The PMC Problem In Left-Leaning Media

Have you ever wondered who is watching this shit on CNN and MSNBC? Who is losing their minds about “white supremacy” and “domestic extremism” and “fascism”?

“There is little difference among Republicans in educational attainment across these news consumption groupings. That is not the case, however, among Democrats.

Democrats who consistently used only news outlets with left-leaning audiences to get political news during the past year have much higher levels of education than Democrats with other news consumption habits. About six-in-ten U.S. adults in this group have college degrees, including about a third (34%) with postgraduate degrees. Among other Democrats, only about three-in-ten or fewer have completed college.

Similarly, looking at the race and ethnicity of each group, there are large differences among Democrats by media diet. While a majority of the group who consistently turned only to outlets with left-leaning audiences are White (71%), a minority (42%) of Democrats who consistently turned to outlets with other types of audiences are. And Democrats who consistently turned to outlets with mixed or right-leaning audiences are more likely than other groups among Democrats to be Black (29%), and 21% of them are Hispanic.

Among Republicans, large majorities of all the groups are White – reflecting the GOP’s composition overall. …”

If you are going about your life in Middle America, it might be difficult for you to see how we are living in the Reconstruction South. You might not have seen any “insurrectionists” in the aisles of Wal-Mart. When you turn on CNN or MSNBC though, the “news” is overwrought panic and hysteria.

As I have pointed out in recent months, the Democratic Party is two parties. Democrat Independent Liberal Elites (DILEs) are the 13% of the electorate who are self-hating White people who are college-educated, upper middle class PMCs with modernist and cosmopolitan values.

Normal people of all races and ideologies have mildly positive feelings about their own racial or ethnic group. White liberals are the exception to the rule:

These are the people who are watching CNN and MSNBC and who only consume content in the progressive Twitter bubble. Blacks and Hispanics are more likely to be moderates and more likely to watch right-leaning media. There is also a major education skew. It is people with some college, college degrees or post-graduate degrees who are 86% of the audience who consume only left-leaning media. In contrast, Americans with only a high school education or less make up 13% of the audience. This bias toward college-educated PMCs with cosmopolitan values who live in big metros appears to be an opportunity for Republicans to expand their appeal to working class voters.

Note: The “Coalition of the Ascendant” theory assumes that the DILEs won’t alienate DLWC voters over time even though they have different values, interests, issue preferences and media consumption habits. Fortunately for the Democrats, the GOP is too wedded to True Conservatism and libertarian economics to split the Democrats down the middle. Less politically correct, more redistributionist, leaning into the massive level of disaffection is the winning ticket.

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  1. Steve Bannon came up with the idea for Trump to use the term “Fake News” and it worked. Frankly, it was Trump’s greatest accomplishment, other than all the stuff he did for Israel.

    I’ve also wondered – do these college educated types really believe the hysteria?

    It seems unlikely. They certainly don’t act in their private lives like “anti-racists” – they act like White Supremacists in their private lives, with their “good schools” and the like.

    So do they really believe that Trump is leading an Army of Rednecks with AR-15s out of Flyover Country to Manhattan?

    Well, when I was a little kid I saw the Red Dawn movie and there were adults saying that “the Commies” were going to nuke America and invade and that the “liberals” were going to help them.

    But I don’t think anyone “really” believed it. They certainly didn’t act like it – they didn’t spend all day hiding in their backyard bomb shelter.

    So I think it’s just people bullshitting each other because that is what people do.

    Who watches network TV? As far as I can tell, only really old Boomers, poor black people, and people stuck at the airport.

    • “It seems unlikely. They certainly don’t act in their private lives like “anti-racists” – they act like White Supremacists in their private lives, with their “good schools” and the like.”

      Joseph Sobran said it best:

      ““In their mating and migratory habits, liberals are indistinguishable from members of the Ku Klux Klan.”

  2. My sister has a masters degree in nursing and a long time friend of mine has a masters in aeronautical engineering. Both had been moderate to conservative republicans for years. Today, they are still ranting about Trump. And not even for the right reasons.

  3. While Game of Thrones references are getting a bit out of date one might call the White Leadership of the Democratic Party the Danaerys Party. White Saviour types wallowing in the idea that they freed the slaves and lead the restoration against a flawed but all too human Blond Beastly, Lannister dynasty. The Jews in the Democratic Party have no counterpart in that fictional series, except the Iron Bank.

  4. I have PMC liberal relatives who in private, I have heard make numerous “racist” comments about blacks. They clearly dislike blacks and unlike me and many of my conservative family members, have never had friendships with a black person. My sense is that their entire liberal identity is only about class and status pretensions and nothing more. They are aping what they see as the prestige opinions. Part of what tipped me off to this is these liberal PMC relatives would frequently make mildly derogatory comments about their ancestors’ class/social/ethnic backgrounds. None of my conservative relatives ever made these kinds of self-depreciating comments.

