The GOP Is Becoming The Blue Collar Party

Talk is cheap.

We’re waiting to hear two things.

NBC Narratives:

“WASHINGTON — The exit of Donald Trump has brought back a more normal rhythm to politics in Washington, but outside the Beltway, deeper forces are reshaping the partisan landscape.

Data from the NBC News poll shows that the composition of the two major parties is changing, and one massive shift is coming in employment: the kinds of jobs Democrats and Republicans hold. There are signs across racial and ethnic demographic groups that Republicans are becoming the party of blue-collar Americans and the change is happening quickly.

If the movement continues it could have a large impact on the future of the GOP. Consider the scale of the change overall. …

Political strategists often debate about the best way to win voters: Are cultural or economic appeals better? These data suggest that economic appeals might offer the Republican Party the best way to broaden its appeal. That path, however, would likely mean a retooling on policy policy approaches to make them better resonate with blue-collar voters. …”

Dump political correctness.

Move towards a more populist economic policy agenda.

Both the economic policy agenda and the cultural taboos suited the interests and tastes of PMCs, wealthy suburbanites and the Chamber of Commerce who have gone Democrat.

Note: Skip to 39:20.

Chuck Todd confirms what I said last night on The Political Cesspool.

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  1. What a bunch of BS – the Republican Party could give a rat’s ass about working Whites. I hate to repeat this analogy but the Repubs are Lucy holding the football and the White working-class dupes that fall for it E V E R Y T I M E are Charlie Brown.

    • This. /\

      The Republicans represent big business, plutocracy, money grubbing, usury, financial speculation and ultimately, economic failure through debt, debt, debt and concentration of wealth in very few hands. Ask Sheldon Adelson about that.

      Oh, I almost forgot. The Republicans also represent war since George Bush attacked Iraq in 1991 to get reelected President (it didn’t work though) after Saddam Hussein had agreed to U.S. terms for avoiding war. The Republicans also represent reparations (The Platinum Plan), paying off BLM to avoid rioting, wide open borders and the whole “woke” thing too. They just do the woke thing through the private sector HR departments firing all the White guys.

      At least the Democrats are right up front with their agenda, they are insane and proud of it. They don’t pretend they are something else, they scream the loudest their anti-White hatred so you know where you stand with the bastards from a mile away.

      A pox on both their houses.

    • BS is right.

      This is an unconvincing replay of the Nixon Era “Southern Strategy” by which they said things to appeal to one sort of people while selling them out when actually making policy.

      And we don’t even have a George Wallace to call them out on it this time.

  2. I’ve been hearing another predatory scam by the usual suspects from Wall Street NYC, fleecing homeowners in flyover country for ten thousand dollars for their monthly heating bill for natural gas. Allegedly “speculators” are able to send the price of natural gas up 7500% and a bunch of people in small farming communities in rural Sangamon County Illinois were screwed with some kind of “market rate” power bill and are receiving criminal usury type rates, probably more than they make in 6 months just for gas. Now I see people in Texas are getting hit with the same scam so it may be more widespread than is being reported. Some guy in TX had his usual $200 monthly natural gas bill jump to $16,000 and instead of doing the usual write a check and mail it in as how we payed our bills when America was Great he fell for the letting them have his bank account number and they wiped out his savings before he could even protest or even know about the scam. This is why governments that look out of their citizens have “price controls” that Conservative INC. types love to denigrate. Well, this is the other side of their ideological “free market” policies, absolute predatory theft of the powerless. It’s why European Governments don’t let “Free Market” pharmaceutical companies charge their citizens $75,000 for a prescription drug like “Conservatism INC.” controlled congress does.

    • May I add that people aren’t lawyers or financial experts and I doubt any of them understood that they had such a treacherous power set up. This is exactly what they meant in that AARP commercial a few years back about Paul Ryan’s Conservatism INC. plan for “entitlement reform” to “privatize Social Security and Medicare” where the old lady in the add said “Paul Ryan would leave seniors on their own to deal with greedy insurance companies.” This is like the “become an informed consumer of health care” scam the free marketers like to spew out, as if you can research different hospitals and clinics for the best rate as you’re in the ambulance having a heart attack. These Conservatism INC. proposals are scams meant to help these predatory corporate operations deal directly with unsophisticated consumers, exactly like the cops telling you that you don’t need a lawyer in the room with you for a criminal interrogation, just represent yourself. This is why people have Unions to go between them and the boss and regulatory agencies to keep corporations from fleecing ordinary people like a used car salesman. Yes, these Conservatism INC. type libertarian proposals are exactly like taking the lawyer away from you in your dealings with the authorities who then have the complete upper hand in a system only a complete expert could navigate.

