The Political Cesspool: White Populism


I would like to thank James Edwards and Keith Alexander for having me on The Political Cesspool tonight. We’re trying to wrap our minds around all the good news on the explosion of White identity and populism that is showing up in recent polls since Neoliberal Joe became president.

Does it make any sense to label us “hate groups” or “extremists” anymore in 2021? 9 out 10 Trump voters agree with us that White people and Christianity are under attack in America and that the mainstream media is identical with the Democratic Party. Since the term “racism” was redefined by Wokes to mean any White person in America who is guilty of “complicity” in “systemic racism,” 6 out of 10 Trump have developed an explicit sense of racial consciousness. We’re also the peaceful ones, not the people who have been radicalized to the point where they now say in the polls that more extreme measures might be necessary to save America. Those people are the ones you have to worry about. It was also ordinary Trump supporters who have been arrested after the Capitol Siege, NOT White Nationalists.

I’m feeling optimistic about 2022 and 2024.

I’ve encouraged James Edwards to run for U.S. Senate. More people in the Republican Party now see things the way that we do than George Will or Mitch McConnell or Ben Shapiro. We need to elect people to Congress who will stand up and the defend the White race from all of these attacks.

Note: I saw this floating around this afternoon.

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  1. When will you learn that there is no political future for Whites in either party? Edwards would be destroyed as soon as he announced his candidacy, the same way Little and others have. The SPLC, ADL and the media along with the Republicans/dems would destroy him before he could get going.

    White identity ended in the 60’s after the jews formed the civil rights movement. The only way for Whites to get a foot hold back into politics is to remove the cancer that controls both sides of it. I’m not a defeatist but a realist. The same way I realized Trump was not going to save the White race and was a fraud. It’s time you wake up to reality.

    • Cont: The system is too corrupt and too far gone to be reformed. It has to be destroyed and started over for any change to take place. If that ever happens, guys like Edwards could made a difference but not in the present one. That is just the truth of the matter. .

    • @John – “The definition of insanity is voting over and over again in a jew-run system and expecting a different result.”
      – Some Jew

    • “Edwards would be destroyed as soon as ”

      Maybe, but it could be a stage to publicize our cause and bring more ppl into the truth.

    • What will it take before White people get it through their heads, that “voting” to save themselves is over? The America you knew is dead, and, controlled civic nationalism is the cause. Clinging to the delusion of new people trying to re-establish the “GOP”, or any other form of mainstream political party, is nothing but poison hopium. There is only one way forward, if Whites want their people to survive. It is understandable, that good people want to try and salvage the system they have been conditioned to believe in, but it’s over. How many more of our people have to have their lives destroyed, or be killed, before our people get the gravity of this situation?

  2. You are sounding more, and more confident every time you go on the Cesspool. Keep up the good work.

    People are pissed of right now, how long they stay pissed off is the question, weeks, months, years?

    • Thanks to Biden & Co. Whites will stay pissed off, not to mention being pissed already over endless Covid-19 restrictions and knee grows running amok. Our enemies are moving too fast. That’s hurting them and helping us.

  3. “Does it make any sense to label us “hate groups” or “extremists” anymore in 2021?”

    Why should the Anti-Defamation League, a Zionist group that has engaged in espionage against US citizens for a foreign state, that openly promotes ethnic segregation and apartheid in Palestine, get to call you – or anyone – a “hate group” or “extremist?”

    Why does NBC quote the ADL about “hate groups?”

    It it because the president of NBC News, Noah Oppenheim, is a collaborator with the ADL?

    • Someone needs to do a 2021 redux of William Pierce’s “Who Controls the Media”. It’s the same Tribe of course, just different names.

  4. Camel will be President very soon. Some of us will be in the camps and some dead, but none of us will be in the Senate.

  5. I ain’t no long-haired country boy; city born & haircut short and a G/D’d yankee to boot but … I took the trip cross-country down to Jacksonville FL just to check out Lynyrd Skynyrd’s hometown.

    And drove all the way north to Jonesboro GA, just south of Atlanta, stood in the exact spot their debut album cover photo taken.

    Allen Collins will always be the coolest guitar player ever south – or north – of the Mason-Dixon line.
    I’ve had Lynyrd Sknyrd in my bones since 1975 and saw Ronnie Van Zant live. He liked Wallace and he’d like this website, too. Sweet home Alabama, indeed.

  6. “”””…….I’ve encouraged James Edwards to run for U.S. Senate….””””

    Every our guy must encouraged to run into office. Big Government is out of reach but small towns and counties are easier. This what we did in Eastern Europe. Local elections are extremely important.

    They are realistically winnable
    Our guys get paid, so our movement is financed.
    We can launch legal guerilla war. Laws do not work by themselves. Someone must enforce them. Or refuse to enforce. Or ignore like Eastern Europe does with lockdowns. Government may lock as much they want, officials on local level ignore.

    Lot of our guys get political experience. You can`t go to high position from trailer park without zero experience how government and politics works. This was the on of the reasons, why Donald hired all those Swamp Things.

    And so on. When somewhere is open position, our guy must run. It is like in artillery. Most of the shelling miss but la lot of shells hit and this hurts. Like Donald with his Judges. Absolute majority may be useless cuck but some of the are not when some of ours are in hot water, this may be important.

  7. TY HW !
    FREEDOM Above ALL Else –
    ‘ .. my patience & tolerance are gone .. ‘

    WE ARE The People — whatever that means,
    Anyone can say that. WE Are, f.t.t.being – the
    Majority — AND that is important – crats &
    poobs want Us on Election Day; they certainly
    want to avoid saying that out loud.

