Democrat Big Tent Threatens Neoliberal Joe’s Agenda

You’re laughing.

Joe’s coalition is already disintegrating and you’re laughing.

New York Times:

“As he ran for president last year, Joseph R. Biden Jr. contorted his campaign to appease both wings of the Democratic Party, trying to excite progressives with an ambitious policy platform while assuring moderates he opposed structural changes to the political process.

Now, faced with the realities of governing and dual crises of public health and economic stagnation, Mr. Biden is increasingly squeezed by members of his own party who see an inevitable collision course between his deference to Washington norms and his promises of far-reaching change.

Some progressive Democrats, who have been keeping their powder dry on Mr. Biden since he won the presidency, spoke out in frustration after he staked out two moderate positions at a town hall event in Milwaukee on Tuesday: a willingness to negotiate on the $15 minimum wage he had proposed, and skepticism of a sweeping student loan cancellation program. …”


“The inauguration of President Biden as the 46th US President hasn’t produced quite the catharsis that Democrats (and others) had hoped for. After only a few months of one-party rule in Washington, DC—and the sputtering finale of impeachment—there should be fear among Democrats that attention will return to the signs of real damage done to the progressive/liberal project in the wake of its collision with the Trump train.

The shifting of both American political parties into one another’s former political spaces has been head-spinning. The trend of Republicans turning into the party of labor and Democrats becoming a party of capital looks to continue in the 2020s—something few people outside of Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot would have guessed 30 years ago. And it turns out that the promise of a Democrat-voting bloc made up of well-educated whites, blacks, and the growing Hispanic population delivering a decades-long progressive era in American politics is not coming to pass.

For nearly 20 years, this promised “coalition of the ascendant” has coalesced but failed to ascend. In 2009, with the inauguration of Barack Obama, Democrats in the House of Representatives controlled 256 seats and 58 seats in the Senate. In 2021, Democrats under Biden/Harris hold 221 seats in the House, while the Senate is split 50/50.

To be fair, a major caveat to the “coalition” argument involved keeping white working-class voters in the Democrat column while the promised growing populations of Hispanic and urban singleton voters delivered on its demographic determinism. Instead, the raw numbers from the 2020 general election suggest that Trump’s class rhetoric captured parts of the working classes that the Democratic Party had previously thought were untouchable. …”


“President Joe Biden’s green energy agenda is in danger of being engulfed in a fight between organized labor and industry over unionization, wages and other workplace issues.

As the renewable energy industry expands, unions and their allies in Congress are determined to unionize more of the jobs or, at the very least, require the payment of union-equivalent wages. But the industry says such moves would cripple some of their operations. …

The clash is playing out in Congress, where Democrats are cranking out bills filled with carrots for developers of zero-emission infrastructure, but with pro-labor strings attached, including wage requirements, job certification and Buy American provisions. Labor groups skeptical of whether green jobs can adequately replace high-paying union jobs in the fossil industry see these provisions as the bare minimum, while solar and wind producers want to see those labor demands dialed down. …”

This old man was only elected because he was Not Trump. You’ve elected a 78-year-old Joe Biden suffering from dementia as your president who voted for NAFTA and the Iraq War.

Your agenda was going nowhere with the neoliberals split between two parties. Bernie lost twice to them. Now all the neoliberals are concentrated in one party and they are too culturally toxic to working class voters and too concentrated in big metros to have a governing majority in Congress.

Your progressive agenda is dead.

The new Republican wing of the Democratic Party is blocking it.

Note: You stopped “fascism” though. Congratulations.

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  1. It is rather humorous to watch because these Liberal cat women could have got Trump to sign off on policies that Pelosi and Schumer passed forward to him. Biden isn’t going to do a fucking thing for middle class whites. C’mon man. Trump would have enjoyed being grandpa sugarbucks with a purring Pelosi offering up spending bill after spending bill. Biden is a flinty grasping bogtrotter.

  2. The “Big Tent” and American style of “Democracy” has always worked against our interests.

    Big Tent Reagan GOP in the 1980s included Wall St. billionaires and Pittsburgh Steal workers, who wanted good, secure jobs, white neighborhoods, and white schools, and a dismantling of the abortion mills and sodomite nightclubs where AIDS was spreading like wildfire.

    The “Big Tent” never delivered any of that for us.

    The Woke liberals are going to learn the same lesson we did.

    Ideally, if you are going to have a “democracy” (which I do not support), the best way to power is a European-style form of Parliament where a multitude of parties fight for control.

    Populism and White Nationalist/White Identity parties could form governing blocks since we are clearly in the majority. The communist and Woke parties would have the big cities on both coasts, but we would have the bulk of the nation in what is called, “fly over country.”

  3. @ i honestly thought ” old dirty joe’s”, agenda was to warm the big chair up for his “vice” president. , while “old dirty joe”s, handlers patiently wait to give their patient . thee twentyfifth amendmant vaccination.

    • President Kuntmala Harris was seen the other day carrying a yardstick out of the Oval Office while Dementia Joe was taking one of his interminable naps. She claimed she was taking the yardstick over to the Bureau of Standards to make sure it was correct but everyone knows, she was measuring the windows for her draperies. It’s just a matter of time.

  4. “””….Bernie lost…..”””

    Bernie lost elections. But there are still chances. For example, when your supporters are young and strong like Antifa, BLM, Bernie bros and college students then you may try what Lenin did. Lenin created Red Army and won by peaceful protesting. This is why numbers are irrelevant. Few million voters is nothing, few million fanatical communist peaceful communist are everything.

    Only obstacle may be MAGA Army. 100 million strong, heavily armed. But MAGA Army is commanded by stable genius who spent 4 years to make clear that every last institution is corrupt to the core so there is really no point to defend muh constitution or muh whatever.

    So when Red Army goes after The Swamp then MAGA Army stands by. This how The Swamp will be drained.

  5. Where’s the damn national healthcare that was supposed be one of the positive aspects of these people coming to power? Instead the pious rich elite are buying indulgences with destructive global warming policies that ease their misdirected consciences.

  6. The antifa lefty types have a new insult for the people who try to focus on things like minimum wages and national health care –

    They are ‘racist class reductionists’

    Because the REAL priority for them, is migrants, LGBT and trans, propping up minority figureheads & symbolism, and anti-whiteness

    And above all, witch-hunting that serves oligarchs and their mafias

    Even feminism now on the back burner because of all those Permit Patty type white wimmin and TERFs opposing the trans … feminism is only ok if it is white men being bashed

    Same thing has been happening in Europe, tho it looks superficially different because of the 6-12 political parties in many countries

    But overall the social Right is the home of the more ‘real’ pro-worker people, the Left is caught up in versions of the same garbage like in the USA … and the only thing carrying them is the typical European’s timidity to go against what is in mainstream media, and boomer nostalgia for socialist old days

    When the Right gets too popular the establishment in Europe always trots out some new ‘they’re rayciss’ shite

    The big question tho is whether there is any exit from the covid dictatorship … THAT is the Left’s super tool now

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