Politico: Pentagon Wades Into Political Minefield In Hunt For “Extremists”

This is exactly what the professional class has done.

They’ve transformed the U.S. military into a petri dish for exotic social experiments in wokeness, transgenderism and rooting out “right-wing extremism” which as America’s geopolitical rivals well know is defined as anyone who resents and objects to this absurd ideology. It was inevitable that the same people who recklessly injected it into other depoliticized areas like consumer brands and professional sports would do the same with the military with even more disastrous consequences.


“The Pentagon is launching an unprecedented campaign to root out extremists in the ranks after dozens of military veterans took part in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

But confronting white nationalism and other far-right ideologies is proving to be a political minefield for an institution that prides itself on staying out of the nation’s partisan wars. There’s a growing sense of anxiety within the Pentagon that this push could feed the perception that it is policing political thought, favoring one political party over another or muzzling free speech.

By the first week of April, all members of the military must take part in a highly unusual order from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, in which unit leaders will conduct a day-long “stand down” to discuss the threat of extremism and gather feedback from troops on the extent that racism and other hateful ideologies or anti-government sentiment have taken root in recent years.

The Pentagon has not yet disclosed all the training materials it is providing commanders, but that hasn’t stopped lawmakers and right-wing commentators from accusing the Defense Department of initiating a witch hunt on behalf of the Biden administration to purge political opponents …”

I’m sure it will be fine.

Once the Pentagon clearly explains what “extremism” means as it is defined by the mainstream media and technocrats who are the handmaidens of the Democratic Party, THEN it will all work out even though no one outside of the bubble trusts the legacy media or considers it legitimate anymore.

“While there is no evidence to support a politicization of this effort, there are concerns among the top brass and senior retired officers that it could backfire if the Pentagon doesn’t clearly define exactly what “extremism” means. …

[The Navy] also warned sailors in a separate video that “just by posting, retweeting, or liking an offensive post on social media — you could be participating in extremism. …”

What exactly is “far-right extremism” these days?

It is a term that the woke professional class is using as a political litmus test to demonize and police a far larger swath of the American population and to exclude those people from employment in the military, silence them on the internet and subject them to harassment by intelligence agencies.

The terms “far right” and “racist” and “white supremacist” and “domestic extremist” have been stretched to encompass virtually the entire White population of the United States which under the new definition embraced by Neoliberal Joe’s administration is held to be “complicit” in “systemic racism.” The Pentagon is now more interested in renaming military bases, thought policing and micromanaging likes and retweets on social media on behalf of a progressive dictatorship than in fighting and winning wars.

We know from the polls that 70% of Trump supporters think the election was outright stolen from him. 70% reject the blood libel of systematic racism. 90% are now concerned about anti-White discrimination. 64% outright say their racial identity is important to them. 80% feel muzzled by political correctness. Over 90% say that the mainstream media is identical with the Democratic Party. Some huge percentage of Trump supporters even supported the Capitol Siege and continue to say in the polls that violence might be necessary to preserve the American way of life. North of 80% opposed impeachment. It might be even greater than that because college-educated voters and women have been lying to pollsters.

This is the current political landscape and this is BEFORE the professional class embarks on its latest brilliant vindictive idea which is a “domestic War on Terror” that makes perfect sense inside the skewed thought bubble of the CNN and MSNBC audience. How would this realistically be received inside and outside the military though? How would the FBI and ATF going out and repeating the follies of Waco and Ruby Ridge be received in the context of the tinderbox which is showing up in all the polls? Would it be received as a legitimate crackdown on “violent domestic extremists” or something else? How would a legacy mainstream media that is perceived as illegitimate spin the narrative that it is legitimate?

Is any of this wise?

Of course not. We just have fools steering the country and spending down their inheritance. The only people who will truly reap the benefits from it are America’s adversaries who are undoubtedly delighted that something this polarizing and certain to hobble the “superpower” is seriously being contemplated. In their ideal world, the American political establishment would miscalculate and misread the domestic political temperature and engulf the country in racial, cultural, class and political division.

