COVID Deaths Approach 500,000

How do you know we are not a serious country anymore?

More people have now died from this than anything else in American history except the Civil War and the Spanish Flu and it is still going. Meanwhile, the media is obsessed with “white supremacy.”

The death count was 419,453 on the day Joe was sworn into office when it surpassed the World War II death toll. He announced a day or so later that actually nothing could be done about the pandemic. 80,000 more people have died since January 20th. The death toll was only 261,757 on November 21. Most of the people who have died from COVID have died since the 2020 election.

Note: The serious “journalists” at the New York Times recently fired the guy who had been covering COVID because two years ago in Peru he made a racially insensitive comment that offended a spoiled brat who was there with him on a field trip. He had worked there for forty years.

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  1. Many of them were dumb proles that didn’t take the pandemic seriously or thought it was a hoax. Good riddance to those.
    To their credit, ABC Evening News with David Muir reports the death toll daily.

    • Mostly Nigs, Hispanics in the metropolitan areas and superspreading Jews.
      Then it bit in areas that are rural backwaters because the city populations were not confined to city limits.

      The dead whites are normally very old too. In each 10 year bracket POC died at rates similar to the whites 15 years older than them.

  2. 490,000 of those 500,000 deaths attributed to the Wuhan Flu were actually from suicide or from patients with undiagnosed/untreated medical conditions that had nothing to do with the virus.

    • I call BS on that.

      Do know how many people would have to be involved in such a massive conspiracy and cover up on that scale?

      If you were a doctor or coroner working in a hospital or morgue, would you risk your job/career and possible jail time by falsifying and lying about the cause of death on a death certificate?

      I used to be a parking enforcement officer (meter-maid) and I would have NEVER risked my job or jail time by falsifying a parking ticket or giving false testimony in traffic court to “win” my case.

      That was my attitude toward parking tickets.

      Are we supposed to believe that thousands upon thousands of doctors and coroners are lying on death certificates about Covid?

      Sorry, I call BS on that.

      • The issue is this. It is possible that Covid19 is present in people but that it has little to do with death so to speak. You have lots of viruses in you. Much of your DNA is the remnant of historical Viral infection in your bloodline. What’s happening is that unfit and old people have met the appointed time. Lot’s of baby boomers should have been dying over the last decade but we keep them around artificially. They eat up space, resources and now our collective sanity, wishing to live forever.

        Not that catching Covid19 is pleasant. Indeed for a middle age guy it can be crippling. But is is killing people? The comorbidities do.

      • The risk to career would come from questioning the official tall tale.
        also note which health officials get censored.

        SR1970 close.

        I would say divide given death toll by 100
        then subtract today’s number of Fauxci’s lies.

      • I call bullshit on your bullshit. Yes, it is easy to manipulate the masses of asses with control of the media and the full backing of corporations and government. I don’t believe for a minute that 500,000 have died of COVID or anywhere close to that. I believe what I see. I see nothing that tells me it’s any worse than any other flu season. Check the funeral homes….are they backlogged? Are we burning bodies or dumping them in pits yet? This is all bullshit.

    • I overheard a few minutes of a White Nationalist podcast recently, featuring a female NON-medical “Doctor’ Tenpenny, and a chiropractor who is just as unqualified, and believe it or not, a “homeopath” (homeopathy is ridiculous non-science), all being presented to the eagerly donation-giving WN audience as reliable experts on a viral pandemic!

      Alternative media, with few exceptions, is actually worse than mainstream on the pandemic, and some other subjects. One alternative news source after another that I had thought was reliable has revealed its/his/her true nature by falling to the very popular (telling people what most people WANT to believe) fund-raising temptation: preaching pandemic DENIAL, and absurd conspiracy theories.

      Instead of telling the truth and helping people resist the U.S.’s criminal “herd immunity” policy, these fake alternative sources with their misinformation, or disinformation, are actually assisting, reinforcing, the U.S.’s criminal policy!

  3. The correct sequence would have been to

    1. Close airports. CLOSE borders.
    2. Cordon off metropolitan cities.
    3. Martial Law shoot to kill any BLM protest/riots.
    4. Track and trace and fast track vaccines for the elderly with a signed waver. Have the oldster get paid to take the jab.
    5. Nuke Wuhan from orbit just to make sure.

