The Predator In The Lincoln Project

It is a new day in the Democratic Party.

NY Mag:

“Alex Johnson was a senior at the University of Texas at Austin, pursuing a career in politics, when he first heard from John Weaver, the legendary Republican operative living nearby. It started with a direct message on Twitter. “I just didn’t really think anything of it at first,” Johnson told Intelligencer. “But then, you know, his intentions became clear.”

Weaver, who worked on both of Senator John McCain’s presidential campaigns, started by discussing politics or college football before asking Johnson about his dating life and sexual interests. “You interested in getting together? working together? etc?…,” Weaver wrote in December 2018, according to a message Johnson shared with Intelligencer. “I want to see you,” Weaver wrote four days later.

The pattern continued into 2020, when Weaver reached out to Johnson about working for a new political-action committee he had co-founded: the Lincoln Project.

Weaver started the group with some of the biggest names in Republican politics to defeat Donald Trump. Joining him was Steve Schmidt, a Karl Rove protégé during George W. Bush’s reelection campaign, known for his no-holds-barred style of attack, who later worked on McCain’s 2008 campaign. Joining them was another McCain veteran, Reed Galen, and the Republican strategist Rick Wilson. Other co-founders included the Republican super-lawyer George Conway, husband of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, as well as veteran Republican political operatives Mike Madrid, Ron Steslow, and Jennifer Horn.

It didn’t take long for the Lincoln Project to become a haven for “Never Trump” Republicans …

Johnson said he rarely answered Weaver’s calls after that, but despite his discomfort with the Lincoln Project’s co-founder, he took the internship there and started in July 2020, working remotely from his home in Texas. “This was a big opportunity in my view to make a difference in the political world,” Johnson said. “And so I was pretty quick to say ‘yes.’”

Weaver continued harassing Johnson at the Lincoln Project: “Are you top, bottom, versa?” he wrote in one message shortly after Johnson started.

“His messages never stopped,” Johnson said. “And I would play along, just to be nice. Because I knew, I mean, he’s important. Like he has the strings. And we operate in the same kind of political culture of being ‘Never Trumpers.’

In the fall, Weaver reemerged. The Lincoln Project said Weaver “proposed a large scale operation” that it rejected, which former employees said was a plan to flip Texas for Joe Biden. …”

This is Morris Dees level stuff.

The neoliberal elites who have been running the show in America for the last 50 years are increasingly concentrated behind Joe in the Democratic Party. The Republican establishment is on the verge of giving up the ghost as its wealthy suburban voters migrate to the Democrats. There is a power shift going on post-Blumpf within the Republican Party from the libertarian wing to the growing populist wing.

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  1. “The time is ripe for all the angry and discontented forces in America to rush in and take over”:

    Recycled enthusiasm. The angry and discontented rushed into the GOP in 2009-10 (the “Tea Party movement”) and again, but to a lesser extent, in 2016 they joined the MAGA movement. But the party and the system cannot be reformed, except for some surface features, and those only temporarily.

  2. Rick Wilson knew what was going on along…..

    Rick Wilson is very comfortable with starting homosexual Pederast anal-sex-torn-bloody-rectums Republican Organizations.

    Both the Ronald Reagan Whitehouse and the George W Bush Whitehouse were revolting doors for filthy homosexual pederast homosexual Republicans… appeared regularly on the Sean Hannity Show. He was a male prostitute for high-ranking USMC Officers(Bachelor Three Star General James Mattis?)…and I wouldn’t be shocked if he fucked US NAVY Admiral Mike Mullins in the ass….for a large fee of course….

    Was a sweaty Richard Nixon taking it up the ass from sweaty Jew Henry Kissinger? Was Nixon wearing a Marlo Thomas wig during this bit of R&R?

    • Rex Tillis is CAPITALIST PIG CEO who responsible for getting homosexual PEDERASTS into the Boys Scouts….In 2021…a multi-billion dollar law suit against the Boy Scouts for Scout Leaders raping pre-teen boys…….More evidence that Donald Trump is a filthy fucking cockroach…….

  3. But the Lincoln Project is already being investigated and collapsing.

    Seems like now that the election is over, the Democrats aren’t going to put up with their bad behavior any longer. Democrats are experienced at canceling people for this kind of behavior and they are already piling on the condemnation.

    The question is, how long was this bad behavior tolerated, back when they were Republicans?

    Why wasn’t it brought to light earlier?

  4. HW….you mean, or should mean, the

    fake-populist (“we love Jews, groids, pajeets, and legal beaners!”)

    Josh Hawley Republican party.

  5. Didn’t some pundits predict this when the DLC was formed and Clinton and Obama were elected? Democrats like Biden aren’t as populist as they project themselves, but aren’t they less beholden to the rich than Trump and most of the GOP?
    In the end, both are controlled by special interests. Majority of American voters are too stupid to elect other parties and change the system.

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