    My PMC liberal relatives are very status conscious, frequently bragging about trivial status markers. The irony is although UMC and comfortable as well as highly degreed, none of these people are truly wealthy or socially prominent. In contrast, I have conservative relatives who are wealthy businessmen, property owners or executives, with much high status markers and higher social capital, who are genuinely humble and who take a totally different, less bragging tone when mentioning their own status markers.

    I noticed things like liberal relatives showing a strong desire to avoid “low status” whites in the most trivial ways, like avoiding non-trendy diners or BBQ restaurants that had excellent reviews and always wanting to go to some trendy yuppie cafe or “exotic” ethnic restaurant instead. Again, the irony is they often made these pitiful and flailing gestures at status signaling to the annoyance of genuinely wealthy and high status more conservative relatives who were picking up their tabs. The good news is some of the younger spawn of these people are on our side now.

    • Yes, this is why I have refocused on the real problem.

      In my view, White Nationalism and the Alt-Right were too focused on race. White solidarity is a good thing. This virtue can be easily turned into a blind spot though. I think too many people are worried about the black guy down the street who has no institutional power. They aren’t focused on the people who actually do have institutional power and wield it against us constantly. And yes, this cohort includes the Jews, but it is a broader group of people who are in the PMC class.

      • I disagree. We need to make white identity the main focus, not economic populism, although I support that too. Only ethnic identity can unite us as a race. We need to unite whites, not divide whites even further. We shouldn’t use the term “suburban” as a synonym for liberals. Most suburban whites are conservative. The UMC liberals tend to live in gentrified cities or certain specific suburbs that are known in that metro area as “the liberal suburb.” Usually that suburb is an former liberal WASP stronghold that has old Episcopalian, Congregationalist, Unitarian and PCUSA churches in it.

        I don’t think that early alt-right or old school white nationalism made the mistake you are talking about. That would be the race realist crowd. RR/NRx crowd did a lot to both undermine white unity by promoting Asians and Jews and undermine economic populism by promoting IQ elitism and “meritocracy.

        • Whites are objectively divided.

          These people have a negative sense of White identity. See the charts above. White Nationalism and the Alt-Right never grasped this and acted like all White people are on the same side when that isn’t true in the real world. These people are our most vicious political enemies.

          • But who are “these people?” You have been bashing all white people who live in suburbs. Most white people live in suburbs and most of them are not liberals.

          • I’ve already pointed out in the comments that there are different types of suburbs. I did a whole series of articles on the subject where I went over how working class and lower middle class moderate Independent voters in the middle suburbs turned against Trump while college educated professionals in the wealthier suburbs who are traditional Republican voters did so for different reasons. I don’t make the distinction in every article because it is the latter group who I am referring to.

  5. If this was 1945 and the Democratic Party of 2021 could go back in time….the would exterminate every returning NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MALE SOLDIER returning from Europe after fighting the NAZIS….for the overwhelming majority of them would never tolerate the H-1…l-1 VISA Chinese-Hindu-Sikh LEGAL IMMIGRANT SCAB LABOR PROGRAM…These White Men were reflexively xenophobic and pro-white….JUST LIKE THE CHINESE PEOPLE IN CHINA…2021

    The ADL


    Then there is 13 year old Mary Phagan’s raped and strangled corpse….for your viewing ..

    Leo Frank

    THE ADL….

  6. In other news, the (((US government))) funded, Jew York City based global PMC says we all bad … just as they were told to do so by their (((employers))),

    “The United Nations has warned that white supremacy and neo-Nazi movements are an increasing threat to the world we live in, adding that people in positions of responsibility are encouraging them in a way previously unthinkable.

    “White supremacy and neo-Nazi movements are more than domestic terror threats. They are becoming a transnational threat,” United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told the organization’s Human Rights Council on Monday.

    Guterres stated that the UN needs to play a central role in defeating this “growing danger” and prevent “ethnically motivated terrorism.”

    Time to start preparing ….

    • That the Germans had to ship off 10s of millions of vaccines to Israel thus completely immunising their population while the Germans have, to date, only given 2 million shots to their own folk should be the scandal of the century. Germany is the manufacturing heart of the world. This is a swindle.

    • “The United Nations has warned that white supremacy and neo-Nazi movements are an increasing threat to the world we live in, adding that people in positions of responsibility are encouraging them in a way previously unthinkable.

      Too bad there’s no truth to this.

  7. I have family members who ran off to east coast private colleges. They were “too good” for the midwest. Basically when someone like that goes out there they insert themselves into a heavily Jewish Milieu and absorb all their cultural attitudes whether they understand what is happening or not.

    • The most extreme liberals I encountered in an elite eastern private college were some of the whites from the South and rural Midwest. They were true believers in 100% of left liberal orthodoxy and desperate to signal against their home states.

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