CPAC Cancels Young Pharaoh Over Jewish Question Views

“America Uncanceled”

Everyone on Twitter is having a good laugh about this. 90% of the Republican Party is problematic by Conservatism, Inc. standards.

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  1. The White man doesn’t have the balls to take on the jew besides words but the blacks on the other hand will if they are awakened. That’s why we need more Farrakhan’s to waken the blacks to their true enemy. I know calypso Louie is no friend of the White man but he knows the the jew is the bigger threat to his people.

    • “we need more Farrakhan’s”:

      Farrakhan was on the wrong side concerning Malcolm X, saying that Malcolm X “deserved to die.”

      Incidentally, a new investigation into the assassination of Malcolm X has just been opened, and nothing will come of it since U.S. intelligence services were the instigators, if not also perpetrators of the political murder: “Malcolm X was a marked man, not when he was in the Nation of Islam, but only after he left it and began, even in the most limited fashion, to acknowledge that racial separation was not the answer to racism, and that skin color was not the source of inequality and injustice. The lesson is not a new one but is underscored: Left-wing organizations must maintain the highest vigilance in relation to the various state agencies whose job is to employ infiltration, provocation and murderous violence to defend the outmoded system of capitalist exploitation.”

    • As soon as a nigger realizes that the Israelis scooped away 6 million doses of Pfizer and Granma Latrina and grandpop Michael X died of Covid19 maybe there’s a new trope.

  2. CPAC will soon have to meet inside of a hall closet. Nobody else anymore cares about their hangups. Most MAGA types, populists don’t hate the Jewish lobby. They just aren’t as interested in how they feel as earlier CPAC types are. And many minorities like blacks or Hispanics, etc, simply don’t care what they think either. Other things matter more.

  3. They silenced a Black Israelite going to a Conservative Convention? All in an attempt to bring token minorities, but unknown to them, such a minority hates Jews. All the while protesting cancel culture but secretly have their limits? Will not highlight the person, their specific ideology, or possibly their race, in an attempt to main the minority coalition against white supremacy?

    I’ve seen it all. Time to check out. Where’s the next bus stop off of this shithole?

  4. Your site HW – & appreciated too – but I come here to get AWAY from all things blek & “our greatest ally.”

    One can’t from either mainstream (and even not so MSM too), so a respectful suggestion / request …

    No need to hear about, or interest in, the latest news about joggers or the ones we fight Middle East woars for.

    • I disagree, Hunter. Foreign policy is where the deep state has the most freedom of maneuver. It’s all about the empire. Keep reporting this type of news! You’ve been rocking it lately!

  5. Has anyone here asked the big queastion? WHY IS THE GOP INVITING A “TRUE ISRAELITE” ghettoman who speaks in ebonics to a “Conservative” conference. Gay analizer Rob Smith and the teenage black podcaster is one thing. This makes no sense to anyone. Any ideas how they found this guy HW?

  6. I’ve been familiar with this “Young Pharaoh” for some time due to my Tommy Sotomayor fandom. And this YP is sort of a flake, a leader always in search of a cause. In my time of observing him, he has had three major sociopolitical personas. His current one is vaguely pro-Trump, as many of these Hotep types have been all along.

    To me, the problem here is CPAC even inviting him to begin with. Which only goes to show how far CPAC has fallen.

  7. The Roman Catholic Schlapp family, who own CPAC, are not going to do anything to disturb the Catholic & Jew political alliance.

    Not that a minor Negro screwball could disturb the Italian, Irish, German, Roman Catholic alliance with the Jews. One blessed by their Pope.

    Btw, have any of you noticed the classic hook nose on “Merrick Garland”?

  8. I wonder, what are the demographics of the pasty woke white women wearing glasses that lead the blm protests?

  9. Pro-Jewish organizations, like ADL and AJC, have the final say on who has free speech and who doesn’t in a country where Jews represent 2% of the population. Everyone in the “mainstream” pretends not to find this odd because if they do they’re anti-Semites.

  10. Even if cpac wasn’t owned by jews, I get tired of seeing Whites propping up blacks to support them. Whites invoke MLK far more than I see blacks, it is pathetic. Then one must notice this dude’s grammar. We wuz kangz and sheet. This is their best…

  11. Don’t know why my other comment wasn’t put. Well I’ll just put it here.

    This just proves that everyone believes in limits and cancel culture. Conservatives (and most alt-right) believe in the myth that there wasn’t cancel culture before. There was always cancel culture.

  12. Establishment conservatives are not only closeted homosexuals, they must also be borderline retarded, because all the virtue-signalling in the world isn’t going to stop their determined leftist adversaries from annihilating them.

  13. Young Pharaohs twitter account has been suspended. Do those kykes at twitter know it is black history month?

  14. The funniest part of this is that CPAC invited some afrocentric black nationalist to speak just because he’s black and said a few vaguely right wing things.

    Be black, learn a few Fox News talking points, and conservatives will just throw money at you. Never have to work again. Easiest grift in the world. Really surprising that more blacks don’t do this.

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