Washington Post: Using “War On Terror” Tactics Against White Nationalists Will Backfire

Isn’t this obvious?

Far from being unified behind Donald Trump in 2020, White Nationalists were extremely divided about the man. Many were bitterly disappointed with his presidency. In fact, White Nationalists had demobilized and reverted to their traditional posture of not caring about the outcome of elections and most stayed out of the spotlight in 2020. In spite of hysterical media reports, actual “White Nationalists” generally stayed away from the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots that went on all summer.

The Capitol Siege was not a “White Nationalist” event. If anything is true, “White Nationalists” were underrepresented among the groups who were arrested there due to the turn away from street activism after Charlottesville. The people who were arrested at the Capitol Siege were ordinary Trump supporters, Oathkeepers, Proud Boys, Patriots and so forth who were civic nationalists who supported Donald Trump. Baked Alaska is the closest thing to a “White Nationalist” who was arrested and he was there livestreaming. The threat posed by YOBA to national security has been wildly exaggerated.

“White Nationalist” activity declined in 2020. There was notably less “accelerationist” violence which faded after the crackdowns in 2018 and 2019. There were fewer street rallies and shootings. There was actually little appetite or incentive among White Nationalists to go out and get involved in all of that chaos. There isn’t a “White Nationalist insurgency” going on in America. There is only PMC hysteria in the shrinking bubble of the legacy media which has less and less legitimacy in White America.

Washington Post:

“If the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 had a sense of the unreal about it, some reactions since have been even stranger. Take Robert Grenier, a former CIA officer who served in Afghanistan and Iraq and was the director of counterterrorism from 2004 to 2006, the height of the “war on terror.”

“We may be witnessing the dawn of a sustained wave of violent insurgency within our own country, perpetrated by our own countrymen,” Grenier wrote in the New York Times. “Three weeks ago, it would have been unthinkable that the United States might be a candidate for a comprehensive counterinsurgency program. But that is where we are.”

After two decades of the United States futilely and destructively chasing the phantom of violent Islamism across the globe, it is welcome to see Americans finally waking up to the greater threat to their security and well-being posed by homegrown White and Christian extremism — which I, like others, have been warning about for many years. …”

If you are a White Nationalist, what would have been the point of engaging in activism in 2020? There is nothing that any White Nationalist group could have done that could have possibly radicalized more White people than what the political establishment was already doing in 2020.

Consider the following:

  • At least 200 Confederate monuments were destroyed by an orgy of mob violence and the actions of leftwing governments. There was an all out assault on American heritage that ranged from Robert E. Lee statues to the Founding Fathers to Catholic priests.
  • Donald Trump and his supporters were censored and purged from the internet by Big Tech.
  • There was six months of non-stop violence by Antifa and Black Lives Matter from the death of George Floyd to the 2020 election.
  • The FBI and DOJ turned a blind eye to Antifa and Black Lives Matter violence.
  • There was an elite cabal which changed the election laws and coordinated all the violent street protests in a conspiracy to take down Trump.
  • The FBI was weaponized against Trump and his supporters.
  • The New York Times and the mainstream media went Woke to the point where the racial attacks on Whites have become a neverending bombardment
  • The definition of “racism” was changed and now ALL White people are held to be “complicit” in “systemic racism” and “white supremacy.”
  • The political, cultural and corporate establishment embraced critical race theory and “equity” language which vilifies Whites on the basis of race.
  • The new radical social justice language was injected into everything from professional sports to video games all at once.
  • Too many people to count were doxxed, fired and silenced over slight differences in opinion.
  • Joe Biden embraced the blood libel of “systemic racism” in his inauguration speech.
  • Finally, the culmination of this was Donald Trump telling his followers that the 2020 election was outright stolen from him through voter fraud and 70% of them are convinced it is true.

What effect do you think all of this had on White racial attitudes?

Trump supporters have become far more racially conscious, more populist, more anti-corporate, more hostile to the establishment, more sympathetic to violence over the past year.

