Mexico’s President Is Taking On Big Tech


I’ve been saying for the same thing for years.

The Independent:

“The party of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador presented for public comment a proposed set of regulations on Twitter, Facebook and other social media companies

The new law proposed Monday by López Obrador’s Morena party would open the companies to fines of up to $4.4 million for violating users’ right to free speech. The law would apply only to platforms that have over one million users in Mexico, apparently covering only sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube.

The proposal would allow anyone whose account is blocked or canceled to appeal the decision. The appeals would go first to the company’s own internal committees, which would have 24 hours to affirm or revoke the suspension. Users could then appeal to telecom regulators, and if they don’t like that decision, they could then further appeal cancellations through Mexican courts.

Sen. Ricardo Monreal, the party’s leader in the Senate, hopes to submit the new law for approval in three weeks. …

“I can tell you that at the first G20 meeting we have, I am going to make a proposal on this issue,” López Obrador said. “Yes, social media should not be used to incite violence and all that, but this cannot be used as a pretext to suspend freedom of expression.”

“How can a company act as if it was all-powerful, omnipotent, as a sort of Spanish Inquisition on what is expressed?” he asked. …”

Why can’t we do something like this in the United States?

Why have we allowed ourselves to be muzzled by a politically correct oligarchy? Why do people at the New York Times walk on eggshells and live in terror of crossing these little bastards?

Why is Congress still full of Free Marketeers like Rick Santorum groveling at the feet of Big Tech? We should be following the lead of Mexico and Russia on freedom of speech.

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  1. AMLO is a retard whose country is plummeting to 4th world status under his leadership.

    He should be more worried about stagnant economy and endless cartel/gang violence than Blomph’s right to send tweets

  2. The U.S. has been trying to remove Obrador from the beginning, and may yet succeed. But Latin American electorates are much more politically intelligent than the U.S. electorate, and they keep voting for the most socialistic candidates that are able to run (the U.S./CIA has prevented some of the best from running) so even if Obrador is removed the people will not quit trying. We should be watching important political developments in Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador now, and recognize Venezuela’s heroic resistance under murderous sanctions, sea blockade and constant covert sabotage and assassination attempts.

    • “Russia sets a limit on harmful speech “advocating for a denial of Traditional Family Values”

      Seriously. And YOU have a problem with that? What is hell’s name is wrong with you people? I read every day, a barrage of comments that would pretend that ANY constraint on ‘muh freedumbs’ is somehow ‘wrong’ or ‘not to be tolerated.’ I tell you true- the Left doesn’t have a problem with Authority- only the antinomian anarchic Right.

      There IS no ‘neutrality’ – not one iota of total, anarchic (so-called) freedom in the universe-except with God. And even HE is bound by his covenants and promises.

      There wil ALWAYS be constraints on human freedom, as long as there are still sane men out there. The only place where total freedom to sin as much as you want, is Hell. And there, the eternal fire that ‘dieth not’ merely makes the already damned, that much LESS free.

      There is only one Man who ever promised True Freedom-and the Jews crucified Him for it.
      Oh, and one other thing. Sodomites have no rights.

      • “Seriously. And YOU have a problem with that?”

        You read me wrong, John. I don’t have any problem with that! I was responding to those who lament ANY restraint on speech, giving some examples of necessary restrictions.

    • In China it’s whatever Xi doesn’t like or the apparacheks feel threatened by. For example “X file” type stuff is forbidden because they know how superstitious the population is about ghosts and don’t want them seeing CGI versions of all the Art Bell type pseudo-science being slickly portrayed as real.

      • Chinese people are blessed with the restriction of all kinds of salacious deliberate lie-telling, like on those ghost shows you mention, and Bigfoot shows and extraterrestrial shows watched by millions of stupid Americans. Note the kinds of free speech that are allowed in the U.S. and what kinds of speech are restricted.

  3. Unfortunately, it will do the US no good. The GOP and conservatives are as useless as tits on a bull. Hopefully, in a short time both ideologies will be eradicated.

  4. Meh page me when it happens. If Mexico actually tries to regulate I feel like tech will just serve pages from elsewhere.

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