Amazon could sell books that are critical of transgenderism. Twitter and Facebook could allow political free speech. The U.S. military and FBI could remain neutral in domestic political disputes. The Border Patrol could be allowed to do its job and prevent entry by illegal aliens. We could abolish the oligarchy and redistribute wealth more equitably. The Democrats could have avoided impeaching Trump twice. That’s not where any of this is going though. The loud, arrogant and overconfident elite minority presiding over declining living standards is making increasingly radical and unrealistic demands and throwing its weight around and ratcheting up the polarization and political tensions. We’ve already seen that they were heedless of the consequences of what they pulled last year to defeat Blumpf.

Note: I will continue to keep an eye on this and monitor the situation as it develops.

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  1. “There’s a growing sense of anxiety within the Pentagon that this push could feed the perception that it is policing political thought, favoring one political party over another or muzzling free speech.”

    Because that is exactly what they are doing.

    It will backfire, so bring it on.

    As someone said in another thread: “White Nationalist” means “the Republican party” and “White Supremacist” means “a person of European ancestry.”

    “Anti-racist” is a code word for “anti-white.”

    All the racists say that without straight white men, the US military will fall apart due to the incompetence of non-whites, women, and trannies or whatever.

    If they are right – I’m not convinced they are right, but if they are right – well, GOOD! Don’t we want the fall of the Yankee Empire?

    I do. So if the US military falls apart due to these whack-job Social Justice policies – GREAT! This is wonderful news. I hope they make a Jewish Black Transsexual Woman the top General in charge of the entire service.

    Force privates to cross-dress as part of basic training. Drive all the white men out. Good! Great!

    • There’s a lot of internal sabotage within the military. It was very high during Vietnam and the many race riots on ships and bases.
      I’d expect that to return, along with the above mentioned problems.

    • What is extremism ????

      Is that killing women……..children…….old people……….strangers………. on the other side of the planet ? Is that wrecking stable nations with leaders trying to advance their nation?

      Is it serving a deluded race of desert cattle thieves with a stone age religion of mass murder and megalomaniacal design to rule a world they enslave?

  2. Only a really isolated bunch of idiots and people living in the Land of the Lotus Eaters would ever think any of this nonsense was going to work out well. The amazing thing is that non of these people seem ever to have read any history. The United States are not made up of a bunch of Kulak farmers. People can obviously see what’s happening and will take measures to mitigate it. Too many people, and too many alternative ways to see what’s going on. Boy, what a sure fire way to get people to notice their racial identity, culture, and everything else your trying so hard to get people NOT notice. What’s that old saying, “whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”

    • Depends on what you define the primary mission as. It was full on board with the mission of destroying the German folk, chapters 1 and 2. The real corruption came after the War to Ensure Jewish Supremacy ended.

  3. If you believe our people shouldnt be replaced and wiped out while also having the nerve to try and serve what you once thought was your country? You might be an extremist

  4. I hope they are able to root out all the “white extremists”. I hope they are so zealous in doing so that they alienate whites that are not extremists. And I hope the whites are all replaced with non-whites and SJWs. Then I hope military readiness degrades even further then it has. At that point, we will be ready for our next war.

  5. Please, God…let’s get into a serious shooting war against a real opponent…armed to the teeth and loaded for bear…please let me live long enough to see our woke, diversity-hire, non-binary, transgendered, faggot-ridden joke of a military get it’s ass handed to it.

  6. The Syrians, Iranians, North Koreans and Russians must be laffing their asses off at how the once fearsome American Empire is imploding. What a fucking clown-show. But the important question we should all be asking ourselves is how America’s collapse will affect the safety and security of Israel?

  7. We had to deal with Nation of Islam being preached in the ranks and gay officers fraternizing with enlisted boy toys back in the 1990s. This was in an overseas combat unit.

    “Don’t ask don’t tell” was actually the good old days!

    • Do you now see the validity of communal stoning of sodomites and lesbians, is not only godly, but necessary? Active Sodomy is the death knell of any civilization. For a White/Christian country, it is an abomination. Romans 1

  8. A country this insane and self-righteous should not be allowed to have nuclear weapons. These mentally ill “moral” crusaders are a danger to the planet.

  9. While these think tank geniuses combat “White Supremacism”, they are, at the same time, antagonizing China, Russia and Iran, possibly resulting in military conflict. Anyone who has spent time in the military will tell you it’s White, Christian males who give the military its fighting power and a disproportionate share of them come from Dixie. The takeaway is that the U.S. Government is once again pursuing at the same time contradictory policies that both weaken the military and make it more likely that the military will be used, with disastrous consequences.

