GOP Exodus

Opportunity knocks.

The good news keeps rolling in.

New York Times:

“In the days after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, the phone lines and websites of local election officials across the country were jumping: Tens of thousands of Republicans were calling or logging on to switch their party affiliations.

In California, more than 33,000 registered Republicans left the party during the three weeks after the Washington riot. In Pennsylvania, more than 12,000 voters left the G.O.P. in the past month, and more than 10,000 Republicans changed their registration in Arizona.

An analysis of January voting records by The New York Times found that nearly 140,000 Republicans had quit the party in 25 states that had readily available data (19 states do not have registration by party). Voting experts said the data indicated a stronger-than-usual flight from a political party after a presidential election, as well as the potential start of a damaging period for G.O.P. registrations as voters recoil from the Capitol violence and its fallout. …

“I look up to the Jeffry Flakes and the Cindy McCains,” she said. “To see the G.O.P. go after them, specifically, when they speak in ways that I resonate with just shows me that there’s nothing left in the G.O.P. for me to stand for. And it’s really sad.” …”

Look at it this way:

Donald Trump is gone.

Neoliberal Joe is president.

Joe’s agenda is hamstrung by a 50/50 Senate.

Trump voters still control the Republican Party.

The demographic base of the GOP establishment is crumbling.

The Democrats will lose the House due to reapportionment in 2022.

The populist and paleocon wing of the Republican Party is now dominant.

64% of Trump voters say in polls that their racial identity is important now.

Populist voters are consolidating around the shifting politics of wealth redistribution.

The Jeff Flakes and John McCains of the world and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are migrating over to poison the Democrats which is becoming the party of wealthy elites.

Far from being the end of the world, I am feeling bullish about this transformation. You’ve got a more working class electorate, fewer pearl clutching suburbanites, a weaker establishment, a hunger for change, a growing recognition about what are the obvious problems, Sheldon Adelson is dead and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has taken a hike. Many of the big donors just can’t even anymore and the base of the Republican Party is starting to feel their inner whiteness under woke sharia.

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  1. I just got back from errands in the county my family has a founding name on and I can say with one hundred percent honesty that in a trip to the bank, three stores, the gym, and take out restaurant if I saw three white people that would be an upper estimate. Almost all middle eastern and indian with Hispanic and black workers, tellers, helpers.

    It makes no difference which party or who gets elected. The smokescreen Fox news and CNN “trump vs democrats vs republicans” shit is a distraction. The machine is broken and nothing is going to fix it back to its original state

  2. If the only thing each party has is that they are not the other guy, doesn’t the fall of one also bring down the other?

    • What you are referring to is called “controlled opposition”, Lenin wrote about it as a political technique for obtaining power.

  3. Are supposed to believe that this time, the takeover of the GOP will work, unlike the Buchanan Brigades, the Ron Paul movement, the Tea Party and MAGA, who all failed utterly to change the party.

    • I’m surprised by it too.

      I consider it inevitable though. Too many suburban voters have left the party. Too many working class voters have come in. The process has sped up between 2016 and 2021.

      • What has also sped up is the invasion of the wogs, it gives the Democrats a lock on electoral politics, for whatever that is worth going forward in many places. Vast areas of the country are now third world with the Government: federal, state and local on their side. The wogs have one thing that unites them, anti-White animus.

        It seems to be a race to see if the third world invasion will proceed fast enough to swamp us before the country goes over the cliff or the country goes over the cliff before we are totally swamped by the wogs. It looks like it will be a photo finish, at best.

          • It might be a consequence of his insularity as a resident of Alabama. The “Heart of Dixie” hasn’t changed as much as other parts of the country. Maybe he should take a trip to the former “Golden State” of California. It used to be the richest state with the best standard of living, offering the best education and best job prospects, and on top of that it had wonderful climate and scenery. What America was to the rest of the world, California was to America, which is why millions of America moved there from all parts of the country. It still has the climate and the scenery for the most part, but everything else is gone now that it has been annexed by the Third World. For over a century, California has the been the nation’s trendsetter, for good or ill. Where it goes, the rest of America inevitably follows. Third World-ization will follow the same pattern.

      • You cant be serious HW. You know that will never happen. We have all been around and involved in dissident politics and mainstream Republican politics in our younger days to know that the powers that be will never allow a real populist white movement to take hold of any party, especially not one of the big two. Donors and companies control these parties and you will not be mentioned by the media or endorsed if you dont play ball. There is no chance the GOP will change. Politics as far as I can see is not open to our voices. They might pander to us a little bit, but like Trump they will cave and never ever discuss real issues like race, Israel, JQ, sex is binary.

        • Maybe so.

          I’m starting to believe that the reason things haven’t changed for so long is because there were so many suburbanites in the party. They are the True Cons wing of the party. The trend though for at least a decade has been that those people are either dying off or leaving the party. It has rapidly accelerated since Trump has been around. We will see what happens.

          • You do realize there are suburbs that trend Democratic and others Republican? Suburbanites are swing independent voters who are more important in elections than voters in rural communities and cities.

          • Yes, I have been over the differences before. I posted a bunch of graphs from the Brookings Institution after Trump lost. There are wealthy suburbs, middle suburbs, poor suburbs, exurbs, etc.

    • They can’t apologize enough for slavery and racism. They make no mention of all of the violence, murder, robbery, and assaults done to their own race by others. They don’t care. Their lives are one big virtue signal.