  4. Funny how “covid” deaths are up but the flu is down 95%. Everything from the common cold to the flu is now covid. In other wiords, covid is the flu by another name. It must suck living in fear.

  5. (1) Vietnam, with not a single death so far, and “North” (the unoccupied, independent half of) Korea with not a single case so far – and China, that REALLY fought the virus, and virtually exterminated it within its borders – all of them nationalistic and Communist Party led – SHOW US THE WAY!

    (2) The Sputnik vaccines are a triumph of Russian science, the best in the world, as effective against the heretofore most common strain as the U.S.’s “cutting edge” mRNA treatments, and more effective against at least some of the new mutations, and causes much fewer serious reactions. But the U.S. opposes, and prevents its E.U. puppets from buying the very affordable Russian vaccine.

    (3) The U.S. under the Kamala and Joe administration doesn’t care about the health of the commons any more than it did under the Kushner and Trump administration. Average life expectancy in the U.S. as been falling for decades, but the decline is worse than it appears because the longevity of the upper class in the U.S. keeps INCREASING.

    (4) Alternative media, with only a few exceptions iincluding Occidental Dissent, has become worse than mainstream media on the pandemic. Conservative, libertarian and white nationalist podcasts/websites are raking in donations by telling their ignorant (science-education-deprived) audiences just what they want to hear: that there is no pandemic just a conspiracy to deprive us of our freedom, microchip and even kill us with deadly vaccines.

    (5) Israel scooped up medical and safety equipment far beyond its need, from the very beginning, and has been the world’s first in line for vaccines, and now has world’s highest rate of vaccination (almost 50%) while the indigenous people of Palestine are left to sicken and die. In the U.S. also, there is inequality in access to vaccines, testing and medical care.

    • I know, it’s kind of odd that 3rd world shitholes have no deaths from the renamed flu, I mean covid but 1st world counties in the west have 500,000 according to the idiots that repeat the media lies. I guess they’re doing something right or they just don’t buy into the the lie the west is selling. Even mudhut Africa has no known deaths.

      • “Even mudhut Africa has no known deaths”:

        False! There are confirmed cases and deaths all over Africa wherever testing and medical care are available, mostly in cities, and mostly for the better off.

        Also because the African population is much younger than the European population, even where testing is available African deaths are much less than Europe’s with this particular disease that mostly kills the elderly and almost entirely spares the young.

        Genomic studies of the constantly-mutating virus (since late 2019 there are hundreds of strains) proved that most of Africa and all of Latin America received original infection from/through the U.S.

    • The exact same DoD guys who conceived of the daily bodycount retired into medicine and public health and infected the corporate culture of healthcare with the same meme. The NHS literally hired the DoD guy to reform the system there during the Thatcher years.

    • Belgians who live where the vaccine is made got to see the supplies shipped off to Jewland before they got a shot at it.

      Don’t think these Belgian people don’t understand what’s happened here. The Dutch too.

      The Palestinians in Israel will, even if they are last in line, should benefit from the blanket immunity that widespread vaccination among the Jews provides. I have a feeling that the program there is so slick most of the elderly Arabs have already had a jab. Might be the only nice thing the Jews did for that population.

      • “The Palestinians in Israel will, even if they are last in line, should benefit from the blanket immunity that widespread vaccination among the Jews provides. I have a feeling that the program there is so slick most of the elderly Arabs have already had a jab. Might be the only nice thing the Jews did for that population.”

        What kind of made up nonsense is this troll babbling?

        He’s telling us that Jews secretly are vaccinating Palestinians. Think about that. This account is another bad actor here to disrupt us.

        Notice that tactic that the trolls use. They start with a generic WN talking point like this:

        “Belgians who live where the vaccine is made got to see the supplies shipped off to Jewland before they got a shot at it.”

        This gives them credibilty and cause most commenters at a site like to accept them as real white nationalists. It works. Our people are uniquely gullible. As dissidents, WNs are desperate for support and will accept anyone who parrots our talking points as genuine despite huge warning signs.

