Does Right Populism Exist?

I’m not seeing it.

Where is Right Populism in the polls?

Can someone please help me here? Does something called Right Populism actually exist in the real world that is distinct from generic populism on economics?

It is true that MAGA voters are nativists.

That’s not what defines these people though. Their attitudes on race and immigration aren’t nearly as strong as their belief that the political and economic system is rigged against them by elites. This view was shared by like 90% of these people in 2017. It is probably even greater now.

Note: What does Ben Sasse or David French or Jeff Flake add to the Republican coalition?

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  1. It’s getting strange in my city. I don’t see anything changing in the near future. Crime is up. Think we are going in a downward trend for a few years. Unemployment is very high. Not the first time, nothing new under the sun.

    We’d have been better off with Trump. Water under the bridge. Seems more dark this time around. Upside is people are seeing things more clearly.

    • And even if the Democrats cheated in the 2020 POTUS election in he wat that JFK WORSHIPPER Paul Craig Roberts has written about….it is 100 percent irrelevant…Ask yourslf a simple question:Why was the Election so close in the first place?…Answer:OCT 1965….THE PASSAGE OF THE 1965 IMMIGRATION REFORM ACT=THE PASAGE OF THE 1965 NONHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT……

      Native Born White Americans live outside of history…history doesn’t exist for them….and this is why they had their vote nullified on Nov 3 2020 by the highly racialized very rapidly growing nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc………Young White Working Class Males are going to find themselves gang-pressed onto Lebraun James’s cotton fields…it’s comming…….

      • We’ve been told we are a “melting pot”, cesspool, a “nation of immigrants”…which really isn’t true, it’s just hyping the Statue of Liberty. Yet, every single white nation is being flooded with nonwhites. Since when is Denmark or England or Italy “a nation of immigrants”? It’s obvious we are not being left a safe homeland to retreat to.

  2. Ron

    You are living in a MAGATARD Fantasy World…Trump lost the election because of the racial transformation of the US which as a direct consequence of the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act and post 1965 nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRATION-NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

    Trump is an enthusiast for importing China’s and India’s Youth Population….all hard-core Democratic Party Voters….2024….2028….2032….

    So I am going to ask you:‘ARE YOU A TARD?

  3. “It is true that MAGA voters are nativists. That’s not what defines these people though. Their attitudes on race and immigration aren’t nearly as strong as their belief that the political and economic system is rigged against them by elites”

    When I say things stem from nativism, that still doesn’t mean you don’t have class politics. But it stems from a very different source than left wing populism. For example. “America First” is a very nativistic slogan. It just is. And there are class/economic aspects that can come about from an ideological position of “America First” (like not selling out your own workers, shipping factories to the 3rd world championing, autarky, protectionism, reindustrialization, localism in terms of industry and economy [buying American products to help Americans put food on the table. products no longer have value of the product themselves but extrinsic value like helping other American families, etc]). All of this stems from nativism whether MAGA understands, or can articulate, this or not. The source is a lot different (than the left) is what I mean.

    Nativism does have certain economic ramifications (unless someone is a farce and uses nativistic language which is possible). More nativistic countries will operate very differently, economically speaking. Nativisim isn’t divorced from economics. It may not be the primary driver (this is where people like Bannon and his asinine “economic nationalism” is wrong. or Left wingers professing everything is simply economically and materially driven), but economics will be pushed in a particular direction. And these people echo a lot of that sentiment.

    Nativism isn’t just race or immigration. Nativism is a holistic package (and the promotion and focus of the native). Just to use an race as an example. If you can care about your race, then logic follows you don’t become happy when factories go over seas for other racial groups and members of yours gets laid off. The point here is that there is a trend with the economics based on the level of nativism of a group.

  4. No alliance with Libertarians.

    It’s clear they are not capable of seeing past their own ideological fanaticism.

    Lots of people are “libertarianish” leaning. They can be worked with.

    But ideologues are not worth paying any attention to at all.