How would launching a domestic “War on Terror” against non-existent “insurgents” be received by White America? Look at how far these numbers have already shifted over the past year. It would be pointless for “White Nationalists” to engage in “domestic terrorism” in the Biden era when the political climate is so much more favorable now and the media and the political establishment has utterly discredited itself. It makes more sense for White Nationalists to just exercise their constitutional rights as American citizens to engage in a political counterattack against the establishment in upcoming election cycles.

Sticking up for White people has gone mainstream in recent polls. I’ve been doing it for twenty years now when it wasn’t popular and increasingly the reaction that I get is “you were right.” Everyone agrees with us now that White people are under attack by the political establishment. The fact that the professional class in this country so casually talks about turning this country into Iraq or Afghanistan to stop populism illustrates how dangerously out of touch they have become.

Maybe Neoliberal Joe should focus on the real problem in this country that killed 100,000 people last month, not wagging the dog over the White Nationalist boogeyman?

White Nationalists poll better among Trump supporters than the mainstream media now. Doing nothing was the correct political strategy.

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  1. Reason has gone out of the Anti-White mentality. Their pure hatred of Whites is calling the shots and they can’t see it’s hurting them and helping us.

  2. Of course it would backfire. Urban elite overreach has produced more White nationalists in the last decade than any White nationalist advocates have. But these people aren’t rational.

  3. Comparisons between Weimar Germany and present day America are specious. After the Kaiser’s abdication Freikorps units comprised of patriotic volunteers and demobilized soldiers formed to defend the nation from Bolshevik revolutionaries. Germany was defeated but remained strong. In present-day America there are no strong, heroic patriots willing to openly fight the Reds. America in 2021 is worse off than Germany was in 1921.

    • There’s no comparison between the two at all, only jews and white nationalists think there is because of a Hitler obsession. Modern America has been so demoralized for 50 years with anti-social entertainment media and leftist schools. The older generations have died out, they wisely turned the heat on the stove up slowly to boil the frog unlike what happened a century back. We are just as comparable to the demoralized society of opiate addicts in the relic of Imperial China as any case for “Weimar.” Drug addled Generation Bastard is not a bunch of WW1 vets angry about seeing their former Empire evaporate in 10 years.

  4. The table is being set for a false flag attack to be blamed on whites. Something on the scale of 911 is needed. Nukes, dirty bombs take your pick.

    • The MUSLIMS did 9/11…and 1993….blame it all on White Voters for ever tolerating MUSLIMS coming to America in the first place ……9/11 was completely avoidable and here is how:A NATIONAL ORIGINS IMMIGRATION POLICY PRE-1965…POST-1965..that completely excluded all MUSLIMS…..

      Muslims are allowed to come to OUR AMERICA for one reason and one reason only:TO VOTE THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICAN MAJORITY into a violently persecuted White racial minority within the borders of America…….WITHIN THE BORDERS OF AMERICA….

  5. @ “doing nothing was the correct political strategy “, yep, yes sir and for the time being, stay the course , let our enemies continue to demonstrate what idiot’s they are.

  6. What the Democrats and Liberal Media should realize is Trumpers aren’t White Nationalists. These are Civic Nationalists, Conservatives, Republican Libertarians, and so on. NOT with us White Nationalists. Do White Nationalists support Trump? Sure some of them do. However the people who invaded the US Capital was in no way connected with White Nationalism. These were nothing but Trump Worshipers mad about the election results and thought a revolution was gonna really happen. It didn’t and now a bunch of them are in Jail. Of course we all know that left wing groups probably had them infiltrated and help spark the attack on the US Capital. However some “honest” activists got caught up in it….both the lies told by Trump and the fake Revolution that happened at the US Capital. We have more sense in the White Nationalist community. Deo Vindice !

  7. Reality at some point takes precedent over blatant lies.Unfortunately, most our our people have been brainwashed beyond repair.

  8. “It makes more sense for White Nationalists to just exercise their constitutional rights as American citizens to engage in a political counterattack against the establishment in upcoming election cycles.”

    This forgets the demographic replacement that’s accelerating under JoeHo’s regime. Yes, the wild overreach of all the vindictive urban (((Cultural Marxist))) scum from the boardrooms to the gutters is driving ever-angrier Whites in our direction, and that’s great, but there needs to be enough of them for voting to have a chance of crushing the bastards.

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