        Then the troll injects false, insane, bizarre, obscene or confusing nonsense into our discourse. This troll is seeding the idea that Israel is secretly vaccinating Palestinians. This serves the purpose to make Jews look better, confuse our people and distract them from what Jews are really doing. It also makes us look stupid because some morons will repeat the lies. Pay attention to this “Captain John…” account and you see constant discourse poisoning.

        • The Palestinians in OCCUPIED Palestine (actually it is all occupied, because it is all Palestine) are mostly not being vaccinated, and Israel is even PREVENTING (forbidding and stopping) shipments of vaccines from entering Gaza! But what Captain John means is that the “Arabs” (as Zionists call the indigenous people of Palestine) who live inside the border of Israel proper are being vaccinated. I have heard it was being done, but not that it was being done secretly. If the so-called “Arabs,” (“the animals,” as they also call the indigenous) are being vaccinated secretly, rest assured it is not being done secretly of some benevolent motive.

          I read and generally like Captain John’s comments, some of the best on this blog.

  6. This is useful to hunter to believe hook line and sinker because it aids his narrative (populism) by highlighting governmental failure to effectively protect the people.

    I mean, i get it. I dont believe the numbers, but if you are trying to lever that in your arguments favor, go for it. I personally know that gunshot wounds are being categorized as covid deaths and also understand the monetary incentives that are issued for each confirmed case to cities, states and hospitals.

    But that is granular and difficult to separate from this narrative i guess. I like the populism narrative, i get the huey long stuff, i just cringe at the implicit trust of these particular government numbers. Whatever

  7. Oh sooooooo scary. Let’s all wear three masks, and take Karen Silkwood showers to lower the risk of a virus that kills at the same rate as an above average influenza season.

    That anyone still believes this bunk about Covid-19, after so many “super spreader events” that caused less mortalities than a typical weekend homicide toll in Chicago in August.

    Don’t forget all those new terrifying strains that somehow keep popping up in countries undergoing the most draconian lockdowns. Something stinks, and it’s the pseudomonas bacteria festering inside the sheeple’s KN-95 masks.

    • “Let’s all wear three masks (…) Something stinks, and it’s the pseudomonas bacteria festering inside the sheeple’s KN-95 masks”:

      Three layers of cloth masks are still not as efficient as N-95 material. If you’re working on a metal grinder, with asbestos, or coal, stone, wood, grain or manure dust, etc. you will want to wear N-95, or even better, P-100. To prevent being infected by inhaled virus you should wear a very well-fitted N-95, and maintain at least the recommended social distance while minimizing the time spent indoors in occupied buildings or outdoor areas with people.

      Hygienic masking, for control of diseases that spread by inhalation and/or respiratory droplets has been a standard medical practice for more than a hundred years, but these uneducated Science Deniers don’t believe in the use of masks. Some of these deniers also believe that the Moon landings are a hoax. Some don’t believe in the existence of viruses.

      • Look at the warning label on those N-95 masks. It says in big bold letters “Will not protect you from covid or any other virus”. Open masks do not filter out viruses. They collect dirt and aid in people getting sick. Any idiot that walks around with a mask all day is a fool and is destroying their lungs and lowering the efficiency of their immune system.

        • Don’t you have any work experience? Men work at some labor jobs all day with them on, year after year. Those who didn’t wear masks have metal dust lung, black lung, farmers lung, etc.

          I know, I know, a virus is smaller than even a P-100 can filter. But most viruses are riding on droplets of moisture or dust particles, and they are stopped. If any get through they may not be enough to infect, It is estimated that hundreds of SARS CoV-2 particles must be inhaled for one to take hold and infect, like thousands of dandelion seeds blowing in the wind of which only a few ever take root.

          N-95’s are the required protection against deadly Hantavirus (look it up, it kills) that is becoming more of a problem in barns and other buildings infested with deer mice that carry it.

          Anyone who spreads anti-masking lies to persuade stupid people refuse to mask up in this pandemic is a public menace!

          • There is this thing called “parts per million” whereas all the “SARS-COV2” in the world can fit in a Coke can while all the “dust” in ONE SINGLE wood shop fills up a 5 gallon bucket every day.

            Then one adds “displacement.”

            So muzzles aren’t doing anything of any significance in regard to the “virtual virus.”