      • Exactly. Usury has been condemned by every healthy society going back to Old Testament days. A normal country has a government that outlaws these practices and jails the people who engage in predatory policies. The Usual Suspects are expert in these practices but they have plenty of help from others, too.

        In the U.S. the usurers are the people who write the laws and enforce them. They own the Republican Party and the Democrats go along for the ride as long as they get to tear a piece off on the way by. That is what is known as Democracy in Action.

        • USURY in the Biblical sense is not just charging too-high interest on loans. It is greed in action, taking advantage of others in ANY way for personal gain. Charging ANY interest, even low interest on loans is usury, and in some cases, making loans at NO interest would be taking advantage of those who cannot repay, so everything they will ever have can be garnished. Private for-profit banking has no place in a Christian (and socialist) nation.

      • Yes I do. There were blackouts in California at that time. Gov. Gray Davis was called “Grayout Davis” because of the blackouts. This lead to The Terminator being elected Governor, for what that was worth.

        Enron executives were big contributors to the Republican Party and that worthless scumbag George W. Bush. They were also committing fraud on a massive scale which lead to the collapse of the company and their crooked auditing firm, Arthur Andersen, one of the (formerly) Big 8 accounting firms. Some executives went to jail.

        GWB II didn’t know them from Adam after his ‘bidnessmen’ friends got arrested despite photographs of him with that stupid shit eating grin on his face accepting “donations” (i.e. bribes) from these ‘bidnessmen’. The Republicans are a horror show.

  3. So in a previous comment, I mentioned Ising model of social change. The Sociologist got the idea from condensed matter physics. The physics idea:if a critical number of electron spins harmonize their spins in the right way….magnetism emerges(emergent properties in physics is very real!)…..Sociologist adapted of the physics idea……for which they present compelling evidence:‘people harmonize their “spins”….a critical number….and the rest follow.

    I first came across this over at AMERICAN RENAISSANCE…one of the articles posted on AR on a Sunday morning(I already knew about the physics version of the Ising Model….The ONSANGER solution of the Ising model…) Ok these emergent properties in physics emerge from something called a phase transition………I just found it interesting that none of the American Renaissance readers that morning understood the possible significance of the article…..

    So what is the significance of this model……Answer:‘how to get a crirical number of human “spins”….Why hasn’t this happened yet….Part of the answer is this:‘the human “‘spins” haven’t flipped fast enough since 1965…which raises the fundamental question:‘WHY?

    But I will tell you this:The Democrats are well aware….always have…that there was always a greater than 0 probability that this was a very real possibility among Native Born White Blue Collar Workers harmonizing their “‘spins” in the right way that could have led to a spontaneous Native Born White Blue Collar REVOLT…….against the REVOLTING WHITE LIBERAL GREEDY CHEATING CLASS(in Historian Christopher Lasch’s sense of REVOLTING….as in immorally DISGUSTING!!!)

  4. There is a lazy minded trope in the American left and among blacks that the two major American political parties “switched” or “traded places” in the 1960s. That is easily refutable. But, the irony is that such a thing has been actually and slowly happening in our time.

  5. The voters are blur collar, but sadly they won’t control the agenda – not now or ever. Not as long as the Koch brothers, the Zionists, Club For Growth, and all the other big donors are around. All the blue collar voters will get is lip service and the occasional bill introduced by Josh Hawley which will have no chance of becoming law. Meanwhile, the GOP will fight tooth and nail against “socialism” while embracing “based” transgenders to run in 2022.

    • Haha, no.

      The only thing that I care about are concrete changes in attitudes and policy. I haven’t voted in the last two elections. If people are coming our way since Trump lost, that’s a good thing and something to celebrate

      • What policy and attitudes has changed towards our people? We are more vilified now than ever before. Again, you’re deluding yourself if you think positives changes are coming.

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