Will Nick Fuentes Go Through with AFPAC II?

After promoting the stopthesteal sham that culminated in the January 6th Capital Riot, Nick Fuentes has found himself in a heap of trouble. He is on the record making inflammatory statements leading up to the event, bragging about it after, and then hesitantly suggesting to people who went, to destroy their phones (obstructing an FBI investigation). There are many reasons to suspect that FBI informants are watching him and everyone associated with AF extremely close.

Despite all of this, Nick Fuentes is still planning to hold the second annual AFPAC. Patrick Casey, a former White advocate who chose to attach himself to Nick Fuentes’s movement, is jumping ship and pointed out the obvious red flags of AFPAC II on a recent stream. I personally think the reason Patrick is doing this is because he understands Nick’s grift is finally coming to an end, and he wants to salvage whatever credibility he has left. Or maybe he is genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of the potential attendees. Whatever the case, he’s being attacked and labelled a traitor by many in Nick’s circle.  

 Unsurprisingly, Jaden McNeil, Jake Lloyd (ties to Infowars) and Michelle Malkin (Jewish husband and children) all rushed to Nick’s defense. I haven’t actually heard any reasoning from them as to why anyone should attend an event that could very well be infiltrated by federal agents. What is the point of promoting this? AFPAC II has the potential to ruin hundreds of lives.I’m not really sure how many people would want to travel to an event to hear a former D-live streamer talk about COVID, or how the election was supposedly stolen from Donald Trump. However, if you are one of those people, just know that the DOJ is desperate for anything they classify as White terrorism.

If you are a supporter of Nick and the “America First movement”, please do not go to this event. AFPAC has the potential to ruin your life, and your future. Listen to the “Wignats” who don’t want you to ruin your life over something stupid. We wanted nothing to do with stopthesteal and for that reason we aren’t facing an investigation. We were pretty much done with Trump by 2018; for obvious reasons, and we’re very satisfied with our decision. Part of the reason; maybe the main reason, that there is such a crackdown on Trump supporters right now (whether they be a Q follower, a member of the grift right, or your basic boomer conservative) is precisely because true nationalists are way too smart for tricks such as stopthesteal.


  1. “…the election was supposedly stolen from Donald Trump…”
    There’s that lie again. We know it was stolen. We have ample evidence as well as a confession, for all intents and purposes, in TIME.

    If that level of fraud cannot be recognized and admitted by those on our side, then there is no hope for any dissident/populist movement moving forward. To pretend that next time will be different because Trump is (hopefully) gone is foolish. Give them an inch and, well, you know.

    • “We know it was stolen. We have ample evidence as well as a confession, for all intents and purposes, in TIME.”

      This stupid comment is proof you never read the TIME article in question.

  2. The other part of this issue is that although Fuentes is pretty talented and can do a speech, he’s blown his credibility hitching his wagon to Trump. No one is gonna rescue AF II if Anarchists or BLM show up.

  3. Revolution are not about endless talking but pulling up the shit storm what bring the regime down.

    Have you ever read something intellectual written by Yeltsin ?

    Probably you have. This for example.


    The result. Our liberalism is gone but your one is alive and well. Enoch Powell and Jared Taylor were known before anybody heard about Yeltsin and one of them makes the useless writing work 30 years after our liberalism in our countries collapsed and Putin is firmly in charge in Russia and nationalism is on the march in the Eastern Europe.

    Revolution is getting things done Revolution is not endless irrelevant talking.

    • “Revolution is getting things done Revolution is not endless irrelevant talking,” he said anonymously.

      Fixed it for you.

  4. Fuentes will do what’s best for Fuentes. He’s a grifter and if that means changing his ideology to make money, so be it.

  5. Anyone dumb enough to still be supporting Trump at this point deserves everything that’s going to befall him as a result. I was through with that big-mouthed fraud in March of 2017.

  6. Yep go to AFPAC 2 you dumb fuks its not like thousands of boomers and amfirst patriotards are under federal investigation and there lives ruined for going to the honey pot captiol fed ops on January 6

    You know, where fatass Blumpf and Pence disavowed you right after they told you to go there and stop the steal take no for a answer?!. Oh right and Ashli Babbitt is dead because she was shot in the neck by captiol security shits

    Captiol gay ops was quite a event a few hundred people like based alaska were LET into the fricking building by security and the ones outside continued to look like rowdy flag waving tards being worked up by literal antifas and blm informants inciting you to do stupid shit FFS

  7. Nick just said on Telegram this morning that he is going forward with AFPAC and announced a waitlist where you sign up and pay for a ticket with the chance of getting in if someone else doesn’t show up.

    They must be dropping like flies.

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