    WE ARE The true swing vote.
    All other labels are a waste of Energy & TIME.
    Show Us THE candidate who is clearly
    …. pro.wHite. THAT IS The only label
    that matters !! WE Can Do This !

    Say her name : VICTORIA Rose Smith

  8. By engaging in vague META-LEVEL political jibber-jabber starting ten-14 years ago…..THE DISSENT RIGHT lost a major opportunity to red pill millions of NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS about the 1965 IMMIGRATION REFORM ACT…in one fell sweep…..Hillary Clinton would have given THE DISSIDENT RIGHT all the free publicity it needed…….This would have made much more sense than affecting James Bond poses and doing Hail Ceasar salutes……..

    • We can, a little.
      Affirmative action was defeated in Calif. ballot.
      Prop 13 saved a lot of homes.

      We need to start strengthening our political muscle, in stages.

      You don’t bench 300, first time under the bar.

    • Karen

      You are 100 percent correct….and this should be our starting point.

      There is a very obvious reason why THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN AMERICAN WHITE WORKING CLASS MAJORITY can’t vote their why out of this:THE SCALE OF THE NONWHITE DEMOCRATIC PARTY VOTING BLOC….which nullified the Native White American vote on Nov 3 2020…….

      The Democratic Party may have engaged in monkeying-around-shenanigans-and stole the election on Nov 3 2020…however, this is completely beside the point….2024….2032….2036….2040…..The MAGATARD PINHEADS are incapable of asking themselves a very simple and very obvious question no more complicated than 1+1=2(please no references to Principia Mathematica by Russell and Whitehead)………WHY WAS THE NOV 3 2020 ELECTION razor thin close?…..Answer=THE PASSAGE OF THE 1965 IMMIGRATION REFORM ACT=THE PASSAGE OF THE 1965 LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT=THE PASSAGE OF THE 1965 NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN EXTERMINATION ACT!!!!=The nullification of the Native Born White American Working Class Vote on Nov 3 2020….

    • I noticed her too but that photo was taken was over 50 years ago, so I wouldn’t get worked up over her.

  9. The “I never cared UNTIL” rhetoric is as libertarian and multicultural as can be.

    It is also unnatural. Natural Ethnicity ALWAYS cares about all those things, regardless of what is being done, or not being done, to you. Separation is natural.

  10. Just saw on the talmudvision that IHOP now has burritos and burrito “bowls”….the Mexification of America is in everything, literally.


  11. Listened to 10 minutes of it. It was Rush Limbaugh Christian Conservative type shit (didn’t hang on enough to get to you). Whining about gays shoving shit down throats/commercials but how he’s fine if they leave him alone and he’s not homophobic and transphobic. I tuned out as soon as he went on about the government shouldn’t be in our lives/pull up by your own bootstraps shit (while Texas is dealing with a winter storm and the GOP failed to develop infrastructure in part due to this mentality). After that I was like, “I’m out.” I’ve heard this 10,000 times before.

  12. I don’t trust the plan for there is no plan, there never was! Listen up Tic Tokers! Trump is NOT going to be put back in the presidency in March! Q Anon is not real. Somebody is playing you! I voted for Trump both times but if he ran again in 2024 I would not do so a third time. I am done. History will show when we needed a statesman we got a carnival barker who thought posts on Twitter was the same of legislative action. The Trump presidency is can be encapsulated in bark, bark, bark, growl, growl, growl…no bite!

  13. It is necessary to ignore the entire U.S. “electoral” process, all the latest “news” re back and forth between Democrats and Republicans (the two right wings of the same capitalist imperialist beast) – Tune out all “voters-get-to-choose” propaganda, because in fact we CANNOT choose. There is NO democracy. The Saker has a good post today, explaining how U.S./Western so-called “democracy” is really a system of control. Excerpt from it: “Lippman and Bernays were not independent in their perverted view of propaganda as a ‘necessity’ of democracy, any more than they were in war marketing, drawing their theories and instruction from their Zionist masters in London. The multi-party electoral system was not designed and implemented because it was the most advanced form of government but rather because it alone offered the greatest opportunities to corrupt politicians through control of money and to manipulate public opinion through control of the press (…) Bernays baldly stated that ‘The engineering of consent is the very essence of the democratic process.’ In other words, the essence of a democracy is that a few ‘invisible people’ manipulate the bewildered herd into believing they are in control of a transparent system of government, by choosing one of two pre-selected candidates who are already bought and paid for by the same invisible people. Even before the war, the European handlers of Lippman and Bernays had fully recognised the possibilities for large-scale population control and had developed far-reaching ambitions of their own in terms of ‘Democracy Control,’ and using the US government once again as a tool. Their interest was not limited to merely the American population, but quickly included much of the Western world. With Lippman and Bernays as their agents, these invisible people had the US government applying Bernays’ principles in nations all over the world, adding the CIA Project Mockingbird, the VOA. Radio Free Europe and Radio Free Asia, Radio Liberty, and much more to their tools of manipulation of the perceptions and beliefs of peoples of dozens of nations. The US State Department, by now totally onside, claimed that ‘propaganda abroad is indispensable’ for what it termed ‘public information management.’ It also recognised the need for absolute secrecy, stating that ‘if the American people ever get the idea that the high-powered propaganda machine was working on them, the result would be disaster.’ But the high-powered machine was indeed working on them, and continued to an extent that might have impressed even Bernays. The history of propaganda and its use in manipulating and controlling public opinion in the US, and in Western democracies generally, is a long story….”

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