Portland DSA Condemns “Class Reductionism”


Left Flank Vets has a new show on none other than Huey Long. If you want to do something productive with your time instead of monitoring the “fascism” on this website, you should check it out.

I’ve begun to notice that the middle class lefty is a modernist and a narcissist who is more interested in divisive culture war politics, grandiose displays of their own virtue and engaging in violence than in representing or accomplishing anything for the working class communities that they claim to represent. They are obsessed with policing thoughts, scolding people who use the wrong words, micromanaging and alienating people who come from different cultural backgrounds and internal psychological things that don’t matter like beliefs and attitudes rather than in changing economic structures of power in the real world. They are people who import their own mental issues and bohemian aesthetic sensibility into socialist politics and make that the defining litmus test of everything they do.

Note: I just thought I would share my two cents on the budding controversy. I know these creeps monitor this website. These hall monitors are on here every day.

What does any of this mean? I don’t know.

Literal segregationists in the New Deal era accomplished more than these people have in my entire lifetime. See the Glass-Steagall Act.

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  1. The origins of racism are in the New Testament and Jews accepted racism against them in exchange for the murder of the innocent Christ.

    So when Pilate saw that he was gaining nothing, but rather that a riot was beginning, he took water and washed his hands before the crowd, saying “I am innocent of this man’s blood; see to it yourselves.” And all the people answered, “His blood be on us and on our children!”

    Is it wrong to hate those who killed the innocent son of God? Is it wrong to hate those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent without reason? Is it wrong or is it your duty as a civilized human being to protect and defend the weak and the innocent?

  2. These people, these twenty first century abolitionist , these malcontents, are no more than a clique , they dont like america, they dont themselves, rhey dont like anybody.

  3. Best method for class reduction is go after upper classes. It is also very profitable.

    Donald forced Swamp to make deal with those people and despite constant Trump hysteria seems like radicals are much more interested to go after rich , not after Donald supporters somewhere in rural area.

  4. The DSA just prefers the RACIAL NATIONALISM of Black Lives Matter and LA RAZA…

    DSA is obviously infested with homosexual pederasts and they believe to get tolerance for their homosexual-tranny freak-pederast norming of American Society they have to promote the racial interests of the majority nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc…..It is not a very complicated issue to understand….For the DSA…it’s all about anal sex….

  5. You know, the sociologist Lewis Coser the founder of DSA…Dissent Magazine…had some interesting things to say about group conflict in a society…could complement the things Peter Turchin has been writing about.

  6. “it’s most reactionary and nationalist of our ilk to the exclusion of black, migrant, queer, indigenous workers.”

    In other words … working class people they racialize as “white” … but not “Jewish.”

    Jewish DSAs are never called “reactionary” or “nationalist.” These slurs are reserved for people racialized as “white” but not Jewish.

    DSA is a political club for yuppies aspiring to be Professional Managers. That is why their rhetoric reads like the anti-discrimination regulations for Citigroup’s Human Resources department.

    If these types take over the Democratic party it will destroy them, so let’s all do what we can to assist them in the endeavors.

  7. of course. they’re a bunch of middle/upper class over-socialized white bugmen with useless intersectional college degrees. they were always just a tool of elites to attack whites and the working class.

  8. I don’t believe in class reductionism. But the way these people are using it is in an anti-majority pro-minority frame.

  9. You have all of these socialist grouplets today, some of which are quite large. Sounds like the DSA is starting to have Trotsky/Mao problems. LOL.

  10. These DSA tools are playing right into the hands of Globalist Elites by focusing on phantom ‘racism’ so.much and thus neutralizing themselves by alienating politically incorrect Whites.

    The aforementioned Red-Brown Alliance & Occupy Wall Street (before it went intersectional) is what the Globalists really fear. Let’s get to work pressuring Biden to secure the $2000 bag as a first step.

  11. With serious issues like prison overcrowding, poverty and homeless veterans there’s more than enough to keep social justice warriors occupied. But instead of tackling those problems they’d rather whine about institutionalized racism and white fragility. What a bunch of useless, worthless faggots.

  12. The only socialist reductionism I believe in is libtard reductionism or cuckservative reductionism…

    Not surprised by this admission by dsa, this isn’t news they’ve admitted it a hundred other times before. Rich joos and rich shabbos goys are exempt from class reductionism this can’t be, what a coincidence!

  13. Hunter why did you stop talking about Huey Long and instead move onto William Bryan? Because Huey wasn’t a WN?

    Modern Americans can relate more to Huey because he was fresh and new during the Depression and his ideas resonate today. Even in the Roaring Twenties most Americans outside the Bible Belt viewed Bryan and his anti-evolution fanaticism as old fossil relics.

    • I haven’t been dwelling on any one figure.

      So far, I have spotlighted Andrew Jackson, William Jennings Bryan, Tom Watson, Huey Long and George Wallace in the banners. Huey Long has been on my mind lately based on what I am seeing in a lot of polls.

      The point is to mock the fascism industrial complex of hysterical liberals who know nothing about American history.

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