    Usually none of the geniuses making policy have a personal, direct stake in military conflict, their children don’t serve in the military. To them it’s merely an academic exercise with no personal consequences and an opportunity for career advancement. The hated White Supremacists in the ranks will be the ones who bear the burden as always.

    As White, Christian males leave the military and their ranks are filled by diverse, tranny, colored people the combat effectiveness of the military drops precipitously. No doubt this will embolden China, now biding (Biden?) its time before seizing Taiwan. In a crisis such as China seizing Taiwan the deficiency of the diverse military will be shown to the whole world, unmistakably. This will be an unprecedented challenge to the current incarnation of the philosophy: ” . . . all Men are Created Equal” as the obvious unequal abilities of diversity are highlighted in military failure.

    The U.S. Government will turn to conscription in a crisis to fill its ranks with competent people. This burden will fall on White, Christian males. After years of abuse from the U.S. Government White, Christian males should refuse to serve the Empire which wants White people dead, six feet under, replaced by the diversity scum who will cause future military failure. Let the Government get a dose of their own diversity medicine, see how good it tastes.

    • 100 percent correct. WHITE LIVES DON’T MATTER to jewish media scum. People hate the media, but most of them don’t realize the reason why. It is controlled by a hostile, outsider tribe.

  10. To be honest, I never held the military in high regard because it never worked in America’s interests. In fact, for aeons, I have told folks not to enlist in the military to no avail. Apparently, the majority of those in the military are retards because they choose not read and learn from history…case in point: the Vietnam conflict. After a score (20 years) in the Levant (the Middle East), America is starting to realise nothing has been accomplished. Furthermore, the country that many of these military veterans “served” will be labelling them as domestic terrorists. Nonetheless, many of them will still wave Old Glory and show their patriotism sans shame. As the truism states: you cannot fix stupid!

  11. This is just the New England Moral-Political Paradigm taken to its final conclusion. Yankees gotta Yank, and this is where their Yanking leads.

    It’s past time for Yankeedom, her Pacific Rim colonies, and normal America (the South and the Interior West) to part ways. Everything else is bs.

    End Reconstruction, End the war.

    Say it, and spray it, on signs, billboards and walls everywhere. Plaster it all over the net.

  12. Fuck the jewS military & the anti-White ass cancer it serves. All the largely Southern and/or rural Whites who enlisted in the attempt to inprove their financial lot should get out now while they still can. I want to see the mud gang-bangers, BLMers & faggots favored by the likes of that (((Cultural Marxist))) scum Lloyd Austin slaughtered by the ton by chinks or Russians.

    Let’s watch it all burn down.

  13. To any white man who joins the military, particularly the Army or Marines, I hope you get your legs blown off in some useless war to promote some useless politicians career. You deserve it for fighting for a “country” that is waging a war of extermination against your people. A white boycott of the military would absolutely cripple the system. Conservatives, of course, are still pushing whites to die for a system that hates them.

    In any case, the real extremism, the real systemic racism in the military is the ongoing whiteness of its general officers. This could be ended with the virtual stroke of a pen. Simply force some of these white Generals into retirement and appoint Black/Asian/Hispanic officers until they make up at least one-third of these positions. Colonels too. If they were really serious.

    Appointing a black Secretary of Defense is like appointing a black police chief – expect a rise in crime and incompetence 9 times out of 10. They really do believe, at least in their public persona, that they be oppress’n’sheet instead of the reality that they live far above their abilities by sponging off of whites, and they adopt destructive polices based on falsehoods.

    For all you conservative square-heads out there who may be shocked by my first paragraph, understand that the destruction of the U.S. military as a major player is inevitable. Third-world population = third-world nation = third-world economy = third-world military. Better that it happens sooner rather than later, and that the dwindling resources of a dying superpower be used domestically rather than in futile foriegn adventures.

    BTW, I posted something very similar to that first paragraph on this very blog many years ago. It was controversial. Now such sentiments are all over the web. Some people are waking up.

    • In regards to the first paragraph of your posting, I have been saying the same thing way before Beijing Biden stole the presidency. I have been reviled as unpatriotic and the like. Frankly, I never gave a damn. I have always said that one has to be an utter retard to join and “serve” in the military…thank for your service, my ass!

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