMOCRATS would be denouncing 98 percent of the White American Men who fought against the Nazis during WW2 as HITLER!!!!…..And the Democrats would be denouncing the vast majority of White Union Soldiers as HITLER!!! during the US Civil War…..for the White American Men who fought in WW2 and during the Civil War held the exact same demographic views for America as today’s Dissident Right(so this would exclude the latent homosexual Proud Boys)….

    If the White American Men who fought in WW2 and the US Civil War were told by Roosevelt and Lincoln that after these White Men came home from the War….that….the POTUS of THE US was going to import millions of Chinese and Hindu LEGAL immigrants into America so that they could enthusiastically vote millions of White Veterans of these two wars-and their NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN DESCENDANTS-into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority on US SOIL….let’s face it….their would be riots in the streets…towns…cities of America…..

    And if the White Male Soldiers of the US Military WW2 and Civil War Era’s were told this before they were sent off to die during WW2 and American Civil War….they would have joined the other side…..

    WW2 wasn’t worth to save the Jews…..The Civil War wasn’t worth it to free Lebraun James’s ancestors….not one White life….not one drop of blood….

    In the meantime, the Democrats very soon will be calling for chattel slavery for payback….just wait…this is coming…….

    • We(the All-lies), should never have been fighting Germany in the first place. That damn Churchill, his war party and the Zionist bankers forced Chamberlain into declaring war on Germany. The descent of Europeans begins with Churchill’s failure to react to Hitler’s generous offer to end the war with no strings attached in July 1940. The connivance of the Jews to get this result is the story of the last 75 years.

  2. The Chattel Slavery proposal for White Males is coming…very soon….They will import the US Military from Africa and the Muslim World…No one is coming to rescue you….us…..


    Did you enjoy sniffing Tom Brady’s jockstrap like Richard Spencer and Mark Brahmin do…..absolutely disgusting…..

      • NFL Negro Ball has been a cancer on Native Born White American…nothing but a sick,pornographic….and CUCKED obsession…..

        BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW!!!!…They are protecting multimillionaire Jock Tom Brady’s freedom after all.

        True story:when she was a big time fashion model, Michelle Buchen spread her legs for a billionaire Sikh real estate developer……By definition-and well known-famous high fashion models are filthy fucking whores…

        And Tom Brady is creepy. If you saw the documentary about Tom Brady…there was a real creepy scene with Tom Brady on the massage table interacting with his young son….I thought it was very very creepy.

      • Lady Spencer acts kind of swishy but I don’t think he’s a fruit, HW. I wouldn’t be surprised if he engaged in a few “harmless” instances of homoerotic horse-play with his fashy frat boyz, however. Especially when he’s inebriated.

  3. Speaking of being brainwashed, why do you stay in Alabama if you think the way you do? 28 percent dindu state and the rest being Bible thumping rednecks and gun crazed hillbillies. No thanks! The only good thing about AL is it isn’t Mississippi.

    • The two most disagreeable things for me about the culture of the Deep South are its veneration of ZOG’s military and of college football. Of course if the military and sports teams were all white and only existed to promote white interests that would be different.

  4. “could learn a thing or two from what happened to their counterparts in Cuba or Venezuela”:

    Yes, a lot of them fled to the U.S., where upper class criminals are welcome and feel at home, and they’re operating here now.

  5. @ ” the oligarchy and the professional managerial class in the united states”, would do well to remember, that those “extremist” white people are the people that grow the food they eat, keep their lights turned on and basically run this modern society, are we shown any gratitude? No, they are replacing us, our rulers are liars and theives, they want us gone so as not to be reminded of their theft , their murders, i laugh at the venom they spew at us, they are scared, they know their time is running out…

  6. A dictatorship would actually be a desirable thing, HW. Dictators rule with the best interests of the people and the nation in mind. Of course they do so for the sake of advancing their own power, but that is to be expected and is tacitly understood.

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