    • “new terrifying strains that somehow keep popping up in countries undergoing the most draconian lockdowns”:

      Did South Africa have a draconian lockdown? Did Brazil have a draconian lockdown? The reason mutations are appearing is because the virus does that as long as it is allowed to exist. Capitalist big business serving “herd immunity” policy is allowing the virus to essentially run free and become endemic, evolving and being naturally selected for more and more infectious traits. The capiitalist, big business, profit-making “solution” is vaccines, that cannot prevent everyone from contracting and further spreading the disease. Fake, inconsistent lockdowns under herd immunity capitalism are a joke. Lockdowns only work if they are thorough and consistent, and the American sheeple are too stupid and undisciplined, will not be able to do that.

      • South Africa and Brazil are full of niggers who don’t follow orders. Although the genetic soup in London isn’t that different from someplace like Cape Town these days. South Africa did have a lockdown for whitey but the blacks were largely lawless.

      • Anonymous,

        Do you masterbate to the fear porn the msm and CDC provide you daily about the scamdemic/plandemic? Do you believe everything that the ZOG governments around the world say about illegal immigrant and refugee crime statistics, supposed unemployment figures, what country or countries are supporters of terrorism? I be you probably believed that Iraq had WMDs because Colin Powell said they did at the UN.

        I’m very familiar with pathogenic microbial life and blood borne pathogens that requires PPEs. You seem to be coming at this issue from a tradesman, farmer, or coalminers perspective. Because of that you are comparing apples and oranges.

        Are you aware of shortages of urns, caskets, or an usual amount of graves being dug for the supposedly half a million Americans that have died from the WuFlu? No, me neither. Hmm? I wonder why?

        Covid-19 virulence is not much higher than the seasonal flu. Viruses will mutate as will bacterium, but they do not automatically become more virulent. Take the rightly feared Ebola-Sudan filovirus; it is highly contagious and has a mortality rate above 90%, if not treated in modern state of the art hospitals, but it kills it’s host too quickly to become a pandemic. While not alive in the traditional sense of the word, viruses whether they be avian, swine, or a rhinovirus tend not to kill their hosts because that would be the end of their replication mechanism. You mentioned hantavirus, I remember when hantavirus first broke out on Indian reservations and on farmland where the blood or feces of the infected deer mice was the vector of transmission. Has the hantavirus spawned mutant strains over the last quarter century? Nope.

        • November, I’m well aware that the usual tendency of viral evolution in a host species is toward lower lethality. I expect this coronavirus to become even more infectious, and less lethal in the long run.

          Yes, I am coming at it from a trades and farming perspective. People who fear masks don’t know anyone who worked in the boiler room every day wearing one. I understand animal (livestock) and plant biosecurity: tthat every possibly entry of a dangerous virus or bacterium must be identified and blocked, or sooner or later there WILL be an epidemic and you will lose your stock.

          The argument about “no shortages of urns and cakets” is sophistry. I am aware of use of statistics showing no significant increase in death rate for the year overall, more sophistry to deny epidemiological science.

          If you have read my comments here, you know I do not “believe everything that the ZOG governments around the world say about illegal immigrant and refugee crime statistics, supposed unemployment figures, what country or countries are supporters of terrorism.”

          You must distinguish between (1) capitalism taking advantage of the pandemic, using the private-profit “public” health system, and the need for public hygiene rules to further increase capitalist profits and control of the working class (the “herd”) and (2) the actual science of the actual pandemic.

          The science of the pandemic is not “fear porn.” But the commercial, capitalist, exploitation of it (slick advertisements and info-mercials everywhere, selling billions of dollars of products and services that are unnecessary to stop the pandemic, and even harmful, besides wasteful) could be described as “porn.” I try to ignore the commercialization, not because it makes me afraid but because it “makes me sick” so to speak, and is a waste of time.

          Finally, thanks for your response. .

          • Re: “There is this thing called parts per million (…) all the “ SARS-COV2 ” in the world can fit in a Coke can while all the dust in ONE SINGLE wood shop fills up a 5 gallon bucket every day”:

            You do not seem to visualize the “thing” called parts per million, or billion. A little on the nano scale goes a very long way on the macro scale. See my response to November, directly above.

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