    • Ron Paul wages economic warfare against the White Working Class…

      So does H1-B enthusiast Tulsi Gabbard…..I mean she has orgasms over the H-1 B Visa Program….Look, I know Tulsi got some great tits….but the fucking H1 Visa Program?

  5. Corporate backing of wokeness has created a vast potential for shareable memes that simultaneously discredit both corporations and wokeness. Some are even ready-mades — think of Nikole-Hannah Jones being Sponsored by Shell.

    Simple stuff like this can go a long way to uniting left and right populism without tl;dr arguments and edgelord spergery.

  6. Re: “Their attitudes on race and immigration aren’t nearly as strong as their belief that the political and economic system is rigged against them by elites”:

    Of course that’s how it is, because the economic system destroys ethno-culture and cohesion, although sometimes “preserving” one group to destroy another. The class struggle for equality against plutocracy must not be separated from and cannot be bypassed by ethno-nationalism.

    Re: Does ‘RIGHT Populism’ exist?

    It certainly sounds oxymoronic, like “reactionary progressivism” or “free market communism.” Who cares though? Populism is mere reformism, and can achieve at most only temporary reform, always followed by doubling down of Usury to make up for lost time and profits, like rampant noxious weeds that were not fully removed, only cultivated and stimulated to spread.

  7. I hate to agree with the Breitbart boomers, but I think they’re right on this one. Left-right populism can’t work because most leftists are concerned with a fundamental social grievance against white people. Those same left populists just so happened to stumble upon some decent economic proposals while they were grasping at straws to attack an economic institution they see as being too white. In essence, they only critique capitalism to the extent they see capitalism as a white phenomenon, so any alliance between more right leaning people and them is a non-starter.

    If any one of these “based” left populists, from Yang to Jimmy Dore, could go without attacking white Europeans for some nebulous “privilege” for even ONE day, then I would be far more conciliatory towards them. None of them can help themselves from avoiding toxic left wing cultural views for even one day, so I have no desire to speak to them, let alone work with them at all.

    Of course, if you’re referring to rank-and-file members of the left wing coalition that support the left out of pure economic self interest, then I can understand where you’re coming from. We should make every attempt to reach out to the disaffected whites in the democratic party and independent center that have legitimate grievances against American capitalism, it’s just that their thought leaders should be kicked to the curb as soon as possible.

    • Breitbart has invented something called “Right Populism” which doesn’t exist. “Right Populists” do not share the economic views of conservatives which is why 20% to 40% of Republicans are “leftwing” on economics.

      50% of Democratic Leaning Working Class Voters are also moderates. If memory serves, something like 17% are conservatives. They are not the same people as the woke Left. The Democrats are divided between liberals and moderates.

  8. Yes, right populism exists, but it’s generally not a good thing.

    People have populist views and impulses in the abstract, but they have also been marinating in GOP quasi-libertarian propaganda for decades.

    They also feel that the GOP is “their team” at some deep tribal level.

    Right wing populists are the kind of “populists” who are willing to be JUNIOR partners in a coalition led by donor class True Cons. IE: Populists who were happy with Trump’s first term.

    What they want is for their politicians to create a populist (and patriotic) FEELING, while carrying out roughly status quo policies.

    IE: We the people are engaged in a desperate populist revolt against the deep state… and our goal is to lower taxes and stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. See “The Conservative Treehouse”. This is a very common set of views that your polls may not be catching.

    Your boomer uncle is probably a right wing populist, (if he’s somewhat economically stagnant), he has populist feelings, but his method for acting on those feelings is roughly compatible with Hannity talking points that are deeply embedded in his personality.

    These people could have been led by a hypothetical anti-establishment leader, but on their own they are easy prey for grifters and have little hope of coming to a mature populist viewpoint… unless some circumstance arises where they are forced to recognize their current views as inadequate. But so far it looks like Trump losing wasn’t really sufficient to make them question their beliefs.

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