  4. I’m doubtful. I foresee too many Republicans still willing to hold their nose and vote the lesser of two evils in 22/24, especially if Biden continues his woke EOs and the GOP gins up their faithful with scaremongering ads. If a new standard-bearer doesn’t rise soon to seize the moment, then I am afraid I’ll be right.

  5. Since all who voted for MAGA are racist,how about a racist party verses two political parties anti white racism.

  6. I agree there are some promising signs here. A decade ago Kevin MacDonald wrote an article about “the Tea Partyization of Wisconsin politics.” Essentially, the Center Left, Quasi-Socialist German politics of Wisconsin and Minnesota were becoming more and more racialized as Blacks took over the cities and mass immigration continued apace.

    Their big issue is that White people start getting more “White-identified” the more “diversity” there is. Of course – how could it be otherwise?

    And all the “white privilege” crap is just a religion in Academia – no one believes it, no one takes it seriously, everyone mouths it because it’s the polite thing to do. In private, people act like racists – especially the White liberals. They live in White neighborhoods and flee Blacks and any “diversity” other than carefully selected “Hipster” kind of diversity, like the Black chick that is into techno, or the half English, half Indian guy that works in the IT Department.

    Eventually when White people reach 49% of the population, their political party will be more or less the Ku Klux Klan.

    America isn’t unique, this is just basic political reality that exists among everyone on earth, in every country, and these racial/tribal politics are the basic politics of the human race.

    Only arrogant, over-socialized White Liberals ever believed otherwise.

  7. I’m in agreement, the Republican party is simply going to have to change, one, nobody will support them if they are not going to do what people vote for. Working class voters are just not as prone to to wait for the stupid party to get it’s act together. They can’t afford to. Also I think your right that losing suburban voters will help. They tend to have less to lose with the present system because so many of them are corporate workers and more tied to the present system. Either they change, or a new movement, or party will come into being . You can feel the ground beneath this age beginning to move. Basically what I’m saying is that it doesn’t matter what the Republicans want. Time and history are moving on without them if they don’t get a clue.

  8. If all the money in the party leaves, then what?

    The GOP of the last few decades traces its origins directly to the late 1960’s. They began fetishizing market fundamentalism solely to neutralize the desegregating imperative of the federal government; it was White Flight. The GOP was White *Flight*. They could not support states rights exclusively during a time of racial strife because that immediately brings up the losing question of the Civil War and the Confederacy, so instead they hid behind the market; “efficiency” would be a better gauge of opportunity and improvement of minorities instead of the implicitly communist (remember the Cold War?) authoritarianism of Lyndon Johnson’s Federal Government. They of course knew blacks would not be competitive in the economy on a large scale and that racial caste would have a trickle down effect. It was desegregation by other means, and if poor whites got caught up in it all then oh well.

    So can White Flight be hijacked through transformed demographics into Flight as such? I think so and as you point out that is what the Democrats have become. The Democrats have become a purer, more perfectly bourgeois GOP. No longer is there even the racial code where Flight in the White Flight was only a predication. Now Flight, or liberal neutralization is the end in itself. Poor whites will be kept down with woke sharia and likewise black narcissism will be easily indulged and thus black politics disarmed through some trickle down equity and identity word salad.

    The interesting question is if they will be able to leave the blacks in the dust as easily as the GOP did for decades, since blacks remain poor. If you keep saying the woke shit, at some point you must actually deliver. Here it may be that the Democrats will be a Non-White Flight party flying from whites and seek to transform American whites into a new black underclass. A complete inversion of the old racial hierarchy. To that extent the loss of money in the party will negatively effect us. By having wealth in the party you are also holding it hostage. That will also be a problem for Dems if they indeed to try completely invert the black and white hierarchy of old and fully adopt GOP market fundamentalism to preserve their bourgeois standards. Blacks are not going to suddenly become industrious and there is no longer the old economic prosperity to make them even stable. Those rich Dems are ultimately going to have to pay for it one way or another with their riches; blacks and other non-whites will have to be subsidized, and the higher up you want to lift them, the more debt and taxation will be required. The Dems may break on this money crunch and the whole party could collapse.

  9. Donald Trump did not govern as an authentic populist in any way. He knowingly and intentionally used populist and nationalist rhetoric to fool his supporters as he implemented status quo GOP policies which favored the rich and Israel.

    Right wing populists in the GOP overwhelmingly approved of Donald Trump’s performance in office.

    Status quo GOP policies + conspiratorial / lib owning / fake nationalist / fake populist rhetoric is like catnip to them, they loved it. They didn’t consider it barely acceptable or a stepping stone, they found it completely adequate. They want more of what they got from 2016-2020, they aren’t pushing for something better.. in fact they actively worked to silence any demands for something better.

    The GOP will need to change their rhetoric to be more “Trumpist”. But there is no indication that they will need to change their policies or move towards implementing any kind of authentic populism or nationalism that would actually challenge the power structure of the United States. Right wing populists are happy with “Trumpism”. And that’s what they will get.

    (Note under the current power structure, some steps may be taken to alleviate current levels of poverty and material deprivation that are unsustainable and frankly embarrassing for a nominally first world country. But never mistake Mitt Romney or Biden or even Yang for a “populist”. It’s a way of managing neo-liberalism and making it more stable. And it doesn’t change who is in charge.)

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